Promising business ideas for 2021

Almost half of the key to the success of a business is a promising field of activity to which it belongs. If you are looking for a direction for your company or are just looking at the areas that will be most in demand in the near future, take a closer look at the list below for more details. So, what can you start doing today in order to succeed in the shortest possible time?


A real boom has begun in 3D printing: the lucky ones with access to special printers print all sorts of nonsense to their delight, and in serious institutions they are used to reproduce complex products in limited edition - we are talking about parts of the shuttle, for example, or medical prostheses.

Market researchers predict a payback of $ 63 billion over the next 5 years. In their opinion, even bulky toys or jewelry printed in such an intricate way will enter the life of an ordinary person.

Portable computing and observation systems

Devices that allow you to analyze and supplement the environment - that's what will replace modern smartphones, analysts say. And if before you could only read about computerized contact lenses that transmit various information, from the weather report to the news feed on the social network, to science fiction books, then soon everyone will have to live with it.

The dominance of devices that analyze what is happening around you and explain what to do about it is predicted.

Online training

The time of trips to the university and aimless sitting of pants at lectures is over - today more and more people are discovering the advantages of online learning, when access to scientific materials opens directly on the screen of their beloved computers.

Projects like Coursera continue to expand and gain traction, as adults are rediscovering the joy of education through it.

Homemade alcohol

Financial storms, crises and other economic hardships have a huge impact on small businesses, increasing demand in some markets and bringing down others. However, life goes on. If you are thinking about starting a business from scratch, you should pay attention to the latest research by economists in this area.

I would like to emphasize that we are talking about a small business with the possibility of starting from scratch or with a small (minimal) start-up capital.

Yearly Best Small Business Ideas

Mobile toys for children

One of the most promising business ideas for 2021 - 2021 is the idea of ​​creating mobile applications for children. It is no secret that almost every person, including children, has mobile phones, but there are no mobile applications designed exclusively for children by different age groups.

What is actually needed to organize such a case? Actually, not a lot:

  • specialized software;
  • knowledge of child psychology (you can use your children or nephews, nieces as an assistant);
  • desire to work ...

As for ideas, by and large, you can simply optimize ready-made ideas exclusively for a children's audience. As just an example, a video application that selects cartoons from YouTube on a specific topic (recently, anime has been popular with my children).

Waste Business

One of the most dynamically developing industry in the world is the processing of household waste, in fact, multimillion-dollar profits are “extracted” from heaps of garbage. True, when it comes to business for recyclable materials, they immediately talk about a high threshold for entry (start-up capital), the only exceptions are the processing of plastic bottles, collection of waste paper. True, experts predict the growth of a completely new niche of small business for recyclable materials, namely the collection and disposal of household appliances.

The problem of recycling old household appliances, although the word for old is not entirely correct, often it is about morally obsolete, it will only grow, which allows you to do good business. On the one hand, a collection fee is taken from the owner, on the other hand, disassembly, the sale of components of such equipment brings good profit.

Training Courses

The development of software is moving by leaps and bounds, as a result of the race, a huge number of good highly specialized programs for solving a variety of problems are entering the market. It can be noted that software systems are capable of solving a variety of tasks, from a banal (already) Photoshop for processing photos to quite professional planning of interiors and designs. One problem remains, an ordinary user cannot independently master the robot with these products, or this requires a lot of time and patience. If there is demand, then there is a place to start a new business.

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