TOP-30 types of business for a small town

Good day to all! Here is one more question about creating my own business I was asked. Yuri writes from a small town in the Urals. Here is an excerpt from the letter:

“- Eugene, hello. I live in a small town, worked for a long time in a commercial structure, tired of endless nagging, planning meetings, unreasonable deduction and reduction of salaries. I think - that I, myself will not feed myself, or what?

I started looking for information, came across your site. I see that you are good at collecting information on certain issues, what can you advise in terms of your own business, not in a metropolis?

It is clear that in Moscow and St. Petersburg there are much more opportunities and people, and we will have our own specifics here. Thank you! "

Well, Yuri, the place of residence imposes its own requirements, I agree with you. So, as usual, I went to the Internet, looked through more than 30 different sites, probably, chose the most important and interesting, structured, designed, and is glad to present to your attention.

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In a megalopolis (or just a large city with a population of one million) it is much easier to find a niche for your own business. There are more citizens and legal entities, which means more needs. And what kind of business to do in a small town, since finding business ideas for a small town is much more difficult?

A couple of hairdressers, several cafes and a single beauty salon are usually enough for the entire population. In a small town, ideas are valued higher, and even a small but stable income speaks of the entrepreneurial spirit of the owner. We conducted a study to determine the most profitable business today in a small town.

We publish a kind of rating, which is profitable and promising, based on statistical data and surveys of our users.

Garage Production Ideas: European Business Examples

  • 1 Pros and cons of doing business in a small town
  • 2 What kind of business will be the most profitable in a small town
  • 3 What not to do in small town business
  • 4 Business that is popular in small towns
  • 5 Business ideas for providing services in a small town
  • 6 Business idea for opening a dry cleaning in a small town city ​​
  • 7 Business ideas of your own business in a small town on beauty
  • 8 Additional business in small towns
  • 9 Step-by-step plan for starting a business in a small town
  • 10 How much you can earn on activities
  • 11 How much money is needed to start
  • 12 How to choose equipment for a business in a small town
  • 13 What OKVED is necessary specify when registering
  • 14 What documents are needed to open a business
  • 15 Which taxation system to choose for a business
  • 16 Do I need permission to start a business
  • 17 Technology of starting a business in a small town
  • 18 Small town business newbie

Are you tired of the monotonous, everyday life? Then it's time to take matters into your own hands and finally become an independent, wealthy businessman. Control your own destiny and defend exclusively your interests. With the help of a business, you can make all your dreams come true.

But before starting a business, you must firmly decide what kind of field of activity it will be.

The definition of the case must be chosen at the expense of one's own sympathy and profitability.

We would like to give you some recommendations and advice on what is the best way to use a business idea when starting your own business and how to arrange everything correctly at the initial stages.

The pros and cons of doing business in a small town

  • First of all, you must understand that the peculiarity of a small town is that there are not so many people here. But to start your own business, you will need much less money than in a metropolis.
  • The next problem you may face is the lack of professional workers. But at the same time, you can recruit inexperienced employees and train them in the business exactly as you need it. Try to choose a type of activity where there is the least competition, and thus you can be a monopolist.
  • A huge plus of a business in a small town is a fairly cheap rental of premises. You can build a profitable business without spending huge rental costs. This means that all the difference will fall into your pocket.
  • Remember that it is not always possible to copy a business from an entrepreneur. In order to get success and your clientele, you need the main trump card of the business - uniqueness.
  • If you are opening a business in a small town, then the most successful advertisement will be the provision of quality services. In such cities, people know each other and communicate a lot, and the fame of your institution, for example, spreads quickly. But the main thing is that it would be a positive glory, not negative.

What type of business will be the most profitable in a small town

Always remember the factor that your field of activity is not in a big, but in a small city. It is always necessary to start from this.

You know in advance that the number of your clients will be limited in some way. Therefore, you can safely start your business on the Internet. All you need is to register your company and recruit several employees.

If you want to open some more significant business, then, first of all, think about what you lack in this city.

Is there a sufficient number of companies in this specialization. And for which there is a huge demand, but there is practically no supply.

World practice proves that many large companies were born from a small business organized in a garage. Profitable business ideas from Europe will help you determine the field of activity.

  • low level of competition;
  • it is easier to identify the needs of the population;
  • low cost of renting premises.

Small Town Business Options

The smaller the town, the more mundane its needs are. According to Abraham Maslow, first of all, all people are concerned with the satisfaction of their physiological needs, then with the needs for security, and only after they pay attention to spiritual needs. This means that people will always be born, die, eat, take care of their health and the future for their own children.

Public catering

Medical institution

When opening your own clinic, you need to pay special attention to the quality of the services provided: it is this factor that can lure people from a free public hospital to a paid private clinic. Most of the costs in this business are spent on equipment, so it is worth considering buying used, but serviceable equipment.


Opening a hairdressing salon in a small town is always a success if clients can get maximum services for a minimum of money. Professional cosmetics, sharp tools, knowledge of trends and the ability to reproduce them is a small recipe for a successful business.


Language courses for children and adolescents, hairdressing and manicure courses for women, computer courses for men will become relevant. This business makes it possible to plan your own day, not to depend on the authorities and to get satisfaction from the success of your students.

Good and profitable business in a small town

Small towns very often face the problem of pollution of residential areas, lack of a well-coordinated system of garbage collection. Garbage collection and differentiation will help residents to solve cleaning issues, and a businessman - to deal with recycling or resale of garbage. For example, glass and plastic bottles are purchased by many factories and industries. Another socially significant activity will be the opening of an educational institution for children and adolescents, for example, a sports school. It will take young people, will give the younger generation the opportunity to use their time and set life priorities correctly.

New business ideas in Europe

Everyone knows that work "for the owner" does not bring moral satisfaction and, as a rule, does not please with a high salary. It's much nicer to have your own business. But, many believe that entrepreneurial activity will please with a decent income only in large metropolitan areas. Ideas for a profitable business in a small town will help you make sure that with the right approach you can make good money in any locality.

Children's room

The essence of this idea of ​​a profitable business in a small town is to organize a playroom for children. In small towns, there are often problems with children's leisure. Parents want to please their little ones, but they do not have such an opportunity, since the infrastructure of entertainment centers is poorly developed in such settlements. If you are wondering what kind of business is profitable to do in a small town, pay attention to this promising and quite profitable business.

In order not to suffer from a shortage of clients, look for a room in a passageway. It is desirable that it be in the center. For these purposes, a room in a cinema, supermarket or shopping center is perfect.

The main advantage of this business is that you do not have to apply for a license, since you do not carry out educational activities. Thanks to this, such a profitable business in a small town can be opened with minimal costs. You will need only 250-300 thousand rubles for renting premises, purchasing equipment and repairs.

If you open a playroom for children in a walk-through area, the net monthly profit will be 50-80 thousand rubles. It should be noted that all play equipment must fully comply with established standards and safety requirements. All employees must have medical records. It is best to hire students of a pedagogical university. If you want to increase your income, host various festive events, contests or competitions in the game room.

Call Master

Want to know which business is the most profitable in a small town? Recently, the demand for the services of a master on call has begun to grow. The help of specialists is invaluable for many modern people. If you organize the work of a service company correctly, it will bring you decent money. In addition to paying for repairs, you also need to take a certain amount for the call, because some services can cost as little as 100-150 rubles, so they barely cover the travel expenses. As a rule, such service companies charge about 200 rubles for a call.

Most common services:

To do this, you need a tool:

  • A set of screwdrivers with pliers and open-end wrenches - 4 thousand rubles;
  • Electric drill with drills - 3 thousand rubles;
  • Bulgarian - 2 thousand rubles;
  • Consumables - 500 rubles.

Needless to say, life in a metropolis is markedly different from that in the provinces. In a big city, there are many opportunities for career growth and business development. In addition, residents of the capital sometimes do not need to think about how and what type of entrepreneurial activity to do. Why? Because you can almost always, if you have, of course, education and appropriate skills, to find an excellent job with decent pay both in private and government agencies. Unfortunately, the Russian province is unable to provide its residents with such opportunities. Small salaries, a limited number of jobs, competition - all this leads to the fact that many of its inhabitants are sometimes forced to think about what kind of business can be opened in a small town. And nothing can be done about it. Regardless of where a person lives, in the capital or in a small urban village, he needs money, which, as you know, today is the guarantee of everything. It is necessary to maintain health, organize comfortable living conditions, and satisfy, even if minimal, needs. With all this, a profitable business in a small town is not so easy to open. There are many different reasons for this: a store with a hundred thousandth store in Moscow that sells food will make a profit in any case. While the same, the fifth point of sale, opened in the regional center, may well turn out to be unprofitable. Therefore, when thinking about how to start a business in a small town, you need to carefully weigh everything, think over an action plan and get acquainted with the work of competitors.

What, in fact, we want to help you. So, business in a small town. What option to prefer and what should be done in order not to fly into the pipe, as they say.

Disadvantages and advantages of doing business in the province

Yes, there are more than enough obstacles in the path of a beginner entrepreneur in a regional center or a small village. A profitable business in a small town can really be so only if it is possible to find a truly unoccupied niche. But, paradoxical as it may sound, it is easier to find it in the provinces. What is the contradiction of the statement? The point is that all business ideas that can be realized in a small town are, as a rule, hackneyed. Thinking carefully, it is quite possible to come up with something so creative that no one has ever offered the consumer.

The disadvantages include a small number of customers and their rather low purchasing power. However, depending on which side you look at. There are also provinces where the people have quite good incomes, and therefore it is much easier to open a business in a small town.

An undoubted plus of the province is the opportunity to engage in agricultural activities and their own production, because in the first case there is no need to go far behind the land, and in the second, the availability of appropriate resources plays a huge role. For example, the same forest is nearby, which is very convenient if we consider equipment of our own sawmill as an actual business in a small town. In addition, in the province there is no need to spend much on advertising - word of mouth will do an excellent job with its functions. And further. Small business in a small town is a type of entrepreneurial activity that is highly welcomed by the administration of the settlement and is encouraged in every possible way. This is accompanied by the issuance of preferential loans, tax cuts and rents for the premises or production areas used by the businessman.

The agony of choice

When deciding what kind of business you can open in a small town, the following should be considered in the selection process. The proposed activity should not require significant costs, since it will take much longer to "unwind" in the provinces than in the megalopolis. Any profitable business in a small town, from your point of view, must certainly be targeted at the target audience. Speaking specifically, as a rule, a new business needs to be opened in the most popular areas: trade, services, catering, small-scale production, agriculture and, if there are appropriate prerequisites for this in your area, tourism.

Now let's look at the most “working” business ideas. In a small town, as mentioned above, their choice, so to speak, is not so great, but it still exists. In what we will try to convince you.


Naturally, this is the first thing that comes to mind to everyone who racks their brains over solving a difficult problem on the topic: "What kind of business can be opened in a small town." Let's make a reservation right away. It is quite understandable that any large supermarket offering the consumer goods at reduced prices will be in demand. And even if there are ten of them in your city, the eleventh (say, yours) will still make a profit. But the opening of such an enterprise requires a colossal initial investment, which a novice provincial businessman does not have. And most likely it never will. But a small grocery kiosk selling essential goods, cigarettes, beer, etc., will certainly be profitable. Even if it is located in the wilderness or on the outskirts. In addition, you do not need to discount such a type of activity as off-site trade. This, believe me, is an extremely profitable business in a small town. Residents of the surrounding villages will look forward to the arrival of your car shop, since today not every small settlement has its own shop.


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