Where to invest money in Krasnoyarsk

“City directed to the future” - this is how Krasnoyarsk residents love the largest city in Eastern Siberia. Krasnoyarsk is a compact millionaire: the city's length from west to east is 37 km. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the region employ 330 thousand people, which is one third of the region's population. Micro-enterprises account for 70 thousand people - these are entrepreneurs, usually employed in trade, which does not require a lot of capital to enter the industry. What business to open in Krasnoyarsk? Let's turn to the city's economy. Local government supports business ideas in Krasnoyarsk, especially socially significant and industrial projects by attracting investors.

On the basis of the Krasnoyarsk administration, a Center for Assistance to Small and Medium Businesses has been created, which will help a novice entrepreneur in the development of financial plans, state registration and liquidation of a legal entity, as well as the formation of insurance and tax reporting. The CSP on a competitive basis issues subsidies to entrepreneurs to reimburse part of the costs under a lease agreement, organize infrastructure for excursions on river transport. Working parents can be assisted in reimbursing kindergarten costs.

A business incubator has been created to launch scientific and technical startups in the region. The organization will help the entrepreneur understand what business is relevant to open in Krasnoyarsk, and will also provide the necessary training materials - seminars, lectures and conferences are held annually on the basis of the company.

Region Features

An analysis of the inner situation of the city and the supply on the market will help to open a startup.

  • 100,000 students study in 39 universities.
  • The city is considered multinational: hundreds of thousands of migrants from Asian countries live in Krasnoyarsk.
  • The average salary of Krasnoyarsk residents is 41,861 rubles.
  • Favorable investment climate. Krasnoyarsk Territory, according to Rosstat, is the leader in terms of investment activity.
  • A well-developed area in the city - wholesale and retail trade, as well as the business of repairing cars and other vehicles. 9000 enterprises are engaged in the transportation and storage of goods.
  • Production spheres and agriculture are developed.
  • In the areas under construction, there are gaps in infrastructure - developers are not building gardens, hospitals and schools - this opens up additional opportunities for private entrepreneurs.
  • Krasnoyarsk is included in the list of 5 most polluted cities in Russia.

Best Business Ideas

Considering the specifics of the economic development of the region and the statistics of enterprises, we can highlight the area of ​​the most promising niches for a business startup.

Wooden toy manufacturing

The answer to the question of what kind of business can be opened in Krasnoyarsk suggests itself: the city ranks third in the production of lumber and timber in Russia. Of the areas with the least barriers to entry into the industry, the market for children's toys is considered the most profitable. In the 21st century, plastic Chinese bright toys have receded into the background - modern parents prefer safe and environmentally friendly wooden counterparts: bricks, constructors, animal figures, business boards, etc.

Wooden decor for the nursery in the popular Scandinavian interior style is also gaining popularity: photo frames, shelves, panels made of dark and light wood. The least expensive at the start is the mini-workshop format, which, after brand promotion, will become a full-fledged workshop. An important aspect in business is the development of toy and decor design and product promotion, therefore, in addition to the purchase of equipment, expenses for advertising and hiring employees will become significant cost items.

Children's club or sports section

The very idea of ​​organizing children's leisure time and starting a business in this area is not new: there is huge competition on the market among companies providing such services. You can attract an audience with a non-standard format and an unusual topic.

a consulting and expert platform where aspiring entrepreneurs can submit their own business ideas and receive comprehensive support in their development and further implementation. The project is aimed at involving young people in entrepreneurial activity in the system of creating favorable economic and legal conditions for the dynamic development of small and medium-sized businesses in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Organizers: Federal State Budgetary Institution "Rospredpriyntatel", the Agency for Youth Policy and Implementation of Social Development Programs of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the KGAU "Regional Youth Palace".

Content games, training and other projects, educational courses, contests among young people aged 14-17;

information campaign aimed at involving youth in entrepreneurship;

regional stage of the All-Russian competition "Young Entrepreneur of Russia";

selection of individuals under the age of 30 (inclusive) planning to carry out entrepreneurial activities in order to undergo training in educational programs aimed at acquiring business skills and creating small and medium-sized enterprises;

training of individuals under the age of 30 (inclusive) in educational programs aimed at acquiring business skills and creating small and medium-sized enterprises;

consulting services to individuals under the age of 30 (inclusive), as well as to subjects of youth entrepreneurship;

participation in interregional, national and international events aimed at supporting and developing youth entrepreneurship;

young citizens of the Krasnoyarsk Territory aged 14 to 30 (inclusive), aspiring and active young entrepreneurs can take part in the program. Having your own business idea is encouraged. Just call 8 (391) 260 66 54.

attend meetings with experts (in the format of webinars and videoconferences) and master classes, etc.; learn the basic principles of creating your own business, practical skills in tax accounting, marketing research and personnel management technologies, etc.; commercialize your business project and register it as a legal entity.

A memo from the "startups" project with examples of successful businesses

Raise your hand in your mind if you dream of your business.

How many times have you even come up with a cool idea that should make a lot of money.

And how many times have you admitted to yourself that you have no idea where to start. If you do not believe that you can become a millionaire in a couple of days by making a fortune selling tulips by March 8th, this material is for you. Stories of real Krasnoyarsk businesses. This review was prepared by the Prima City website and the 300 Startups business accelerator. We talk about teams that do cool things from scratch. Perhaps they will be useful to you or inspire you to do your job. At some point, each of these projects needed outside help. Read how the 300 Startups business accelerator develops Krasnoyarsk companies.

300 Startups is a private business accelerator in Krasnoyarsk. The project invests in the business and helps it grow. In a project, teams cover a path in 3-6 months that normally takes 2-3 years. A business accelerator is right for you if:

- You have a business idea, but not the resources and courage to start your own business. - Sales are growing slowly, other indicators are also frozen. - You are investing in startups.

300 Startups holds two types of meetings.

"Pumping" - an assessment of the potential of a startup. The team of experts lays out the idea on the shelves, considers the economy - the number of potential customers, receipt, channels of attraction, etc. In six hours, a startup realizes its potential. If the idea is strong, it immediately gets into tracking - these are meetings at which the dynamics of business growth is assessed.

Workshop "Eureka" - traditional business is looking for ways of development, adapting to changes. An understanding of strategies arises: where you can apply technology and start developing.

How the 300 Startups Business Accelerator works:

- Accelerator invests in business. 300 Startups has its own investment fund - 1.1 million rubles for each team. - 300 Startups have a coworking space with workplaces, meeting spaces. - With the teams that are part of the 300 Startups business accelerator, experts and trackers (business mentors) work, their task is to look from the outside, they help to keep a high pace of project development and keep focus on the key business task. - Joint group training seminars, trainings and practical experiments.

People who dream of their own business are confident that they will succeed on their own, without outside help. Is this a bug?

This is not a bug. It's just that if you do everything yourself when starting a business, you will succeed in one out of ten cases. And if with the help of the accelerator experts - the chances are already 50 to 50. You burn less time and money. After all, when you start a business, you, in fact, test hypotheses - the possibilities of such a business. Whether the business will bring the profit you expect. I do not know of a single business project, I myself have created 40 businesses, so that the first time it will turn out, as in Ixel, I counted income. We confront the project with reality, using a special technique, we look at how to test the hypothesis with minimal cost and quick actions, I'm talking about acceleration. And it so happens that to test a hypothesis you need money, here our second product helps - investments.

The Krasnoyarsk Entrepreneurs Club is a business community, a space where the maximum number of entrepreneurial people are concentrated, aimed at achieving success both in business and in personal life. render completely.

This is an opportunity for FREE to participate in trainings from the best coaches of the city and to develop your company in partnership with entrepreneurs throughout Russia, as well as an opportunity to spend leisure time with the owners of successful companies.

1. "BUSINESS CONNECT" with the ability to: - Establish partnerships with existing entrepreneurs - Get feedback on the work of your own business - Find new loyal customers and partners

2. The "START-UP" program, where you can: - Learn the basics of business - Launch your project and get the first clients - Start making money on your favorite business

3. MENTOR program: - Business support - Consulting and assistance - Planning and scaling

Right now you have the opportunity to become a part of this community and enjoy all the privileges that are available only to Club members.

Want to join? Join the group and stay tuned!

Back in high school, I knew that I would be in business and become rich. I had a huge and irresistible craving for this - I read a bunch of books about business. render completely. Having entered the university, I began to master programming and Internet technologies. At about the 2nd year, after talking with one entrepreneur (he then suggested that I start a project-site for housing and communal services with private offices of residents), but I decided that it was time to make my first project on my own (now thinking about this, I think it was a mistake not to accept For a novice entrepreneur, the implementation of a project side by side with an existing entrepreneur is a treasure trove of knowledge and real experience! Yuri Moroz also often repeats in his books and mailings - “... if you want to learn how to do business, then you need to go to existing entrepreneurs and learn they have ... ”) But then I did not understand this and planned to make an online platform for placing all outdoor advertising (billboards, etc.) in cities and regions. I prepared a little and went to the companies selling advertising on these sites. Some were interested, others were not. For some reason, the project did not move beyond this point. Perhaps there was not enough motivation, an action plan, or something else. Further, still in my student years, I was invited to a network marketing company - upon learning about it, I immediately remembered the books by Robert Kiyosaki, in which he described network marketing as an excellent business school. I have been doing this for about a year, to one degree or another I improved my communication and negotiation skills. After graduating from the university, I got a job as an employee, but the thought of my own business haunted me. So I came across an online course quick money on advertising, which offered to create a useful brochure or magazine with the possible creation of a discount club and sell advertising in it to entrepreneurs and businessmen from various fields, one way or another interested in the target audience of this brochure / magazine. There were several options in which area: wedding or relaxation (rest and health). After probing the market, I settled on the second option. Thought over the concept, prepared a presentation, design of discount cards, external design (in the picture, the front part of the discount card).

And I started calling potential advertisers, whose phones I took in 2Gis. The task was to collect about 20-25 advertisers / participants. After calling several hundreds of companies, it became clear: 1) not all companies are ready to stand on a par with other less successful or less conscientious companies (reputation and / or size of companies plays an important role); 2) if there is no one in “your club” yet - t. did not sell a single place, then the companies with which you are negotiating will not be ready to become the first on this list; 3) you need to adequately treat refusals. “No” is not a failure, but just a new round with another player. But you shouldn't give up right away. Now I don’t remember why I didn’t finish that project. Perhaps a large number of "no" made itself felt, or maybe something else stopped me - we can only guess. letting go for some time, my friend Maxim Barabanov (if you want to build a house or a bathhouse in the Krasnoyarsk Territory - contact him) called me and my wife Nadezhda to Dmitry Sukhanov's training about money and increasing income. And then a new stage in the development of business, communication and professional skills began. Personal effectiveness trainings, 100 days before order, etc. At the end of 2021, Dmitry Sukhanov invited me to the Entrepreneur of the Year award event, where I saw young and successful entrepreneurs who have achieved significant business results. This event strongly motivated me for further business education. Thanks to this, I went to study at KMBSH (Regional Youth Business School). All this training provided a great understanding of the general business principles. It was during the KMBSH that my friend and partner and I began the development of a web studio. It all started well, but suddenly, a friend and partner died. And I had to retrain from the role of a production worker into an organizer, negotiator, salesman, etc. In the summer of the same year, my wife and I went to TIM Biryusa with the squad “You are an entrepreneur” and for several days plunged into an unforgettable atmosphere. Meet real entrepreneurs from different cities, from different spheres and branches of business. Learning from business trainers and coaches is unrealistically cool. I still remember the words of Alexander Sergeevich Gil about black holes in business and Max Lamanov about customer focus. Continuing to develop a web studio, fulfill orders and study, I went through a difficult, but very interesting and exciting way. We improved our skills in the professional field - development and design of sites, promotion of online projects. Adhering to the concept of working remotely and fulfilling orders, we were able to move to remote work and in the summer of 2021, he left his job and left with his wife for the winter in Vietnam - to continue developing and opening new horizons of online business. To summarize my entrepreneurial path at the moment, then: 1) Doing a business without experience and knowledge is not what it might seem at first glance. The euphoria ends quickly and unexpected surprises / problems / tasks begin. Michael Gerber's The Entrepreneurial Myth can show this very well. ) Implementation of a business project under the guidance or mentorship of an experienced entrepreneur is worth a lot. Grab your hands on such opportunities. Get experience and the necessary knowledge, and you will earn money. ) "Live and learn" - this saying is especially relevant in business. Whether you like it or not, you will have to learn and develop, otherwise you will not achieve anything. You can fill your "bumps" and lose money, time and nerves, or you can use someone else's experience and learn from someone else's mistakes. It's up to you to choose. ) Connections and acquaintances in the business environment. When you have many business acquaintances, you always have someone to ask for advice on a particular business task or problem, exchange experience, ask for the contact of another necessary specialist (6 handshakes in business). Networking will help with this. ) If you came into business for the sake of increasing income, then communication with successful entrepreneurs will bear fruit, because our environment affects the size of our income.

Best regards, Sergey Chichalov. -913-573-54-24

Our readers ask us what business to open in Krasnoyarsk, where is it better to invest in order to get a good income and not lose their savings. Krasnoyarsk is a large center of entrepreneurship in Siberia, and therefore there is a lot of support for small and medium-sized businesses.

According to Forbes, Krasnoyarsk entered the top twenty cities that are comfortable and promising for starting and developing a business. Both small and medium businesses are supported by the government.

Most popular types of investments:

Among the most successful areas, the following stands out:

  • wood processing,
  • metallurgical ,
  • food and chemical industries.

Cash investments in trade (retail and wholesale) and the service sector promise a good profit. Experienced entrepreneurs also point to the medical business as promising. Find more suggestions here.

Where is it really worth investing in?

Before investing your money anywhere, you need to study well the city in which you live, as well as the needs of its population. It would not be superfluous to conduct a survey of the townspeople in order to identify where they have unrealized demand, maybe they are unhappy with the quality or prices of any products or services that are already in Krasnoyarsk?

For example, it often happens that in certain areas of the city there are only chain stores that work on the principle of “at home”, ie. in them you can buy only the most necessary, and only factory production. And residents would like to be able to purchase natural goods (dairy, meat, bakery products), which were produced by local enterprises. Then it makes sense to open a natural food store in a crowded place, or a bakery, where they will bake their own bread.

Always focus on people, what they want, what they get less from existing firms. Be sure to walk through the area where you plan to work in order to understand which enterprises are not here yet or are very few, think about how you can compete with them - in terms of quality, assortment, prices, etc.

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