TOP 4 interesting and fresh ideas for small business from scratch

Business with minimal costs: 3 categories of costs + 5 tips for beginners + 5 specific business ideas with a detailed description + bonus: 4 factors that will save the business from failure.

Guess what is the most popular reason for those who would like to start their own business, but everyone puts it off until later?

This is not only a common excuse, but also a delusion.

After all, there are a wide variety of business ideas with minimal costs, which can be implemented with minimal start-up capital.

Which ones can you implement, and what do you need to get started instead of money?

Ideas for a business with minimal costs: Do you still need money?

An attentive reader should have noticed that the article deals specifically with the minimum costs, and not their complete absence.

The point is that it is impossible not to spend anything at all on an entrepreneurial business.

At a minimum, you will have three business cost categories:

If you left your regular job to do business, you can hardly do without money.

Therefore, the profit will be spent at least on your personal spending.

When it comes to real business, and not a modest part-time job, you will have to face the need to issue certain papers in government agencies.

And this requires money. Simple registration of an individual entrepreneur will already cost you 800-1000 rubles - and this is if you do everything yourself.

Hello! Small business is the dream of every second office manager. But for 90% of such "dreamers" the idea will never be put into practice. “No start-up capital”, “no experience”, “no real business plan” ... The list of excuses is endless.

In fact, there are so many options for ideas that you can always find something for your "initial data". So, I propose another selection: small business from scratch - ideas that are relevant for 2021-2021.

TOP-popular reasons for failures of aspiring businessmen

No purpose

Doing Business is not a goal, but a process. And successful businessmen never waste time and money manufacturing, reselling, or providing services for the sake of the process itself. They “do business” only for the end result.

The goal should be specific and achievable. You need to keep it in your head constantly and move towards it in small steps.

Focus on your earnings, not clients

Businessmen who focus on the needs of customers and work on the quality of products / services come out on a project payback much more often and faster than lovers of "easy money".

Wrong allocation of finances

You can forget about working capital while promoting your business. If, at the start of a project, money is withdrawn from circulation and spent on personal needs or invested in risky assets, failure is inevitable.

Recently, the main trend of the economy is small business, which makes it possible to receive a stable and sufficiently high profit with minimal investment.

It's quite possible to create your own business. All that is needed is an interesting idea.

Three people are enough to start a business with small investments: a director who will make decisions; a secretary to answer calls and a manager who will look for clients. If the organization is approached competently, then the number of employees can be even smaller. Nowadays, when running a small business, there is no need to hire an accountant, lawyer or marketer. For this, there are specialized organizations that offer this type of service. Such an organization of work will cost much less, and the efficiency will be much higher.

Pet Wardrobe

Even for a novice entrepreneur, such ideas will become profitable and promising. The business of making clothes for cats and dogs is rapidly gaining momentum. Especially in large cities, where there are a large number of these animals. With the right organization and the right approach, these ideas can bring good income in a short time. As an example, we can use the European approach, where tailoring for animals is so developed that fashion houses for animals have been created and many famous designers are taking part in the development of models.

Business organization issues

The assortment of products must be wide enough to satisfy the needs of animal owners: fur coats, jackets, overalls, T-shirts, T-shirts, pajamas, various hats, suits, pants and blouses separately. Pay special attention to raincoats and raincoats, which are very relevant in spring and autumn.

Plant Hotel

There are live plants in almost every home. If space permits, many tend to organize mini-greenhouses at home. Fresh flowers are not only a rest for the eyes, an opportunity to relieve stress and improve mood, they often act as pets. Like dogs, cats and other pets, they also need attention, care and love. Indoor plants need constant watering, fertilization, they need to be trimmed, to monitor the state of the soil in pots. And when the owner needs to go on a business trip or vacation, then he faces a problem: who to entrust the care of flowers. You cannot leave them unattended for a long time, otherwise, upon returning from vacation, you can find fallen leaves and dried earth. It is in this situation that a plant hotel will help.

Many people who decide to start their own business cannot immediately count on a large amount to create an investment. Do not despair - a business will come to the rescue with minimal costs. Using inexpensive but profitable business ideas at minimal cost, you can build a truly profitable business of your own.

Profitable business ideas at the lowest cost - up to p

Open a tea business

Tea products are in great demand and guaranteed sales. The profitability will be up to 600% (due to the lack of competition for real tea). It will require opening an individual entrepreneur, renting premises in a well-known supermarket and purchasing popular varieties of Chinese tea at cost.

Let's calculate the expected profit:

  • 20 pu-erh tablets at the cost of 1 tablet - 40 rubles. = 4200 per day.
  • Tea te guan yin at a cost price of 200 rubles. for 100 gr. - approximately 3150 per day.
  • Da hun pao at a cost price of 300 rubles. for 100 gr. When selling 700 grams per day at a price of 550 rubles. = 1750.
  • Oolong and others can bring about 1500 per day.

Thus, the total daily income will be 7600 rubles, and the monthly income - 228,000 (excluding taxes and rent - about 200,000 rubles).

Daily sublease of apartments

Choose a 1-room apartment with a convenient location for short-term rentals (business travelers, tourists), i.e. near the railway station, exhibition center or airport. Next, resolve the issue with its owner and separately - with each of the potential tenants by drawing up an appropriate contract.

Even in the worst case, the profit will be 10,000 (i.e. 100% yield per month). 10% will be spent on advertising (posting ads, printing in popular publications).


On the Internet today there are many unique and interesting various business ideas, the number of which is growing every day. Any person who wants to open their own business in order to make good money has probably reviewed more than a dozen different Internet sites, trying to find a business idea with low costs in 2021, and the business of which will be quickly repayable and productive in the future. And here a number of questions arise: what exactly to do, which business idea to give your preference to? Often, most ideas require a large initial investment for implementation, and there are also those business ideas that are simply not needed by anyone and are not at all interesting.

That is why, when choosing a business idea for your own business, first of all, it is worth making an analysis of the area (city, village) in which you live, having carefully studied all the businesses in it, which of them are the most popular. And, based on this, begin to act. But in fact, this article will focus on something completely different. This article will discuss a few quick payback business ideas that require a small investment. Here, only the theoretical parts will be touched upon, but in order to find out how the ideas listed below will look in practice, you must at least get interested and carefully calculate everything yourself. Let's not pull rubber, but get straight to the point.


So, vending is considered to be the first fast-paying idea requiring low costs

Nowadays, every day the number of people starting to use machines with various juices, coffee is increasing, and if there is still a vending machine with chocolates, chips or a delicious croissant nearby, then surely few people will be able to themselves in this pleasure refuse? I would like to note that these machines are very easy to maintain and quickly pay back.

The second fast-paying idea that requires low costs is a mini-plant for the manufacture of various popular products.

We are talking here about our own mini-factory, located on an area of ​​about 40. At such a mini-factory, you can, for example, produce bricks of different types, facing stone, various floor coverings, fences. The payback period for such mini-factories is very fast, in about 3 months. You can find the very first customers among your friends, acquaintances, and even relatives, who will later tell others about your plant. The most important thing is that your mini-factory actually produces only high-quality products, since in our modern time, price-quality ratio is everything.

Knitting to order

Another low-cost, productive, fast-growing and profitable business is knitting to order. This type of business is ideal even for a small town with a population of 100 thousand people. With the proper organization of this business, you can earn tens of thousands or more rubles.

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