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What profitable business to choose for business development in a small town

In a small town, the opportunities are usually small. Most businessmen have this misconception. Small communities should not be underestimated. This is very dangerous. In fact, there are much more opportunities in such cities than in large metropolitan areas. And if you decide to organize a small business, then you will need ideas for a small town with such a calculation - profitably promising.

What is a small town

Before we start listing business ideas for a small city, we will first try to figure out which city can be safely attributed to a small one. In these localities, as a rule, the population should be approximately fifty thousand to one hundred. And running a successful and profitable business in these towns has certain features. As a rule, the salaries of local residents of provincial towns are not very high. Basically, there is a small labor market in such areas. As for the salary, it is quite different from the capital. This circumstance must be taken into account necessarily, in the case of creating your own business.

What business can you open in your city? If you think about opening an expensive boutique selling collectible underwear or women's clothing, then this venture will be a losing one. And instead of income, the entrepreneur will receive only one loss. As a rule, basic production in small towns is not enough. Thus, the results of the analysis can give an excellent idea for creating your own business. For example, pay attention to whether there are supermarkets or clothing stores in your locality? Or are residents forced to travel to another area to purchase these goods? Maybe there isn't even a single movie theater? It is imperative to do some research on the existing market before you decide to start your own business.

As a rule, business expansion in a small provincial town is limited. At first, the number of consumers will grow. But in the future, there will be much fewer people willing to purchase this or that product or service. For the future successful development, it will be necessary to very carefully consider the action plan. Most likely, your clients will be residents: nearby settlements, villages and small towns. The main advantage of this case is the small size of the initial capital. The costs of conducting an advertising campaign, renting premises, salaries for employees are much lower, in contrast to large and medium-sized cities. But the business should be opened in such a way that it could be in good demand among the population. It will be very easy to get government support. In this case, small business is selling very well. The support programs are great. In the event that you have the opportunity to use these or those privileges, you do not need to give them up. And many entrepreneurial niches are free. Word of mouth will be great advertising for you, and even completely free. This is very beneficial. Everyone will immediately know about starting a new business. But in this case, there are also disadvantages. If a businessman misses at least once, then this will also be immediately known. And a damaged reputation in a small town will be quite difficult to fix. In a small provincial town, foundations were laid long ago. Based on this, residents may begin to resist something new. It follows from this that before you want to start your own business, you will need to engage in brainstorming. What services can make your life easier? In the event that these services are already available, there is no need to be upset. You should simply try to improve your business, thus differentiating itself from competitors.

Among the most interesting ideas in a small provincial town are the following: opening a store. This idea will always be in demand. Because grocery stores are always needed. As a rule, in very small settlements, the quality of service is lame for establishments of this kind. And the products are also of dubious quality. What kind of business can you open?

Business to Business Service Ideas

Well, now it's time to tell you which one is better to start a business from scratch in a small town. If you managed to open a store that fully complies with all standards and qualities, then it can pay off very quickly. He will be able to work at the expense of a constantly increasing clientele.

Today we will look at promising business ideas in a small town. Small town - small opportunities. Many people think so. Are you laughing? A small town is a real Klondike for business development, albeit not a big one.

Do not underestimate small towns, sometimes their opportunities are much greater than those of large cities with a population of over one million.

Let's start with what a small settlement is. So, a small settlement is considered to be the places in which the population starts from 50,000 thousand people and up to 100,000 thousand. All the figures above speak already of the cities with average population.

Small town business features

We suggest you mark the main features that relate to a small city:

  • Tough competition.
  • A small number of professional workers, which will significantly complicate your work.
  • A low number of consumers makes you understand that a business must be opened in such a way that it is in demand among the largest number of city residents
  • Close communication of the population with each other. On the one hand, this is good - they learn about the appearance of your business quickly, on the other hand, it is bad - you have no right to make a mistake. In the case of its accomplishment, you can instantly lose almost all clients and, perhaps, you will no longer be able to open a business in this city. Pay special attention to this point when deciding to open a business in a small town.
  • Despite the lack of professionals, the labor force in sparsely populated cities is cheaper, which significantly reduces your costs.
  • Low cost of rent.
  • You need a little start-up capital.

Before starting a business in a small town

Before starting a business in a small town, you need to study the entire market that already exists there.

We draw your attention to the fact that in the cities of such a device, not exclusive goods from famous designers and couturiers are in demand, but ordinary goods and services necessary for the normal life of every person.

Advice from businessmen who know about business development in such cities: “Always watch yourself, your behavior, and what people say about you in society. Believe me, a businessman's bad reputation will negatively affect the development of his business, despite its necessity and indispensability in a sparsely populated city. ”

Think about such a situation, when your business reaches its peak, what will you do with it? Continue to develop, or will you leave it at the same level and continue to provide the population with your services? Make sure your business is not highly specialized.

Material on the topic: "Promising business ideas for a small city" with full explanation and justification.

Some interesting small town business ideas

It is better to start your own business by implementing interesting ideas for business in a small town. You will have to sell the service on the spot, so you should take into account the specifics of the district. People living outside the metropolitan area view many things from a conservative point of view. You shouldn't open an adult store or strip club here.

What is the peculiarity of business for the periphery

Opening your own business in a small town is often easier than in a huge metropolis. This is due to the following facts:

  • low competition;
  • low rental fees;
  • no advertising costs;
  • staffing possible hire locals, which is cheaper.

The idea for starting your own business should be 100% relevant and relevant for the field. Otherwise, you may encounter the following difficulties:

  • low demand;
  • unprofitable business;
  • lack of qualified personnel.


If you wish, you can quickly organize a business from scratch in a small town by starting to give tutoring lessons. Schoolchildren, students and people who want to improve their qualifications also live here. Now it is very fashionable to give lessons via Skype. Then there will be no need to look for a special room for classes or go home to the students. You can earn from $ 500 per month.

Resale Items

The sale of goods through the affiliate program has quite firmly taken its niche in the market. A person becomes a representative of a well-known firm, purchases goods from it at discounted prices, and then sells it. Such a business is organized with small investments, it will take from 100 to 1000 dollars. Profit from sales can reach 500, expressed in US currency.

We all understand that a big city is a huge opportunity. This is due not only to the fact that people living in the metropolis have a much higher income level than in the regions, but also because there are many enterprises and private companies that employ hundreds of thousands of workers. The second point is the number of target audience, in a large city you are more likely to find a client for your product than in provincial towns. Small business in a big city is very developed. Starting from the sphere of catering and retail trade in goods and ending with small-scale production and services for the population. Due to this, a fairly high level of competition is formed on the market, first of all, this applies to areas where a lot of money is constantly spinning. For example, the construction industry, food products and other niches, where it is actually very difficult to do something new, because experienced players and large companies have been working in this direction for decades, have experience, qualified personnel and a large number of regular customers. If you are a beginner and are looking for a business to open in a big city, then look towards less competitive areas, for example, cleaning, sales of trendy goods, training services and others, which also have competitors, but not so large, and the number of potential buyers are very high, there is enough space for everyone. Before starting, it is best to analyze the market and determine which type of business is more profitable to do, and which is less.

It should be noted that the megalopolis allows you to search for earning options not only in standard topics, but also to bring new products or services to the market. This is especially true in the entertainment niche. For example, we can cite the success of quest rooms, various unique catering establishments and others. In addition, new trending products can be tracked in the markets of China and the USA, after which you can search for suppliers and sell them with us using the Internet. Online sales in large cities now play a very significant role, this is its own online store and message boards and social networks. All these channels for attracting customers help to quickly sell goods, with minimal costs for monthly business maintenance. A wide network of couriers throughout the city will allow you to quickly deliver the order to the client at home or work. Catering and home delivery establishments are also actively working in this direction.

Let's highlight the top big city business ideas that you can start from scratch. We will list the main categories where there is a high demand.

  • construction and real estate. Repair, sale and rent.
  • retail. Here, rather, clothes, shoes, baby products, books and much more.
  • services: cleaning, repair of equipment, shoes, consulting, legal support and others.
  • entertainment. Activities for children and adults, ranging from laser tag to horseback riding.
  • area of ​​study. Language schools, professional development, seminars, trainings, etc.
  • tourist destination. City tours.
  • other.

In fact, there are no restrictions here, you can find your buyer for almost any product or service. In this section of the site, we have prepared for you a list of ideas that will help you make money in a big city and start developing your own business. They are different in subject matter, the amount of start-up capital and the amount of labor that needs to be invested in starting a business. In addition to the description, you can familiarize yourself with the calculations of costs and profit forecasting. We are looking forward to your feedback on your experience in any of the activities below.

Anyone with start-up capital and desire can start a business from scratch. You don't need special knowledge. The main thing is to carefully study the type of business you want to do, take into account all the points and nuances.

The decisive factor at the start will be to find a good supplier, if it is a store and a place. It is very important. Many people inexperienced opened stores in places with poor traffic, saving on rent and burned out. As for the quality of the goods, this is also a key point, since we need regular customers. The person who bought the goods once from you must be satisfied in order to return to you again.

So, in our article we will look at the most profitable ones. For production, a large start-up capital is needed, so we will not consider this type of activity. So, you can either open a store or provide some kind of service. First, let's look at which stores are the most profitable.

Grocery store

Perhaps the most. But a lot is needed to start. At least 20-30 thousand dollars, and this is provided that you will rent the premises, not buy. Few people have such an amount in a small town. Again, this type of business has many nuances and pitfalls. If you have no experience, then I would not recommend opening a grocery store to start.

Hello! Today we will talk about business in a small town and give 28 profitable business ideas.

The article will be useful to those who are tired of working "for an uncle", and those who are thinking about creating their own business due to the loss of another job. Also in the article I will give 28 business ideas for a small town that are the most profitable.

Business in the provinces has a lot of its own characteristics compared to business in large cities. If this specifics are taken into account even at the stage of business planning, then you can grab yourself a completely monetary niche.

What to consider when starting a business in a small town

The specifics of entrepreneurship in small towns are related to the specifics of their economic development.

Low purchasing power. Please note that your future customers and buyers are provincial residents, where salaries are low, the labor market is small, and there is simply nowhere to earn much. Agree that selling some exclusive expensive items is simply stupid. Examples of such a business include: a fashion boutique, a car dealership, a VIP-class beauty salon, a purely vegetarian restaurant.

Similar business ideas in a small town will not find their customers - instead of profit, you risk getting a loss.

Shortage of basic commodities. Yes, it happens. Analyze the availability of shops and pharmacies in your area. Is there a supermarket in your part of the city, or do you need to go to the other side of the city? Or maybe in your city there are no clothing stores representing popular chain brands, and all residents of the city either go to dress at the local market or go to a shopping center in a neighboring city? Or maybe there is one pharmacy at all in your village? Analyze the situation: what is not in your city, but would very much like to see in the future?

Plan to expand further. In a small town, business development may be limited. Why? Everything is simple here. At first, your business may attract a large number of customers, but then the growth in demand for your goods or services will begin to slow down and stop altogether - the city will run out of people who want to buy something from you. If you want to develop further, you should think about it in advance. Perhaps, over time, you will be able to expand, and the number of your clients will be able to replenish the residents of nearby points.

Low barriers to entry into business. This can be attributed to the advantages of doing business in a small town. Indeed, the cost of renting premises, advertising, and wages to workers in the province is significantly lower than similar costs in a large city.

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