TOP 10 most profitable and profitable business ideas

If you are thinking about what kind of profitable business can open the way to a bright and secure future, you should know the following. In addition to a great desire to become successful, you will also need the right choice of niche.

Below is an overview of the TOP 10 most profitable small business areas worth creating from scratch.

What is always in demand

Many people constantly need a product that has a tendency to run out. No, the buyers themselves, of course, dream of extending the life of their purchase as long as possible.

But the perpetual motion machine has not yet been created, so it is necessary to replace the finished medicine / shampoo / product and so on and buy a new one. And this aspiring entrepreneur should take advantage of it. Therefore, we will consider a few of the best options that best meet the above requirement.


People in Russia, no matter how bitter the truth may sound, were sick, are sick and will be sick. There is no other pill for all ailments, which is why there is such a rich assortment on the shelves of pharmacies. You cannot build happiness on someone else's grief, but a pharmacy is a very profitable business with investments, and such a business is worth taking a closer look at.

You just need to take into account the location and basic needs of the population in the district.

For example, demand will be huge in places where the nearest drug store is several kilometers away. And we ourselves know that sometimes a pill of the same pain reliever is needed immediately.

In terms of needs, estimate the average age of those living nearby. If the population is predominantly older people, it is worth creating the widest assortment just for them.

Accordingly, if families with children predominantly live in this area, the proposal should be in solidarity with their requests. This includes infant formula, and various bottles, and pacifiers with diapers.

Starting your own business is an opportunity to work only for yourself, and not for someone or someone else, be personally responsible for the results, and influence the level of profit yourself. But for some reason, many believe that their own business is something unattainable, because it takes a lot of money to start. Now we will try to convince you otherwise.

The main thing is the so-called entrepreneurial streak: a great desire for development, climbing up the career ladder, perseverance in achieving goals and a clear vision of the result.

In your opinion, did all the owners of global brands start with a large sum in the bank for a successful start-up? Even without referring to specifics, we can say with confidence that no.

Of course, opening almost any business requires a certain material base. First of all, you need to decide on the required amount. If it is not so big, then it will be easy to get it. We will describe to you a number of available methods, and you already select the best one, starting from the desired amount and actual possibilities.

One little tip: do a realistic estimate of the likelihood that the business will go up, and you can return the money to the person from whom it was taken (if it is an amount that exceeds the pocket money of several months). Statistically, 45% of new projects have the prospect of further development - this is a plus. But it follows that 55% of them burn out.

The information below is based on the experiences of the most successful business people:

  • Borrow from family or friends. This is a good enough solution: you will not have to pay interest, there are no strict terms for the return of money. But many are inclined to believe that material issues between loved ones often spoil relationships.
  • On credit at the bank. You can, but be careful. Firstly, all these promised "0%" rates are always with a gimmick (otherwise why would the bank just lend money on time?). As a result, the overpayment will still be, and not so small. Secondly, if the business fails and the money cannot be returned on time, then you will have to deal with banking structures.
  • Search for investor partners. You can find support from complete strangers who will be carried away by your idea and will see it as a further development opportunity. To put it bluntly, you take the person's share. In this case, you must conclude an agreement between the parties. All the nuances of cooperation must be regulated in writing.
  • Borrow from other firms. If your plan looks promising, then there will be people who will provide you with the required amount for a certain time. Of course, they expect to receive profit in the future (% or share in the company). There are many nuances in this thread that you can fall for. Therefore, before proceeding, it is worthwhile to study this option very carefully.
  • Make money yourself. This may take a little longer, but it will be the most reliable. The well-known Soros began by selling coffee in a shop, and now he is on the list of the 20 richest people on the planet. We also advise you to consider the option of temporary employment in "black" jobs abroad.
  • Sell something from the property (apartment, car, equipment). You will be your own investor.
  • Receive subsidies from the state for the development of your own business. This method is good because in case of failure, the money will not have to be returned. But in order to get them, you will need to defend the business plan and perform a number of other actions aimed at protecting the relevance of your idea. You can get somewhere around 300 thousand rubles. When considering a proposal, criteria such as the innovation of the idea, the prospect of jobs and overall demand will be taken into account.
  • Receive a business development grant (free of charge). In theory, such a gift can be obtained from fairly large and highly developed corporations.
  • If you have some other project "afloat", then you can redirect finances from it to the development of a new business ("diversification of capital").

Think carefully about which method is right for you. It would be ideal to do it yourself.

What is needed to organize such a business?

Lack of start-up capital is not yet a reason to refuse to start a business. It is rather an excuse for those who imagine themselves to be the owner of a megacorporation tomorrow. If you are one of them, then you need to moderate your ambitions a little and direct them into a practical direction. This is the first thing.

Second. You need an original or just an actual idea. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want to do?
  • What am I good at?
  • What is relevant on the market of services or goods now?
  • How will I be different from similar existing companies? How will the new service or product be better than the old and proven ones for the buyer?
  • What will be my uniqueness? It is not necessary that your idea be "know-how", but it is still worth distinguishing yourself.
  • How long will the project take to pay off in the long term?
  • What will I lose if I fail? And by the way, whatever the outcome, you gain the main thing - invaluable life experience.

Not only residents of the megalopolis want to make good money. The inhabitants of the province also hold their own business in high esteem. For a small town, of course, there are not so many suitable ideas to help start your own business. However, there is always a way out. And you need to start by looking for a business with low competition, which will provide the necessary impetus at the start.

A small city is characterized by a small population, usually from 15 to 60 thousand people. In such settlements, retail trade is highly developed, there are small markets and small wholesale networks. The range of services provided by small organizations and private entrepreneurs occupies the bulk of all spheres of business.

Very often a newly minted private entrepreneur who does not know which business is the most profitable in a small town and does not have a clear plan of his own begins to test himself in a competitive field, which in many cases turns out to be a failure for his activities. To prevent this from happening, you should first of all familiarize yourself with the main advantages and disadvantages of such a business, as well as identify a non-promoted, but profitable area of ​​activity.

A profitable business in a small town is your profitable plan

You cannot open a business if you are not familiar with the subject of its activity, if its specifics are far from your interests. Typically, these ventures never end in success. On bare enthusiasm, as they say, you can't go far.

The main disadvantages of doing business in a small town

First of all, I would like to focus on the disadvantages that affect the potential and profitability of a working business. Perhaps, after reading them, you will be frightened and lose interest in the topic "What business is the most profitable in a small town", but do not rush, it is better to read the article to the end.

  • The main disadvantage of such a business, of course, is its low traffic. So, if, for example, we take a more passable place in a city with a population of about 20 thousand people, then it will still have less efficiency than an ordinary ordinary place in a large settlement, for example, with a population of 150 thousand people. Therefore, the most passable places of a small town should be considered.
  • The second - no less significant minus - is the small salary of the townspeople. It is no secret that the inhabitants of the province receive less for their work than their counterparts in larger settlements. Therefore, you can make a rather simple, but logical conclusion: the lower the salary of people, the less likely it is that part of the money earned will go to the purchase of your goods and services.
  • Do not forget about competition, without it anywhere! The city is small, profitable spheres offering essential goods are already jam-packed, there are enough people who want to have a good income. And, on top of that, large regional and federal chains go everywhere with their goods and ruin the lives of local merchants.
  • The last drawback is the widespread lack of qualified personnel. Of course, there are professionals everywhere and always, but finding them can take a lot of time, and sometimes you even have to poach them by promising a higher salary.

and the pros

Of course, there are a lot of disadvantages, but each disadvantage, if desired, can be turned into an advantage. If you are still wondering which business is better to open in a small town, then you are ready to fight for your place in the sun.

How to start a business in a small town: tips and examples of business ideas

As mentioned above, a sparsely populated area is characterized by a minimum level of demand, a small average check amount, a limited number of potential buyers and a limited area for business expansion. However, in such towns there is a stable demand for products and services of mass consumption.

  • 1 Business Idea - Home Kindergarten
  • 2 Business Idea - Party Apartment
  • 3 Business Idea - Eco Tourism at the dacha
  • 4 Business idea - fortune telling salon
  • 5 I can pay your bills or go to the store instead of you
  • 6 Business idea - cleaning home
  • 7 Business idea - opening a flower hotel
  • 8 Business idea - advertising on the balcony
  • 9 Business idea - your own library
  • 10 Private club as a business
  • 11 How to start opening a profitable but simple business
  • 12 How much you can earn
  • 13 How much money do you need to starting a business
  • 14 How to choose equipment for opening a similar business
  • 15 Which OKVED to indicate when registering a business
  • 16 What documents are needed to open a business
  • 17 Which taxation system to choose for registering a business
  • 18 Do I need permission to open
  • 19 Service technology
  • 20 New to business <

All books and websites on business say only one single phrase: “There are a huge number of business ideas! The most important thing is to be creative and find them somehow. ”

In general, all sites and books want to teach us creativity, but it would be better just to tell all of us:

You have no job, you have no money, but you have a desire to earn money, despite all the difficulties? So let us help you and give you a thousand real business ideas without investment.

In this article, we are not going to criticize all such authors. After all, they are fulfilling their task - they managed to find a business without investments - while not having tried a single business in practice in their lives, but it’s with joy to teach us.

Now we will just offer you a couple of interesting ideas, they will give you the opportunity to receive, albeit not very large, but still a stable income, you can not only understand how the business works, but also collect a certain start-up capital , from time to time it will allow you to be transported to an even higher level.

But it will be in the future, and now let's take a look at the top ten business ideas:

Business idea - home kindergarten

To make this business a reality, you will need a clean apartment, preferably without drafts, minimal experience with children and, in principle, everything.

You can ask your mothers to bring food or toys with you, thanks to this you will no longer take on such responsibility, it will remain with your clients.

All you have to do is walk and look after the children from 8 am to 6 pm, feed them on time, teach, wash, entertain and put them to bed.

Three or four children - this will be the most optimal number of your pupils.

As for your clients, here you just need to comply with all the conditions described above, after that you will find many people who want to take their children not to an ordinary garden, but only to you.

Before starting his own business, every beginning entrepreneur tries to find a profitable idea with a quick payback. Nobody wants to invest their money in a project that they know to fail. The main goal of any newbie is to determine which business is the most profitable in our country today and to start working in this direction. In this article, we'll look at a few promising ideas that can generate good income.

Rent a car

Experienced entrepreneurs claim that in the world of business, you can make money from anything. People who are skeptical are convinced otherwise. In their opinion, the market has long been divided between large companies and corporations, so newcomers in such conditions are unlikely to be able to open a profitable business. In fact, everyone has a chance. If you are thinking about what is the most profitable small business you can open in our time, pay attention to car rental. According to experts, this niche is only 40% filled, so you shouldn't be afraid of tough competition. At the moment, the demand for car rental significantly exceeds the supply, so you will not be left without clients.

Renting a good car costs about 5 thousand rubles per day. It turns out that this is a fairly profitable and profitable business in a small town or large metropolis. Cheap cars are rented for 1.5-2 thousand rubles per day. Most often, wealthy people use this service. They have to rent a car if their own car breaks down and is being repaired at a service. It is sometimes impossible for business people to do without their own transport, so they have to seek help from companies that are engaged in car rental.

Vending business

The most profitable business with minimal investment in 2021 is vending machines. This line of business has many advantages, but at the same time it is not without its disadvantages.



According to experienced businessmen, the most profitable business in a small town is coffee machines. There are many different types of such equipment. The price for it ranges from 150-350 thousand rubles. Domestic vending machines are cheaper - 120-180 thousand rubles. The profitability of this business largely depends on the choice of location. If you choose the right place, you can reach the break-even point in 8-16 months.

Ideas for small business start-up projects in 2021 with minimal investment are notable for good profitability. One vending machine brings on average about 20 thousand rubles of net income per month. The upper limit is 50 thousand rubles.

Online Trading

You can start online trading at a flea market. This is a great way to replenish your family budget and at the same time get rid of the useless things that clutter your home. Used items can be traded on local forums and social media. Here you can sell everything from clothing to furniture and large household appliances. When you have collected a small starting capital, you can move on to real trading.

  • Any compact items that do not require a warehouse to store;
  • High margin items. At the stage of formation, you need to choose products for sale, on which you can put a margin of at least 1.5 thousand rubles. The seller must be able to compensate for losses in the event of theft, loss of goods and other force majeure situations;
  • Goods with a high value. If you want to make good money, you need to trade high value products. Of course, these should not be exorbitant prices, but it should be remembered that selling hair bands or other inexpensive goods will not bring you a good profit.

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