Promising directions for starting a business in 2021

Starting your own business is always associated with risks. It is important not only to choose the right direction, but to understand how to develop it correctly in order to achieve success. However, many aspiring businessmen do not know where to start their business. Not having a favorite pastime, they turn to the Internet to search for ideas, which is logical, because it is there that you can find what people need and like. And there is no demand, there is no income.

Promising areas of small business: how developed are they

In the USA and Europe, about half of the market belongs to small and medium-sized businesses, which creates conditions for healthy competition and also allows new players to enter the market. Its purpose:

  • elimination of unemployment;
  • bringing diversity to the market;
  • increasing the internal capital of the state;
  • promoting the development of scientific progress.

Therefore, in most countries, small business receives support from the state, preferential terms for doing business and paying taxes, as well as special development offers. The level of small business development is an indicator of socio-economic development and is usually high in developed countries.

factors indicating business prospects

In rare cases, an entrepreneur starts his own business without any ideas. Usually, everyone has a list of activities in their heads that could eventually become the basis of a business. Before embodying their life, you need to check what the chances of making money are. There are 3 main indicators by which you can understand whether a business is promising.

It may be interesting to produce and sell what no one needs, but such a business cannot be called profitable. It is important that the business not only brings pleasure to the business owner, but also meets the needs of consumers. In order not to go bankrupt later, study the market in advance, determine if there are those who may be interested in the product or service being produced.

Fashion needs to be taken into account. Some destinations peak in one season, while after a year they are of no interest to anyone. Now sports, travel and gadgets are at the peak of popularity.

In this case, you need to study the average income of the target audience in order to understand in what price framework you need to sell products. It is unlikely in a family where the total income is 50 thousand rubles. per month, they will buy 1 piece of wardrobe for 20 or 30 thousand rubles. When working for elite clients, also assess whether there are enough of them in your area to at least recoup the business.

The pandemic has changed the course of the game in nearly every industry, accelerating the development of telecommuting and delivery businesses dozens of times, from online group meeting tools to food builder delivery.

In 2021, consumption habits are still shaped by the restrictions and new lifestyles associated with the pandemic. And they are likely to identify long-term favorites among the business areas - anything that makes it easier to work remotely and enjoy leisure time in a world where travel is limited.


Remote work has become a forced trend and has automatically popularized related industries that make employees' stay at home more comfortable - from sports equipment to healthy food constructors. Of course, one cannot ignore the services that directly affect work from home - from video communication services to security for corporate networks.

In Russia, all the largest Internet players are Yandex, Mail. u Group and VKontakte - launched Zoom alternatives - services for video conferencing.

Other products are also designed to make remote work as comfortable as possible, including for teams and employers. Russian startup Yva. i analyzes the behavior and mood of employees using artificial intelligence (AI), Jet Infosystems allows equipping remote workplaces for large companies, and Miro online service for teamwork makes brainstorming and online seminars possible - in April it raised $ 50 million from ICONIQ Capital.


Ecommerce has become one of the fastest growing industries and has also pushed online marketing forward. Today, e-commerce strives to close the gap between offline and online shopping experiences by using augmented reality, blockchain, AI-powered personalized offerings, visual content, and accelerated delivery. Online trading will continue to be robotized: robots will be able to handle a large number of orders and optimize staff costs.

Online services for an entrepreneur that automate the work of individual entrepreneurs and LLCs

Those consumers who previously did not trust online shopping were forced to change their habits, and many remained true to them in the new reality. According to the company Criteo, 50% of Russian users will continue to shop online with a 90% probability due to inexpensive shipping and better prices for goods.

Online Content

Both entertaining and educational content are actively moving online: don't surprise anyone with virtual parties, streaming services are gaining momentum, which is noticeable by the success of Spotify in Russia. Courses are now bought not only on Coursera, but also from niche bloggers on Instagram, independent media platforms and Telegram channels.

  • 1 Classic (offline) business ideas during the coronavirus
    • 1. Idea 1: Courier delivery service in the context of coronavirus
    • 1. Idea 2: Pharmacy during the coronavirus period
    • 1. Idea 3: Rent a car for a taxi
    • 1. Idea 4: Apartment building
    • 1. Idea 5: Funeral Home
    • 1. Idea 6: Rental of construction tools
    • 1. Idea 7: Selling medical masks
    • 1. Idea 8: Cleaning company
    • 1. Idea 9: Gas Station
  • 2 Online Business Ideas During Coronavirus
    • 2. Idea 1: Profitable Websites
    • 2. Idea 2: Tutoring Center
    • 2. Idea 3: Resale of bankruptcy assets
    • 2. Idea 4: Selling products through Avito
    • 2. Idea 5: Online grocery store
    • 2. Idea 6: Running online marathons
    • 2. Conclusion

The coronavirus is a difficult time for most people. Many were left without work, without a livelihood and with unclear prospects - when it will be possible to find an alternative source of income. Even if they have not yet been fired from their jobs or even cut wages, it is unclear how long the employer will be able to pay for work from home or temporary leave for his staff.

Not only employees, but also their employers, especially representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, find themselves in a difficult situation. But the crisis is not only stress and loss. In such difficult situations, new opportunities for development and earnings open up. Let's see how to make money during the coronavirus.

Classic (offline) business ideas during the coronavirus

You can make money during a crisis online (on the Internet) or offline. Let's analyze the classic options for offline business during the coronavirus.

Idea: Courier delivery service in the conditions of coronavirus

Courier delivery of food, clothing, medicine, furniture and other items was a promising business before, but in the context of the coronavirus, the relevance of this earnings has grown significantly. People cannot or are afraid to leave their homes, but they still need many items that can be ordered online with delivery. The demand for the service is growing, which means that right now is a great time to open your own delivery service and make money on it.

First of all, think over the delivery method - it is most convenient to hire couriers with your own car, but such delivery will cost more. If it is not possible to buy several vehicles for your business, consider the option with couriers on bicycles - although they are inferior in speed to a car, it is fast, cheap, environmentally friendly and is quite suitable for short-distance delivery within the same city. Another intermediate option between a courier in public transport and by car is a small maneuverable bike.

You also need to think over payment options and decide what exactly you will deliver. Delivery is now relevant for many cafes and restaurants, for which this is the only way to save their business, and for online stores, whose own delivery services cannot cope with the flow of orders. And if the business turns out to be successful, it can be easily scaled by organizing delivery not only around the city, but also across the country and even around the world.

Idea: Pharmacy during the coronavirus period

During the coronavirus period, demand for almost all goods fell, with the exception of food and drugs. Therefore, opening a pharmacy is becoming an even more promising area of ​​work than in normal times. A pharmacy point differs from a pharmacy in a smaller area of ​​premises (12-36 sq. Meters) and in the absence of potent, narcotic and psychotropic substances in the assortment. Otherwise, pharmacies and pharmacy points are equivalent.

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