Small investment business ideas in Ukraine

Considering the territory of Ukraine as a platform for the implementation of a business idea with small investments, it should be pointed out that now it has a specific business environment, manifested through the following advantages:

  • Simplified taxation (availability of an electronic reporting and tax payment system, reduced number of mandatory payments);
  • Cancellation of the requirement to obtain a special certificate for the acquired land plot;
  • High level of training and professionalism of local specialists;
  • Relatively inexpensive labor;
  • Low cost of raw materials;
  • Geographically advantageous location.

  • Serious scale of corruption;
  • Legislative instability;
  • The effect of administrative restrictions, bans and constant bureaucratic procedures;
  • High cost of loans and underdeveloped lending;
  • Distrust of Ukrainians to national banks;
  • Weak activity of local and foreign investors;

Actual and promising ideas for business in Ukraine

Almost every small business idea can be well accepted by the Ukrainian market, since the country has a high economic potential and a loyal consumer. Below are the most relevant projects, the implementation of which does not take away a significant part of the capital and will allow you to quickly recoup your investment.

Growing vegetables in a rooftop greenhouse

European business organization standards, based on the use of any territory and area in order to increase its efficiency, have served to develop the idea of ​​growing crops on rooftops.

This approach to cultivation has significant advantages:

  • The soil heats up faster;
  • The plant feels less cold because the soil layer is thinner;
  • More light, as shadows from low buildings;
  • Significant savings on communications (there may be none at all);
  • The proximity of the location of the source of electricity and water supply;

The project has the following features:

  • Available for sale in any Ukrainian city;
  • Does not require large investments (crop seeds are not expensive, the cost of a polycarbonate greenhouse will cost from 5 to 20 thousand. rubles depending on its size);
  • There is no competition;
  • The payback period is 1 season.

Plant species that can be grown profitably include:

  • Greens (dill, parsley);
  • Flowers and ornamental plants;
  • White lupine;
  • Garlic ;
  • Corn;
  • Sugar beet (beet);
  • Tomatoes;
  • Cucumbers.

Many modern people prefer to engage in entrepreneurial activity instead of working for the "boss". But in order to create some kind of enterprise, you need a large start-up capital. If you have no money, do not give up. Popular business ideas with small investments in Ukraine presented in this article will help you lay the foundation for future financial well-being and prosperity.

Foreign language courses

Nowadays, without knowledge of foreign languages, it is impossible to get a prestigious high-paying job, so the number of people who wish to study them is constantly growing. This means that foreign language courses are a promising idea for a small business with little investment.

To start such a business, you need to hire experienced teachers and make effective advertising. You can create your own website and offer training in foreign languages ​​via Skype. In this case, you can save a lot on renting a room. Such a small business with minimal investment with a competent and balanced approach will bring you a decent stable income.

Patriotic paraphernalia

After the recent events in Ukraine, many business ideas have received a second chance at life. In particular, this applies to trade in products with patriotic symbols. Recently, people are often seen on the streets wearing embroidered shirts with badges pinned to their chest, which depict the coat of arms and the flag of Ukraine. Enterprising people, as soon as mass protests began in the center of Kiev, immediately opened a spontaneous trade in items with patriotic symbols. Many of them have earned decent money from this.

If you have not yet decided what kind of business you can open with minimal investment, try applying symbols on T-shirts and T-shirts at home. To do this, you need a computer, printer and heat press. In addition, you can grind or pour various accessories and badges from plastic. It is best to sell finished products in bulk to souvenir stalls or sell them on the Internet.

Breeding pheasants

This is one of the most interesting and profitable business ideas with minimal investment at home in rural areas. In our country, this area of ​​activity has not yet become widespread, so you can easily occupy your niche in the market and achieve great financial success in this area.

If you can competently organize the breeding of pheasants and the sale of finished products, you can get a decent profit. Shops and restaurants order pheasant meat in small quantities, but the demand for it is stable. In addition, hunting farms are purchased from private breeders in large quantities of live pheasants. If you manage to agree with them on cooperation, there will be no problems with the sale of pheasants. This new business idea for small businesses from scratch in 2021, despite the crisis, will allow you to make good money.

Taking Photos

If you're passionate about photography and looking for small business ideas with minimal investment, try offering photography services to individuals and corporate clients. Nowadays, the demand for such a service is constantly growing, so you can create your own profitable business literally from scratch in a short time.

All you need for work is high-quality working equipment. But if you've done photography before, chances are you have a camera and all the necessary gadgets. It is advisable, before starting work, to gain additional knowledge in special courses or seminars. As a self-promotion, take some free photoshoots to attract your first customers. Over time, you can expand your business and open your own photography studio. This 2021 minimal investment business idea is suitable for creative, talented people who strive to improve and develop their abilities.

In a crisis, business ideas with minimal investment are becoming more and more attractive. Investing a large sum in a business that, if successful, promises large profits in a few years, not everyone will decide.

They say that ideas are in the air, but how do you find business ideas that can be profitable? We invite you to consider the most relevant business ideas in Ukraine that will help you start your own business and become the master of your own destiny.

How to find your niche in business - key points

A potentially promising niche has the following qualities:

  • demand - the activity they plan to engage in arouses interest in society;
  • novelty - goes hand in hand with demand, but attracts the clientele with the unusual idea;
  • development perspective - how much will the demand for a service or product grow over time;
  • competitiveness - will a new business be able to compete with those already on the market;
  • profitability - the ability to bring income, financial potential.

All vacant business niches can potentially become profitable with the right approach. When choosing which business niches are not occupied, it is important to focus on those in which the novice businessman already has certain knowledge and experience.

Empty niches seem attractive at first glance, but being a beginner in the chosen field, it will be almost impossible to calculate possible risks, strategy and presentation.

Choosing a Niche for Business: Potential Customers and Sales

Not all fresh and interesting ideas turn out to be profitable in practice - many do not even reach self-sufficiency in the end. To choose the right niche, you should ask yourself a few questions that will help you understand its prospects. Here is an approximate list of them:

  • Who is the business focused on, or what is its target audience?
  • Will the idea be interesting to its target audience?
  • Why customers will choose exactly this service and exactly from this provider?
  • What are the possible disadvantages of the idea?

When defining the audience, you need to take into account the gender factor, the age range of the target audience, the income level of potential buyers and their social status.

For example, by launching an online store selling fitness trackers that track the state of the wearer's body during sports, the target audience will be active young people, equally men and women, aged 20 to 35 with an average and a high level of wealth.

Starting a Small Business - Coworking Center

A large number of beginning entrepreneurs are interested in the question of how to open their own business in Ukraine? All entrepreneurs want such a business to be promising; in this regard, the newest ideas should be considered. There can be many options, you should focus on one of them.

Ukraine, like many countries of the Commonwealth, every year has an increasing number of people who work as freelancers.

Such people work according to a free schedule, they do not need to sit from 9 am to 6 pm in the office, but not all of them prefer to work from home, the most advanced of them prefer to work in an environment of their own kind. Investments in such a business will be necessary, but such a small business, if properly organized, will quickly pay off.

A huge number of freelancers prefer to work in equipped, comfortable workplaces, the demand for such services is great, so when ideas for a small business are considered, opening a coworking center is one of the most promising ideas. It should be noted that such a business can bring a rather large income, since ideas related to freelancing are very promising today. Providing coworking spaces for freelancers is a very promising idea, but before opening such a business, you need to clearly plan how to start everything, how to arrange everything in such a way that customers are satisfied and the whole business brings great profit. It should be noted that the opening of such a small business will require certain financial costs, but if everything is organized properly, then there is no doubt that such a private business will quickly pay for itself. How to open a coworking center for freelancers in Ukraine, what should it look like in order to attract a large number of clients, what should be taken into account? When considering ideas related to renting premises, there are many nuances to consider. Coworking is created for those people who want to combine all the advantages of being a freelancer: a free schedule, independence from management with all the advantages of office life, namely communication with colleagues, their help, a workplace. If we consider business ideas in the field of small business, then this option is very suitable. It should be noted that such a small business idea as opening a coworking center will be in great demand not only among "free artists", but also among employees of various companies that do not work in the central office, and among many novice entrepreneurs who are organizers of small businesses. but do not have free funds to rent commercial real estate.

Organizational issues of such a business

If the city has a metro, then it is better that such a coworking center is not far from one of the stations. When organizing such a small business, one very important circumstance should be taken into account - what kind of view opens from the window of the room. He must be attractive, this circumstance must be taken into account. Ideas related to creative people should take into account all the nuances; the success of the business largely depends on this. The types of services provided to clients can be very different.

Before starting such a business, it should be borne in mind that there must be an empty parking area near the office space. This circumstance is very important when organizing such a small business, since the lack of parking spaces can become a stumbling block for potential customers. It should be noted that some business ideas were not realized due to such organizational issues.

When such a private business is organized, you should acquire certain office equipment: a printer, copier, computers, a multimedia projector and screen, a flip chart (a magnetic board with markers and a notepad), and so on. At the same time, you should buy new computers, this will require investments, but everything will quickly pay off. When organizing such a small business, it should be borne in mind that in addition to a fixed payment for renting a workplace, you should charge a fee for the use of office equipment. What office equipment to use in this case is a matter for freelancers themselves, they themselves decide what is most preferable for them.

Opening of a cafe with national cuisine

Dry cleaning is a service industry that requires constant communication with people. People come in completely different, with different moods and the owner's task is to provide them with a quality service so that the client will return to him more than once. Opening a dry cleaner is a costly affair, as it requires certain technological equipment and a lot of permits and documents. Actually for the second reason, the promotion of many business ideas for small businesses in Ukraine slows down. All organizational stages can take about a year.

First, you need to find a suitable room, carry out repair work in it so that it meets the sanitary and fire requirements, which are a lot of such an object. Then get permission from the same "firemen" and the sanitary and epidemiological station. The purchase of equipment and training of personnel will also take a lot of time. In general, in order to organize a decent network of dry cleaners around the city, investments in the region of $ 100 thousand will be required. Large investments at the initial stage are not required, although there were cases of opening a network of this service sector with an initial capital of 500 thousand ol.

What to save on

Specialists working in this field claim that nothing! Cheap equipment will be limited in functionality, therefore, some customers will be lost. Unskilled personnel who are not responsible for the case can spoil the items handed over for processing, and the owner will have to compensate the owner of the item. You shouldn't skimp on advertising either; it should be bright, catchy and numerous.

Any business idea for small business in Ukraine requires the involvement of consumers. And the main tool for this is advertising.


The building where the dry cleaning is located is subject to a number of requirements established by regulatory enactments:

  • The premises should be located in a separate building. The distance from residential buildings should be at least 100 meters, catering establishments, grocery stores in the vicinity should also not be.
  • Ceilings must be at least 3.3 meters high. These can be basement floors or a semi-basement area.
  • The average area is 150-250 sq. ., for a mini-cleaning, 50 sq. ...
  • Rooms should be equipped with a powerful supply and exhaust ventilation system.

The total area of ​​a room or building should be divided into 4 zones:

This is the main component that will ensure the quality of the services provided. The main leaders in the production of specialized equipment are Germany and Italy.

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