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Fresh herbs are a source of vitamins and minerals. It is included in a large number of dishes. Therefore, citizens and organizations are actively purchasing the product. According to RBC, the market capacity in Russia is about $ 100 million. Since 2021, the indicator has shown stable growth. Domestic products are in short supply. The volume of imported goods on the Russian market is 106.7 thousand tons. At the same time, consumers are ready to purchase Russian products. A decline in demand is not forecasted in the near future. Therefore, you can earn good money by organizing the production of greens in greenhouses.

Market and Competitor Analysis

Growing greenery as a business is a promising direction, the popularity of which is growing. This is due to the fashion for healthy food, high demand for natural products, government incentives for the development of agriculture. The Russian Federation helps farmers, provides land at a reduced cost, allocates grants, subsidizes interest rates on loans.

The industry is witnessing an increase in production volumes. Greenhouse producers are building new greenhouses and modernizing their businesses.

The demand for greenery among Russians increases annually by an average of 10% annually. People actively include this product in the diet.

Greens are bought by consumers between the ages of 20 and 50 with different income levels. Occupation and gender do not matter. There is competition in the market, but it is not excessive.

Online stores are promising sales markets. They are popular with customers. A person immediately orders the necessary product, the manufacturer organizes delivery. Additionally, cooperation with cafes and restaurants, food producers will be beneficial.

Risk Assessment

Greenhouse production involves risks. They reduce profits, increase the payback period. Therefore, analyze the possible difficulties in advance and select suitable workarounds. Businessmen often face the following risks:

  • High competition. Stand out from the crowd to minimize risk. Pay attention to business promotion and product popularization.
  • There is a problem with the equipment and the item has deteriorated. Monitor the condition of the equipment by conducting periodic checks.
  • Employees are negligent in their tasks. Motivate employees and implement a system of penalties.
  • Poor quality seed was purchased. Purchase seeds only from reputable suppliers and enter into bulk purchase agreements.
  • A strong competitor has appeared on the market. Control the quality of the harvest, introduce new technologies, provide discounts and bonuses to regular customers.
  • Pests destroy crops. Consider insect protection.

Growing greenery for sale is an increasingly popular business and is attracting more and more people. This business has proved to be a profitable and profitable direction, and the return on this activity sometimes reaches 70% with constant distribution channels, which is a very decent result.

Materials for planting are very inexpensive, large areas and expensive equipment are not needed for activities, greens for sale grow for about a month, the growing technology is quite simple. Productivity is high by all standards: one square meter of area gives up to three to four kilograms of greenery. It would seem that in such favorable conditions, everyone around is simply obliged to engage in this business, but how the situation is in reality, let's take a closer look.

  • 1 How to organize a business on greenery
  • 2 What kind of greenery to grow for sale
  • 3 Features of a business on greenery
  • 4 How much money do you need for a green business
  • 5 How much money can you make on green

How to start a green business

The profitability of a green business is based, firstly, on finding a permanent sales niche, and secondly, on the competent organization of agro processes. First you need to understand whether there is a demand for greens in your location, or this niche is crammed to capacity and having grown a crop, you simply will have nowhere to put it or you will have to give it almost for nothing.

Therefore, before driving volumes, monitor sales markets, visit stores and markets, find out at what price you can sell your greens, agree on the volume in advance, and only then proceed directly to growing.

If we are talking about business, then you cannot do without greenhouses in which you will grow products all year round, since in summer the competition in this niche is high, and profitability as a result is not so pleasant.

What greens to grow for sale

There are many exotic varieties, but the following list of plants is in demand in the domestic markets:

Dill. A rather unpretentious culture, among summer residents it grows well on its own and without any difficulties. Sowing is carried out in rows or sown in a continuous field. It all depends on the cultivation technique and production volumes. Dill is very light and thermophilic, this is its difference from other greens. It can be grown all year round, both at home and in a greenhouse. Dill yield ranges from 3 to 5 kg per sq. m. depending on the variety.

Business ideas with calculations that lead to money

How to open an orchard as a business and earn over 2 million rubles from 3 hectares of fruit? What nuances need to be solved before starting a business and what can be grown? How profitable is gardening? Read a detailed idea of ​​a fruit growing business with calculations.

Gardening Business Plan

You can organize a fruit and berry garden both on your site and on an industrial scale. Gardening will be profitable, although the first 3-7 years will have to invest a good amount before getting the first serious harvests. Fruits and berries are in high demand at any time of the year, so there will be sales and profits.

Evaluating the idea

Gardening requires a lot of investment. More than 3 million rubles are needed for each hectare of land. The payback period is long, there are many nuances in the matter. Therefore, when writing a business plan with calculations, you need to evaluate in detail the idea of ​​gardening.

To get started, answer the following series of questions:

  • Is the land being leased or bought? - of course, you can grow in your summer cottage, but serious gardening requires at least a few hectares of land. The land can be rented for 20-30 years. Rent of 1 hectare for 1 year from 1.5 to 3.5 thousand rubles.
  • Does the climate allow all crops to be grown? - certain fruits require a suitable climate.
  • Are you buying or renting equipment? - it is enough to rent equipment for planting works, but you can buy equipment for garden maintenance.
  • Who is needed from the workers? - we will analyze this issue in detail below in the business plan.
  • Who will manage the case? - if we are talking about a garden of several tens of hectares, there are workers, their own equipment, then you can hire a manager.
  • What about the competition, where to sell products? - as a rule, competition does not greatly affect the business. There are no problems with fruit sales.

Answers will help in organizing your business. Most of the above issues are discussed in detail below in the text. Also evaluate the merits of the case, disadvantages and risks.

  • High demand for fruit.
  • The cultivation technology is not complicated.
  • Crops bear fruit for 15-30 years.
  • The breeders have developed frost-resistant varieties.

  • The first harvests will have to wait at least 3 years.

Business in the country is not only real, but also profitable. The main advantage is that there is no need to pay rent for the premises. Even in a small private dacha, you can open a profitable business. The main thing is to consider in advance all the options for selling the goods and the possible risks.

Site availability as the main plus in business

Business in a summer cottage for experienced and novice businessmen has a significant advantage. When starting his own business, an entrepreneur does not need to invest in building or renting premises. It should be borne in mind that a considerable amount of money is spent on this.

If you have your own suburban area, you will need to invest in the budget only the costs of its maintenance.

Profitable ideas

When deciding how to make money in the country, you should take a responsible approach to the selection of a startup. Not all ideas are suitable for implementation at their summer cottage. Some of them will be unprofitable and are best considered only if there is real estate in the city.

Growing worms

One of the business ideas in the country is worm breeding. Breeding of worms in demand:

  • Rainy. They adapt to almost any climatic conditions. This means that investments will be profitable and it will be possible to increase them without much difficulty.
  • Flour. These representatives multiply extremely quickly, which is a significant advantage. They are resistant to significant temperature changes.
  • Red. Breeding such representatives requires experience. The view is quite capricious.
  • Prospectors. They quickly process food and tolerate temperatures up to +25 degrees. The look is sturdy and picky.
  • Dendrobenov. Individuals are large and fleshy. It is not difficult to make money on them, since the representatives perfectly tolerate even subzero temperatures.

You can buy worms for further reproduction at a specialized farm. For a start, 2-3 thousand individuals will be enough.

Play area for children

Residents of villages, small towns and settlements may well create their own business only by using the available land.

The long-awaited financial independence is guaranteed by growing as a business, guaranteeing a return on investment over different periods.

Planting trees

It is suitable for those who agree to wait several years until the trees begin to bear fruit, while doing other types of earnings until then.

At the initial stage, you will have to:

  • cultivate the land;
  • buy seedlings;
  • plant;
  • fertilize the soil;
  • water the trees.

All this will have to spend about $ 1000, since it is preferable to purchase varietal young animals, refusing wild nuts.

But after receiving the first harvest, the business owner can fully concentrate on the garden - a constant harvest is guaranteed for 30 years.

Provided that prices for 1 kg of fruit range from 3 to 5 dollars, the net profit per hectare will be 6-7 thousand dollars.

Nuts belong to frost-resistant plant species, the storage conditions of the fruits of which are very simple, and kernels and internal partitions are actively purchased by both individuals and confectionery factories and pharmaceutical companies.

Using greenhouses

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