Village Small Business Ideas

In this article, we will tell you about the best business ideas in rural areas (TOP 10), including those with minimal investment.

Alas, many do not know what to do in the village, and which business is easiest to open from scratch in the village, while the village has been actively developing in recent years and is becoming more attractive and promising for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Repair service for electronics and household appliances

Almost every person has a mobile phone, many families have a computer and various household appliances, and when this equipment fails, it is necessary to take it for repairs to the nearest city, which is not always convenient, especially if not personal car.

Therefore, the opening of a service for the repair of small electronics and household appliances is one of the most relevant business options today in villages with several thousand residents (in small villages and villages this business will not be profitable - the equipment does not fail everyday).

To start this business in the village, an investment of about 30 thousand rubles is needed, provided that in the most difficult cases you will redirect equipment for repairs to the city, and the net profit will be about 45-60 thousand rubles per month.

Rural tourism

In the past few years, rural tourism has gained immense popularity all over the world, including Russia.

The essence of such tourism boils down to the following: residents of big cities come to a beautiful quiet place to spend time in the fresh air, to take a break from the hustle and bustle. You can organize accommodation and a table for tourists in your own house (if the area allows), or you can build several prefabricated guest houses on the site.

Providing guests with minimal comfort, they need to offer entertainment, for example, horseback riding, walks in the vicinity, a bathhouse, if there is a reservoir nearby, then boating and fishing, in winter - sledding and much other.

To open such a business in a village, you need about 150-200 thousand rubles, while tourism can bring substantial income - the profit will be about 2.5 thousand rubles per person per day, and with a wide range of entertainment and increased comfort, it increases to 6-7 thousand rubles per person.

Small business in the countryside is a fairly promising area of ​​activity that helps to revive small settlements.

You don't have to start a business in a big metropolis to be successful.

We bring to your attention several worthy options for business ideas of 2021 with minimal investment in rural areas, which can be implemented in any, even the most distant settlement.


The most common business idea in rural areas is farming, and in particular, animal husbandry. The market is constantly in need of regular supplies of fresh meat, milk and eggs. Such goods are purchased by small and large wholesale trading networks, wholesale depots and processing enterprises. The prospects here are quite attractive, but many business ideas with minimal investment are unlikely to be implemented.

To breed cattle, ostriches or geese, you will need a large start-up capital, at least 500 thousand rubles. Therefore, if you are looking for business ideas 2021 with minimal investment in rural areas, it is better to start your business with an apiary. This is a budgetary and, at the same time, a promising project. To start beekeeping, you will need about 100 thousand rubles.

Such activity brings about 500 thousand rubles of net profit per season. Finished products are bought in bulk by confectionery enterprises, companies that produce cosmetics and resellers. To get as much profit as possible, look for new sales markets and gradually develop your business.

Breeding crayfish

This business idea of ​​2021 in a village with minimal investment will not take a lot of your time and effort. In addition, such a specific product as crayfish is always in great demand. This segment of the market is almost free, so you can easily take your place here. Despite the fact that crayfish are quite expensive, it is not profitable to do such a business on a large scale, since it is impossible to sell a large batch of such products.

Crayfish can be grown both in a natural reservoir and in a pool or aquarium. The most important thing is to create conditions at the bottom of the reservoir that are as close as possible to natural ones. You also need to install a water purification system, since small crustaceans can die during manual cleaning.

Often, agricultural entrepreneurship requires colossal material and energy investments. But nevertheless, this is a highly profitable direction, i.e. farm products are always relevant and in demand. If you think that your desire and hard work is enough to organize a successful business in the agro-industrial industry, then this collection is for you.

About business: Organization costs - 120,000 rubles. Monthly expenses - 15,000 rubles. Monthly profit - 60,000 rubles.

About business: Organization costs - 1,960,000 rubles. Annual expenses - 200,000 rubles. Annual profit - RUB 900,000.

About business: Organization costs - 100,000 rubles. Monthly expenses - 5,000 rubles. Monthly profit - 30,000 rubles.

About business: Organization costs - 30,000 rubles. Seasonal expenses - 13,000 rubles. Profit per season - 60,000 rubles.

About business: Organization costs - 80,000 rubles. Monthly expenses - 7,000 rubles. Monthly profit - 40,000 rubles.

About business: Organization costs - 180,000 rubles. Monthly expenses - 30,000 rubles. Profit from 1 skin - from 1500 rubles.

About business: Organization costs - 100,000 rubles. Monthly expenses - 5,000 rubles. Monthly profit - 30,000 rubles.

Organization costs - 15,000 rubles. Monthly expenses - 5,000 rubles. Monthly profit - 10,000 rubles.

Organization costs - 20,000 rubles. Monthly expenses - 3,000 rubles. Monthly profit - 5,000 rubles.

About business: Organization costs - 100,000 rubles. Monthly expenses - 5,000 rubles. Monthly profit - 30,000 rubles.

Breeding and selling crayfish

About business: Organization costs - 200,000 rubles. Annual expenses - 50,000 rubles. Annual profit - 450,000 rubles.

Almost half of the inhabitants of the planet Earth live in rural areas. As soon as a village is not called - a village, a hacienda, a village, a ranch. Life in the village is sedate and measured, it cannot be compared with the bustle of the city. And for the most part, the rural population works in agriculture. Let's look at what interesting business ideas exist for rural areas with small investments in addition to those familiar to every villager.

Growing crayfish is a promising and low-cost business idea for the countryside!

Those who have not tried cancer meat have lost a lot. You want to feel its delicate and unique taste over and over again. However, this gastronomic pleasure is not cheap: a kilo of such a product will cost a Russian six to seven hundred rubles. And although crayfish meat is a very popular delicacy, there are still no large crayfish farms in Russia. Now, for the most part, China, Turkey, Spain are engaged in the supply of this meat to our country. This type of business is not very expensive, but the payback does not come immediately. It will take about a year for the crayfish to grow up. But considering the rather high selling price, little competition in this industry and small start-up investments, then this business idea for the countryside is very interesting and attracts many entrepreneurs.

Where to start breeding crayfish?

The first thing you need to decide on is how to breed these delicious arthropods? There are several options - an aquarium, an artificial pond or a natural reservoir.

The aquarium is the most expensive way, but it certainly has its advantages. In a small aquarium of 250 liters, crayfish feel quite comfortable, they grow quickly, and feed, in turn, is spent much less. You can control the water temperature even in winter. In this case, cancers do not have to go into hibernation, while their metabolism does not slow down. The result is three months faster growth than their normal growth in the natural environment. As for the aquarium itself, it bears little resemblance to the fish aquarium we are used to. The feature is the wide bottom. The walls should be no more than one meter high, made of glass or strong plastic.

The last of the proposed options is the cultivation of crayfish in natural conditions. If there is a pond in your area, then you can use this gift of nature for your own business. This method is by far the cheapest. You don't need to buy an aquarium, and you don't need to dig and equip a hole. However, there are also disadvantages in such breeding. Cancers do not like dirty water and do not live where the bottom is covered with silt. You need to find a reservoir with clean water and a sandy bottom. The second big problem can be the protection of livestock. You will not be able to monitor your farm around the clock, which means there is a risk of theft. Many people will want not only to feast on your pets, but also to earn extra money from them. Therefore, you will need to take care of the protection. Another negative point is the inability to control the growth of the livestock. Some of the crayfish will die, some of the fry will be eaten by adults. And, of course, animals will grow in such conditions much slower than in artificial ones.

Choosing pets to grow!

After you have decided on the means of production, it is worth thinking directly about the livestock. There are several types of crayfish that can be grown in certain conditions. For example, the Australian crayfish is very finicky to care for, but of all species, it is the most meaty. It is best to keep it in an aquarium. You can feed greens, compound feed, snails, fish food, vegetables, worms.

Kuban and marble crayfish are subspecies of arthropods that are unpretentious in food, but very whimsical to the temperature regime. If you are going to breed them in an artificial pond, you need to make sure that the water temperature does not exceed + 26˚С.

Livestock can be purchased at the fish farm where they are raised. There you can also find out information about breeding, some points of care. It must be remembered that it is better to start in the middle of spring, when the days become warm enough.

  • Market analysis and selection of a suitable idea.
  • Collecting the necessary documentation for the registration of activities.
  • Business promotion.

Advantages and disadvantages of a rural business

Many of those who have already opened their own business in rural areas will be able to confirm that business in this market can be quite profitable.

And it is worth highlighting the following advantages of "rural business":

But speaking about your own business in the countryside, it is worth mentioning some disadvantages. And the main one - in a small settlement you will never build a truly profitable business that brings millions of dollars in income - not the scale. In addition, it is very difficult here to find those mini business ideas that will be profitable, because this niche is often characterized by low purchasing power.

Promising business ideas for rural business

Choosing what kind of business to do in rural areas should be done with great care, since not every idea will "take root" here, given the specifics of the niche itself and the small number of the population.

So what kind of business can you open in rural areas that is profitable and brings consistently high income?

And the main rule that should be taken into account when choosing what kind of business you can do in the countryside is the specifics of a particular settlement (population size, distance from large cities, purchasing power). And if up to this point the entrepreneur has never been involved in organizing his own business and promoting it on the market, then it would be better to choose business ideas for beginners that do not require special knowledge and skills. Otherwise, it is possible, without having worked even for several months, to burn out and lose the investment.

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