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A small town is a real Klondike for entrepreneurs. The possibilities of small towns are really enormous, and in some cases they are comparable or even sometimes even higher than those of a metropolis.

Next, we will tell you how to open your own business, but if you just want to earn a little money writing articles, then you are here.

Starting your own business in a small town is much easier than in large geographical regions of the country. First of all, most of the rather lucrative business sectors in small towns are simply not developed. And accordingly, you will not need to constantly struggle with numerous competitors. The second is that the labor of workers in small cities is estimated significantly lower.

How to make money in a small town?

Naturally, in megalopolises, as well as in just big cities, the range of services and goods offered is much wider. In small towns, the assortment is not so huge, but at the same time it is very profitable. Small business ideas work well in sparsely populated cities. Here are a number of examples of what it is possible to do within a small city, to get a profitable successful business and, at the same time, quite a lot of income.

Consider the following small town business ideas:

option Create a recruiting agency

Opening and making your own recruiting business successful is difficult, but quite interesting. However, more often than not, in those cities in which the organization of this type of business is profitable, this business has been operating for a long time. And this is done either by large Russian agencies or international agencies by opening their branches. Therefore, if you nevertheless decide to enter this business, then be prepared for rather tough competition.

City Greening Option

Greening small towns is a fairly new type of business, with relatively low costs, but very good income! You can either equip the lawns, cut them, or remove weeds, feed the plants. In small cities, there are very few organizations that are engaged in this kind of business. You will have a clientele not only from private individuals, maybe the city government will also find your organization worthy of decorating your city.

Option Installing exchange offices, terminals

Installing terminals and exchange offices is also a very interesting type of business in small towns. You will not need large expenses, which is undoubtedly a significant plus. Nowadays, exchange offices are needed in absolutely any locality, for this reason there will be no shortage of clients. By installing modern terminals (i.e. points of acceptance of instant payments), it is also possible to count on an influx of consumers.

Option Mediation


An excellent selection of real business ideas with minimal investment for those who are going to start their own business.

We discarded seasonal and low-profit types of earnings, and for your convenience, the remaining ideas were sorted by the size of investments into 3 groups: up to 100 thousand rubles, from 100 to 200 thousand rubles and from 200 to 300 thousand rubles ... Show in full.

Investment amount up to 100 thousand rubles:

1. Growing strawberries all year round -> vk. c / 3ujC4s2. Biofireplace production -> vk. c / 4s3wCb3. Glass waste business -> vk. c / 3l1h1v4. Solar collector -> vk. c / 4s3wLt5. Advertising soap production -> vk. c / 4sewaM (similar idea: handmade soap production -> vk. c / 4s3wVZ) 6. Resale log cabins -> vk. c / 4s87Ei7. Mirror tile production -> vk. c / 4s3wZS8. Hawaiian ice cream trade -> vk. c / 3NCA9l9. Manufacturing of furniture from pallets -> vk. c / 4seCxm10. Resale grain -> vk. c / 4s3xb711. Homemade kvass production -> vk. c / 4s3xlC12. Road repair -> vk. c / 4s3xtz13. Growing herbs, dill and onions -> vk. c / 4s3xxC14. Takeaway coffee -> vk. c / 4s3xCp15. Caramel apples -> vk. c / 4s3xFG 16. Quail breeding -> vk. c / 4s3xIY17. Lunch delivery -> vk. c / 4s3y3v18. Daily rent of apartments -> vk. c / 4s3yso19. Providing movers -> vk. c / 4s3yFI20. Attraction "Drunken log" -> vk. c / 4s3yKp21. Glass matting -> vk. c / 4seGJE22. Making plates with house numbers -> vk. c / 4s3yYh + making house signs -> vk. c / 4sfa5N23. Firewood sale -> vk. c / 26xSCM 24. Mediation in the field of repair services -> vk. c / 26xQov 25. Organization of express dates -> vk. c / 4s3zoP 26. Colored crushed stone production -> vk. c / 4s3zrO27. Bathtub restoration -> vk. c / 4s3zxZ28. Making booths for dogs -> vk. c / 4s3zBB29. Advertising pillars -> vk. c / 4sePq430. Handbook of extreme situations -> vk. c / 4s8blD31. Making business cards -> vk. c / 4s3zFk32. Worm farm -> vk. c / 4s3zIl33. Aerial photography -> vk. c / 4s3zMn34. Popcorn sale -> vk. c / 26xQ0h 35. Sale and installation of gsm-alarms -> vk. c / 4s3zRa36. Advertising on headrests -> vk. c / 4s3zVv37. Manufacturing of seals and stamps -> vk. c / 4s3zZp38. Courier service -> vk. c / 4s3A5D39. Taxi service -> vk. c / 4s5rrR40. Window tinting of apartments and offices -> vk. c / 4oEfz241. Making badges -> vk. c / 4s5rPv42. Installation of stretch ceilings -> vk. c / 4s5s1R43. Sale of used bricks -> vk. c / 4s5sgJ (similar idea: selling used building materials -> vk. c / 4s5sNz) 44. Oxygen bar -> vk. c / 4s5t2B 45. Production of summer cottages -> vk. c / 4seVBn46. Car body polishing -> vk. c / 4s7W3A (similar idea: polishing headlights -> vk. c / 4s7WlI) 47. Advertising in elevators -> vk. c / 4s7WBg48. Seasonal tire storage -> vk. c / 4s7WTn49. Blinds manufacturing -> vk. c / 4s7XeT50. Production of garden houses and gazebos -> vk. c / 4seYiQ51. Cotton candy production -> vk. c / 26xQta 52. Reception and delivery of scrap metal -> vk. c / 4s7YnA

Amount of investments from 100 to 200 thousand rubles:

53. Car painting with polymer composite -> vk. c / 4sf15O54. Installing taxis -> vk. c / 4s7Zjh55. Radio-controlled tank battles -> vk. c / 4s7Zyc56. Waterproofing with liquid rubber -> vk. c / 4s7ZRL57. Growing mushrooms -> vk. c / 4s8057 (similar article: mushroom cultivation -> vk. c / 1wU50I) 58. Garages from corrugated board -> vk. c / 4s80Aj59. SMS-informing about school attendance -> vk. c / 4s80Rq60. Cleaning service -> vk. c / 4s816o61. Car stickers -> vk. c / 4s81lq62. Advertising newspaper -> vk. c / 4s81Cw63. Production of photo tiles -> vk. c / 26y3pm 64. Frameless furniture -> vk. c / 26xZWn + history of creating such a business -> vk. c / 26y06z 65. Copy Center -> vk. c / 26y3HE 66. Realization of soft ice cream -> vk. c / 4sf60v67. Production of bulk 3D floors -> vk. c / 26y4iC

Investment amount from 200 to 300 thousand rubles:

68. Production of plastic cards -> vk. c / 26y3yd 69. How to open a mini-coffee shop -> vk. c / 4s82Z570. Fitowalls -> vk. c / 4s83ey71. Donut production -> vk. c / 4s83tI72. Production and sale of modular paintings -> vk. c / 4s83GC73. Fresh bar -> vk. c / 4s83YL74. Immersion printing -> vk. c / 4s84gn75. Point of sale of honey -> vk. c / 4s84xj76. Mobile planetarium -> vk. c / 4s84Ly77. Tire workshop -> vk. c / 26y3N8 78. Well drilling -> vk. c / 26y3WH 79. Sawmill -> vk. c / 4s850080. Paving slab production -> vk. c / 4s85eE

Hello, my name is Anatoly, I am 30 years old and I am the head of an SMM agency.

I earn with someone else's hands - the agency works for me, and I get a percentage of the profit.

In my blog I talk about how to create your own smm agency from scratch, even if you are not an advertising specialist. I describe my path - where I started, what mistakes I made and what I achieved.

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