Step-by-step instructions for starting a small business

Financial education and a desire to work for their own good turn office workers into small business owners. Documentary formalities separate workers from making a bold decision to open their own company. Contrary to popular belief, it is not difficult to draw up documents for starting a small business. You can do this yourself, using online services, or resort to the services of professionals.

The legislation of the Russian Federation identifies two ways of doing small business: registration as an individual entrepreneur (IE) or the establishment of a limited liability company (LLC). To start registering an organization, you need two documents:

  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • certificate of being registered with the tax office - TIN.

An adult citizen permanently registered in the Russian Federation has the right to open an individual entrepreneur or LLC. For registration, it is imperative to prepare a copy of all passport pages, taking into account the blank ones.

Documents for registration of an individual entrepreneur

Every adult citizen of the Russian Federation who does not hold a position in a municipal or state institution can conduct the registration of an individual entrepreneur. A citizen will be refused to open an individual entrepreneur if less than a year ago he filed for bankruptcy of an individual.

The cost of opening an IP is from 800 rubles to 7000 rubles. If an entrepreneur is ready to prepare and submit documents on his own, he will have to pay a fee for paying the state fee. Services of lawyers for registration of organizations are estimated at 5000 - 7000 rubles.

Registration of an individual entrepreneur requires the following documents for small businesses:

  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and a copy of all its pages;
  • TIN;
  • Form Р21001 - application for registration of individual entrepreneurs in one copy (download form form);
  • receipt of payment of state. duties.

The final list of documents is specified with the local tax office. Additionally, you may need a certificate of transition to the simplified taxation system (USN, form No. 26. -1)

The greatest difficulty is filling out the P21001 form. To avoid mistakes, use the services of the online service "My Business" and study in detail what you need to open an IP. The program on the site will automatically fill in the application fields based on the data of the passport and TIN. The procedure for entering information will take no more than 20 minutes and is free.

Aspiring entrepreneurs are interested in how to start a business from scratch. To avoid mistakes, save money and time, you need to draw up a clear step-by-step plan.

Important points before opening

It is important for aspiring entrepreneurs to understand how they fit the following parameters:

  • Psychology. Starting a new business, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to invest not only money in it, but also time and effort. You will need to sacrifice family and friendships, financial stability. It is also important to be stress-resistant.
  • Competition. It is necessary to determine which area is poorly developed in the area in which it is planned to organize a business. Sometimes it turns out that there is too much competition in the niche of interest.
  • Availability of start-up capital. You can plan your own business with little money savings. However, in this case, you will have to invest more time and effort before making the first profit. It should be borne in mind that banks are reluctant to give loans to small businesses. If the loan can be obtained, it will not be easy to repay.
  • Target presence. The end result should be clearly presented. When a person is guided by the desires of power, enrichment, it is difficult to establish a business. It is important to have a whole range of goals.
  • Desire to maintain the high quality of their products or services. Many aspiring businessmen focus only on quantity, neglecting the needs of the consumer.
  • Business lessons. Do not neglect learning from people who know how the business you want to do. They will not only tell you where to start a business in the chosen industry, but also familiarize you with the difficulties that will face in the development of the enterprise.

Idea selection and testing

First business doesn't have to be innovative. It is recommended that you first try your hand using standard schemes proven by the experience of other entrepreneurs. However, it is important to understand the chosen direction, find flaws and fix them. It is much easier to enter an existing market than to create one yourself. A business does not always have to be large and solve global problems; you can organize an enterprise with minimal investment.

Rapid testing provides an opportunity to study demand in practice. It should be made using your own (not credit) funds. Create as few products as possible, run an advertising campaign, and try to sell the product.

One of the biggest mistakes a budding entrepreneur makes is delaying the start. Testing helps to put an idea into action, assess its strengths and weaknesses, and inspire early sales.

If the start did not give a positive result, you need to revise it, find errors. Often at this stage it turns out that the business idea was chosen incorrectly. In this case, testing allows you to save time, money, and make adjustments until the production starts working at full capacity.

Market Analysis

Market analysis involves collecting information about your potential consumer. It is important to determine who may benefit from the offered goods or services, what is the competition in the selected segment.

Then it is important to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, to decide what will be your difference. It is necessary to compare prices, quality of services, assortment. It is also important at this stage to determine what your advantages and disadvantages are.

Since about two thousand years ago, the thesis about the priority of the idea was stated in the Bible (“in the beginning was the word”, quoted in the Gospel of John), nothing has changed much. Any project in a variety of areas (commercial, political, cultural, literary, etc.) starts with an idea, a concept. And only later, when the idea receives real support, a matter is born in the material aspect - a business project, a campaign, household and intellectual services, a novel.

Basically, the term “idea” is understood as a basic, central thought that regulates the entire concept, a structure that formulates a new, still not concretized actual system. Thought marks the goal, after which the idea is filled with content, it is developed at its core and in the end it all ends in a certain result.


This beautiful picture, however, is overshadowed by a number of negative aspects. In our time of information technology, when knowledge is spreading with incredible speed, it is very easy to borrow it. And then the idea loses its originality, the author is deprived of legal rights, which means that financial preferences are reduced, or even completely eliminated. And this means that if you do not want to get into a difficult situation, you need to go through a process formulated as registering an idea.


Misappropriation of someone else's intellectual property has become a mass phenomenon. New commercial organizations of various orientations and levels are created in large numbers, but then they quickly disappear, only a few survive their three-year mark. This is partly due to a poorly thought-out concept, partly due to imperfect logistics of its implementation. Paradoxically, sometimes failure is caused by a good idea, which, however, is intercepted by more active rivals with much larger financial resources.

Issues of stealing ideas are now more important than ever for all spheres of Russian society and the state - from culture and science to commerce and trade. The issues of protecting ideas are also relevant. The basis for the success of any project is proper preparatory work before processing the idea and its thoughtful storage. A new, fresh, unusual idea that laid the foundation for the next project, and each stage of its development requires proper protection. In this case, it will be registration of an idea. Such a technique will save the project from the intrigues of rivals and will provide an opportunity to receive authorship dividends.


But not everything is so easy and simple. So far, Russian legislation, unfortunately, suffers from serious gaps. Our state, being at a transitional stage of development on the way to a market mechanism, does not have time to regulate all areas of the legal sphere. Therefore, in Russia it is impossible to register an idea just like that.

The Law of the Russian Federation of July 9, 1993 N 5351-I, regulating the nuances of copyright, protects only works in their real form. How do I register the copyright for an idea? Not at the moment in Russia. So, Art. 6-2 notes that copyright covers both published works and published works realized in one of the real forms: written, oral, description, etc. At the same time, Art. 6-4 specifically states that copyright does not concern ideas in various forms and forms.

Thus, according to Russian law, the state registration of an idea does not apply. However, the state protects almost any form of idea expressed in real form, in particular in the form of a song, a novel, a description of a service, a business project, and so on.

Small business is an important link in the economic activity of the state and the economy as a whole.

Under this concept, it is customary to consider an enterprise that is characterized by the following indicators:

  • low headcount;
  • small product range;
  • low production capacity;
  • high capital turnover;
  • local market orientation.

The role of this type of activity is ambiguous. Small business helps develop the local market, employment and competition in a specific market segment.

Thanks to such a factor as “proximity to the market”, a small business has a good chance of success.

Both individual entrepreneurs and organizations of any form can become subjects of small business.

Place of company registration

The determining criterion for registering a small business has always been the future location of the new firm.

Information about where the organization will be located will be indicated when registering with the tax service, the Pension Fund, as well as in other funds and bodies that are specified by law. Official correspondence, notification and procedural documents will be sent directly to this address.

When an enterprise changes its location, it must necessarily notify its counterparties and the authorities that control its activities about this fact. Such changes must be made to the documents that ensure its functioning.

Information and information about the location of the company are registered in the license, if such is supposed according to the list of activities, which is determined by legislative acts. This also applies to patents that are granted to an enterprise in connection with its trade-related activities.

Information about the location is also indicated in the license (if the activity requires it) and patents (the company is involved in trade).

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  • 3 Convenient location of the enterprise. Where to locate your business
  • 4 Finding start-up capital
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  • 7 Making money at home. How to make your first 300 thousand at home?
    • 7. Making homemade preserves, jams or pickles
  • 8 Big business. Investing in real estate
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  • 11 Preparing all the necessary documents
  • 12 Choice of taxation system.
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More and more people are thinking about how to stop sitting in an office or factory from call to call, and start working for themselves and get a decent income. It is no longer necessary for you to be present at the workplace from morning till night in order to monitor the work of subordinates. You can safely control the production process from a distance - receive reports via Viber, arrange meetings in Skype, and install a program on your phone connected to cameras installed in the enterprise to monitor work at any time. After reading our article, you will be convinced that small business is accessible to everyone.

You need to have a desire, an idea, a willingness to work and learn. We will tell you in detail where to start your business, how to avoid major mistakes and describe several business ideas that will bring you profit.

Where to start? What documents are needed? How to make sure that your business does not go bankrupt? What if there is no initial capital? Read on for a detailed plan for aspiring entrepreneurs - easy steps to start a business from scratch.

Where to get an idea for a business

The main condition is that you must be interested in the chosen direction. Well, if you have worked in this area for some time, you have an idea about it from the inside. Or turn your hobby into a full-time job that will bring you income. We decide what you want to do - sell goods through an online store, have your own massage parlor or open a recruiting agency. Think, you yourself will produce the product and sell it, or hire professionals for this, only supervising their work. Do something with your hands or head.


You need to write a business plan in order not to keep everything in your head. We study the market, the work of competitors, pay attention to the demand for your offer. We describe the approximate calculations of income and expenses. We are searching for suppliers of material, equipment, raw materials. We determine the price of our product or service with a surcharge.

Convenient location of the enterprise Where to locate the business

It is necessary to determine the place of work of the company. Will it be an office with a full-fledged staff or can you clearly organize work from home? If you need space, then study the buildings for rent. We purchase raw materials from suppliers, deliver equipment and prepare a place for future work. If you need personnel, then engage in its selection.

Search for starting capital

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