Startup ideas - what kind of business you can open in your garage

Having a garage and the desire to start working for yourself is already a great start. You do not need to spend money on renting premises, and there are more than enough ideas for a business in a garage with your own hands.

Next, let's talk about what kind of business in a garage with minimal investment can be organized, what costs await a novice entrepreneur and what needs to be taken into account when starting work.

Choosing a line of business

There are a lot of business ideas in the garage. Actually, this way you can organize any business that does not require a large room and expensive, requiring special storage of equipment and raw materials.

It goes without saying that it is impossible to start baking bakery products or dairy products - no sanitary and epidemiological station will give permission for this, and it will be difficult, even expensive, to achieve excellent quality of the product, since you will need not only the purchase of special equipment, but and a significant redevelopment of the garage.

Choosing a direction of activity should be based on the following factors:

  • What is the heart and the skills - this is by no means a pretentious phrase, since how the business will develop depends on the desire to work and develop your business. Work, after all, should be fun.
  • Starting capital - the smaller it is, the more limited the range of opportunities. For example, you won't be able to buy expensive equipment.
  • The complexity of the workflow and the ability to adapt it to the garage.

How to prepare the premises?

Suppose that you have decided which business to open in the garage, now you can get to work. An approximate step-by-step plan to start developing your business is as follows:

  • Put the premises in order, connect the necessary communications - electricity, water supply, sewerage, heating if necessary. If work with chemicals, paints and varnishes takes place, then it is imperative to install a good ventilation system. Without one, working in the garage will be hazardous to health.
  • Create a detailed business plan.
  • Document your business.
  • Purchase the necessary equipment, hire personnel if necessary (but if at first you can do without it, then it is better to do so).
  • Establish ways of selling finished products.
  • Launch an advertising campaign and start working.

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Our today's material will help with this.

Ways to make money in the garage

Our editors analyzed the main ways to “make your garage work for you”. We present to their attention.

Renting out the garage

Before answering the question of what business to open in a garage, you should take a closer look at the simpler and least costly ways of earning money. One of these is rent.

The procedure should start by submitting ads on one of the ad sites, as well as determining for what purpose the garage will be rented:

  • warehouse for storing tools or equipment;
  • car parking;
  • storage of equipment, household appliances;
  • rest, entertainment.

The rent ranges from 2,000 to 4,000 rubles per month and depends on many factors:

  • the territorial location of the garage;
  • its external and internal state;
  • size;
  • the presence of supplied communications ( light, heating), etc.

Garage Trading

You can organize your own mini-business in the garage if you convert it into a stationary trade object.

You can trade anything, but it is better if it is auto parts, auto cosmetics or other accessories for vehicles.

The garage business is rapidly gaining popularity in Russia. Today it employs 15% of the working-age population. Especially many garage entrepreneurs live in the southern regions of the country. Why is this niche so in demand? At least due to the fact that novice businessmen do not need to rent premises and invest six-figure sums in the business. Business ideas in a garage 2021 can be implemented by almost any person who understands their craft.

From this article you will learn:

What kind of business you can open in a garage

The first question for any aspiring entrepreneur is what kind of business you can open in a garage. And here you need to take into account not only your capabilities, interests and knowledge, but also the requirements of the legislation. Because if they are not observed, there is a risk of getting a huge fine and even a ban on doing business.

Below we will consider which business can be opened, and which one is definitely not worth it:

    Service This is the best garage business for newbies. It involves a minimum of investments and risks. All you need to do is put the garage in order: clean, insulate, bring communications.

    IMPORTANT. Residents of some regions of Russia (Moscow and Moscow Region, Kaluga Region, Republic of Tatarstan) can work legally as self-employed persons in accordance with the law of 27. 1. 018, No. 422-FZ. At the same time, taxes are minimal: 4% for the provision of services to individuals and 6% for organizations.

    Tip. We do not recommend getting involved with food production in a garage. In order to protect the health of the population, the legislator has established a wide range of sanitary and epidemiological standards for the food industry. Chances are, you won't be able to run your business without breaking anything.

    ideas for starting a small business in a garage for men with no or little investment

    Typically, a garage business for men is about technology. The implementation of many ideas requires the purchase of equipment that is not cheap and pays off only after 6-18 months. Is it realistic to open a business without money or with minimal investment in a garage? Fortunately, there are such options.

    Idea Renting out a garage

    If you consider business ideas in a garage for aspiring entrepreneurs, then renting out premises is the easiest option, using which you can even save money with a small salary, so that later you can start a more serious business. Today, new apartment buildings are being built at a frantic pace, which cannot be said about parking lots. Residents are racking their brains over where to leave their car, so as not to prop up anyone and not get "hello" from the impound.

    The cost of renting a garage is highly dependent on the region, the condition of the premises and other factors. But as a rule, it is in the range of 2.5-6 thousand rubles. per month. Higher profits can be obtained by renting out the garage by the day or by the hour.

    Starting your own business does not always require impressive investments or specialized higher education. Many entrepreneurs with a fortune of millions started their own businesses from a small garage: Steve Jobs from assembling personal computers, Soichiro Honda from equipment for bicycles and motorcycles, Harley Davidson from creating a new engine. There are a lot of similar examples. Lacking material assets and money, possessing one idea, as well as dedication, hard work, diligence and the desire to realize their plans, they went to their goal.

    If you decide to change your life for the better and start your own business, then your ideas, which have been collected and carefully considered for years, simply must be realized. For those who wish to develop and earn income, nothing is impossible.

    Tip: you can organize a small business in your own garage, without buying expensive equipment or hiring personnel. At the start, you need a minimum investment, materials at hand and a room to carry out work, which can be organized in a garage or basement.

    If you are a professional foreman, auto mechanic, technologist who is tired of working for a penny for your employer, opening your own business is absolutely real. Consider the most popular business ideas of 2021 that you can organize in your own garage and get a steady income.

    Furniture manufacturing

    Starting your own mini-furniture production requires certain skills in this area. Large manufacturers and small private workshops operate in the Russian furniture market. This trend will continue in 2021. On the one hand, the level of competition is very high. On the other hand, the demand for furniture in different price segments is very high, practically not amenable to seasonality. Fashion for design and interior decoration often changes, and with it the needs for furniture.

    You can organize a small production workshop in your own garage. The main thing is to determine the direction. You can start making cabinet or upholstered furniture. Some craftsmen are focused on the production of kitchen furniture, while others specialize in doors, wardrobes, dressers, armchairs or sofas. When choosing a direction, start from the available equipment and your own skills.

    With minimal investment, it is recommended to engage in the production of frameless furniture, wicker baskets for laundry, armchairs, tables. Experienced players in this market confirm that in 5-6 years of such work it is possible to organize a large workshop with hired personnel.

    As in any business, you need to establish sales channels at the start. Get ready in the early stages to reduce prices for your services to attract customers.

    Tip: do not save on advertising, use all kinds of promotion methods - distribution of flyers and business cards, posting information in local media and the Internet, outdoor advertising.

    Car service

    Machine repair services will be in demand as long as they require maintenance. The invention of a non-breakable car in 2021 is about as close to reality as the creation of a perpetual motion machine. This suggests that you can make good money on the "treatment of iron horses".

    In the conditions of a permanent economic crisis, organizing a business in your own garage can become a source of basic or additional income.

    In an idle garage, you can implement one of the business ideas that have already been successfully tested by private entrepreneurs. Many of them do not require serious financial investments and are not associated with great economic risks.

    We provide services

    Own garage space allows you to equip a specialized service point.

    The direction of service provision will depend on the owner's knowledge and skills in a particular area. The better the owner understands the service he is going to provide, the better the business will be built.

    Opening a car service

    The most logical and reasonable solution would be to provide repair and maintenance services for vehicles. Your own knowledge and skills in the technical field, electronics and car diagnostics will help you organize and open the box. You can take a share of familiar craftsmen or friends who know the car business and are ready to conscientiously do their job.

    The efficiency and relevance of the service will depend on the quality of the services provided. The first few customers, satisfied with the "garage" service, can recommend the craftsmen to their immediate environment, which means that the number of customers will grow. But you will have to give up the price - if the cost of work in a private garage is the same as in a specialized car service, it is unlikely that you will be able to lure potential customers.

    The garage is suitable not only for car repairs - here you can carry out tuning and tire fitting, service motorcycles, scooters or, for example, ATVs.

    We equip the warehouse

    The garage can be used to store food and non-food items. It can be used by car owners for seasonal storage of tires, entrepreneurs for overexposure of consignments of goods intended for sale.

    Depending on the nature of the stored products, it may be necessary to create certain microclimatic conditions, arrange convenient boxes and shelves.

    Making a point of sale

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