Small town garage business - top 10 garage business ideas

Many people have the idea to open a business in a garage, because the cost of implementing such projects, in most cases, is minimal. But, not everyone knows what exactly they want to do. If you decide to start your own business, but still have not decided on the choice, then this article is for you. Today we will tell you about popular solutions that will allow you to realize your dream and make money.

How to start a business in a garage?

To open a business in a garage, you will need:

  • Come up with an interesting idea;
  • Purchase equipment (if necessary);
  • Open IP.

Deciding what to do is not always easy. In order for entrepreneurial activity to bring not only money, but also pleasure, try to choose a solution to your liking. For example, some people like to repair cars, while others cannot live without carpentry work. Find your niche before embarking on any project. You can borrow solutions abroad and get an unusual project that will eventually gain popularity in your country.

Tip! Focus on quality. Only the production of professional goods is capable of generating high profits, as well as adequately competing in the market.

Where to start your business and how to achieve success?

The whole process starts with an idea. It should be understood that with minimal investment it is not always possible to do business in the garage. It all depends on the chosen niche.

If you do not have enough funds to carry out your business, you should contact investors. To do this, it is worth writing a business plan that will fully reflect the activities of the future mini-business, but also talk about the benefits of the investor. Try to devote a lot of time to the plan to work it out in more detail.

Remember! You write a business plan, first of all, for yourself, so focus on the most approximate data. Look for information in open sources, ask friends and acquaintances about budgets and costs (if possible), and also do analytics in your region. The more statistics you can collect, the easier it will be to implement the concept.

Garage business from scratch - is it worth it? Examples of the success of the garage business. Instructions for starting a business from scratch + recommendations. TOP 6 garage business ideas + 5 alternatives.

It's getting harder to start your own business in our country every year. Rent, hiring, and other costs are pressing down on the common people relentlessly, swallowing up investments at the speed of light.

A business in a garage is an acceptable alternative that can be really used not only for people with a full wallet, but also for citizens with an average income level.

In today's article we will describe all the nuances of this area + provide top development ideas in 2021-2021.

What is a garage business: niche features + examples of success

The key feature of the direction is the use of private premises for business. 40% + of the population of large cities have their own garage, moreover, some buildings are simply empty, because the owner has sold the car a long time ago (or he did not have a vehicle at all), and the room became a storage room. Why not use the opportunity wisely?

) Features / Benefits of Garage Business

The idea of ​​developing production in garages is not new. The first conferences among representatives of small / medium-sized businesses date back to 2021-2021. The most scrupulous study was carried out by the Khamovniki Foundation in 2021.

Figures for researching the state of the garage business:

  • 70+ Russian settlements were analyzed;
  • about 2,000 interviews were taken;
  • 1300-2021 is the average number of garages occupied by mini-business in large cities of the country;
  • 34-44 years - the average age of garage business owners;
  • about 40% of owners work on individual entrepreneurship, about 20% - LLC, the rest hide their activity;
  • 16 types of business were identified - from agriculture to educational services.

The presence of a garage in the property enables private entrepreneurs to realize their plans and use the premises as a site for production or provision of services. There are many business ideas in a garage for men, which can be implemented with start-up capital in the amount of 50 to 200 thousand rubles, depending on the field of activity. With the right approach, the business will develop successfully, flourish, and the costs will quickly pay off.


Before starting your own business in the garage, you should weigh all the pros and cons, and decide on the format. The choice depends on your own talents, abilities, hobbies and ambitions. Often, businessmen work in pairs, where one person is responsible for the technological component and production processes, and the other takes care of attracting clients, document flow and reporting. Entrepreneurial activity is not limited to renting out premises for a car or storing things, there are a large number of business ideas in the garage with minimal investment, including:

  • auto repair shop (repair, assembly, bodywork, installation of alarms, tire fitting, painting, tinting, etc.);
  • production of decorative and design elements;
  • mini-shop ;
  • turning workshop;
  • furniture manufacturing;
  • building materials production;
  • creative studio (artwork, photo editing, scrapbooking, etc.);
  • production of printed products;
  • rehearsal facilities;
  • glass processing and cutting;
  • growing plants;
  • repair shop (household appliances, bicycles, shoes, key making);
  • sewing clothes and curtains;
  • point of sale ;
  • production of metal structures.

Where to start

If the activity is determined, then it is important to draw up a business plan, work out a strategy for start-up and further development, if not, then you should consider several promising areas, conduct marketing research to assess their relevance. To implement the tasks you need:

  • Make a business plan.
  • Determine the possibility of doing business in a specific place, obtain the consent of neighboring owners, if noisy and intensive production is expected.
  • Register an individual entrepreneur, select the form of taxation.
  • Prepare the premises - do cleaning, repair, insulate, equip soundproofing, provide access and drive to the garage, carry out communications (water supply, electricity, sewerage, ventilation, air conditioning).
  • Purchase the necessary equipment and tools.
  • Decide on the supply of consumables.
  • Analyze competitors, set prices for products and services.
  • Search for clients, launch ads (banners, flyers, social networks).

Benefits of starting a business in a garage

Garage business has many advantages, which include:

  • no rental fees;
  • relatively small start-up investments;
  • the ability to engage in rather dusty and noisy production;
  • convenience of location, proximity to home, presence of potential customers nearby (for example, in the case of a car repair shop);
  • the opportunity to realize their skills and abilities, try themselves in business and further expand its scale.

Examples of garage business

These are just a few of the business ideas in the garage. Opportunities and implementation depend on the perseverance, dedication of the entrepreneur, and with a careful and responsible approach, a business can bring a lot of income and become a start for further expansion.

Today we will analyze 10 business options for a garage in a small town, we have collected ideas from a wide variety of niches in order to show that a garage business is quite real and it is not limited to banal ideas such as renting a garage for rent (this is already a classic), but there are many other more profitable options.

If you turn on your imagination in the garage, you can realize a lot of interesting, and most importantly, very profitable business ideas with minimal investment. In many ideas, you don't even need to have any professional skills, if you wonder how this can be done then they drove.

How to start a small town garage business

Below, we suggest 10 potentially profitable small town garage businesses. All ideas are different, which one to choose is up to you. But before you lay your eyes on any particular idea. We recommend that you pay attention to some important things. Location, garage size, investment size, your skills.

We suggest not to dwell on what you can do. For example, if you do not own a mining business, this does not mean that you cannot start a ceramic business. You can buy equipment and hire a specialist, and you yourself can advertise and sell products. In addition, we suggest not to get hung up on your small town, but to think on a larger scale and sell your products to neighboring cities, villages, as well as via the Internet. We also recommend reading the article - business ideas for a small town.

The idea of ​​"Renting out a garage"

The easiest business idea to implement for a garage in a small town, renting it out. Garage can be rented out not only to owners of cars or motorcycles and other equipment, but, for example, a warehouse.

As for the fee, everything will depend on the size of your garage, location and city itself. It is clear that in a larger city rent will cost several times more than in a small village. Therefore, it will be difficult to calculate the approximate profit without knowing the city.

Garage Trading Idea

If your garage is located somewhere in a crowded place, by which a large number of people pass every day. This idea makes sense. Of course, there is not much free space in the garage, but for organizing a business in a small city, this is quite an interesting option, especially if your garage has a good location.

As for what can be sold in such an unusual "store", there can be a lot of options here, first of all, the options for goods should depend on local demand. In fact, you can sell anything your heart desires, from auto parts to food.

Garage Forge Idea

Owning a small business becomes an interesting idea for enterprising citizens who are ready to monetize their hobby or feel the strength to start a business that brings additional income. At the same time, it is not at all necessary at the start-up stage to invest a lot of money - rather small savings on equipment, advertising and consumables. The garage business will be of interest to many men (less often women, but anything can happen) who are ready to take risks and offer others something useful, and most importantly, affordable.

How to start a garage business

First you need to buy or rent a room. There are not many garages left in good areas, most of them are located on the outskirts of the city or in the sleeping quarters of the city. Choose the option where the permeability will be higher. For example, you should not take a well-equipped garage located far from residential buildings and highways, no matter how cheap and attractive it turns out to be. Ideally, if the premises are immediately available to you. Then it will be possible to invest only in minor cosmetic repairs and immediately proceed to further steps.

Small production in the garage after the premises have been prepared for work, you need to start by looking for an idea. There are two ways to go here:

  • Offer a service that is highly popular in your city, but on more attractive terms than competitors. For example, to slightly understate the price in comparison with the market average or arrange promotions.
  • Place a bet on something new and unusual. This is a risky option, but with a successful combination of circumstances, it is likely that your financial situation will dramatically improve, and then you will reach a new level and, possibly, open a full-fledged business.

Advertising is the engine of progress. Perhaps there is no such person who would not have heard this phrase. It is also quite applicable to the garage business. So that not only acquaintances or those who live in a certain microdistrict know about you, take care of the promotion. For example, post flyers. Advertise on the internet or in a newspaper.

You can create your own account in popular social networks and talk about the business you are doing there.

Small garage production ideas

Ideas of production in a garage are only at first glance rather boring and boil down to either tire fitting or car repair. But if you think a little more, it turns out that you can do not only what every second "garage businessman" practices. We offer you fresh options that are guaranteed to resonate in the hearts of others and make them pay attention to your proposal:

  • Anti-freeze production. Technical fluid of this type is necessary for all drivers, but it becomes more and more expensive to buy it in stores every year. If you can prove that your anti-freeze is no different in quality from an industrial analogue, with the exception of a more attractive cost, then you will be provided with orders for the entire autumn-winter season.
  • Plaster or metal products. Many city dwellers have their own dacha, where they want not only to grow a good harvest, but also to have high-quality rest, take beautiful photos, etc. To achieve this goal, people are engaged in landscaping, installing flowerpots, sculptures, and other decorative elements on a suburban area ... They can buy them at exorbitant prices in hardware stores or for adequate money from you.
  • Production of greenhouses and greenhouses. All the same summer residents will turn to you for them - rarely anyone now prefers to grow vegetables in the open field. Only frames can be produced. Or you can buy machines for the garage business, designed for cutting glass or other material from which the walls will be composed, and offer the whole range of work, including even assembly with installation.
  • Making felt boots, bath brooms or washcloths. All these goods will be useful both for summer residents and residents of cities that do not have their own land. Felt boots are now becoming fashionable even among adults, and for children these are generally winter shoes # 1. Washcloths are used both in baths and bathrooms - many people deliberately do not buy sponges, because they believe that they are unable to cleanse the body to a squeak.
  • Renting out. Do you have a garage at your disposal, but you don't have your own car, just as you don't want to invest even a couple of thousand rubles in the business? Find those willing - we say right away, there will be a lot of them - to purchase a parking space at a bargain price. A garage differs from an open-air parking by the presence of a roof overhead, and from a covered parking - by more loyal prices.

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