Various machines for home business and their location in a small area


Have you decided to open your own manufacturing business? But there is no money for this, do not be discouraged, there is always a way out. Try starting with a small business that requires little investment. The most important thing is the choice of the niche in which you are very well versed and the purchase of the necessary equipment for the business. Nowadays, there are many different home business machines. In this article, we will look at just a few of them. So, let's start.

Machine for making reinforced concrete rings

Another advantage of this machine is that during the production of rings in the hot season, they do not need to be wetted all the time. Thanks to this, the finished product from reinforced concrete has a very low cost, and therefore you can make good money on such a machine for a business.

Often, such a machine also comes with special forms intended for the manufacture of well ceilings. And one more very important point: in one shift, you can make a lot of reinforced concrete products on such a machine, the main thing is that the consumables do not run out. Therefore, it is always necessary to purchase it with interest.

Paper Bag Making Machine

Today there are many different machines designed specifically for making bags at home. To work on this machine, you do not need many workers, two are enough. The machine itself is small, which is why it can be placed anywhere: in a small shed or in a garage.

Finished products can be sold on the market at your point, or in stores, for example, in construction shops for cement, sand, peat, and so on.

As for consumables, this is mostly plain paper, but laminated paper can also be used. it depends on what the client specifically needs.

Nail Making Machine

Small business is good because it does not require huge financial investments. And until you start receiving a stable income from your entrepreneurial activity, it is quite possible to combine it with your main job.

And the potential of a businessman can be realized in almost any area. Machine tools for small businesses are quite democratic and pay for themselves very quickly.

First Steps

Of course, buying machines and equipment for small businesses will not be difficult. But any business, even the smallest, requires a competent analysis.

Therefore, before spending money, you need to draw up a clear plan of action:

  • Analyze the area where you live. For example, in a one-room apartment located in the city center, it is very difficult to install a woodworking machine. But for the countryside, this is a very profitable idea.
  • Understand how much you can spend on production needs. Some 500 rubles will be enough for a successful start. But another person, having 70 thousand in stock, has no idea how to get involved in them.
  • Know clearly that you have decided to do something that is within your power. For example, many women will find it very difficult to organize the production of bricks. Although it is possible.

After realistically assessing your capabilities and choosing the right direction, you will quickly start making a profit.

Business with the lowest investment

Even without starting capital, you can start earning. Of course, we are not talking about a serious enterprise, but it will be enough for bread and butter.

There are a lot of mini business options:

  • Manufacture and sale of handmade soap.
  • Knitting or sewing to order.
  • Making birthday cakes.

Machine types and their purpose

So, let's first figure out what are the most common types:

  • CNC machines. All the others can be attributed to this point, since now CNC is used in almost all areas of production. We will talk about them in more detail later.
  • 3D printer.
  • Metal processing.
  • Processing wood.
  • Engraving.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. We will not have enough time to describe all the types and subspecies, since some units are intended only for a narrow purpose. So let's just touch on the topic that caused you to start reading this article - mini machines for business.

Best options

If you do not have a special room, or it is a small garage, then your choice will fall on miniature options. They are quiet, affordable and designed for small footprint.

CNC machines.

The engraving machine is used for engraving (and images) on various materials such as stone, metal, glass, ceramics. There are three types of engraving machines:

  • Laser.
  • Laser shock
  • Impact engraving.

Another candidate related to business equipment from China. If you are a creative person with a lot of ideas, then this option is clearly for you! A 3D printer is mainly used to create souvenirs, figurines and other plastic things. You draw up a 3D model in a special program (or use a ready-made one), and the printer will accurately print a copy of it using it. The consumable material of the unit is special plastic, which you will have to order as needed. There are two types:

  • PLA - made from oil production waste.
  • ABS - made from plant materials. This type is preferred much more often. Few people want to deal with oil waste, especially when it comes to toys for a child.

Garage Equipment

The units, which we will talk about below, have larger dimensions than mini machines for home production. Here it is already more and more serious both in terms of machines, and in terms of their prices and dimensions.

Garage business machines - business or hobby?

As you know, starting a business sometimes requires a lot of investment. It takes a lot of thought, for example, renting premises, working conditions for employees, delivery of complex technical equipment ... Such difficulties on the path of a novice entrepreneur often lead to the fact that the business, not having time to bear the first fruits, fails, and yesterday's businessman remains at a broken trough ...

However, you can start your business with small production, especially since now there is an excellent opportunity to open a business, as they say, "in the garage". Today, many different machines and machines are available for delivery from China, which do not require large material investments, are relatively easy to use and help to produce a wide variety of goods and in decent quantities. In this article, we'll take a look at the most popular small business machine tools that can literally be placed in your garage or even at home, and that will help you succeed as a manufacturer of various products. Let's start with those machines that require the least material costs.

Plate bending and rolling machines

These machines from China are quite versatile. Ventilation systems, corrugated sheets, gypsum board profiles, metal siding, etc. - all this can be produced using sheet bending and rolling machines. There are manual machines, and they can be purchased at a lower cost than semi-automatic ones.

Approximate cost: from 50 thousand rubles and more

Wood splitters and charcoal kilns

We advise you to take a closer look at Chinese looms of this kind, especially if you live in areas actively visited by tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. The close location of tourist centers, children's camps, country hotels or even just a private sector can play into your hands. In such places, firewood is often used, as well as coals, for lighting fires, heating, cooking on the grill, which will provide you with regular customers and a good income from production. Wood splitting machines can process up to 5 cubes of wood in one hour

Charcoal kilns for the preparation of coal can serve as an addition to the wood harvesting machines. There is always a great demand for charcoal in the warm season among cafes, restaurants and barbecue.

Approximate cost: from 70 thousand rubles for a wood splitter and from 100 thousand rubles for a charcoal kiln

Greenhouse assembly equipment

This article focuses on machines for business in the garage.

There are actually a lot of interesting manufacturing and processing machines. Unfortunately, most of them are from foreign manufacturers. Due to the dollar exchange rate, delivery and customs clearance costs, the cost of such machines is estimated at millions of rubles. Such large sums go against the very concept of building a small business in a garage. That is why the to-biz. u made a selection of compact equipment for its own production in the garage, with a cost of no more than half a million rubles.

At the end of the article, we also posted the price list we have collected, with approximate prices and links to manufacturers and suppliers of this equipment. The main feature of these machines is that almost all of them are produced by Russian manufacturers and therefore are relatively affordable.

Where to start?

At the very start, of course, you need to think about sales. If this is not done, then you can remain in the minuses, with the purchased equipment and unsold products on hand.

One of the most effective and universal methods of checking the demand for a product is Internet bulletin boards. You post ads for different categories of goods and receive calls.

The number of incoming calls and communication with potential buyers will allow you to test the demand and determine the most popular products.

And don't be stopped by the lack of goods at this stage, just say that the goods are out of stock and that you will call back as soon as they appear.

Next, let's talk about equipment for home production, with an indication of the approximate cost, for your orientation. If you wish, you can always find used equipment that will cost significantly less.

Top machines for business in the garage:

Machine tools for the production of mesh netting

It is possible to make a mesh netting in the garage using compact machines with a capacity of hundreds of running meters per shift. The machines are manual, semi-automatic and automatic. The most expensive are the latter - an approximate cost of 250,000 rubles.

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