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Opening a business in any country has a number of certain nuances that must be taken into account by every person who wants to do business. In the previous publication, we discussed in detail the new business in America, in this article, let's talk about what kind of business is profitable to do in Belarus.

Let's start with the fact that Belarus is a country that is quite loyal to small businesses and encourages people who want to organize their own business in every possible way. Therefore, we can say with confidence that opening your own business in Belarus is profitable and promising.

But be that as it may, there are a number of nuances that every beginner should know. First of all, it is worth understanding such a concept as entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is an activity that is legally registered, carried out by a person personally with the aim of making a profit at his own peril and risk.

From this, we can conclude that no one guarantees you success. This is not a job for a landlord, where you receive your monthly wages. In this case, everything depends on your entrepreneurial qualities, desire, pragmatism, hard work and endurance. Success or failure depends only on you.

What business to do in Belarus Choosing a niche

First of all, think about what you would like to do, what you like, what kind of work you are ready to do with pleasure and love, devoting all your free time to it. Believe me, it is very important to find what you love, which you like, and even make a profit. Not every person gets this chance, so if you suddenly have such an opportunity, feel free and without a doubt, take it.

Next, it's worth exploring the market. Competition, profitability are the factors on which the success of the whole business depends. Do not rush to make decisions, in business this is unacceptable and can lead to bad consequences.

What is worth knowing about competition in Belarus?

When opening your business in Belarus, take into account the fact that the product or service that you are going to sell should be hit not only in demand, but also low-competitive. It is not easy to find such an area, but it is quite possible with a competent approach.

What business to open in a small town in Belarus?

If you want to answer the question, what kind of business can be opened in Belarus in a small town, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our article. We continue to explore different cities and consider different business options.

Belarus is going through difficult times today. The financial crisis, the weakening of the national currency against the dollar and the euro - all this, of course, negatively affects the purchasing power of the population. Therefore, if you decide to open a business in Belarus right now, we recommend that you pay attention to those goods and services that are urgently needed. Luxury goods and other not-so-essential products during this period will not bring the proper income.

So, what can you do in Belarus in a small town?

What is in abundance in Belarus is cars. Low prices for cars allow every family to have one or even two cars. This means that very often people need to buy spare parts. Even if you open up in a small village, you will certainly find your circle of buyers. And if you simultaneously engage in car maintenance (repair, oil change, tire fitting, etc.), you will be able to establish a stable business that will allow you to have good income for quite a long time.

Spare parts are always in demand in any city

It is quite easy to sell spare parts in Belarus. It will take a few days to open an IP, the cost of registering an activity in this country is quite low. You can buy spare parts in wholesale companies or transport them from abroad. In the second case, be prepared to pay customs duties, so it is worth calculating in advance which method will be more profitable.

In light of the crisis, more and more people prefer to change their profession for a more money-based or more comfortable one. Therefore, in Belarus “like mushrooms after the rain” more and more new courses are constantly appearing. Here, training courses for managers, logisticians, economists, clerks, as well as masseuses, cosmetologists, manicurists, programmers are very popular. Separately, it should be said about language courses. These are, of course, English, German, Italian, French and Chinese. Today, Polish language courses are very popular in Belarus. Considering that all of western Belarus used to be Polish territory, today Poland provides Pole's cards, with which you can leave for permanent residence and be equated to Polish citizens in all respects. But to get the coveted card, you need to know the Polish language at a basic level and pass the Consul exam on knowledge of the history and traditions of Poland. For this, numerous courses train students, prepare for the exam and receive a card.

Training courses provide an opportunity to start a new life with a new profession

If you are fluent in one of the foreign languages, then you can practice tutoring. You can also open educational courses and teach students in multiple languages ​​or disciplines. But here you will need to recruit teachers, rent a room and give good advertising.

Agricultural business in Belarus has always been popular. You can do whatever you want: grow vegetables, strawberries, greens, potatoes, etc. for sale. To do this, you will need your own piece of land, a greenhouse, good soil, seeds (seedlings) and, of course, certain knowledge in the field of growing a particular crop.

Potatoes are called the second bread in Belarus

Photo is illustrative, source: pixabay. om

I will try to list what you can and must calculate and read when opening a small retail business in Belarus. After all, the majority starts things like that.

Activity definition

If you intend to engage not in self-expression, but in business, then to choose the type of activity you will need to consistently answer four questions:

  • What is in demand on the market now? It is advisable to concretize the issue, to limit it to a certain territory or sphere.
  • What can I do that is in demand?
  • Who and how is already doing this business?
  • Is there a free niche on the market?

To answer the last question, you need to understand the situation in detail. It is impossible to give advice on studying any market, because. everywhere has its own specifics. However, the basic information about the retail business can usually be obtained by observing it from the consumer's point of view - what is displayed, what is more often asked and bought.

In most situations, a business is worth starting if:

  • you have a competitive advantage over those who already operate on the market, you can offer a better or cheaper product;
  • there are free niches on the market, demand is not satisfied until end, some consumers will go to a new seller.

Obtaining Permits

Having decided on the direction of activity, all permits and licenses should be obtained from the state.

You can understand how the state sees your activities in the National Classifier OKRB 005-2021.

Example for beginners: retail trade in food (ice cream, beer, etc.) in closed packaging goes through code 47, the same beer, ice cream, etc. in cups goes through code 56, like public catering, with other requirements and regulations.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Opening a business in Belarus ideas". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Business ideas from scratch in Belarus

Statistical data on the Belarusian market research indicate a solid annual growth in the share of entrepreneurs. This circumstance provides the prerequisites for the development of your own business idea from scratch, since the territory has sufficient advantages for the formation and development of a business.

Among the factors that favorably affect the existence and functioning of a business with minimal investment in Belarus are the following:

  • Ease of registering a case;
  • Rapid acceptance of the idea by the market;
  • High economic potential of the country;
  • Stable economic setting;
  • Benefits for entrepreneurs working in priority areas;
  • Availability of free economic zones;
  • A large number of low-competitive areas for the development of commercial activities;
  • Flexibility of the taxation system.

Intra-territorial features of the implementation of the entrepreneurship policy include such moments as:

  • Weak legal framework;
  • Reluctant private investment;
  • High penalties and penalties for non-compliance with applicable law;
  • Relatively high interest rates on loans and rent;
  • Insecurity of business entities from constant control and interference by the authorities.

Most popular and less competitive small business ideas in Belarus

The IT industry in Belarus is at the stage of development, so a potential entrepreneur with sufficient knowledge in this area should consider the direction as an idea for a business from scratch.

The residents of the country will be interested in how traditional areas of service are:

  • Computer repair;
  • Software installation;

And those that have become in demand thanks to the widespread development of the Internet:

What birds to grow

Such a business has many advantages, which are explained by the availability of its organization.

How to start a business in Belarus from scratch: first steps, taxes, requirements

Some of the main ones should be mentioned:

  • no need to rent or buy a large space. For example, 1 sq. square meter can contain up to broilers. And when keeping birds in cages, they can be placed in several tiers one above the other;

Remote trading

What business is profitable to do in Belarus?

The structure of the Belarusian economy is quite complex, so every entrepreneur who is engaged in private business has to face a lot of difficulties. The fact is that most of the industries are owned by the state, so it is almost impossible for a private entrepreneur to break into these areas of activity.

What is the most promising business in Belarus?

However, a promising business in Belarus can be established if you choose the right and appropriate direction of activity. To do this, you should either engage in trade or provide customers with various services.

What business is profitable to do in Belarus in a small town?

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