Small business ideas in a small town

Organizing your own business in most cases is impossible without premises - an office, a trading floor, a warehouse, and so on. An entrepreneur does not always have sufficient funds at the start. The prices for the lease of commercial real estate, and even more so for its purchase, "bite". For this reason, in large cities, basements and semi-basements are very popular.

What nuances are important to consider?

Saving on rent or purchase of premises is a powerful argument.

However, there are a number of costly issues that need to be addressed before opening a company:

  • Ventilation system installation.
  • Reconstruction works - redevelopment and so on.
  • Lighting is a very pressing issue. In basements, windows are small or absent.
  • Registration of permits in state offices for entrepreneurial activities in a basement-type room.

It is quite possible to realize the dream of your own profitable business even in the basement. The main thing is to determine the direction of activity. In big cities, there are many options. Let's consider some of them - the most profitable ones.

Small restaurant

Of course, the number of catering outlets is growing every year. It takes a long time to create such a business. Its payback period is 2-3 years. However, with good promotion and the right location, the term is reduced to 1 year.

Given the close proximity to the residents of the building where the restaurant will be located, there are restrictions:

  • Working hours until 23. 0.
  • The maximum number of visitors is not more than 50.
  • Questions of the musical order are solved individually. Much depends on the thickness of the walls and floors. In any case, the music should not disturb the residents.

A restaurant in the basement with traditional dishes and service is best to open in the business or historical part of the city, not far from the park. Crowded places are selected.

For the success of the activity, one cannot do without a "chip". For example, the medieval version is very suitable for a basement. Appropriate decoration, special dishes, musical accompaniment and other attractive business accents are being thought over. Such an establishment covers a wide audience of visitors.

Today the sports industry is on the rise - health care is a priority for many. There are not so many vacancies in this market, in big cities there are enough large elite clubs. Therefore, you can take a course for economy class services.

The glory of the depressive, unpromising is firmly entrenched in small towns.

Those who stayed there after leaving school or returned home after receiving their diploma are considered losers who could not get hold of in the metropolis.

But this approach is absolutely wrong!

You can find a profitable and interesting occupation in any locality.

Today I would like to bring to your attention a business idea in a small town.

Could there be a promising business idea in a small town?

Maybe! If you use these business ideas for a small town.

There are enough such cities in each of the countries, only in Russia there are about a thousand of them. In Ukraine, the number of small towns and villages is over 80% of the total number of settlements in the state.

That is, many people live in micro-cities, and not all of them gave up on their careers and are ready to be content with a minimal handout from the state.

It's hard to find a well-paid job in small towns!

And if you don't want to leave? If you love your little homeland and are ready to invest effort and money in its development, what to do then?

The idea of ​​starting your own business is especially relevant if you live in a small town. There is low competition, many unoccupied niches, good growth opportunities. All this makes a business in a small town attractive in terms of profit and start-up investments. But what is really there, even without investments, you can start a business that will generate $ 1000 in profit every month.

In this article, we will look at basic business ideas for a small town with both minimal and no investment. And also what you need to know and take into account when doing this.

Business from scratch in a small town: where to start?

Before starting a business, we recommend that you carefully research the local market and its features. So, when starting a business in a small town, remember that very narrow, specific areas (points with vegan ice cream, for example) or niches of the “Premium” segment (exclusive beauty salons and clothing boutiques) are unlikely to work here.

Focus on broader niches that are poorly developed in the city. You can also start a franchise business, but be prepared for the fact that from the start you will have to invest large funds - from 100,000 rubles to a million.

If you expect to start a profitable business in a small town with small investments, we recommend that you immediately consider the service sector. In the absence of a sufficient amount of investment at the initial stage, it is unlikely that you will be able to launch a cafe, restaurant or store selling something. Therefore, the service sector is the direction in which you can earn with minimal investment. What are the most interesting options for implementation in a small town in 2021?

Master Services

Perhaps you are good at electricians or know how to quickly and efficiently repair a water supply system in a private house / apartment. These skills are very monetized, especially in a small town. Place ads about your services in residential areas of the city and at gathering points (bus stops, supermarkets).

After a while, you can hire several masters and deal only with organizational issues: finding clients, advertising, expanding your business.

This area of ​​activity is attractive because at the initial stage it will be necessary to spend only on online / offline advertising.

Car wash

As long as people drive cars, they will wash them. So it will be in a metropolis and in a small town and in a very small village. Therefore, this type of business will live for a very long time. Here, to start, you will need to find premises and equipment. You can start working without registering a business, but in the future we still recommend opening an individual entrepreneur. In this case, you will need to hire an accountant / cashier who will close all issues with document flow.

Initially, you can do the washing yourself. Further, hire staff at the rate of: 2 washers per 1 box / garage. We recommend providing a full range of services at the car wash:

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