Rural tourism as a business; how to implement an idea from scratch


Whoever says anything, the cycling topic has recently been at its peak. To be convinced of this, it is enough to go out into the street, in any park, and look at the number of owners of "two-wheeled horses". In general, bicycles are fashionable today. Therefore, this trend should not be overlooked. You need to use it to your advantage. And in the interests of the clients, of course, too.

There are a lot of ways to make money with bicycles. The easiest is to organize bike tours around your city's surroundings. We need a small office with a bicycle platform. You will also have to buy some good bicycles and think about the routes. There should be several routes. Then there is a chance that you will have regular customers. Routes should not only be bike-friendly (it is advisable to ignore areas where traffic is too heavy), but also interesting. That is, they should pass through some significant places, along the way there should be local attractions and simply beautiful areas.

The rest is simple. You invite everyone to go on an unforgettable bike ride around the city. Naturally, before you go, you must recruit a group of a certain number of people. It can be 6, 8, 10 people.

Another option for cycling income is organizing a forest or even a mountain track. Your clients will be not just tourists, but real extreme people who lack adrenaline in their daily life. You will need a site in the forest or in the mountains (we are going to negotiate with the local authorities), several mountain bikes, equipment (helmets, elbow pads, etc.), as well as a place to rest where athletes can relax and drink coffee after the race. You can earn money either by renting bicycles, or by renting a track, or from both at once.

Rafting or boat rafting

The business scheme is very similar to the previous version of making money on tourists. Inflatable rafts or boats act only as transport. And as a route - rivers. The only thing that should not be forgotten is that an experienced instructor should be in each boat along with tourists. After all, river rafting can be called an extreme type of recreation. So - the safety of your customers should come first for you. It is best if each of the participants is insured. This will save you a lot of potential problems.

So, business organization. We buy good inflatable boats and oars. We purchase equipment - life jackets, helmets, goggles. Perhaps the right step would be to equip helmets with action cameras (for example, Go-Pro). This will also make it possible to earn money on the sale of video recordings of alloys, which customers will definitely want to purchase as a souvenir of their journey. Or, the records can be immediately included in the cost of the service (this would be more correct). Well, the third step is finding and hiring instructors. You only need the most experienced people. After all, in their hands the life and health of your clients.

Organization of paid fishing

We have already discussed this business idea in detail in one of our previous publications. Many people love fish. Including tourists and vacationers coming to your region. You can make money in a variety of ways.

If you have your own reservoir, you can organize paid fishing, as well as equip a full-fledged recreation center next to the water. If there is no reservoir, you can always rent it or create it yourself. Yes, it will be time consuming and expensive. But the result will definitely not disappoint you. Once you spend money on launching fish, you can profit from selling fishing tickets for years.

The second option for earning money from fishing is teaching everyone the basics of fishing craft. We need to know good places to fish. You also need tackle, equipment, bait. Next, we advertise in newspapers, hang up a banner, leave business cards in the city's travel agencies. And we are waiting for the first calls from customers.

If you live by the sea and have a boat, sea fishing can be arranged. The advantage of this service is that you can take 500-1000 rubles per person for just one trip to the open sea. Plus another 500 rubles for the provision of fishing gear.

This article discusses an interesting business idea: event tourism, which will be close to entrepreneurs with organizational skills and know how to drive a car.

What is event tourism

Event tourism is people going to all kinds of events and festivals in another city or country.

Let's consider this business idea by the example of trips to various events in Russia.

Promising types of event tourism

The largest flow of tourists falls on weekends and holidays.

Maslenitsa, Defender of the Fatherland Day, Easter, New Year's holidays - this is the time when the organizer of outing tours is given the opportunity to earn a lot of money.


First, we decide on the topic and place of travel. For example, consider an outbound tour from Moscow to the village of Morozovo near Sergiev Posad (about 100 km of the way one way).

The historic Medieval Festival Ritter Weg is held there annually. A trip to this event, for example, will be of interest to lovers of history, legends, knightly all-around.

Organizing your own business in the tourism sector remains relevant and has been in demand for many years. This business niche does not stand still, is constantly in a state of development and growth. As in other branches of business, there is also healthy competition here, so advertising your own unique services is simply necessary here.

Every year the flow of tourists is growing rapidly, this is another reasonable argument in favor of investing the accumulated funds in tourism. The number of clients is a factor that can influence the profitability indicators in the tourism sector, profit growth. Top-of-the-line seasonal offers and loyalty incentives help boost your revenue stream. New creative ideas for organizing tourism business appear every day. Any company that seeks to achieve financial success in the tourism industry must not only engage in customer acquisition with beneficial customer benefits, seasonal benefits, but also create a unique market offer that will be in good demand.

Sale of tourist equipment

The active type of tourism is gaining momentum today. Today there are many people who intend to spend their legal holidays not only in comfortable hotels and equipped sandy beaches, but also in an open-air tent. For the sale of tourist inventory to be efficient, an entrepreneur needs to find out the needs of customers in advance.

The first condition for the successful operation of a tourist shop is its good location, a well-chosen, affordable assortment. You can also create a center for the issuance of such shells for rent, sell them via the Internet, create a second-hand sale of used tourist equipment. All these activities help to reduce the cost and increase the demand for these goods.

A new niche for doing business - caravanning

Today, a new direction of the tourism business called caravanning is gaining momentum. This term means a comfortable type of travel, in order to make it, you do not need expensive trips to resorts, plane tickets. The only thing that needs to be purchased or rented is a van specially equipped with all the comforts, the so-called mobile home. This way of travel has a lot of beneficial advantages - you don't need to carry a heavy load on your back in the shape of a backpack, live in a simple tent, pay for accommodation in motels, while travelers get complete freedom of action, because they are not tied to a specific place.

You can sell new vans, rent them out or use them for special tours organized by the company for clients.

Popular Cycling

Cycling is not only a pleasant way to spend time, but also physical activity that maintains all major muscle groups in good shape, significantly improves the overall condition of the figure. Riding a bike can turn into an exciting journey, the benefits of which can be compared to a long visit to the gym. Another advantage of organizing this type of business is that the bike does not spoil the environment, significantly save money and time.

According to the Federal Tourism Agency, today the popularity of travel in Russia has increased by 3 times in comparison with previous periods. In the summer, 1.5 million tourists from the regions of the Russian Federation visited Moscow.

In August, the turnover of travel agencies increased by 114% compared to June, amounting to 36 billion rubles. These figures show the rapid growth of the tourism business even in the face of the pandemic. Continuous development of a niche is a direct prerequisite for starting a business. In this article, we will talk about the intricacies of creating a travel business from scratch.

  • 1 Features of the tourism business
    • 1. The list of services provided by a travel agency
  • 2 Pros and cons of the travel business
  • 3 How to start opening a travel business?
    • 3. Market and competitor analysis
    • 3. Business registration
    • 3. Choosing a tour operator
    • 3. Choosing an office location
    • 3. Internal arrangement of the office
    • 3. Office equipment
    • 3. Hiring staff
    • 3. Tourism business promotion plan
  • 4 How much money should be invested at the start
    • 4. Accounting for monthly expenses
  • 5 How much can you earn?
  • 6 Potential business problems and risks

Features of the tourism business

A travel company is an organization that acts as an intermediary for interactions between a travel operator and a person who wants to go on a trip. The travel agency includes the duties of a tour operator and a travel agent.

The tour operator develops and advertises tours in the media. The travel agent implements a tour: picks up tickets, arranges a transfer, places in a hotel, organizes excursions.

List of services provided by the travel agency

Pros and cons of tourism business

How to start opening a tourism business?

Brief step-by-step instructions:

Rural tourism attracts those who are not financially ready to have a country house, but dream of plunging into a simple, measured village life for at least a few days. To sit at dawn with a fishing rod, go to the forest for mushrooms, join handicraft skills, the townspeople are ready to pay good money. How to organize your own guest house from scratch, how much start-up capital is needed and how soon the investment will return - read in this article.

What is rural tourism

Rural tourism is a leisure option, the specificity of which is to find the client in the countryside, far from the city noise and industrial gas pollution. A person who decides to spend a vacation in the village is driven by the desire to retire, learn the traditions and flavor of the local population.

Fresh air, wholesome food, forest, pond - these are the attributes of a healthy lifestyle, the number of adherents of which is growing every year.

How to develop village tourism

For most Russian villages, ecotourism is an excellent opportunity for development. For recreation to be in demand, a village must meet the following requirements:

  • lack of industrial enterprises;
  • beautiful nature;
  • measured life;
  • entertainment;
  • healthy food;
  • comfortable conditions;
  • transport interchange.

The interest of urban residents in rural life will allow:

  • revive handicraft traditions;
  • improve the living standards of villagers;
  • provide jobs, the scarcity of which pushes young people to seek jobs in the city;
  • to develop farms.

Rural tourism in Russia - features and prospects

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