The most profitable business in a small town

Every novice businessman thinks about how best to optimize his income.

After all, no one will ever agree to waste their time and money on a deliberately hopeless project.

Which areas of entrepreneurship are most relevant and profitable today, always remains on the agenda.

Things to know before opening

Factors to know before starting your own business:

  • Draw up a detailed plan of expenses that will have to cover the initial cash investment.
  • Consider the possibility of competition. For example, the smaller the locality, the less competition, but at the same time, the less and the possible sales volume.
  • Choose the type of business in which the entrepreneur is as well versed as possible.

Before choosing an area of ​​future activity, it is worth highlighting the key factors that determine its profitability:

  • The time interval for the return of the initially invested funds.
  • The chosen field of business must necessarily be characterized by high demand from consumers.
  • An acceptable level of profitability. Profitability should increase in parallel with the volume of goods or services sold.
  • A low price threshold at which the purchase of materials and raw materials contributes to an increase in profitability.
  • Positive rate of return on assets.

The implementation of a small business requires minimum labor resources and money. For example, you can gather friends and do the cleaning of apartment premises, repair. You can also open an inexpensive fast food, kiosk or bar.

Not so long ago, network marketing was in demand, operating on the principle of selling the produced product or service directly to the consumer, bypassing intermediaries, which significantly reduced costs and increased profits.

A striking example of network marketing is the space company Oriflame.

Most Profitable Small Business

The overwhelming majority of professional analysts agree that the most profitable and profitable business is construction, consumption and catering.

What is a business idea?

This is an idea that can be used to build a new company or a new line of business in an existing business. It is commonly used to create products or services that can be sold for money. There are several methods for creating and testing business ideas. The ability to transform into a viable business must be supported by a feasible and well-designed business plan, which can then be sold for a certain amount to interested investors or companies, in fact, before the idea itself is implemented. It can also be sold by concluding a contract for its implementation with a manager, or other methods of compensation can be used.

An idea applied at the right time, when demand for the goods or services mentioned in it is expected to increase, can lead to the creation of a highly profitable business or the growth of an existing one. In the face of increasing high competition in many industries, innovative business ideas began to appear aimed at creating goods / services, for which there is currently no demand at all. They are aimed at creating demand by offering the market completely new products.

How do you come up with a new idea? Generation techniques

As a rule, a successful business idea is generated either by experts in a particular industry, or by newcomers who have come from other spheres and are not burdened with the traditions and cliches of the chosen industry. That is, the latter can come, for example, from the financial sector to the fashion industry.

For generation, you can use a structural analysis of existing industries, markets, business models, processes. Typically, analytical notes are written, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis options, or Porter's Five Forces Analysis are performed. Brainstorming techniques are often used.

Every novice entrepreneur strives to open the most profitable business, which would immediately begin to bring significant income. This, indeed, sometimes happens, although there are much more opposite cases in life ...

When in 2021 in search engine queries you come across the coveted "what business to open now so that it is profitable", I would like to advise the author of the question not to follow other people's advice! In 2021, the situation is far from the same as in 1996, when a weakly saturated market happily accepted any innovation. Now, not a single business can do without careful observation and a comprehensive analysis of the situation.

We also decided to conduct our own research by interviewing entrepreneurs and experts on the topic “the most profitable business in Russia today”. We bring to your attention the most popular types of activities, named by the respondents.

The Most Profitable Business | TOP business ideas

How are the places from 1 to 10 distributed:

  • Retail store (54 points)
  • Online store (47 points)
  • Renovation of apartments and offices (32 points)
  • (25 points)
  • Wholesale (21 points)
  • (18 points)
  • (11 points)
  • (8 points)
  • Legal services (7 points)
  • (7 points)

The business environment in small towns or rural areas differs significantly from the conditions in megacities. It is much easier to find two or three hundred square meters here for organizing production or a piece of land for an agricultural business. In addition, the owners of private houses need goods and services atypical for townspeople - drilling wells, landscaping estates, installing fences and buying fuel for heating cottages.

In the village, you can also find current ideas for a new business in Russia in 2021, which are based on livestock, poultry or agricultural production. If you ensure the proper level of production processes, then obtaining certificates of conformity for products will not be a problem: this allows you to sell them not only in the markets, but also through supermarket chains and grocery stores.

Thanks to these opportunities, everyone will be able to find a suitable business for themselves and create their own profitable business in the countryside.

Paving slab business

Paving stones have been known for a long time as a material for road surface. However, only in recent years its analogue in the form of paving slabs has found wide application due to the development and simplification of technology. Now you can produce tiles of any shape, color and texture, even luminous or plastic.

Note that the competition in this area is quite high, especially in large cities. For example, it can be very difficult for a beginner to implement such a business idea in 2021 with minimal investment in Moscow. However, in small towns and rural areas, there are free niches on the market, which can be found by the following signs:

Before starting this new business with minimal investment, you should decide on the production technology: you can make tiles by vibrocasting, vibrocompression or firing. The latter method is considered the most expensive, requiring considerable investment, therefore, at the initial stage, it is better to engage in vibration casting.

A room with an area of ​​90–100 m² for the production of tiles should consist of three zones: a production area, a drying chamber with heated floors, and a product warehouse. Engineering networks are a three-phase power line with a voltage of 380V and a water supply system.

Equipment for a new business will cost about 350-550 thousand rubles:

  • One or two concrete mixers;
  • Two vibrating tables, for casting molds and extracting the finished product;
  • Plastic molds;
  • Pallets, packing tape and tightening machine.

Consumables for making a square meter of tiles are cement (26 kg), sand and gravel mixture (85 kg), pigments and plasticizers (70–80 g). With a cost price of 200-210 rubles, the same square meter goes on sale at a price of 350-380 rubles. Thus, the profitability of this most profitable business with minimal investment is 180%, which allows you to recoup your investment in 3-4 months.

Well drilling

The owners of private and even multi-storey buildings are sure that the water from the wells in their yards is much cleaner and tastier than chlorinated tap water, and there may be no alternative at all in their summer cottages. With such a demand, organizing well drilling as a new service business can be quite profitable.

After all, owning a business is not only responsibility, but also making a good profit, several times higher than the usual salary.

As a rule, to start a business you need:

  • Register a company;
  • Determine the field of activity;
  • Find a room;
  • Hire staff;
  • Carry out a marketing campaign (advertising)

So, let's look at the pitfalls of starting a business from scratch in a small town.

Small town market analysis

Each potential entrepreneur himself must carefully analyze the market and choose a direction. Generally, a safe bet is to open a grocery store at affordable prices (people are always hungry). All other activities - according to the needs of the population of this city (center of foreign languages ​​especially for young people, hairdresser, small printing industry, bakery products, fitness center, etc.).

First of all, it is necessary to focus on the interests and age group of the population. For example, if there are a lot of anglers, then it would be important to open a fishing shop.

The interests of residents can be identified using:

  • Surveys ;
  • Face-to-face survey;
  • Local meeting (pre-show can be arranged)

Niche selection

You can also achieve a stable income with an equivalent business by providing additional services: round-the-clock work, extended assortment, discounts, promotions, loyalty to regular customers, home delivery, etc. Word-of-mouth works well in small towns.

There are many options for doing business in Russia, but Europe and America are far ahead. Russian entrepreneurs often acquire foreign franchises, which take root well in our country. Today we will consider business ideas 2021 that are not in Russia, that can successfully exist in many cities.

Which business is more profitable to open?

There are a lot of options for your own business. For novice entrepreneurs, ideas with minimal investment are suitable, while large businessmen are ready to invest decent amounts of money and implement the most daring decisions.

In 2021, you can start some ideas from scratch with no money, but you will have to spend a lot of time on them. Of course, it will not work to open your own production without investment, but it is quite possible to engage in the provision of services, and even quite profitable.

If we talk about small investments, then the option with vending machines is perfect here. At the start, you will need a minimum amount of money to buy the first machine, and then you can start gradually expanding your business by increasing the number of machines.

Russia is actively adopting successful ideas that are in great demand abroad. Over the past 5 years, the demand for franchise business has increased 100 times. Franchises are relevant because:

  • The idea is completely ready, it remains only to implement it on the territory of your city;
  • Constant updating and development of the system at the expense of the seller;
  • Recruitment of personnel based on the established rules of the company;
  • Continuous monitoring and statistics.

This solution allows you to quickly recoup your investment and reach a stable income. But, there are also disadvantages, for example:

  • It's definitely not possible to start from scratch without any investments;
  • Every month you will have to give a part of your income (usually no more than 10%);
  • Some franchises are too expensive;
  • There is a risk of being in debt.

The choice of such an option for doing business should be treated with caution and all risks should be calculated in advance based on the company's activities in other cities. You can estimate the success of the project in advance by asking for the profitability and statistics of one of the owners. The right approach will minimize risks and identify a niche to start.

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