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How to start your own used car battery buying business

I started this business as a consequence of an incident that happened in my car garage. A man knocked on my door and asked: "Hey, friend, do you have any extra batteries?" Why do you need it? I was curious. Well, I would buy them from you, - said the stranger. With joy, I took this trash out of the garage and willingly sold 3 dilapidated batteries that I found in the garage. Show in full.

I got them for them, to be honest, only 500 rubles. I didn’t leave 1 thought: “Why do some people need old batteries?”. It is not realistic to charge them and use them for their intended purpose. As it turned out, lead is simply removed from the batteries, and later it is melted down and sold to a scrap metal collection point. I began to find out the nuances of such a business and discovered several factors: batteries are usually bought at rates per kg. they are constantly different and it is not difficult to calculate the fixed cost. Cost kg. from 30 rubles. And the cost of taking lead is 80 rubles. The profit is approximately 100 to 300%.

No wonder, in fact, there is no information about this profitable business either on-line or in print media. Anyone who receives at least some information will try to start their own business.

I decided to test this business for myself and began to look for batteries myself. I found the first battery in my garage, found 1 behind the garages and also purchased 1 from a neighbor. Armed with pliers and a pry bar, I began to disassemble them. On that day, I needed to get the records out of the battery, which is not very easy, and also unsafe. It happens that electrolyte itself still remains in the batteries, which easily corrodes not only clothes, but hands, therefore, if you try to do a profitable business, try to ensure that during the process of disassembling the battery you always have water and soap freely available. Lead, extracted from the battery, I melted on a handmade stove-stove into small ingots, which I then handed over to the collection point for non-ferrous alloy.

Having received the first cash, I began to develop my own business and immediately submitted ads in print publications and the Internet, and also posted my proposal in garages. In 1 day I managed to buy 5 batteries, and in seven days more than 50. Then I hired 2 schoolchildren who, for a small amount, posted my ad in many garages.

After that, it was possible to purchase 10-15 batteries per day. Although not all. I came to an agreement with the foreman of the maintenance department of the taxi company, so that he would sell me the batteries that had spent their own life. For a month, I went around all the companies associated with cars. This entry into the market brought me many acquisitions. Despite the large volumes, I professionally learned how to break the battery and take out the records from it, everything went to the fact that I had to hire two workers. Then I completely abandoned this monotonous and especially unsafe work.

Things were going so excellently, in the following days I found a large consumer of lead, who bought it much more expensive than I was given at the first acceptance, with only one condition, the batch of lead must be from 700 kg. Previously, I registered my own business. As an officially registered individual entrepreneur, I had much less chance of getting into the field of tax sight. However, I pay taxes within reasonable limits. I fill out the declaration of earnings based on a simplified tax payment system of 4 percent of turnover.

My business has been operating for 4 years, I have not had any difficulties. Initial investments to create my business took me about ten thousand rubles, but this is a special case and depends on the region and the number of car owners.

How to make money on a branch of australian cocks

The problem of many employers is the seasonality of their business: during one month they are actively working, while others are busy. The chief executive, Alekkandr Yikulov, is engaged in complex greening and he has long sought a business idea that would bring it into the winter season. And now, after a few years of experimentation, he, it seems, found such an idea - and started the farm for the production of Australian paints. Show in full.

Aleksandr Ηikulov, 50 years old, manager from the Rostov region, the founder of the “Roctov Lobster” farm. For more than 20 years he has owned and operated the company "Flopa-Service" in the city of Volgodonsk Rostov region, which is occupied by a complex plant. Β In 2021, he founded the farm on which the Australian red-clawed paints are grown.

Why didn’t he grind the business “from the child”, he didn’t work for a day. The company "Flora-Service" has been engaged in complex greening and blooming for 20 years already. We serve both private clients, as well as municipalities. We have our own nursery for plants and two food centers - in Volgodonsk and in Rostov-na-Donu.

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