What to discover in a small town

Many residents of small towns think about where to start a business in their city. They are looking for ideas that can bring significant returns with a small investment.

In this article, we have collected for you the best business ideas for a small town with an average and minimum investment, as well as a number of useful tips.

Registering IP

First you need to register as an individual entrepreneur.

To do this, first of all, you will need to determine the types of activities that you will be engaged in, and indicate their codes according to the OKVED directory. If you indicate "extra" activities, that is, those that you are not actually engaged in (but, perhaps, are planning in the future), nothing terrible will happen.

But if you engage in activities without specifying the appropriate code, during subsequent verification you may be fined five thousand rubles for failure to provide information about the individual entrepreneur, in accordance with Article 14. 5 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation.

After that, you need to choose a taxation system. Which of them will be the most convenient and profitable depends on the business, but aspiring entrepreneurs, as a rule, choose the simplified taxation system (STS), which implies the possibility of paying taxes either from the income received or from profit (from income minus expenses).

You can understand which of the options will be more convenient by analyzing your business: it is more profitable for service companies to pay taxes on income, and, for example, for trade enterprises - on profits.

Having decided on these issues, you need to prepare the necessary documents:

  • application for state registration;
  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation (or a copy certified by a notary);
  • a copy of the TIN certificate (if you do not have a TIN, the number will be assigned to you during registration);
  • notification of the application of the selected taxation system;
  • a receipt for payment of the state duty (800 rubles, you can pay at any branch of Sberbank).

Then you need to take all these documents to the Federal Tax Service or the MFC and after three days receive ready-made documents on IP registration:

  • certificate of state registration of IP;
  • certificate of staging registered with the Federal Tax Service;
  • extract from USRIP.

Later, a notification of registration with the Pension Fund will also be sent to the address indicated during registration (a request to the Pension Fund will be sent to the FTS during the registration process).

If the document does not come, you will need to contact the FIU with a certificate of registration of individual entrepreneur, TIN, passport and pension certificate.

Building a profitable business in a small city is as easy today as starting a business in a large city. If, of course, you understand and take into account all the features of the area. In this article, we described in detail the features of business in small cities, how much you can earn in such a city and have compiled a list of 21 business ideas for small towns.

How much can you earn by implementing one of the business ideas in a small town

The amount of earnings will directly depend on 2 things - 1) what kind of business you decide to implement, 2) how competent you are to implement it. To get started, we suggest watching a video, on which you can see the size of the average check in each of the niches listed below.

As for the first point, here preference should be given to areas in which you already have some experience. If there is no experience, but there is a desire to master a new area, it's okay, below we offer a selection of 21 actual business ideas, selected specifically for small towns, if you don't like them, you can choose an idea from the list - "" or "", and if you decide to start a family business, you should read the article "".

After you have found an interesting niche for yourself, it is worth moving on to point number two. This stage implies drawing up a business plan and creating your own unique style, this is an equally important stage and you also need to approach it as responsibly as possible, since your further expenses for promotion, advertising, etc. will depend on the correctness of such a plan. How to correctly draw up such a plan, you can read here - "". A well-written business plan is the key to a successful business. But do not forget about the uniqueness of the business, it is often also called a trick or a highlight, read more about this in the article - "".

Advantages and disadvantages of doing business in a small town

Of course, all the pros and cons, this is a rather subjective thing, so everyone decides for himself which column to include. We can only say that the minuses are not so significant and most of them can be turned into pluses, as you can read below.

no need to have a lot of starting capital;

not high profit (due to low paying capacity of clients);

not every business will be able to take root (for example, an elite hairdresser, a scab club, etc.);

shortage of qualified staff;

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