Profitable business per year

Having decided to start his own business, a novice entrepreneur first of all thinks about how promising the business will be; how quickly he will return the funds invested in the enterprise. Let's consider the criteria that characterize small business in Russia:

  • Minimum start-up capital (on average from 100 thousand to 1 million rubles).
  • Fast return on investment. For the most part, start-up entrepreneurs plan to return their invested capital no later than one year of work.
  • The goods or services sold must be in demand. The main task of a "young" businessman is to find a proper niche in the Russian market of goods and services.
  • Enterprise profitability. It is necessary that the profit received, even at the initial stage, guarantees the coverage of costs, creates the foundation for further development.

Based on the above criteria, we will consider the best promising directions in 2021.

Organization of mobile food points

This segment of the fast food market is little filled, although stationary food outlets selling pies, pizza, coffee are still popular. The prospects for the development of this type of entrepreneurship mainly lie in the mobility of mobile cafes. So, in the morning, such a cafe moves to the places of transport hubs, metro stations, offering people going to work a cup of coffee or a light breakfast. At lunchtime, the mobile cafe moves to the area of ​​a business center or large institution. In the evening, the mobile point stops in the park or in the recreation area, where there are many who want to eat on weekends and on weekdays.

Setting up a business will require a relatively small investment:

  • Bus or van on wheels. If you buy a modified bus, then its cost will cost about 2.5 million rubles. An alternative option would be to purchase a van - a mobile work pavilion for cooking. It comes in different sizes (from 3.5 to 8 meters in length) and cost (from 100 to 800 thousand rubles). Such a van can be transported using a passenger car.
  • Equipment for the mobile point: coffee machine, microwave oven, refrigerator, etc. Depending on the number of units used, the cost of equipment will vary from 30 to 100 thousand rubles.
  • A room for the preparation and storage of semi-finished products. As a utility room, you can use the kitchen or another room in a private house.
  • Service personnel (3-4 people) for shift work, who will prepare and serve food and drinks.

Important advice! This line of business will be very interesting for a budding entrepreneur. In addition, this direction is promising, since over time the entrepreneur will be able to develop a whole network of mobile fast food outlets.

Organization and opening of a private children's institution

One of the most promising trends in small business development in 2021 may be the organization of centers for the care of young children of preschool and school age. There are two directions in this area: the organization of private kindergartens and out-of-school leisure centers for children.

When asking yourself what kind of business will be relevant in 2021-2021 amid the crisis in Russia, you must remember that your own business is a popular field of activity that allows a person to reveal their aspirations and translate them into reality.

According to the latest estimates, in our country today more than 3 million citizens are entrepreneurs in different legal status - IP, LLC. The demand for business is due to economic peculiarities, difficulties in finding a job. Many businessmen have come to understand that they want to work independently, to be realized in a certain direction. Some have opened a case in order not to be subordinate.

Business with minimal investment

The structure of demand is changing, the interests of consumers are redistributed: hence the drop in demand for some things of the middle class and the increasing priority of durability over prestige. Some even remember that there is such a thing as Avito.

And, yes, we all heard about the fact that business, which is always relevant, feels best in a crisis. Food, medicine, funeral homes, essential goods. A business that is more than traditional and therefore no less resistant to any fluctuations and surprises of fate.

And yet, the demand for debt collection services, anti-crisis consultations and safes is growing. Too boring? Then we offer you some interesting ideas for anti-crisis business, which takes place and will help you and your clients to successfully survive the crisis.

  • Credit to people from people.

Alternative lending methods always flourish and flourish in times of crisis: the people have no money, the people are over-credited and the people are no longer too welcome in banks. But if the idea of ​​opening your own express loans does not appeal to you, what about loans on trust? Its most traditional incarnation: an online platform that allows people to borrow money from people. The site itself earns on commissions for organizing transactions and, accordingly, should not have free millions and bear credit risks. Take a look at the example of market leaders - Lending Club has already issued $ 6 billion in loans and recently successfully went public.

  • Sale of old iPhones.

The average life expectancy of a smartphone is now only 18 months. After that, emotions take their toll and it seems that you have outdated trash for a long time. But that one a three-day cake, another - almost a cake. There are many options: in India and Africa, the second-hand market is flourishing, and in developed countries - industries that need valuable metals. You can go further and open your own store: in order to restore the phone to its original appearance, in most cases it is enough to simply update the case and change the battery. There are more people who want to buy a top smartphone of last year at an attractive price than you think. For example, take a look at the Sprint website.

Shopaholism is both adrenaline in the blood, and hormones of happiness, in general, everything is complicated. But from him there are only continuous losses. Therefore, anti-crisis businesses are becoming more and more popular for shopaholics who are guided by the stylistic preferences of the user (or rather, the user) and every month send him (or rather, her) a certain number of things. In theory, this helps to avoid going to the store, and therefore limit impulsive purchases. In Russia, you can already subscribe to both panties and tights. Well, and for food: the service "Taste at Home", for example, brings you a set of products and a list of recipes for cooking dinners a week in advance. The number of products is strictly calculated, so that you will not even have an extra half of an onion left.

  • Dress rental from Zuhair Murad.

There is an even more radical way of dealing with shopaholism - renting clothes. Most often, however, we are talking about masquerade costumes, costumes for children's parties, as well as evening and wedding dresses, both cheaper and from the most famous designers, who, in fact, most could not afford even before the crisis. Such a business is interesting, relevant, easy to organize during a crisis, it can also live at home, and at the same time it will make it possible to earn almost passively. Although there are rumors that today something like this is very popular in Spain.

  • A seat at the dining table.

If a loving wife is not waiting for you for dinner, then you go to a cafe or restaurant - to expensive dishes that are not cooked from the heart and in which worms are occasionally found. And if the question of soulfulness plays a defining role, then how about hiring hospitable housewives and helping them capitalize on their talent? You can invite people to family dinners in your “home restaurant”, surprise them with masterpieces of author's cooking, or just cook takeaway. You don't have to go that far for an example - see how it is organized in the SupperKing app.

For many people, the word factory is associated with huge workshops, smoke and tall chimneys. But that has long been in the past. Of course, giant factories are operating and being built, producing oil platforms, ocean-going ships, turbines and steel. But a huge mass of products that we use in everyday life are produced in mini-factories. If only the state or a powerful corporation can build a giant plant, then a small group of people or even one person can create a mini-production for a small business. You don't always need to have a lot of capital to start with. Recall that the automotive industry and television began as small workshops. Mini-factories in Russia are a rapidly growing business.

Investing in these industries ensures quick return on investment as well as high profit margins.

What is a mini-factory, in which industries is it most profitable? A mini-factory is an enterprise that employs from a few people to several dozen workers. What are the benefits of mini factories for small businesses?

Let's look at everything in order

If you decide to create a mini-plant, then the first task is to determine the area of ​​activity in which you intend to work.

There can be no universal solutions. It all depends on the region in which you are located, the availability of raw materials, start-up funds, market situation, etc. However, you can list some areas in which mini-workshops for small businesses are successfully operating. So let's take a look at some small business manufacturing business ideas.

  • Production of building materials. In Russia there are already many mini-factories for the production of bricks, concrete blocks, paving slabs, foam concrete blocks, etc. But this market is not yet saturated enough. There are regions, especially remote from the center, in which there is a shortage of such materials.
  • Food production. These are mini-bakeries, the production of dairy products, sausages, exclusive confectionery, soft drinks, dried fruits, etc. It all depends on your small production idea.
  • Household and plastic products. Here you can fully implement your ideas and ideas. One good idea can make you a millionaire. Remember the Rubik's cube. Kitchen appliances, original appliances that make the housewife's work easier, even souvenirs can be the start of a mini-workshop for a family business.
  • Household chemicals, auto chemicals, cosmetics. The investment is very low and the payback is very fast. However, it should be borne in mind that the market in this area is very saturated with goods of various price categories.
  • Recycling of waste plastics and waste paper. This type of activity is in high demand, but requires licensing and permits from fire and sanitary services.
  • Manufacture of metal products. Foundry as well as blacksmithing is easy to organize in limited areas. Production requires experience and sufficient qualifications.

See also: Rubber crumb paving slabs

Before starting the construction of a mini-factory, it is necessary to conduct a thorough market research of the products that you intend to produce. It is best to start with products that are familiar to you. It is very important to assess the sources and reliability of supply of raw materials, as well as the costs of marketing products. Assess your real financial capabilities. Indeed, in any work there can be disruptions and temporary failures. Make a business plan. When drawing up a business plan, take into account the cost of renting production space (if you do not have your own), transportation costs and repairs.

Business plan

Consider drawing up a short business plan for the construction and operation of a mini-plant for the production of foam concrete blocks.

Hello, dear readers of our magazine! This is an entrepreneur and author of the SlonoDrom magazine. at Igor Eremenko's. Our next article will be devoted to business ideas for production and, in particular, how to make your business successful.

Today we have prepared the most relevant and popular production ideas for you !?

❗️You can implement some of the above ideas right at home (at the dacha, in the garage ...), therefore, to launch them, you will not need to invest additional money in renting or buying plots / premises.

Opening a manufacturing business does not always require large initial investments, it is quite possible to open your own profitable mini-production, even for an amount of 10-40 to 300-500 thousand rubles!

By the way, if you have a little more time, be sure to read the article: ?? , in it we described 30 great business ideas and gave specific examples!

As for this article, we are also happy to share with you useful experience and knowledge that will help you avoid mistakes when starting your own business!

In addition to all of the above, you will learn from the publication:

  • Which production is profitable to open in 2021?
  • How to start your own profitable production business with minimal risks?
  • Why sales in production - this is the basis of everything and how to find sources of sales?
  • Where should you start your business?

It took us a lot of time to write this article, so we really hope that the information provided will be valuable for you and you will find for yourself the very business idea that you will successfully implement!

Well, ready - then let's get started.

Which manufacturing business idea to choose?

So, in practice, opening your own profitable production business is not so difficult as you might imagine, the main thing is to take a responsible approach to this business and choose a business idea that suits your capabilities and interests. in demand among the population.

The most profitable business in the world: 3 determining factors + 3 profitable business areas in Russia + Top 7 ideas from around the world.

Every novice businessman at the start asks himself what is the most profitable business in the world?

We will try to answer it by identifying the areas of business that are considered the most promising.

What are the most profitable business criteria?

Before determining the main directions, it is necessary to identify the factors that indicate that the business idea will be profitable:

The speed of return on investment.

This fact plays a significant role.

A profitable business is a project, investments in which pay off in the shortest possible time.

The success of a business depends on many factors.

You cannot name ideas that will give a 100% guarantee of success.

But you can single out such goods or services, the demand for which is initially at a high level.

As a rule, we are talking about basic necessities.

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