TOP 10 books on business and self-development

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone Change Your Life by Brian Tracy

The book "Get out of your comfort zone" makes a person believe in himself. It is filled with positive energy and optimism. Anyone can quickly and effectively implement the helpful advice that Tracy gives out on the pages of her work. The following words can briefly describe the book: "Change yourself and your views on life." Experts recommend this book to optimists seeking success. It is also useful for professionals who are tired of their work.

People who embark on the path of self-improvement sometimes find it difficult to cope with a flurry of plans and ideas. Sometimes there is a feeling that you are doing a thousand things in a day, but you are still marking time in one place. It is important to understand that a large amount of work performed is not always a guarantee of high efficiency. By the way, in some cases people hide behind vigorous activity in order not to take on really important things. Brian Tracy, in his book, provides the reader with ways in which to combat these problems.

The author points out that the feeling of uncertainty and confusion in the head are the main reasons why a person cannot achieve success in their affairs. This state of affairs makes the to-do list very vague. That is why Tracy is encouraged to seek clarity of the tasks at hand in all situations. For example, when thinking about a life's business, it is important to always pick up paper and a pen. The author claims that only 3% of people living today know how to formulate their goals in writing. According to him, such people always achieve the highest level of personal effectiveness.

Tracy is convinced that the key to success is planning. The author wonders why the overwhelming majority of people ignore this rule, because it's so simple - you just need to take a pen and a blank sheet of paper.

The author talks about how to correctly draw up lists of tasks and goals. For example, when you have a new task, you should not immediately complete it. First of all, this task needs to be added to the list. If you adhere to this rule, then your efficiency will increase by a quarter, and maybe even more.

The author also points out that no one person will ever have enough time for everything that needs to be done. In some cases, the workload of people reaches 110%. Cases accumulate, and many of them remain unfulfilled. Tracy is convinced that a person cannot race against time. To be successful, you need to get rid of empty dreams. The most important thing is to deal with the things that really matter most.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone contains 21 ways to improve your personal performance. By reading this work by Brian Tracy, you will learn how to properly prioritize to achieve the desired results. Using the proposed methods in practice, over time you will gain the ability to achieve any goals. In other words, you will become the full-fledged master of your destiny. Time is the most precious thing we have. That is why everyone should learn to manage this limited resource efficiently

Good to Great by Jim Collins

Many experts claim that Jim Collins writes the best books on business and self-development. This is a recognized classic of business literature. The circulation of his books, published all over the world, exceeds 10 million copies! Jim's scientific career began at Stanford at the Graduate School of Business. Collins received the Outstanding Teaching Award in 1992. Three years later, he opened a management laboratory. For more than twenty years, Collins has been studying the work of a wide variety of companies - from "long-livers" who are more than a hundred years old, to startups that instantly took off to the top of success.

11th grade student of Gymnasium 406

Business needs practice, but other people's experience can be useful. We have compiled a selection of books that can be used as a theoretical basis. In them, entrepreneurs and specialists share stories of success and failure, tell what helps them and what prevents them from doing business, and inspire by their own example.

Start a business, develop a personality, build a career

"From zero to one How to create a startup that will change" Peter Thiel

For whom: for aspiring businessmen and startups.

A book on how to find your idea that will inspire you to start a business. Written by Peter Thiel, founder of the worldwide payment system PayPal, he gives practical advice on how, what and why to do. The book is based on his author's course at Stanford University, but there is no formula for success: each case is unique, Thiel is sure.

Quote: “But most importantly, do not overestimate the importance of your own person. The value of a founder is not that he is the only one who can create something of value, but that a great founder can inspire every employee to put the best in their work. ”

"Rework Business Without Prejudice" Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hensson

For whom: for those who want to start a business or are waiting for a sign to change something in their business.

The book is about what you can, and sometimes even need to go against the rules, look from a different angle and change the world around. The authors provide practical advice for beginners and professionals.

Quote: “If you are successful, people will try to copy what you have done. This is the truth of life. But there is a great way to protect yourself from copycats - to become part of your own product or service. Put your unique mindset into what you sell. "

"Emotional Courage How to take responsibility, not be afraid of difficult conversations, and inspire others" Peter Bregman

For whom: experienced and novice entrepreneurs and managers.

How to build a truly profitable business? How to properly manage your staff? And how to become a leader?

Every third person asks himself all these questions every day. But only one of them does everything possible to achieve the desired success. Good business books can give you a boost in thinking and habits, as well as practical advice on how to grow your business.

What you read shapes your views, beliefs, habits, knowledge. You are what you read. So if you want to build a big, successful company, you need to take a closer look at the following tutorials:

) Marcus Buckingham, Kurt Coffman - “Break All the Rules First What are the best managers in the world doing differently?”

What is a truly interesting and lively place of work? This edition proves that talent is needed for even the lightest job. Forcing a person to do what is not given to him simply does not make sense. The main task of each manager is to find the strengths of the employee, a unique combination of talent, knowledge and skills.

The book invites you to do a mini-research. Ask your colleagues 10 questions and see the answers. If all of the answers are yes, you have provided an ideal work environment. This means that your company will develop rapidly and rapidly.

The effectiveness of the scale proposed by the authors is due to the wording. There is nothing new in the questions themselves. Everyone knows that good relationships and frequent praise, for example, are vital elements of good work. But before it was difficult to determine whether these components are present, and if so, to what extent. The Gallup Institute has identified just such issues that solve this problem. Therefore, reading the book will help you improve the work of your company, make it more comfortable.

) Michael Gerber - Small Business: From Illusion to Success Returning to the Entrepreneurship Myth

If you are only thinking about business, then you need this book like air. The author tells how to build your business from scratch. It is still relevant today. Michael Gerber proves that a company can function fully without its creator. What is needed for this? You need a business model similar to franchising. Small business development will be an easy task for you.

The book is enlivened by dialogues with a young woman entrepreneur, who clearly teach how to organize, develop and improve their business, without changing their usual way of life. For students and experienced businessmen.

) Oles Timofeev - "Automated Sales Funnel How to create and implement a legal machine for automatic Internet sales in any business using simple rules"

Books about business are almost the most read segment of literature. They only lag behind the artistic classics. But their purpose is completely different and in some cases it is more useful to read them.

And despite the popularity of this literature, few people know what to grasp and what to read. This is a serious problem: books are affordable, inexpensive, and there is nothing to choose from.

That's why we have compiled our list of the 50 best business books you should read to get rich.

Business books - why it matters

Business books are really important. After all, knowledge and skills are the line that separates professionals from amateurs. And this line is very noticeable when a person begins to actively practice.

Where a beginner fusses around and unsuccessfully checks hundreds of options, an expert does everything as quickly as possible. “So naturally, he has more experience,” you say. And you will be right.

Because the expert really has more experience. He was already in the newbie's place, tried all the same hundreds of options, and he knows what to expect from his work. And the beginner can only get this experience. And you can do this either on your own, but for a long time, or by reading books about business.

Top Business Books

But how to choose the right literature? Everyone mentions these top business books, but no one helps with the search.

We decided to correct this injustice. And so you are reading these lines. Here we will tell you which books will help you think like a businessman, which ones will give you good advice, and which ones will just tune you in the right way.

Therefore, the top business books are presented in several categories: motivation, advice, money thinking, and so on. But in order to fully cover the business vein completely, it is better to read them all.

List of business literature for the summer: 75 selected editions

Sad but true: most entrepreneurs either don't read business books at all or rarely do so. Some justify this by the fact that someone else's experience is unique, others refer to the lack of time, and still others argue that it is extremely difficult to find something really useful among the huge number of business books. And this is where fellow entrepreneurs can come to the rescue. At the request of the Biz360 portal. u the heroes of our publications - active entrepreneurs - named books that were really useful to them: they helped with motivation at the start, with goals when planning a strategy, with ideas at the scaling stage, etc. This list contains 75 truly valuable business books.

Vladislav Rudnitskiy, co-founder of Doors Brothers Manufactory, Rostov-on-Don

1. Best Business Book: Blue Ocean Strategy, Kim Chan and Renee Mauborgne. Bestseller from INSEAD professors on how to create unbeatable niches for faster success.

Irina Lozovskaya, founder of psychological trainings "Traveling for impressions", St. Petersburg

2. Dreaming Is Not Bad, Barbara Sher & Annie Gottlieb. The book is about listening to your desires, planning processes and finding information.

3. The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron. Recommendations and techniques for unleashing creative thinking. “Safe and efficient programs for those who want to do their own 'upgrade'. And new businesses always start in a situation of uncertainty, when there are more questions than answers. "

Elena and Anton Ovchinnikov, owners of the company "2 coffee maniacs", Moscow

4. Best Business Book: Delivering Happiness - Tony Shay. The success story of the famous company Zappos from its director is a tutorial on building the right corporate culture and building long-term relationships with customers.

5. “Pour it into your heart. Starbucks was built cup by cup, ”Howard Schultz. Starbucks CEO is about how to make a lot of money while maintaining style and quality.

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