Small town business ideas from scratch

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas for a small city from scratch." We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

What business is profitable to open in a small town?

What business is profitable to open: 6 features of business development in a small town + 5 specific business ideas.

Starting a business in a small town seems to be a very difficult task.

An entrepreneur has many questions about choosing a business area, determining the clientele and market for products.

But this view of small towns is rather one-sided.

An entrepreneurial environment like this has many benefits, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs.

What business is profitable to open in a small town?

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to analyze many factors.

Starting from the customer base, ending with the location of the city.

In this article, you will learn how to properly start your business, draw up a business plan for a project, and get the maximum income.

Features of the business development environment in a small town

Opening your profitable small business from scratch is possible not only in large cities, but also in settlements where the number of inhabitants does not exceed 60,000 people. It is quite difficult to find a stable high-paying job in a small town, so many opt for individual entrepreneurship. Ideas for creating your own profitable business are diverse and promising. The success of the business largely depends on which business is chosen.


  • Lack of fierce competition;
  • Opportunity to make your business work on an outsourcing principle - living in a small town, to fulfill orders for a metropolis;
  • No big money required in the beginning: moderate employee benefits, low cost of renting premises and conducting an advertising campaign;
  • The ability to make your business the only source of branded goods in a small town.

With a good organization and the implementation of a promising idea in life, you can create a fairly profitable business even in the smallest city from scratch, which under certain circumstances cannot be achieved in a metropolis.

Business Options

Before starting your business from scratch, determining which idea to use, you can analyze whether the selected project meets the main parameters:

  • Ideas and implementation methods should be easy to analyze: you can make your business successful if you are well versed in the chosen area.
  • The implementation of the chosen idea should not imply the inclusion of a large number of highly qualified specialists in the business scheme, since it is rather difficult to hire an expert in a small town. Most of the successful workers are trying to move to a metropolis.
  • Your business from scratch should not involve narrow-profile projects, since it will be difficult to find a sufficient number of clients. The ideal option is to implement an idea that is relevant for the population of a small city, which has no analogues in a particular area.

  • Open a repair shop: can be done by making keys or repairing shoes;
  • Making soap, hand-made ideas;
  • Open a small pastry shop or bakery;
  • Create your own beauty salon at home with a nail extension and decoration service;
  • Open a company focused on performing household work;
  • Make kvass;
  • Open a private kindergarten;
  • Make dance classes or martial arts available;
  • Open a celebration design studio;
  • Grow decorative plants for sale;
  • Open a mini-store selling creative accessories and T-shirts.

Before deciding where to start, it is worth considering the desire and desire for a certain activity, the existing skills and abilities of a businessman in a particular area.

Business Ideas

It is important for a small settlement to open a public bath, where you can not only improve your health, but also have a good rest. The business will be profitable if it additionally offers all kinds of services to visitors. It can be a beautician's office, manual massage, etc. It is imperative to open a small cafe in the bathhouse, where customers can buy refreshing drinks and original dishes.

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