What business is in demand in Omsk

Are you thinking about what kind of business you can open or where to invest money in Omsk? We have a huge number of ideas - we offer the most attractive ones for consideration.

Where to invest in Omsk?

In truth, there are a huge number of options for investing money in Omsk. However, the choice will directly depend on your financial condition, the acceptable risk you are willing to take and how quickly you want to receive your income. In simple words, the most profitable investment will be starting your own business.

Indeed, if you have a great business idea and a worthwhile business plan with all the calculations, then you can raise your fortune on this. The main thing is to find a non-competitive niche for yourself and implement the idea.

We must not forget that there is a strong competition in numerous service sectors - everyone wants to grab their piece. For this reason, you need to come up with any detail, little thing that will set you apart from the rest.

Don't forget that you can expect more than just big profits. We must not forget about the possible risks. No one can guarantee that your business will "bear fruit." You have to take risks.

What business can you invest in?

So, the main question is, what business can you open in Omsk?

  • Carriage of passengers is a profitable business. The city metro is considered a long-term construction project, while city transport has long been outdated, rusted, etc.
  • Opening of the hotel. The hotel business will always be relevant for a large industrial and motor transport center. You can invest in the construction of a hotel with its own dining room and parking.
  • The desire of the residents of the city of Omsk to improve their own living conditions can be considered as another reason for investing in the construction business. Moreover, this does not have to be the construction of buildings and structures, you can choose related services, the sale of building materials, for example.
  • An increase in Russians' interest in travel within the country may serve as an impetus for investment in tourism or proper infrastructure. Omsk is considered a historical, significant and cultural center of Siberia. In terms of profitability and payback, a business can be relevant.
  • Investing money in real estate. In the opinion of most of the city's residents, the most reliable investment method can be the purchase of land plots.
  • Outsourcing can generate significant income. Most of the Omsk enterprises provide separate production functions and business processes for service to third parties. For this reason, investing in this area is a great option.

The above options are available only when you have in your hands from 3,000,000 rubles, which can be sent to business without harm to the family. Again, the choice should depend on the risk tolerable.

Don't know what business to open in Omsk and where to invest? There are many investment ideas and today we invite you to familiarize yourself with a list of the most attractive ones.

Where is the most profitable investment?

In fact, there are a huge number of investment options, but their choice will depend directly on what savings you have, what risk you agree to, and how soon you want to make a profit. In other words, there is no single answer for the most profitable investment; for each investor, his own option will be the best.

Most popular types of investments:

Traditionally, it is believed that the greatest profit awaits those people who open their own business. Indeed, if you have a good idea and a real business plan with forward-looking calculations, then you can really make good money on it. The main thing is to find your niche, to realize a worthwhile idea.

At the same time, one must understand that in many areas of our life there is huge competition - in trade, in public catering, in the entertainment industry, etc. Therefore, you need to think over your zest in advance, some detail that will make you different from the rest.

It is important to know that you need to prepare not only for high profits, but also for high risks. No one can guarantee that your idea will really bring you success and money, you will have to take a risk, and it is good, if only with your own money, and not with the funds of relatives or from the bank.

What business can you invest in?

At the moment, the following areas of investment will bring great returns:

    Passenger transportation is a profitable business. The metro in the city is an object of long-term construction, and the vehicles of the municipal park have long been morally and physically obsolete. Read how much the truck earns per month here.

    Applications for participation in the educational program "Entrepreneur Mom" ​​have started in the Omsk Region. The project was created for those who want to combine family care with professional self-realization.

    Among the conditions for participation - mothers must be on maternity leave or with minor children. The jury will admit to consideration those candidates who plan to do business or have less than a year of experience. The number of places is limited, 35 women will be invited to study in Omsk, and whose business project will be the best, they will be awarded a grant of 100 thousand rubles. to implement the idea.

    An idea for pumping

    The organizers of the "Entrepreneur Mom" ​​project assure that 98% of women are positive about the prospect of starting their own business. At the same time, it is noted that with the birth of their second and third child, many have a strong desire to start their own business, and not return to work. “Moms take their business responsibly, like their own child. They also take care of him, are emotionally involved in their business, ”the organizers explain.

    “There are two or three worthy manufacturers with showrooms in Russia, and that's it. I want to create my own clothing project, not only for Omsk, but also with the help of trade aggregators. I plan to start a business this year, ”she says.

    “As business ideas, the participants offer a completely different spectrum - from clothing production and educational services to the creation of bakeries and consulting. The period of a pandemic is also a time of new opportunities. Both online and offline formats. There are interesting projects that can be implemented here and now, but at the same time, we understand: the project must bring financial performance and jobs, be in demand, ”said the project curator in the Omsk region, head of the women's entrepreneurship committee of the All-Russian public organization of small and medium business "Support of Russia" Ekaterina Vakhrusheva.

    Be friends with ideas

    In their statistics, the organizers indicate: 55% of the respondents are afraid to start their own business because they will not be supported by their relatives, another 18% are afraid of failures, and 80% believe that they lack knowledge. Therefore, they emphasize: the project is educational, a woman should not be afraid to do business - she knew where to turn for help, how to take the first step.

    By the way, you can come a second time. Only you will need to participate with a different business plan. The mothers of Omsk, who have already attended the trainings of the project, say that here you can “pump” your idea, get an excellent recipe for how to translate ideas into money, and what it means to create your own business.

    “13 thousand people are now registered in the Omsk region as self-employed. There are no specific gender statistics, but there are many women among this number. The types of activities that the self-employed are engaged in have “female” connotations. This is the production of toys, cosmetics, products and clothing for children. I would like to note that many are engaged in production, and this is a complex type of business that requires the adjustment of a large number of business processes, ”Deryabin said.

    The representative of the grantor - the charitable foundation "In charge of the future" Yana Rasner drew attention to the fact that mothers also inspire fathers to implement ideas. Business is turning into a family business.

    Omsk businessman Viktor Skuratov in an interview with "Business Ideas for Omsk" answered the question:

    What kind of business can you open in Omsk? - Anyone! Because there is nothing here.

    Omsk needs a little more patience and an iron grip, which, like a ram, destroys obstacles on the way.

    Region Features

    Omsk is a million-plus city located in the picturesque and richest region of the country, in Siberia. Harsh climate and "harsh conditions". In economic development, the city underwent periods of upsurge and recession. The crisis has affected Omsk. And city residents are negatively disposed towards it, and therefore in 2021 Omsk ranked 231st in the ranking of favorable cities for life. And the rating was compiled from 250 cities.

    But at the beginning of 2021, we can safely say that the situation has begun to change. What kind of business can be opened in Omsk, given the state of affairs at the end of 2021 and early 2021? Such, to which "the soul lies". Only some types of business will be difficult given the specifics of the region. But if you shift the vector of movement to other cities, then things will go faster.

    Business ideas that will take root in Omsk will be related to the fact that:

    • The Trans-Siberian Railway and other federal highways pass through Omsk. The city bears the unofficial title of the "air gate" to Siberia.
    • FSUE Production Association Polet (aviation and rocket and space technology), Omsk transport engineering plant, Sibzavod, Omsk oil refinery, Omsktekhuglerod, PJSC Omskshina are located in this city.
    • The issues of transport interchange and its maintenance have not been resolved.
    • The region has favorable conditions for agriculture.
    • 1,172,070 people live in the city. And the composition of the population is multinational. Moreover, in the last decade, it has enriched itself at the expense of migrants, residents of the CIS.
    • International trade in progress.
    • And also, near the city there are such protected places that fascinate with their beauty.

    Business ideas in Omsk are subject to the “laws” of entrepreneurship development in the country and are suitable for implementation on the spot here and now. This applies to both business ideas with minimal investment in Omsk and large international investment projects implemented around the world. We will reveal 10 possible answers to the question - "What business to open in Omsk?"

    Best Business Ideas

    When opening a business in Omsk, it is worth considering the target audience for which it is designed. If you go into the mass segment, you should understand that the Siberian mentality is heavily susceptible to new, strong solvency (as we would like) does not show. But in b2b it is difficult to break through, and here you need an advantageous offer.


    There are few mass entertainment establishments in Omsk. The lack of nightlife is due to the fact that such establishments are open two days a week. And the rest of the time is idle. And the income at this rate will be low. Not every entrepreneur is capable of taking risks. If you apply a different concept, organize such a space that is used both day and night, then the problem of perspectives will be solved much faster.

    Viktor Skuratov: “You can open any business in Omsk, because there is nothing”

    One of the youngest Omsk millionaire businessmen spoke about the demonized image of a Russian entrepreneur, why it is necessary to change the education system and by what criteria he hires personnel. he answered the questions of journalists and participants of the “Thoughts aloud” meeting.

    - Victor, is education important now? You graduated from SibADI, but became a successful businessman in another area.

    - Professional skills don't matter at all now. At the age of 50-60, people learn a new profession, programming, for example. Everything can be learned if there is a desire. If we talk about application in business, then between the modern education system and the realities of modern business there is a huge chasm, the Grand Canyon. The fundamental knowledge gained at the university helps many people, but in general the system is outdated. There is a problem with where the person comes: the student has no idea what is happening in the labor market. The work in Russia is now bad, the organizations are less effective than, for example, in the West or the East. Here we need to change the education system itself.

    - Is something interfering with your work? Does the government have any influence?

    - We tried to go into the type of business that interacts with the state to a minimum. Business is all about underwater currents. Business will always have problems regardless of the competition. I have already been to America twice, and there is very high competition, this creates certain difficulties, but it helps to grow. We have practically no market, but this is also not always good. There is no perfect business environment anywhere.

    - What kind of people work for your company?

    - It is important that the people who work for us are interested in communicating with each other, even after hours. This is maintaining the atmosphere, corporate culture. I conduct the selection myself - we have rather difficult open-ended questions, three interviews. The most important thing is for a person to be “ours”: honest, open, kind and optimistic.

    - What does a businessman look like in Russia in your opinion?

    - The image of an entrepreneur in Russia is absolutely demonized. I saw different people: there are both closed and sociable, and those who get lost and hesitate to ask for directions. There is no average option here, all people are different, as in other professions. There are very few businessmen! There should be 50 times more entrepreneurs. In Omsk, in Russia as a whole, the problem with businessmen is huge - they do not exist.

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