What kind of business can you start in a village from scratch? (20 most profitable ideas)

Pros and cons of a rustic location for businessmen

Before starting a business in a village or city, a market analysis is required. It is necessary to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of both options. You also need to understand what kind of business there is a desire to open and what is its target audience.

Speaking specifically about business in the countryside, the following advantages can be highlighted:

  • minimal competition, so almost any business in the countryside can be made profitable;
  • minimal investment for opening and further maintenance;
  • cheap productive strength;
  • low rental value of real estate;
  • proximity to natural resources, which is an advantage for certain types of business;
  • support from local authorities.

Local residents can be involved in business in the village. Such workers will have a high level of motivation, since it is extremely difficult to find a normal job in the village. Each employee will value their place of work.

Not without its drawbacks. Business ideas for the countryside and the countryside need to be carefully considered. You need to understand that choosing a suitable niche will be many times more difficult than in a city.

Difficulties in recruiting are also considered disadvantages. It should be understood that it will most likely be impossible to find qualified personnel in the village. You will either have to choose niches that are not highly specialized or independently train employees.

Even a large village business often brings in less money than an urban one. The disadvantages also include the low purchasing power of residents.

Despite the small number of disadvantages, business in the village brings a good income, if you think about all its subtleties.

How to start building a business

Before starting a farming activity, analyze the resources available. In particular, they form a list of the advantages of the existing land business, take into account the geographical position of the area, climatic features.

After examining the pros and cons, consider ideas. As modest as land resources are, the choice of activities is rich. Having selected several of the most acceptable options, they calculate the profitability, based on three basic components of success:

Agricultural business requires investments and not small ones, therefore, before going to the bank, you need to make cost calculations and analyze the payback. Having described in detail the development plan, promotion and sales strategy, they discover shortcomings and difficulties that are easy to fix at the preparatory stage.

At first glance, life in a village may seem monotonous and even more limited for business development. But this is only at first glance. In the countryside, as in the city, there are many opportunities to turn your own ideas into a commercially viable venture. Any business in the countryside must be carefully planned and competently implemented. Regardless of which direction you develop.

Rural area implies the possibility of developing business projects related to breeding and selling livestock, growing garden crops, collecting and selling berries and mushrooms, organizing agritourism. In our article, we will consider in detail all possible options.

Operation of agricultural machinery

We decided to start the article with this particular type of activity, although it belongs to a mini-business in the countryside. After all, every inhabitant of the village needs to plow a vegetable garden almost all year round, prepare hay, dig and plant potatoes, and bring firewood. The purchase of agricultural equipment is, in most cases, a necessary tool in many types of business in the village, if you organize it on a more serious scale.

Buying a tractor with the necessary attachments and a trailer will cost a round sum. However, you can save a lot by buying a decommissioned instrument for a lower price, or looking for used options. Some attachments can be made by yourself, which will also reduce costs. One way or another, during the spring-autumn season, you will have a stable job. This type of business in the countryside is suitable for any man who is familiar with agricultural machinery.


For some people, beekeeping is just a hobby. However, doing this kind of business in the countryside is quite a profitable event. Honey, wax and other beekeeping products are quite in demand among people, as well as in medicine. However, it is worth remembering that it will take considerable effort. Site selection, acquisition of hives and bees. Before doing this business in the countryside, it is worthwhile to study a huge amount of material on beekeeping and bee care.


Many experts, when it comes to the benefits of this business in the countryside, voice the numbers just over 10%. The apiary has been generating income since the second season. Based on this, a simple conclusion can be drawn - if there is the necessary territory, the absence of various types of allergies, bee breeding can become one of the most profitable businesses in the countryside.

Where to start

If you are planning to make beekeeping your main source of income, then you need more than 150 bee colonies. This figure is quite impressive and therefore it is not worth starting with so many. Especially if you have no experience with bees. The first steps in this business in the countryside should start with a small apiary. And then build up momentum and expand it.

Apiary placement

When installing an apiary, you should pay attention that there are no factories and enterprises at a distance of several kilometers. Polluted air will adversely affect the health of the bees. The apiaries themselves should be surrounded by a fence and installed at a short distance from the ground. The site should not be swampy. Honey plants should be in the neighborhood. It is very good if they bloom at different times, this will significantly increase the yield of honey. By observing these rules, the products from this agricultural business will be throughout the season.

To start a business in a village, you need to know what kind of entrepreneurial activity will be promising in a particular area. It is possible to organize a successful company outside the city even with a small investment due to low competition, inexpensive rent and cheap labor.

Fundamentals of a successful rural business

In order to start a profitable business in rural areas, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this activity.

Pros of village earnings:

  • Local government support. The state in Russia and Ukraine is interested in the development of the countryside, therefore it is possible to obtain investments and loans on favorable terms.
  • Motivated employees. The lack of jobs encourages the population to work better so as not to lose their jobs.
  • Low rental cost. In contrast to the city, premises and building areas are rented in the village at very low prices.
  • Availability of natural resources. It is especially important when choosing a niche related to the production of natural products and animal breeding.
  • Low competition. Rural business is just beginning to develop, so there are few rivals, and the business is profitable.

Disadvantages of entrepreneurship in the countryside:

  • Limited market. There are much fewer potential customers, so you need to find sales channels in advance.
  • Hard to reach. There are often road problems.

How to choose the right business idea for a village?

When choosing an idea and drawing up a plan, an entrepreneur needs to focus on the indicated advantages, as well as on his own resources. For example, to start production at home, and only then organize a large enterprise.

A beginner entrepreneur should focus on the following parameters:

  • The scale of the settlement. It is especially important when starting a business with implementation in the territory of the village.
  • Availability of required resources. For example, a reservoir for fish farming.
  • The presence of potential customers. Relevant when opening a business in the service and entertainment sector.
  • The required communication systems are available. For example, constant access to the Internet if sales are conducted online.

The best business ideas in the village for the production and sale of goods

When choosing what to do in the village, an entrepreneur can use the list of the best ideas for a business from scratch:

That is why more and more start-up entrepreneurs are turning their eyes to the countryside - there is space, there is no end to it, there is where to turn around and pick up decent speed.

With you Denis Kuderin - expert of the magazine "HeatherBober" on financial issues. I will tell you what a business in a village in modern Russia is, what agricultural sectors are most profitable for investment, and how to competently conduct a business in a rural area so as not to burn out.

Growing flowers in a greenhouse

Flower business has always been one of the most reliable ways to make money. Flowers grown in the greenhouse are in constant demand, and they are especially actively bought during the holidays. Many flower growers are thinking about turning their hobby into a profitable business. It is quite easy to organize such a thing. This requires a land plot, a heated and illuminated greenhouse; good planting material; wholesale store that buys flowers. Most often, cut roses are grown in greenhouse conditions. A business plan for growing roses in a greenhouse is given here.

Sunflower farming business

Today, entrepreneurship in the countryside does not have much competition, which gives it good advantages.

And entrepreneurship of farmers contributes to the development of agriculture.

So, for example, growing sunflower does not require large expenses, and the profit is quite significant.

To implement such an idea, it is necessary to find a piece of land and get it for rent, as well as a warehouse for storing products and labor for sowing.

This culture is very unpretentious and is not affected by various weather conditions. Harvesting begins in about five months.

Its processing does not require significant costs.

Ideas for a successful business in the countryside

Just want to make a reservation that we will talk about specific, working business ideas in the village. In this article, I write about real life examples that I could personally appreciate. When visiting my parents living in rural areas for 15 long years, I had to see only gutted collective farms and an increasingly impoverished population.

People were forced either to look for a better life in cities, or to look for a low competitive opportunity for additional income, staying in the villages. Because it is simply impossible to live and raise children with dignity on 7-10 thousand salaries.

And it would seem, how can you surprise people now? But there are still niches for micro-business that will feed you and your family!

You have to get really fanatical about this business!

Business Idea # from Village Petrol Station Gas Station

Do you like smoked meat? I thought not, but exactly until I swallowed a weighty piece of homemade smoked duck.

So this is how it should be. Mild, incredibly tasty, with a subtle, smoky aroma!

Having tried THIS once, factory smoked meats will definitely not catch your eyes or your scent. After all, you begin to understand that everything that came across until now is an ersatz treated with "liquid smoke".

But what I tried then was a masterpiece! An unconditional work of culinary art!

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