TOP 7 interesting business ideas from Europe that will help you get rich in Russia

If you decide to start your business abroad, it is best to try your hand at doing business in Europe. Is it possible to implement business ideas there that are not available in Russia? We'll take a closer look at this issue.

The first rule to remember when starting your own business in Europe is an individual approach to business in each individual country. If we compare two absolutely identical startups in the CIS countries and Europe or the USA, we will see that the result will be completely different. The differences are cultural. Therefore, you should not blindly follow the example of overseas businessmen and copy their development model. Although, studying the experience of small business development in European countries, you can get interesting ideas for opening your own.

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New business ideas in Europe

Let's look at some interesting ideas that you can start your own business with.

The invention of the pizza cup

It would seem that you can think of something new in fast food? There are already hundreds of dishes that allow everyone to have a quick and inexpensive snack for everyone, from schoolchildren to businessmen. But this idea became a real sensation. The seller prepares a pizza in a matter of minutes, adding many toppings there. You can eat this pizza on the go without being afraid to crumple. It's much more convenient than a flatbread. This dish can be sold as a semi-finished product. In this case, it is necessary to establish production and negotiate with suppliers and sellers (supermarkets). Alternatively, you can sell such pizza if you have your own kiosk or small cafe.

Medical inventions for self-diagnosis

Firms selling these inventions are now making huge profits. Now you don't have to waste time not only on measuring body temperature and blood pressure. A special device can even measure the presence of bad breath. Self-diagnosis devices will serve faithfully at home, in the office, on the road and on a business trip.

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Russian entrepreneurs cannot be called creative businessmen who regularly offer any innovative products and solutions. But in recent years, more and more domestic consumers have shown interest in various new products.

Modern business in our country has the following features:

  • Narrow specializations are in sufficient demand;
  • Investments in start-ups are gradually gaining momentum, although venture specialization is still underdeveloped;
  • Small business it is easier to “settle down” in Russia than for a large organization (this gives the possibility of significant savings on business expansion);
  • A business that matches the demand in a particular region brings great profits, since it allows improving the local infrastructure.
European business ideas are attracting more and more interest in our country. Why? The reason lies in the progressiveness and current congestion of the domestic market. Striving to get rich, Russian businessmen are beginning to think more creatively and broader.

Benefits of business ideas coming from European countries to Russia:

  • High quality;
  • Absence of unreasonable markups and profitability at the cost of the organization, due to the minimum number or complete absence of intermediaries.
Let's consider a list of potentially profitable business solutions that have not yet been implemented in our country.

Actual business from Europe

Fluids that repel water

Cylinders with ultra ever dry are popular not only among workers in various fields, but also among caring parents with children.

Non-traditional design and engineering

In our time in the Russian Federation, this business segment remains free. On the other hand, Russians are showing interest in him. After all, the demand for country cottages is constantly growing, and literally any homeowner wants his home to stand out from other buildings. however, do not limit your business only to the development of projects for country cottages. You can offer potential customers non-standard engineering solutions for the arrangement of gardens, offices, etc.

The fashion for small business is growing in Russia. Most business ideas are being introduced from abroad - from Europe and the USA.

How to choose the right idea, implement it, will it work in the Russian Federation and in the near abroad at all, and what mistakes beginner entrepreneurs make - read our article.

Why are some overseas business ideas different from domestic ones

The principles of organizing and conducting business differ from country to country. This is due to different economic development models, cultural differences and mental characteristics of the population.

These factors determine whether this or that product or service will be popular - how much it will be in demand among the local population.

For example, fast food is the most in demand in the United States. This is due to a number of reasons. First of all - the pace of life and culture of the population. Americans are a nation of entrepreneurs.

They constantly go about their business - business, study, sports, etc. Therefore, they do not always have time to cook at home or wait until they prepare an order in a restaurant. Everything is much faster in fast food, hence such a high popularity.

Western Europe has a high percentage of the population who eat only in cafes and restaurants. For example, in Holland it is cheaper to go to a restaurant than to buy groceries and cook food at home, so the restaurant business is well developed in this country.

Russia also has its own peculiarities that must be taken into account. The entrepreneur must adapt his business idea to the needs of the local population.

Can they take root here

Most of the business ideas in Russia and other post-Soviet republics came from abroad and began to be actively implemented in the 1990s - after the collapse of the USSR.

For a quarter of a century, fast foods, coffee shops, supermarkets, shopping centers, credit organizations, delivery services, etc. have appeared in the Russian Federation. All this came from Europe and the United States, transforming to meet the needs of the local market.

This trend does not lose its relevance - foreign ideas are still being actively implemented. Some are successful, some are not very successful, but most of the business projects are not new - they come from abroad.

The implementation of a business project that has no analogues in Russia allows an entrepreneur to create a new market segment in which there are no competitors. However, not many people manage to come up with a new business on their own. It is this factor that makes resourceful entrepreneurs pay attention to the European market. It is important to note that not all ideas popular in foreign countries can be implemented on the domestic market. However, there are certain types of businesses that are in high demand among the consumer mass. In this article, we propose to consider the novelties in business in Europe, which can be implemented in Russia.

How to find new business ideas from Europe

In order to find out the most popular foreign business areas, it is not at all necessary to independently go to European countries. To do this, it is enough to make useful contacts abroad, which will help you explore the European market. Typically, many entrepreneurs often communicate with expats who have been living in Europe for many years. It is from them that you can learn about goods and products that are popular overseas.

You can find a new business in Europe that does not exist in Russia using foreign Internet resources created specifically for entrepreneurs. This method is suitable for those people who speak foreign languages. The main advantage of this method is the relevance of the information received. By the time the article published on a foreign resource is translated into Russian, the chosen business plan may already be implemented by more entrepreneurial businessmen.

It is important to note that many business experts do not recommend that entrepreneurs limit themselves to finding suitable ideas in European countries.

Many ideas suitable for the Western market may have low demand in Russia. That is why the chosen project must be thoroughly tested before the implementation stage. It is also important to understand that the proposed product must meet all the requirements of a wide audience. This means that when choosing a business project, you cannot rely on your own preferences. It is best to choose those ideas that will be in demand among a large number of citizens of our country.

New items in European business

Small business in Europe is one of the main sources that is used to develop the economy. Many entrepreneurs create huge corporations by starting their businesses in a small garage. The development of small business in European countries is facilitated by tax incentives and strict laws that protect the interests of businessmen. According to experts, foreign entrepreneurs receive immeasurable support from the state in the form of free information services and consultations.

The conditions on the domestic market are completely different. Many experts note the absence of many regulations governing important legal issues. It is this factor that becomes the reason that domestic entrepreneurship is developing extremely slowly.

According to statistics, the top popularity of European business ideas is as follows:

Let's take a look at some of the most interesting European business ideas that have surfaced this year. The first of the ideas is a project related to the creation of virtual glasses that allow you to experience all the delights of visiting sports competitions. With the help of special devices, a person wearing these glasses feels the full realism of what is happening. It is important to note that this technology allows the user to experience all the delights of the game from anywhere in the stadium.

Box rental is another promising idea. This business is quite in demand as most European and American citizens live in rented apartments and move frequently. A rental box company can also collect and transport all of a person's belongings to a new address.

Material on the topic: "Business ideas from Europe" with full explanation and justification.

Business in Europe which is not in Russia

If you want to start your own business, but do not want to face competition, then choose such areas that are not yet involved in Russia. Practice shows that there are a lot of them. In this article, we will analyze interesting business ideas from Europe that can be fully implemented in Russia with the right approach.

There are classic laundries in Russia: the client brings his things, hands them over and picks them up after a certain time. But in many European countries there are self-service laundries where people can do their own laundry. All they need is to rent a washing machine for a certain time, load it with powder and conditioner, and take the semi-dry laundry home in an hour and a half. This kind of business is successful both in big cities and in small towns. A large number of the population do not have modern washing machines for one reason or another: some live in rented apartments, others come on business trips, others cannot accommodate it in the house due to lack of space, some do not have enough money to buy, and the fifth are students living in hostels.

There are several similar laundries in Russia, and practice shows that they are popular. At the same time, one client brings in a little money, but a good turnover is achieved due to the fact that clients come in a constant flow. In addition, special investments are not needed for this: you just need to rent a building or a basement, place several washing machines and dryers in it, buy wholesale household chemicals and advertise. It is better to buy semi-professional or professional cars, rather than household ones, since they have more resource. To get started, five machines, three dryers and three ironing boards and irons are enough for you. Separately, you can buy tools for quickly folding T-shirts and one steam iron, which is designed to work with delicate items.

Let's calculate the total amount of expenses and income. You will spend 20 thousand rubles a month on renting a space of 20-30 m2. Every day about 50 people come to the laundry (10 people per car), the average check is 100 rubles. In total, you will receive 5,000 rubles per day, 150 thousand per month, if the institution works seven days a week. Utilities costs will amount to about 5 thousand rubles, another 10-15 thousand will have to be spent on household chemicals. The salary of an employee who will keep order and collect money will be 20 thousand rubles. That is, the net profit per month will be about 100 thousand rubles, and the investments made will pay off in 6-9 months.

Floral Vending

If you can't surprise anyone with classic vending today, then the floral one is still unfamiliar to Russia. This direction is new in business in Europe and is popular and quickly pays off. Its principle is simple: the machine is loaded with fresh flowers and sells them to customers. The device itself maintains an optimal level of temperature and humidity, thanks to which the flowers are safely stored in it for up to 10-14 days. Let's consider the financial component of the question:

  • The cost of the vending machine is about 450 thousand rubles.
  • One device can hold 32 bouquets, the selling price of each is 600–800 rubles.
  • In a good place, the machine sells 32 bouquets per day, on average in a couple of days. The net profit per bouquet is 200-300 rubles. In total, you can get about 5-6 thousand rubles of net profit per day, or 150 thousand per month.
  • The payback period of the vending machine is 3-4 months, but it all depends on the place and the cost of the bouquets.

Phytowall creation

There are practically no analogues of this business in Russia. Fitostena is a special frame that is attached to supports and planted with various plants. Plants grow quickly and turn into a decorative wall that releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide, purifies the air from dust, moisturizes it and gives everyone a good mood. The point of business is that you will offer people and organizations the creation of such walls, as well as the subsequent care of them.

There is nothing difficult in creating a phytowall. If you are not well versed in gardening art, then read a few articles and watch a video on how to properly care for walls, which plants to choose and why. The wall itself is a plastic or metal frame with special containers for planting plants. To power the system, autowatering is used, which is either connected to the water supply system, or takes water from the containers. At the same time, the cost of such a design is very serious. So, a well-chosen phytowall in an already expanded form measuring 3 by 2 meters can cost about 4-5 thousand dollars. On average, one square meter costs $ 500-600, and usually the frame is ordered for the entire wall, that is, the minimum area is 10 m2.

Phytowalls are good because you will receive money not only for their creation, but also for subsequent maintenance. It usually costs 5% of the system cost per month. That is, if you sold a wall for $ 10,000, you will be servicing it for $ 500 every month.

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