What business to open for a woman in a small town: an overview of options with minimal investment

A girl can open a business in a small town. Small towns are characterized by a concentrated market and at the same time the problem of a limited population.

Before starting your own business, it is necessary to conduct preliminary research of the local market, competitors and traffic of potential customers.

Struggling to find the right business idea? We will tell in the article about 5 profitable ideas for starting a business with minimal investment in a small town.

business ideas for a woman in a small town

Sometimes girls are afraid to start entrepreneurship because of ignorance about which idea is being implemented and will bring the maximum profit. Today we are talking about flagship business directions that can be opened even in a small city.

  • Cleaning services. Some people don't like cleaning, and probably some of them live in your city. Professional cleaning does not require special training and certification. Therefore, this is a great chance to start your own business with low overhead costs.
  • Children's club. Russian schools in small towns rarely offer hobby groups for the all-round development of children. As a result, parents turn to private individuals to teach their children outside of school. If you are a great organizer and love working with children, try starting a profitable startup.
  • Rental of clothing and accessories. If you have an interest in fashion and a sense of style, identify a niche in demand with a low cost. These can be evening dresses or wedding accessories. Start a fashion startup with a few sets of clothing and accessories. Reinvest the earned profit to scale your business.
  • Online education. It is possible to develop an info-business with minimal investment in advertising. Courses in English, time management, personal development are in demand.
  • Freelance. Profitable accounting services, copywriting, graphic design, programming. Starting in 2021, B2B or B2C small business owners are entitled to pay taxes at reduced rates of 4 and 6%. The advantages are increased demand for services and low taxes. Among the shortcomings, we single out high competition.

steps to start a business for a woman in a small town

We tell the girls how to start their own business and develop their business.

Step: Find an idea and do market research

A business starts with a good idea. But in order to bring this idea to life, it is necessary to research the chosen niche, to make sure that the concept is viable. Analyze your competitors and customer base. Make a financial plan before investing in a new business or taking out loans to start a business.

Step: Business Registration

Plan your startup logistics with a well-articulated business plan.

Business ideas for girls with minimal investment

Potentially high income girls business lines

To get not just additional income, but to earn solid capital, it is best to offer new solutions or products to the market. These can be your own ideas or just directions that are not yet presented on the domestic market. The most promising in this category are the following areas of activity:

  • Development of aggregators or rating sites. Girls know very well how much time can be spent looking for the right thing in online stores or specialists who provide quality services in a certain city. If you experience a lack of direction in your own experience, then you have found an undeveloped niche. For example, you can combine ratings from dance or music teachers, fitness coaches, home-based tailors, create an aggregator to search for dresses by color or cost, style. This will allow your clients to find a suitable result as quickly as possible at any time and anywhere in the world. If you have programming skills, you can do everything yourself or, if it's difficult, order services for programmers on freelance exchanges, which will cost about $ 500. By the way, many Western entrepreneurs have already earned more than one million dollars on this idea.
  • Clothes and accessories. This is one of the most profitable areas in the modern domestic market. You can come up with completely new stylish and practical things, or revive the fashion for forgotten ones. These can be unusual ties, sleep masks, transformer clothes, Family Look clothes, modern religious clothes (for Muslims, Orthodox Christians), models for sports and tourism, designer bags and much more. Better to start with individual production. In this case, the cost of investment in such a business will be low up to $ 500 for the purchase of a sewing machine, scissors and materials. Working in this direction, you can easily convert to the production of other types of goods.
  • B2B services targeted at female target audience. According to statistics, the greatest difficulties in female entrepreneurship are associated with discrimination and misunderstanding on the part of male partners. This opens up great opportunities for girls in the advertising business, consulting and logistics. For example, you might set up a female courier service to deliver goods to female customers, and offer outsourced services to lingerie or clothing stores. To get started, you need at least $ 100 for advertising and the formation of a staff of female employees who are ready to carry out delivery.
What business to open a girl student

What business to open for a girl student

According to experts, student years is the best time to start your own business. Students are open in communication, always ready to learn and ready to take on even the dirtiest job. In addition, they always have a large number of potential clients, among the circle of friends and fellow students. You can consider for yourself the following options for what kind of business a girl should do during her studies:

The following ideas are great choices for female students living in a dormitory:

    Household services for girls. This includes the classic women's business - manicure, make-up, repair and tailoring. You can also rent out various accessories (handbags, hats, jewelry, neckerchiefs), which can be purchased gradually or ordered in Chinese online stores at a discount. Starting capital for a start is from $ 200 for the purchase of minimum equipment or assortment.

    Cost-effective business ideas for a girl in a small town

    Women's entrepreneurship in a small town has its own characteristics. You can create a traditional business and work exclusively for the domestic market, or offer services and goods to the whole world, dealing with areas that do not require reference to the place of residence.

    To be successful in this direction, you first need to identify scarce goods or services. At the same time, the latter should be in constant demand, because if you offer a durable product, the flow of customers will very soon significantly decrease. So, for example, you can do the following activities:

    • Legal services to the population. It is not necessary to have a special education to open a law firm. Knowing how various bureaucratic procedures are implemented, you can help residents of your city as a representative to open and close individual entrepreneurs, obtain visas and passports, advise on how to arrange social benefits. To gain experience and start working in this area, it is enough to complete several free orders to friends in exchange for spreading information about your activity. Additionally, you can advertise through social networks or message boards. When working in this direction, it is very important to have a personable appearance, otherwise clients may not take you seriously.
    • Selling goods from foreign sites. In small cities, people are less interactive and spend most of their time on the Internet in social networks, completely not understanding how to use electronic payment systems and make purchases on foreign sites. This opens up great prospects for you, because working on order, you can simultaneously make purchases of completely different products from cosmetics and clothing to auto parts. It is better to work on prepayment from the client. If this is difficult, you can offer to make an advance payment of up to 50%. Your services may be billed at a rate or a percentage of the purchase price.
    Small business for girls without geographical reference

    What business to open in a small town with minimal investment for a woman

    We discarded all seasonal and adventurous types of earnings, and for your convenience sorted the remaining ideas according to the size of investments into 3 groups: up to 50 thousand rubles, from 50 to 100 thousand rubles and from 100 to 200 thousand rubles. rubles. 1. Sale of tea -> vk. c / 26xPAF 2.

    Apartments for sublease -> vk. c / 26xPIg 3.

    Express date -> vk. c / 26xPTz 4.

    Popcorn -> vk. c / 26xQ0h 5. Taxi service -> vk. c / 26xQ6I 6. Manufacturing of house signs -> vk. c / 26xQiL 7. Mediation in the field of repair services -> vk. c / 26xQov 8.

    Cotton candy -> vk. c / 26xQta 9. City Quest -> vk. c / 26xQA5 10.

    Business ideas with minimal investment for a small town or metropolis

    We continue to publish reviews of small business ideas.

    One friend I met on the Internet told about her successful business, which I want to share with you.


    This section contains all the most popular business ideas for the city. According to statistics in Russia and Ukraine, more than 80% of people live in small or small settlements. Let's see what you can do in such conditions?

    In fact, there are a lot of options.

    Business in a small town: development prospects and ideas

    For a small settlement we take a city with a population of 20,000-150000 people.

    Starting a business from scratch in a small town can be profitable for several reasons: So, what business is profitable in a small town?

    It is better to start your own business in one of the following areas: So what kind of business can you open in a small town in the service sector? The following projects are easy to implement and low-cost: The service sector will never lose its relevance. And the main advantage of many areas is the almost complete absence of capital investments.

    Choosing a niche where there is no competition yet, you can make good money. But there are also projects that require minimal costs for their implementation: breeding commercial fish (trout, carp), breeding poultry (ducks, chickens), growing vegetables and fruits.

    Ideas for business with minimal investment

    Options for a profitable small business from scratch with little investment There are many earning options that can generate good returns. The result of entrepreneurial activity depends on the correct choice of your own niche, convenient for work.

    This means you need to select an activity:

    • in an interesting direction familiar to the entrepreneur;
    • which is relevant, in demand.
    • where there are few competitors or they are weaker;

    Small business with little investment is a good example:

    It is generally accepted that business is the world of men. It requires strong nerves, determination and courage. Such qualities are rarely attributed to the fair sex and completely in vain. A woman can be as successful an entrepreneur as a man. And in some areas, ladies succeed much more than colleagues of the stronger sex. These activities are inextricably linked to the gender role of the mother and represent traditionally women's work.

    In this article, we will talk about which areas of entrepreneurship are best suited for the beautiful half of humanity, and which are not. You will learn how the registration of LLC and individual entrepreneur takes place, what documents are needed and how to calculate the size of the initial capital. And also the article offers business ideas without initial investment.

    "Ladies" businesses

    Most often, ladies pay attention to the following business projects that require small investments.

    Pastry and Culinary Services

    It is not necessary to "open" officially here. You can start with home cooking and baking to order, and after the appearance of a large number of clients, you should rent a room and acquire professional equipment for work.

    Knitting, sewing and clothing restoration

    These classes are not suitable for all women, but only for those who themselves are fond of needlework. Here, too, it is not necessary to loudly declare the appearance of your "point". Moreover, the "point" can be at your home, in an armchair in front of the TV. A good sewing machine and a few pairs of knitting needles are enough to start your own business. However, you must know how to sew and love this activity. Otherwise, it is impossible to build a business in this niche. Except for those cases when it is planned to simply rent out a studio without participating in the production process.

    Manicure, pedicure, haircuts, hairstyle designs

    This work requires not only professional skills, but also a special room, equipment, materials. To avoid problems with the tax service, you should officially register an individual entrepreneur, and with employees, if any, conclude employment contracts with all legal formalities.

    Accounting, HR support, consulting

    Only a person with a specialized higher education can do this. This is not the easiest type of entrepreneurial activity, since it implies a high level of responsibility towards the customer and requires special knowledge. Before setting off on an independent voyage, a woman must learn her craft by working for someone. As for the opening costs, here they are small. Funds are needed only for renting an office, purchasing the minimum necessary office equipment, furniture and registering an individual entrepreneur.


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