What kind of business can be opened in the countryside

Hello dear readers! Economic sanctions are forcing the state to increasingly turn to the domestic market. This opens up excellent opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses in the Russian provinces. And if a decade ago, only a few could ask a question about what kind of business can be opened in the village, now, thanks to benefits, subsidies and state grants, opportunities have opened up to everyone who wants to earn money and work for themselves. One has only to choose the right niche, which would not only generate income, but also give pleasure.

It is worthwhile to immediately decide that in a remote village you will not be able to earn money in the same way as in urban realities. Not only the direction of activity differs, but also the technical capabilities, qualifications of personnel, the level of income of the target audience, sales markets. Some settlements still lack the Internet, without which development and expansion will be much more difficult. Therefore, if the option of opening a profitable and profitable business is considered by an urban entrepreneur, it is worth choosing a rural area near a traffic intersection or direct sales channels, remote from the city, but having direct access to it.

Tips for newbies

For those who first thought about starting their own business from scratch, it will not be superfluous to heed the advice of people who have already achieved success:

  • A business plan is not a guarantee of success if a person is far from a real understanding of agribusiness. It, undoubtedly, is of great benefit, it allows you to calculate risks and profits, but it should be composed by someone who understands the chosen area from the inside.
  • It is worth choosing a niche with minimal competition, but at the same time calculating the demand for the long term. The agricultural business is very difficult to retrain, so it is worth considering the risk of a sharp decline in demand or no demand at all. An example of a successful choice of direction can be considered the launch of a flax-growing farm near Pskov, supplying plants processed into fibers to the Kostroma flax mill.
  • If you have no experience, you should start with small volumes and gradually increase them. This applies to both agricultural production and the opening of production in the countryside. In any business, there are hidden difficulties that are difficult to foresee and understand at the beginning. Ideally, you should first thoroughly study the subject of the activity, get an appropriate education or improve skills through online courses.
  • Don't skimp on machinery and equipment. Experienced farmers say that “... if you don’t think through everything two steps forward from the beginning, in a year you’ll fall back two steps”. Outdated devices will bring more problems, and the savings will have to be invested in repairs.
  • Complete rejection of bank loans. Small businesses, which are usually done in a village where there is nothing, can count on state support, especially on participation in grant competitions and receiving benefits from the agro-industrial complex development fund. Loans, no matter how attractive conditions they initially have, seriously increase production risks, and in the event of loss of profit or force majeure, commercial banks do not make concessions and are able to take everything that has been developed.
  • A good synergistic effect can be obtained by partnering with a bankrupt competitor. There are two options here, the first, buying up his equipment or livestock for a song, and the second, using his experience with investing your own funds (direct partnership).
  • It is promising to gradually approach the production of a full cycle. So, the opening of a pig farm can be accompanied by the cultivation and production of feed, the processing of carcasses into meat products and semi-finished products, up to direct sale.
  • Don't expect a quick payback and profitability. Agribusiness is directly linked to hard physical labor, with a constant search for the most profitable sales markets. Passive sources of income in the village cannot be found; it is better to immediately aim at the long-term perspective.

Step-by-step instructions

Not a single successful enterprise, be it a small business in a private house, its own subsidiary farm or a large farm, can exist without a clear pre-developed plan of action. It is the miscalculation of risks in advance, taking ideas "on the pencil", which allows us to overcome inherent problems. And you can find plenty of them in business in the village, no matter what activity you choose to open. Therefore, before buying or selling something, it is worth working through 3 stages:

Options for inspiration

It is much easier to choose the direction where you already have experience. For example, starting from a hobby, from the presence of a personal plot, a greenhouse or a cowshed. Then, you can really count on launching your enterprise with minimal investment. It's another matter when there is no base, but there is a desire to work away from the bustle of the city. Then you can look at working business ideas or original startups. Below is a list of options for every taste.

Growing crops

This direction is suitable for those who like to work on the ground, understand the basics of botany and are ready to put up with the vagaries of the weather. It is very important to have a certain knowledge base, because it is not enough to plant plants in the ground, you need to know in what and when to plant, choose the right seedlings or seeds, know the basics of breeding, watering, fertilizing and much more. But the choice in this niche is colossal:

  • Mushroom growing. Perfect for those who have a garage, a small (even old) greenhouse or basement. Even pensioners can cope with the cultivation of oyster mushrooms, milk mushrooms or honey mushrooms, since mushrooms are unpretentious in care and require minimal physical costs. The only moment, it is necessary to find a distribution channel even before planting the first mycelium. It can be shops, restaurants, cafe chains, or, as an alternative to wholesale, organizing your own retail outlet in the city market.
  • Growing fruits, vegetables, herbs. Even a small home plot, if handled correctly, can provide a rich harvest of seasonal crops. If, at the same time, you invest in a greenhouse, then profitability will increase significantly. For additional income, something that can be produced at home, and then sent for sale, is suitable. This includes conservation, freezing (equipment for shock freezing will be required), procurement of dried fruits, boiling jams, making pastilles. The cultivation of sugar beet, from which sugar, molasses is obtained (used in food production as raw materials for yeast, glycerin, betaine, etc.), and pulp (as feed for cattle), is of a greater scale.
  • Realization of seedlings and seedlings. Even in a small village, not every resident knows how to properly prepare planting material. The larger the assortment, the higher the profitability. The most expensive on the market are fruit tree seedlings and conifers. Although their cultivation is associated with long and painstaking preparation.
  • Growing flowers. Tulips, roses are the most traditional options for cutting. Even in a small greenhouse, they can be prepared for sale for the holidays through flower shops or large bases. The main thing is to focus on the choice of the variety.

You shouldn't expect big turnovers in retail. Unsold goods are not subject to long-term storage, and this is fraught with losses. It is better to immediately focus on wholesale.

Also, a big plus is that resources for many activities in rural areas are cheaper and more affordable.

Forest, wild plants, commercial objects, as well as labor resources, i.e. The wages in the village, as a rule, are on average lower than the urban wages, and there is competition among residents for a job, which means that you can get executive, responsible personnel at an affordable price.

Advantages of agricultural business ideas over industrial ones

  • in tax terms. The agricultural business, the ideas of which are related to the manufacture and sale of crops and livestock products, fish farming, and the share of income from the sale of these products is more than 70%, has been transferred by the Tax Code to a simplified tax regime. The main payment in this case will be the Unified Agricultural Tax - the Unified Agricultural Tax, which is paid by the farmer in the amount of 6% of the difference between income received and expenses incurred. You will have to pay twice: at the end of the first quarter, in July, and at the end of the year, at the beginning of the next;
  • the opportunity to take part in the implementation of state, regional and municipal programs to support agriculture. Agricultural business ideas are a priority area of ​​development, including in the context of active import substitution. In many areas, assistance programs are envisaged and are successfully operating, for example, preferential lending terms, allocation of subsidies, loans, consulting and management assistance;
  • preferential lending, including at the level of the bank's discount rate (10.%) , which allows you to get cheap funds for the purchase of equipment, inventory, tools, machinery, planting material or young animals at the initial stage, without risking becoming bankrupt.

The nuances and difficulties of implementing a business idea for rural areas

In many cases, this is the absence of a stable effective demand, since the incomes of rural residents are often lower than those of the urban population.

  • To focus on the production and sale of inexpensive goods and services, which in any case will be purchased by the rural population. For example, the services of a veterinarian, repair of machines and mechanisms.
  • Carry out sales in the city. For example, produce products on site and sell them elsewhere where purchasing power is higher.
  • Separate sales and consumption by engaging in socially oriented projects, participating in purchases on the basis of Federal Law 44 and Federal Law 223. In this case, the beneficiaries, consumers will be local schools, hospitals, kindergartens, and the payer - departments of the Ministry Finance of various levels.

How to start your business in the countryside

Before realizing your goals, you should go through the following steps according to the scheme:

  • Draw up a business plan, defining a range of prospects, problems, required investments and possible ways to attract them.
  • Try to find the highest possible amount using your own sources. Any loan, even the cheapest, is the risk of higher prices for products and problems with outstanding debts.
  • Register with local authorities as a peasant farm in order to obtain opportunities for free, unhindered trade of their own products in local and regional markets, to receive other preferences and privileges, the list of which varies depending on the territory.
  • Register with the IFTS at the location of the site or your own address as an individual entrepreneur or LLC, choose the appropriate tax regime. If the Unified agricultural tax is not suitable (for example, for repair shops, car services, consumer services, pedagogy), the USN or UTII, the patent system (only for individual entrepreneurs) will be a good option.
  • Buy or rent the necessary machinery and equipment, get the required consultations and start implementing your project.

Small Business Ideas in Rural Areas

Farming as a business idea for beginners is suitable for those who have experience and knowledge in growing useful valuable crops, poultry products, livestock.

Rabbit breeding

Thanks to small business, semi-abandoned settlements located in rural areas began to revive in our country. Some people believe that it is impossible to open a promising and profitable enterprise in the village. But they are wrong. We offer several popular ideas for doing business from scratch without investing in rural areas, which will help you achieve financial independence in a short time.

Geese breeding

Recently, many citizens have become interested in what kind of business can be opened in a village in Ukraine? The ideal starting option is breeding geese. Residents of rural areas are most often engaged in raising pigs and cattle, and in fact breeding geese at home for beginners as a business can bring excellent profits with minimal investment. This bird is gaining weight quickly. Young goslings weigh 3.5–4 kg in 2 months, and you will not spend a lot of money on feed, since this bird mainly feeds on greens. In order for the geese to reproduce normally and grow quickly, they need to be provided with free range and comfortable living conditions.

Geese are most often raised for meat. The egg production of these birds is low. In addition, goose eggs are not in great demand. The most expensive and demanded product is goose liver. This delicacy is used in elite restaurants to prepare a very tasty and popular foie gras dish. In addition, geese provide down and feathers. Such products are purchased by industrial enterprises for sewing clothes and bedding.

Now let's talk about financial investments and income. For a business to bring a normal profit, you need to start a herd of 500 heads. One daily gosling costs about 100 rubles, respectively, you will spend 50 thousand rubles on the purchase of young animals. Another 600-700 thousand rubles will be needed for feed and equipment for the poultry house. The profitability of such a business is quite high. With a competent approach, it reaches 75%. All initial investments pay off within one year, after which the home farm as a business begins to generate net income.


You also need to enlist the support of experienced beekeepers who can tell you:

  • Where to start a business;
  • What you need to pay special attention to;
  • What difficulties can you face in the course of your business.

Before starting your business from scratch, you need to purchase bees, hives and the necessary equipment:

  • Beekeeper's suit;
  • Honey extractor;
  • Serbian women;
  • Smoker.

A beginner beekeeper can limit himself to buying 10–12 hives. Used bee "houses" sell for $ 14. One bee colony costs about $ 140. Equipment and inventory will cost approximately $ 850. In addition, the necessary medicines must be purchased. That's another $ 280-300. In general, you need to invest 3 thousand dollars in organizing a small home apiary. In one season, she will bring about 600 kg of honey. If you sell it at the wholesale price, you can make $ 1,600. Accordingly, all initial costs will be recouped no earlier than in 2 years. Beekeeping is the best option for those who cannot decide what to do in the village to make money.

Breeding chickens

Breeding laying hens does not require any special knowledge or large financial investments. Egg production can be done by any rural resident who is wondering what business to start from scratch. It is advisable that there are outbuildings on your personal plot. In this case, you can convert them into a poultry house and significantly save on building a building. The most important thing is to adhere to all the rules for raising laying hens in order to increase their productivity and ensure a good profit.

Rural residents definitely have the prospect of starting their own business. Their possibilities are much greater than that of city dwellers.

Having your own, even small, site is an excellent start for a business, for example, growing vegetables, fruits and berries.

And the happy owners of outbuildings can safely engage in livestock breeding.

In general, starting a business in a village from scratch is a reality, the main thing is to approach this issue competently and wisely.

The main thing is to start

The main question: what kind of business can you start in rural areas?

In fact, any agricultural product is in great demand in cities. Homemade milk, meat, eggs, vegetables, berries are bought much more readily, and they usually cost more.

To start your business, you should decide on its type, that is, crop or livestock. Both types of activity have their advantages and disadvantages.

Breeding pets requires certain conditions, sheds and pens, preferably insulated, a warehouse for storing feed.

If it exists or if it is possible to build them quickly and inexpensively, it means that animal husbandry can be engaged.

For crop production you only need a piece of land, the more the better, and the desire to cultivate it.

A significant drawback is the seasonality of the business. It is very expensive to build greenhouses right away and grow vegetables, flowers or berries; not every villager can afford such investments.

This moment needs to be especially carefully thought out and analyzed, an objective assessment of one's capabilities is a big part of success. Just don't plan global production right away, you should start small.

Rural Business Types

Some of the most promising and easily implemented business ideas in rural areas are:

Starting a farm

In order to get the maximum possible profit and insure against possible fluctuations in market demand associated with seasonality or other economic factors, it is worth expanding specialization by growing various types of animals and plants.

As the main activities of the functioning of the farm, one can single out:

Products can be sold both independently and through retail chains, by concluding contracts for the supply of products and obtaining the necessary certificates.


Many women who spend most of their time at work simply do not have time to preserve vegetables and fruits on their own, preferring to buy them in a store or from private producers. The second option, as a rule, is cheaper, and also allows you to buy products with a minimum of preservatives and chemical additives, often used by large manufacturers.

Opening our own bakery

In the event that grain harvests and production capacities allow for the production of flour in large quantities, you can think about using it for the manufacture of bakery products. Fresh bread is in great demand among the population both in the city and in the countryside - it remains to determine the sales market and establish channels for the supply of products to it.

Paid Fishing

A rare man can resist the opportunity to fish on a quiet summer morning - the process of fishing allows you to relax after a busy week. However, the rest can be overshadowed by a complete lack of catch. Owners of many fishing farms provide the opportunity to fish in their artificial ponds for a fee.

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