Profitable manufacturing options and business ideas for small businesses

The influence of external factors on the economic growth of Russia and the laws adopted in response enable entrepreneurs to engage in mini-production with great business opportunities. Let's consider the most popular areas of business for organizing our own production.

Small Business Mini Production Ideas

In recent years, there has been an opinion among entrepreneurs that mini-production for small businesses is not a profitable investment of money, since it does not belong to the service sector, but as it turned out, small businesses can generate stable income. It is necessary to understand that the organization of small production, as practice shows, the idea of ​​which was born at home, as a rule, becomes a profitable activity. World celebrities such as Steve Jobs (who organized the first assembly of computers in the garage), the famous Harley with his motorcycles can serve as an example.

Almost all industry giants have grown out of small enterprises, which means we can conclude that small industries are the basis for the implementation of innovative ideas, bold ideas.

Every entrepreneur is now interested in two parameters in small production, these are:

how much money to invest in it;

how quickly the first profit will come.

Experts have considered many ideas for small industries that quickly pay off and may be of interest to novice businessmen, these are:

Activity name

Entry fee (rubles)

Short description

How to choose a business for the new year: profitable ideas, useful recommendations and organizational features

Purchase and sale of business equipment

Purchase and sale of business equipment

The charcoal business is a promising area with moderate competition. For the successful implementation of the project, you must carefully prepare and sort out all the pitfalls in this area. Find distribution channels and calculate the profitability and payback period of the coal business.

How to start a milk business? Initial investments, selection of equipment, purchase of raw materials, hiring personnel, search for a market for finished products and calculations of the profitability of starting a dairy business

Fertilizer production is a promising and dynamically developing business area with medium competition. The agro-industrial complex of the Russian Federation is constantly developing. Modern technologies make it possible to carry out agricultural activities all year round and in different regions of the country, both southern and northern. For this, fertilizers are used, thanks to which farmers harvest more than one crop per year

Pallet production is a highly demanded business area with low competition. The market volume is constantly increasing and demand exceeds supply. For the competent implementation of the project, it is necessary to develop a financial plan, find sales markets and understand the specifics of the industry

The smoking business is a promising area of ​​activity for small businesses. Smoked meat, fish and sausages are in high demand among Russians. For the successful development of the project, it is necessary to purchase equipment, equip the premises, select raw materials and suppliers and find points of sale.

Poultry farming is a promising business in meat and eggs. For success in the poultry business, it is necessary to draw up a competent financial plan, calculate the initial investment and assess the risks of possible business.

The production of medical masks is a stable business. The demand for medical disposable masks increases during epidemics and in the off-season. For the competent implementation of the project, it is necessary to draw up a financial plan and develop a market promotion strategy.

Everyone needs to sew and repair clothes, so high competition does not satisfy the demand for this type of business. It is important to understand all the stages of the full cycle of opening a tailor shop from scratch for successful development in this industry.

Bread is one of the staple foods. The need for it is beyond doubt. The demand for this product is always high, therefore the successful implementation of a bakery or mini-bakery will allow the owner to receive a stable income.

According to statistics, more than half of Russians renew the interior of an apartment every 5 years - even if the old furniture is not too worn out. Sales in the furniture market do not fall even in times of economic stagnation, so you can be sure of the stability of the furniture manufacturing business.

Business for the new year can be an excellent option for generating good income. Our review presents the most profitable ideas for organizing business activities before the holidays

At the moment when the decision is made to open their own business in the production of various goods, surely many have already found a worthwhile idea for implementation. After all, the profitability of the future enterprise and its development largely depend on the idea.

2021 is marked by many difficulties in the life of our country - the crisis, the depreciation of the ruble, the distance from Western countries. But this does not mean that one should despair in such a situation. After all, you can always find a way out. And the best way of rehabilitation will be the transition of small and medium-sized businesses to their own small production.

Many people hesitate to take such a step, because they are not sure that they will be able to quickly adapt and make sufficient profits. In fact, this is not the case! Good business ideas will help make small production successful. The fact that today there are many areas in which small business can effectively develop. Of course, there are areas in which it will be quite difficult to develop even a small production without start-up capital.

But, nevertheless, among a wide selection of directions, you can find the one that will best meet all the requirements. Moreover, when using the idea of ​​a manufacturing business, it is possible to achieve a sufficiently high level of profit, which will make entrepreneurial activity more stable and resistant to various economic shocks.

Choosing a line of business

Currently, the development of entrepreneurship in the manufacturing sector is possible in various directions. High-quality business ideas in the production of products are the most important for achieving success in a particular area. The next stage of development depends on the chosen direction of activity.

There are many factors to consider here:

At the same time, before opening your business, you need to establish a supply system for the necessary raw materials. If, for example, your city does not have the necessary suppliers and in order to buy the necessary materials, you have to go to a neighboring region, then such an idea for a small business should also be ignored.

A lot of videos have been uploaded now, which tell in detail about how to open your own business in one direction or another. Therefore, backed up by these data, you can safely start your own business.

Opening a new business: production of foam concrete, metal products

This direction will always be successful, however, subject to the competent implementation of the business idea. It should be noted right away that the manufacture of such materials is not associated with significant capital investments, therefore, almost everyone can engage in this type of activity.

Among the most profitable areas, it is worth highlighting the following activities:

Currently, such products are in demand regardless of the country's economy, crises and other economic situations that affect the consumer wallet.

By the way, if you live in a small town, we recommend reading the material: “What kind of business to do in a small town?”

Small business small manufacturing: some promising ideas

There are many more ideas that can be implemented. And in this case, only a few of them are presented. Remember, the number of business ideas is limited only by the human imagination, because money can be made even in an industry in which it would seem impossible to do it. So, you can implement the following types of business:

  • Production of urea foam;
  • Production of plastic bags;
  • Production of building material - foam;
  • Recycling of tires into fuel oil or rubber crumb.

Each of these ideas is promising, and in most regions of Russia and Ukraine these niches are completely free, which means they have great potential.

Urea foam production

Package manufacturing as a small business

Small foam production

  • Foaming section (receiving hopper, hopper fan, pre-frother);
  • Aging bins (fans, bag, pipes in aging bins);
  • Forming area;
  • Styrofoam cutting area;
  • Additional equipment.

If we talk about the payback period of a business, then it is small and is approximately 3-4 months with an 8-hour work schedule. For a full payback, it is necessary to produce 2,000 cubic meters of foam, while the line's capacity will be 40 cubic meters per shift.

Tire Recycling

The world market for the supply of services and the production of all kinds of goods is represented by both large corporations and small firms. However, it should be understood that any business has always started small.

In this article we will look at the most interesting production ideas for small businesses.

Package Production

Plastic bags are those goods for which constant demand is guaranteed. These products are a must-have item in any shopping mall, grocery store or market.

All of them are potential customers who are constantly in need of large volumes of packages.

Opening a package manufacturing enterprise implies a mandatory investment in development, but this amount is not astronomical.

A simple bag-making machine costs about 10 thousand dollars, and a multifunctional production line costs 30 thousand. The project payback is very fast, since the demand for packages is always very high.

Even if the development of the project does not work out for you, the equipment can always be resold, losing no more than 10% of its original cost.

Foam production

Production ideas are often tied to the release of materials that are used in construction. One of these materials is polystyrene, which is used both for finishing facades and for insulating them.

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