Small business things to do - a list of interesting ideas

The idea of ​​"Dental office on wheels"

The purchase of a special machine equipped as a dental office with all the necessary materials for treatment and diagnostic measures will be a profitable investment. Such mobile dentistry will be able to serve up to three dozen patients per day and work offline for a week.

Such a business is in great demand in small towns and villages, and you can also try to expand your business in this direction in a big city, there are also people who, for various reasons, do not have time to visit dental clinics. Such a business can be opened with a minimum of funds, because you can simply rent a special car and not spend money on its purchase. The list of main expenses includes: registration of a package of documents and permits, an advertising campaign, purchase of consumables and medicines, salaries of employees. If you are confident in yourself, you can start.

Idea "Business cards from wood"

This is one of the innovative ideas that is only gaining momentum and thus makes it possible to acquire your clientele. For this activity, you will need to purchase a laser machine with software and sheets of wood veneer. You will also need to hire a designer who will work with the customer and be responsible for the design of business cards, as well as a technologist who will work with the laser and monitor the quality of the drawing. To develop your business, you can offer customers the production of wedding invitations, advertising stands, etc. With active work and the presence of orders, the initial investment will pay off in less than a year. This is how profitable a small business is!

The idea of ​​"Growing medicinal herbs"

Such a business will be a good solution for entrepreneurs who have land in rural areas. In order to grow medicinal (possibly rare) herbs on your land plot, you will need a minimum of money, but a maximum of effort. Herbal seeds or sprouts can be purchased in bulk from businesses that make herbal cosmetics or medicines. Give preference to herbs that are endowed with not only medicinal, but also unique properties. By buying seeds for small amounts, you can donate these herbs in bulk and earn decent money. Now, opening a small business, you know what to do in the countryside, and at the same time receive a constant income!

The idea of ​​"Arbolite blocks"

We advise you to pay attention to the production, the effectiveness of which has been tested by time, and consists in the manufacture of wood concrete blocks. Naturally, even in times of crisis, people continue to build, but at the same time they seek to save on building materials, replacing expensive brick with arbolite. It is impossible to call this direction in business a novelty, but the fact that after forgetting the sale of wood concrete blocks again acquired a second wind is a fact! By making this inexpensive and at the same time environmentally friendly building material, you can build a productive business with good earnings. If you do not know what kind of small business you can do, then the production of wood concrete for a novice entrepreneur will be a good choice.

To open your business, you will need to spend money on the purchase of the following equipment:

wood chip shredder;

forms and pallets for collecting finished blocks.

Business ideas for women

In a small city, you can quickly build a profitable business, just like in a large metropolis. But before choosing an idea, you need to carefully study consumer demand and the characteristics of the area. Your own business: what to do in a small town, we will consider the most popular ideas in more detail in this article.

Pet Hotel

Many residents of small towns want to start their own small business. Things to do? Many pet owners are looking for where to leave their pet for a long business trip or vacation, so opening a mini-hotel for animals is quite an interesting and, at the same time, profitable business. For staying in the hotel of such guests, you need to establish an advance payment. Be sure to include veterinarian services and fees for additional services such as brushing your teeth and outdoor games. This approach will allow you to insure your business against losses. To avoid any problems, discuss all the important points with the owners and secure all this with an agreement.

To open a small hotel for animals, it will take about 200 thousand. rubles. The payback period for the business is at least 2 years. The average price for a dog's daily stay in a hotel is 500 rubles, for a cat - 300 rubles.

Handicraft shop

Handmade products are very popular lately, so there shouldn't be any problems with their implementation. Exclusive items are best sold in a small gift shop. To do this, you need to rent a room in a walk-through area and decorate it in the "antique" style. But it is best to sell such products on the Internet, preferably on foreign sites. If you take goods for sale, you can implement this idea of ​​your business in 2021 with minimal investment, that is, keep within about 40-50 thousand rubles.

Children's photographer

Thinking about what to do in a crisis, a business in photography will help you get through these difficult times. The easiest way to make a living is by offering the services of a child photographer. If you interact with employees of preschool and school institutions, there will always be work. Usually, parents are happy to pay money for photographs of their children, especially if they are taken in school or kindergarten.

It is also advisable to learn how to use graphic editors to take photos of children against the background of the sea, forest or other interesting landscapes. Also, you need to purchase several costumes so that the child can change into a sailor, soldier or princess. You can earn 3-5 thousand rubles from a photo session of one children's group. Also, you can offer your services in dance studios, children's art clubs and more. If you know how to take good pictures and are wondering what to do in a small town, a photography business can be a great start for a successful entrepreneurial activity.

Auto dismantling in the garage

Are you dreaming of starting your own business from scratch and wondering what to do in a small town? If you have a large garage that can accommodate several cars, you can start selling used parts.

How to open a car disassembly from scratch in the garage? First of all, you need to study the demand in the automotive market. During the crisis, many people are in no hurry to buy new cars, so they often look for spare parts to repair the old one. But do not relax, because the market situation may change at any time and the demand for new parts will begin to grow. In this case, your business may fail. It is advisable that among your acquaintances there were several experienced auto repairmen through whom you can track consumer demand.

Summing up the results. TOP 20 business ideas for women in 2017. And a nice bonus for lovely ladies.Therefore, it is not surprising that women in Russia are more and more actively looking for their business ideas, their idea of ​​home business ...

Small business: what to do - recommendations, ideas

Small business is traditionally a sore spot for our country. People running their small business are real fighters, because it is impossible to go through all these checks, taxes without a strong character. What to do in a small business? This question worries many even now, because even in the most difficult times the number of enterprising people does not decrease, if not increase.

A lot of interesting business ideas can be found here. And the promotion of an already open business is described in detail in this article.


One question worries a person who has decided to open his own business: what to do? Before exploring ideas, it's important to understand the basic rules:

  • Try to keep your initial capital as low as possible. That is, choose a niche that does not require heavy costs, the need for purchases, or the opening of an office. For example, it can be a service industry. Staff can earn income from interest. The costs are almost zero. When you get started, you can already think about other conditions for the staff and the office. This condition is so important that you do not lose your funds in a difficult economic environment.
  • Do not get carried away with overly original ideas. Nowadays there is an opinion that a business must certainly be one of a kind, occupy a niche where there are no competitors. This is how strange sales of unnecessary things, unnecessary services appear. Perhaps this would have been in demand at another time, however, in the current economic crisis, people do not want to buy too much. Therefore, it is better to bet on those goods and services that are always needed.
  • Motivational articles inspire confidence, but often blind confidence. More than half of the businesses burn out in the first year, and you shouldn't think that the fault lies only with the lack of confidence of their owners. When drawing up a business plan, take into account not only the jelly rivers, but also the real facts.

Be interested not only in motivational materials, but also in the tax legislation of the Russian Federation.

There are many materials on the net with success stories of Steve Jobs and other geniuses. However, most people are not geniuses, and therefore it is better not to break away from reality and sensibly understand what you can offer the client, what will really be in demand.

What small business can you do? Consider the areas in which it makes sense to work:

  • Trade. This can be the opening of a store, an online store, vending machines with the sale of the necessary goods. Pros: trade is always relevant. If you choose an assortment really necessary for the consumer, the profit will be yours. Cons: a huge number of competitors are waiting for you in trading, initial investments will be required, and therefore there is a risk of losing money.
  • Power sphere. This could be the opening of pancakes, snack bars. Pros: people are always hungry, and therefore your services will definitely be relevant. Cons: Don't forget that the catering industry is subject to constant scrutiny. Opening any diner requires a lot of start-up capital. In addition, there is a lot of competition in this area. If you have long dreamed of working in this area, you understand it, then you can and should think in this direction. However, this is definitely not the case when money can be obtained easily and quickly.
  • Service industry. It can be a hairdresser, a building services agency, or a credit institution. Pros: the choice is very large. With good thought, you can keep your initial capital to a minimum. For example, opening a construction company, deducting a percentage of the work to employees. When you have funds from the provision of services, then you can pay your salary. You don't have to open the office for the first month. Cons: To make money, you need to offer services that people really need. But the areas of such services have long been occupied by competitors.
  • Mini-production. You can also open it in your own garage. You can produce furniture, provide repair services. Pros: small initial capital, although funds will still be required. Cons: you need real knowledge and skills, it is difficult for a small production to compete with large organizations, you need to think about the sales market.

Having chosen an idea, you can already think about how to start a small business. Don't forget the importance of a business plan and knowledge of the laws.

Business from scratch What to do?

* Average data for Russia are used in calculations

What kind of business can be opened in a small town with minimal investment? In this collection you will find 25 ideas for your business in small towns, as well as detailed start-up guides.

To open a key-making point, you don't need any impressive investments: 150 thousand rubles will be enough, most of which (about 90 thousand rubles) will be required to buy machines. The main service in the workshop will be the production of duplicate keys to the entrance doors, garages, cars, entrances and intercoms. Additionally, you can earn money on sharpening knives, scissors and drills, selling locks, key rings, emergency opening of locks, etc. You can pay off the point for making keys in six months of work. To accommodate a workshop, 4 sq. meters.

If you are looking for a home business and have experience in parenting, consider opening a private home daycare. It is a socially responsible business that reduces queues for kindergartens and is subsidized in many regions of the country. Private kindergartens are most in demand in new multi-storey districts, where local authorities often do not have time to meet the population's need for state kindergartens. In such places, parents are looking for an opportunity to leave the child under the supervision of at least someone. The profit of the kindergarten at home will amount to 50-100 thousand rubles. per month.

The carpet cleaning business is one of the activities that require minimal capital investment. Its essence is simple - you organize the cleaning of customer carpets on-site or provide services for the removal / delivery of carpets to your own workshop, where you carry out the cleaning. The second option is more suitable for a serious business, as the number of orders and productivity can be significantly increased. When working at home, you can get by with a minimum amount of equipment, household chemicals and small cleaning devices (you can even keep within 100 thousand rubles). With 4-5 orders per day, the net profit can reach 90-120 thousand rubles.

Candlesticking is a fun and relaxing activity that you can do for your soul or retirement. To get started, you need a minimum of funds and skills, and all training materials can be found on YouTube and needlework sites. Simple calculations make it clear that a hobby in this business is much more than a business. If we assume that the price of one candle will be about 270 rubles (the average price for decorative candles), then selling 200 candles per month can earn 54 thousand rubles. Then, taking into account the costs, the profit will be about 40 thousand rubles. Another thing is whether you find so many buyers and sales channels for your candles.

A business that can be opened with a minimum of funds - the production of natural handmade decorative soap. The main investments will go to raw materials: soap base, fragrances and essential oils, dyes. Soap making is a creative process from start to finish, right up to packaging and selling products. Business is possible both as a side job and in large-scale formats.

Selling seedlings can be a good seasonal business. The most popular are seedlings of cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, peppers and other vegetables. You can even grow seedlings at home: on windowsills or on a balcony, in a greenhouse or greenhouse. If you grow seedlings on several levels, then even on 18 square meters, you can fit about 7.5 thousand cups with seedlings. If each glass is sold for 10 rubles, the revenue will be 75 thousand rubles, the profit taking into account costs will be about 50 thousand rubles.

Fish is one of the most beloved products in domestic and foreign cuisine, but few offer it ready-made to customers. Opening a smokehouse does not require large investments. The purchase of smoking equipment, freezers and a container for raw materials will require about 250 thousand rubles. The main conditions for success are a competent recipe and the availability of fresh fish suppliers nearby.

A popular idea of ​​earning money today is selling all kinds of edible bouquets, including the so-called beer bouquets and baskets for men. Usually this is a nicely designed set of beer and beer snacks: sausages, fish, crayfish, squid, chips, and so on. The whole thing is decorated with chili peppers, garlic, cherry tomatoes. There are a million opportunities here - you just have to look at the ready-made ideas.

Ready-made ideas for your business

If you have a presentable premium white car or a retro car, this is a great opportunity to earn money by renting your car for weddings and other celebrations. You can earn from renting 1-2 thousand rubles. per hour, and get additional profit from the rental of jewelry for the car. All that is required is to find a good advertising platform or ad site so that the client can find you.

Building a business from scratch is the dream of many. Your own business will give you financial independence and the opportunity to live well. Of course, it will be difficult at the first stages of the project implementation - the entrepreneur will face difficulties in reporting, lack of investment and many other problems.

Success or failure in business is determined by the perseverance and ambition of the merchant, as well as the choice of idea. The promising directions for 2021 can be singled out separately. Investments in them are minimal, so they are suitable even for those who do not have a lot of funds to implement their own project.

Business ideas with minimal investment in a large city

Living in a metropolis provides great opportunities for running your own business and opens thousands of doors to success. In this case, the residents of the settlement become the drivers of the company's growth. Financial success can be achieved directly in the service sector.

Nail Salon

In 2021, small nail salons are opening everywhere. Girls always want to look spectacular and attractive. So why not make money on this desire? This line of business is more suitable for ladies. There are several ways to organize your work:

  • Home Service.
  • Renting an island in a shopping center.
  • Rent of an office in a hairdressing salon.

Renting in TC is preferable. The necessary targeted traffic is immediately created and the time for the promotion of the point is reduced. Home service will save on rent, but advertising will be difficult. It is not recommended to rent an office in a hairdressing salon in principle - salons with high traffic have been busy for a long time, and work in unpopular places is sometimes completely unprofitable. The form of business is individual entrepreneurship.

Important: a manicurist must undergo a medical examination once a year.

Car selection

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