What profitable business can you do in the countryside

The idea of ​​starting your own business in the village is quite logical, and even more - many are implementing it without thinking about it. They sell surplus cow's milk, make homemade cheese for sale, bring fruits and berries to the local market if the harvest is big. By and large, all of the above are business ideas for beginners in the village without investment. And it is these ideas that people are usually interested in. Consider various, including not quite standard, business ideas for beginners in the countryside.

Small Business Ideas in Rural Areas: Manufacturing

Where in the city can you find ecologically pure chamomile or thyme, sage or yarrow? But many still remember how our grandmothers and even mothers treated us in childhood with decoctions of medicinal herbs for almost all diseases. Today, city dwellers can buy such plants only in a pharmacy in crushed form at a fairly expensive price. But you want to pick up a fragrant bouquet of dried herbs and flowers and brew fragrant multi-colored tea from it. Your task is to give the townspeople such an opportunity and earn some money from it.

It is necessary to harvest medicinal plants away from highways, preferably in the field, from May to September-October. The most valuable are oregano, linden, sage, mint, chicory, thyme, sage, field chamomile, St. John's wort. Herbs are dried in the shade, on a table or on shelves, blown with fresh air.

Expanding your business: if you find a constant demand, it will be possible to go on an industrial scale - to sow the land with seeds of medicinal plants, hire workers to collect and dry plants, sell bulk quantities to large pharmaceutical companies.

By the way, a good idea for a small business in rural areas from the same series is to open a collection point for medicinal herbs and flowers. The locals will bring plants there, you just have to dry and sell them.

It is also possible to organize the production of medicinal herbal teas under our own brand.

Profitability of the business: given that the described option is a business idea in the village from scratch, only your personal time will be required from the initial costs. If we translate the medicinal herb into kilograms, then 1 kg will cost about 1000 rubles. In total, in one warm season, no one bothers you to earn up to 200,000 rubles, especially if you sell not only the grass itself, but also the medicinal roots.

  • Guinea fowl breeding

Guinea fowl meat is considered dietary, useful to all, without exception, patients, including those who suffer from cancer. Gourmets appreciate it for its excellent taste.

It is important for an entrepreneur that this bird is distinguished by excellent immunity, rarely gets sick, feels great both in the south in the heat and in the north in frost, eats everything and quickly gains weight. Guinea fowl meat has a game flavor that no other poultry has. Eggs are considered to be low-allergenic and have a richer vitamin and mineral composition than chicken or quail eggs.

The opinion that you need to live in a big city to open a profitable business is fundamentally wrong. There are many options for what kind of business in the countryside you can open and earn a lot of money on it.

Below you will find out what kind of business is worth doing in the village. Only the most profitable and profitable options (ideas) are given.


Honey prices are growing every year, so it can be quite profitable to join this area.

To open a small apiary, which will pay off in a year, it takes about three hundred thousand rubles. This money will be spent on the purchase of fifty bee colonies and hives.

This is the minimum required for a good income. It is quite possible that in a year there will be no need for additional investments in this business, since it will already bring enough funds.


Grocery and household stores are a good business in the countryside and they are very popular, since, in principle, there are not very many of them and they are often located quite far from each other.

A big plus is that the price of renting premises or even buying in the countryside is lower than in the city, but the prices are not too different.

Opening a small grocery store with an area of ​​20-25 square meters will cost 200-300 thousand rubles, and it can be recouped even in less than a year.

Despite the misconceptions, even in the village you can do an interesting and profitable business. Moreover, the countryside has great advantages over the metropolis. This is a lot of free niches and no pressure from competitors. So how to make money in the village and where to start? These questions will be answered with step-by-step instructions and a selection of business ideas.

step - find an idea and choose a niche

The first place to start is to analyze the local market. Without this, you cannot find a profitable idea. Prefer niches that are free or have little competition.

If the village is very small, and it already has a grocery minimarket, then you should not open a similar store.

Otherwise, you will have to make an effort to identify the weaknesses of competitors and attract customers.

Business in the village offers a wide variety of ideas. Find out what the residents need, what is lacking in the village and would be in demand.

Or bet on the fact that you will do business in the countryside and sell your products to neighboring cities. It is also important to understand the chosen direction of activity.

Otherwise, you will have to hire knowledgeable people, and this is an extra cost. So take the time to research the industry.

step - work out the idea

Be sure to think through everything to the smallest detail. So you will know in advance how many resources will be required to open a business, and at what price to offer the product. A business plan will help with this. He will clearly show how and what can be sold in the village in order to earn. When compiling it, do not forget about the expense item.

It may include the costs of purchasing equipment, raw materials, consumables, transport, renting premises, certification of products, and official registration. If you plan to open an individual entrepreneur or LLC, then be sure to find out if there are any benefits for the business in this village (for land tax, utilities, etc.).

Sometimes you really want to quickly and at low cost to organize a personal business in the village from scratch, which can overtake the city in terms of payback.

Business plan

There are people who, from an early age, have a dream about their own business. During perestroika, many citizens tried to engage in trade. It could be a grocery stall or something similar. But, a lot of them were closed due to lack of funds in circulation. People received various professions, such as managers, graduated from broker courses.

There are options for doing business in the countryside. This field of activity has not yet been mastered in every sense of the word. To begin with, you need a careful collection of the various types of activities from which such a place could be profitable. You also need to calculate the minimum costs that should be met.

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Plan plots and buildings on them. If there is no money, you can take a loan, but if the amount is not small, they may refuse due to failure to secure the loan. But there is a way out, the intermediaries of some banks can offer the amount at a huge percentage (half of the loan).

In the years before perestroika, many villages were leading in the delivery of this or that agricultural product to our state. Today, many fields with fertile land are abandoned, farms are dilapidated and plundered, young people are moving to cities, because there is no work in the villages and villages. Many entrepreneurs who left the villages would like to revive their native places of residence, repair farms, plow and sow fields, and raise bees. This is all possible, you just need to start a business in the village from simple and profitable economic directions.

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Open beekeeping in the countryside as a business

With a properly established scheme and timely provision of the necessary raw materials, beekeeping can bring good profits. To open an apiary with a payback within a year, growth and profitable amounts of capital spent, you should acquire fifty bee colonies with hives.

The cost of one such family with a hive is about three to four thousand rubles. In May, bees reproduce (they swarm), two families are formed from one family. Fifty more hives should be purchased. Their price per piece is about one and a half thousand rubles.

Beekeeping costs:

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