What business to do with minimal investment in 2021

Some entrepreneurs who decide to start their own business seek to bring to life new business ideas that have never been implemented before. Such a business can be very successful, but the risk of failure is great. As a rule, novice businessmen do not have a lot of funds to start their own business. For those who are thinking about what kind of business to do with minimal investment, there are less exclusive, but proven methods of making money that have been successfully implemented in our country.

Providing Home Services for Removing Unwanted Hair

Several years ago, along with an effective, but very expensive method of getting rid of unwanted vegetation on the body - laser hair removal, an alternative method appeared - shugaring. The essence of the method consists in applying a special paste to the body, which dries and is removed along with the hair with a sharp movement against hair growth.

Providing shugaring services at home is an excellent answer to the question: "What business can you do with minimal investment?" The advantages of such activities are the ability to save on renting premises by performing the procedure at home, low cost of training, inexpensive tools and supplies, the ability to make money on the sale of related products. The disadvantages of such a business with minimal investment is the low income of 20,000-25,000 rubles and the presence of a huge number of competitors.

Starting capital for opening a home salon for the provision of shugaring services is about 35,000 rubles. To implement this business idea 2021 with minimal investment, you need:

  • Undergo training from a qualified specialist and receive a diploma (from 3000 rubles);
  • Buy a cosmetic couch (from 12,000 rubles);
  • Buy sugar paste, strips, disinfectants, pain relievers, etc. (from 20,000 rubles).

Before starting an activity, you should carefully study the pricing policy of competitors and set reasonable prices for your services. For example, for removing antennae above the upper lip, you can ask for about 200 rubles, and for treating the bikini area - 800 rubles. The price depends on the area to be treated, as well as on the cost of consumables.

The implementation of this idea for a business with minimal investment does not require special skills and abilities, but it can become a stable source of income, because shugaring does not get rid of hair forever, and satisfied clients will sign up for repeated procedures.

Business idea: opening a second hand

The advantages of opening a second-hand are the ease of organizing trade and a fairly high (30-50%) profitability. The difficulty of running this profitable business with minimal investment lies in the need to learn how to purchase goods that can be easily sold, that is, in finding reliable suppliers.

Besides, you should find the right place for your store. It must have good cross-country ability. But it is better to locate second-hand not on the central streets of the city. Customers should be comfortable in it, because not everyone wants to be seen in such a store. For many in the minds of second-hand are associated exclusively with second-hand things, which are sold in kilograms for a penny. But unlike the distant 90s, now in such stores you can very often find completely new things from old collections or containing a small defect. They belong to the so-called "original". And there are many who want to purchase such a product. Be prepared for the fact that for the normal functioning of the most profitable business with minimal investment, purchases will have to be made several times a week. Used items are called "sorting" and are sold for much less. The assortment of the store should consist of items of both categories with a predominance of "original".

To start, you will need about 250,000 rubles. This capital is enough to rent and equip premises, purchase goods and order advertising. Success will depend on your ability to purchase goods that are in demand, and the best advertising will be reviews from satisfied customers.

Idea selection

Any idea for a business with minimal investment involves low costs - 300-400 thousand rubles. Choose a suitable option and start working. If you have any doubts, keep searching. Take advantage of the experience of businessmen who started their path to success literally from scratch.

To understand what kind of business to open with minimal investment in 2021, you must first decide on the direction of activity to which your soul lies. The easiest way is to start your own business in the service sector or in trade. If you don't have start-up capital, try taking out a bank loan. But this is not the best option for those who have never been involved in entrepreneurial activity. Business can go bankrupt, and you will have to pay off loan debts for a long time. Do not rush to develop your enterprise - buy furniture, rent an expensive office. First you need to learn how to make money, and then decide which business can be opened with minimal investment and how to develop it to a large scale.

Automobile workshop for the thrifty

Your own car service is a good option for those who want to start a business with minimal investment. It is better to open such a workshop near the auto parts store. If you serve cars of different brands, there will be no end of customers.

Another rather interesting proposal is the opening of a car repair shop under a franchise. This is a great option for aspiring businessmen who have never done business. In such a business, you will have to invest about 100 thousand rubles. Investments pay off in the shortest possible time, since this interesting business idea in 2021 with minimal investment in a small town during a crisis can bring 35-40 thousand net income.

To open your own auto repair shop, you must first of all choose the right place. From the location, the attendance will directly depend, and hence the profit.

Therefore, first of all, choose a suitable room. It can even be your own garage if it is located in a walk-through area.

As for the employee, it is not worth saving here. It's great if you know how to repair cars and can do it yourself at first. In the future, with successful work, you can hire assistants and take more orders.

Thus, with proper planning, in a year you will be able to boast of a loyal customer base and good recommendations. If you do the work efficiently and on time, then you will not end up with clients. The business will flourish and generate stable income.

Our country continues to plunge into the economic crisis. Prices are skyrocketing, but wages remain the same. In this regard, many people are looking for promising business ideas in 2021 with minimal investment in order to start a small business of their own that will help keep afloat during the crisis. Let's take a look at some of the most popular business lines that are profitable even in difficult economic conditions.

Mobile phone repair

The average life span of mobile phones is one and a half years. Like any other equipment, they periodically fail and require repair. Nowadays, almost every person has a mobile phone, from preschool children to pensioners. Such devices have ceased to be an indicator of status or part of a person's image. To stay connected, people spend a lot of money on their service. This is especially true during the crisis, since prices have risen significantly, and it has become expensive for many to buy new mobile phones.

Phone repair is one of the new business ideas with minimal investment that deserves special attention. If you have never done such a thing, find experienced craftsmen with such skills and organize their work. Rent a small room in a walk-through area, buy the necessary tool and get to work. To attract your first customers, place your advertisements in the media. If you do your job well, you can rely on word of mouth in the future. Your clients will definitely bring their friends and acquaintances, thanks to which your business will flourish.

Pasta production

Many aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own business often ask the question, which business is relevant in 2021 during the crisis? Any business related to inexpensive food will be profitable as people begin to save on literally everything and even on food. Consumption of meat and sausages decreases during the crisis, but the demand for pasta and bakery products, on the contrary, begins to grow. In addition, pasta has a long shelf life, so many consumers buy them for future use.

If your financial capabilities do not allow you to open a small workshop for the production of pasta, you can do this at home. At first, you will be producing products in small quantities. When the enterprise begins to develop, you can purchase professional equipment and go on a larger scale.

In any case, for work you will need a flour sifting device, an automatic press and a drying cabinet, so you cannot do without financial investments in this matter. To save money at the start, you can buy used equipment with low performance.

Purchase of household appliances

Don't know what kind of business you can open with minimal investment? Pay attention to buying old household appliances. In this business, you can make a profit in two ways:

Profitable business with minimal investment in a small town

No matter how trite it may sound, “working for an uncle” does not stimulate at all to feats, does not bring satisfaction and is paid very modestly. The conclusion suggests itself: it is much more pleasant to have your own business. One can object by reasonably stating that the "uncle" pays little, which means that it is impossible to save money for your own business. Yes it's true. There is nothing free in our life, but there are ways to organize a profitable business with minimal investment!

How much do you sow and reap as much?

That's right, millions of dollars in investments are needed for incomes of millions. But that doesn't mean you can't make decent money without large upfront costs. Some people manage to start a very profitable business without any investment, and this is not a myth!

Are you an accountant or HR officer? Take over several businesses. Many small firms outsource these functions, since it is unprofitable to hire an employee. Of the costs, only time is required from you.

Are the arms growing out of the right place? Become a husband for an hour. Something constantly breaks in the house, requires replacement or installation. The service will be in demand not only by single women, but also by married couples who simply have no time to do this. Costs: purchase of tools and registration of individual entrepreneurs.

By the same principle, web workshops, decor studios (or landscape design), holiday agencies, online stores, hairdressing salons, car washes, ateliers, carpet dryers, furniture and pillow restoration companies (growing delicacies, hand soap production), home meal delivery service, etc. All these are relatively simple options to organize a profitable business with little investment. There would be a desire!

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But I live in a small town!

“Open your own business in my town of three streets and two houses? You are joking? All by pull, you can't get into business, you can't get money for promotion! And there is no one to sell here. " Yes, that's all true. But:

  • The choice of goods and services is limited and the residents are not spoiled. They will willingly buy if a thing (or service) is needed, but rare in this city.
  • Most industries are poorly developed, there are many vacant niches, and there is less competition.
  • Advertising, whatever one may say, will cost less. And not only because there are few competitors, but also because of the completely free word of mouth.

You will need business ideas for a small town. In other words, the chances of creating your own profitable business with minimal investment in a small town are even higher than in a metropolis. However, one should not forget that “small town” is a loose concept. Therefore, be realistic, weigh your ideas against the market size and the "progressiveness" of local residents, but do not underestimate your capabilities.

Nearly Zero Investment Options

To be successful in business, it is important not only to do what you like, but also to keep up with current trends. Business sectors do not stand still - everything is developing, something is faster, something is more measured. But change is happening everywhere. If you are going to go about your business in 2021, then a mandatory step will be research and analysis of the current state of the business market. We have compiled for you a small list of those business ideas that represent the greatest prospect in the next two years.

Mobile Apps

You've probably heard more than once that mobile technologies are conquering the world more and more. Experts call the mobile application development industry one of the most promising for the coming years. And the sooner you plunge into this area, the more chances you have to start making good money on it.

The idea of ​​creating mobile applications is just a lot. These can be games, applications for organizing your workflow (various planners and electronic notebooks), applications for children (educational and entertainment). By the way, pay special attention to mobile apps for children. Now mobile phones appear in children from a very early age, and there are not so many specialized applications specifically for them as for adults

, you need to be able to work with special software, which will allow you to create mobile applications; and have a good understanding of human psychology.

Training Courses

People are willing to pay money to learn something they really need. If you are an expert in a certain field or are just perfectly versed in something, then consider opening your own authoring courses. The sphere of information technology and software is especially relevant now. Are you good at Photoshop? Or do you know all the intricacies of a certain programming language? Why not start teaching this to others and making money by selling your knowledge.

To be successful in this area of ​​business, it is important not only to have an excellent understanding of the subject of study, but also to have the skills of teaching and organizing an effective learning process.

Opening of EMS fitness studio

EMS fitness studios appeared relatively recently. Previously, most fitness clubs used the old bulky and uncomfortable wired EMS trainers, which hindered movement and caused inconvenience. In the summer of 2021, wireless EMS suits for training and fitness first appeared in Russia, such as the wireless EMS i-Motion suit. Over the past six months, more than 150 fitness studios have opened in Moscow alone. From this, you can see a growing trend in the popularity of this line of business.

People who are worried about the beauty and health of their bodies now pay attention primarily to EMS training. Trainings with EMS equipment are much more convenient and effective than regular exercises. The principle of EMS training is that you work out in a special suit for only 20 minutes, which is equivalent to 4 hours of hard workout in the gym.

Do you have a lot of EMS fitness studios in your city? Most likely not yet, so open yours and be one of the first. In this business, it is very important to find the right equipment. Pay attention to the Spanish EMS equipment, namely the wireless EMS i-Motion suit.

This is a sample of quality EMC equipment for such training. The i-Motion EMS simulator is certified in Russia, and you do not need a medical license to work with it. The official representative of the manufacturer in Russia offers full service, so there should be no difficulties in working with the equipment.

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