Profitable business options with minimal investment

Every year innovative technologies are entering all spheres of the national economy more and more rapidly. Each type of activity or method of production, a person seeks to automate, make it more efficient and convenient. New inventions are available not only for high-tech industries, but also for the service sector.

Popular small business ideas with small investments for opening a car wash have acquired a new format today.

Dry wash is the process of washing a vehicle without a drop of water. Small business ideas with minimal investment using this technology are undoubtedly relevant. According to the inventors of the project, this method allows you to take care of the vehicle in a gentle mode, without losing the efficiency of surface cleaning.

What you need to open

Among the equipment and materials for the new technology, simple tools are sufficient: microfiber rags that resemble a terry towel. The main secret of the technology is a special spray. When sprayed onto a surface, it envelops and softens dirt particles. The spray contains silicone oil and surfactants.

The whole process takes place with the participation of the car washer. First, a spray composition is sprayed onto the surface, then the dirt is removed with a rag. The last stage is body polishing. Depending on how highly qualified the employee is, the process lasts from 15 to 30 minutes.

A distinctive feature of this innovation is that there is no need to equip a special place for a car wash. It takes a lot of time to register the land and approve the building project, which means that the payback of the project stretches for an indefinite time.

A specialist can go directly to the customer for work. This format of doing business requires the entrepreneur to have a vehicle.

What is the advantage

The main advantage of this type of service is the customer's time saving. It is now the most valuable resource, especially in a big city. The client does not need to go to a specially equipped stationary car wash. The specialists themselves will come to the appointed address and wash the car quickly and efficiently. At this time, the client can go about his daily affairs: work in the office, shop in a shopping center, visit entertainment complexes with children.

A common problem for all novice businessmen is finding the very "right" idea. In this case, a dilemma arises: it is possible to assess the prospects of a direction only on the basis of experience, the acquisition of which requires just active actions. As a result, many people prefer to engage in passive theoretical research, avoiding risk and the attendant errors. How to choose the right field of activity in such a situation?

Workable small business ideas with minimal investment involve focusing efforts on finding some important human need, for which you can use the resources available to the entrepreneur, such as:

  • Own skills. The ability to sew, knit, tinker, repair, photograph or write advertising texts will be useful;
  • Experience in mediation. You can make money by reselling various goods or by engaging third-party specialists to perform complex work;
  • Possession of information in demand. All sorts of knowledge will help with tutoring, preparing for exams, creating training courses and filling out documents;
  • Partnerships. Experience in organizing work, the ability to find clients and sell will be useful when working with the owner of an existing business.

Organization of holidays

To open a company that provides such services, otherwise called an event-agency, you need to invest 400-450 thousand rubles, which will be spent on:

  • Rent and decoration of premises of 25-30 m²;
  • Purchase of furniture and office equipment for the office (computers, copier, TV with DV-player); <
  • Purchase of specialized equipment (amplifier, mixing console, microphones, acoustic system, lighting equipment).

Event-agency as a business idea with a small investment, requires a minimum staffing: a customer service manager, a creative manager, an entertainer and a hired driver with a minibus. For the rest of the work, third-party performers are involved - musicians, decorators, costume designers, pyrotechnics, photographers and cameramen, dance groups. The flawless organization of the interaction of invited specialists is the main secret of the success of this small business idea for 2021.

Approximate prices for the services of event-agencies are formed by the market: the organization of a standard holiday (without exclusives such as parachute jumps or a concert of pop stars) will cost the customer 30-40 thousand rubles. A company providing high-quality and non-standard solutions can start with one or two events a month and triple the number of clients in a year: the income will amount to 250-400 thousand rubles.

Bathtub restoration

Restoration of damaged bathroom coverings is an idea of ​​a small business with minimal investment in a small town, providing such customers with the opportunity to save several thousand rubles. These services can also be used by the owners of hotels, hotels, boarding houses or rented apartments.

There are several restoration techniques that differ in price and technology:

To implement this small business idea with a small investment, you should register an SPD, conduct an advertising campaign and purchase some equipment:

  • Drill, grinding disc;
  • Spray gun and compressor;
  • Personal protective equipment;
  • Degreasing fluid , polyurethane foam, sealant;
  • Acrylic, enamel or inserts (depending on the method used).

Starting your own business is the goal of ambitious young people and not even young people. Working only for yourself is a risk, but the risk, if successful, is rewarded with profit. Living in a small town, you should not assume that there is nothing to do in this town. As long as the economy is working, and people receive and spend, albeit small, but still money, it is in your power to make sure that some of this money passes through your hands. Business ideas in a small town with a small investment - how to make money living in a small town or even in the countryside.

Business specifics of small towns

Thinking about the ideas of your own business in a small town, it is worth knowing about the pros and cons of doing business in a village where tens of thousands of people live or even less.

The advantages of small towns in terms of starting a business:

  • Inexpensive market entry. If you need to hire staff, in a small city people are ready to work for less wages than in a big one. If you need a room, rent is cheaper, etc. It is important that these factors affect the cost of entering the market and will be an advantage in the future.
  • Weak competition. Of course, this does not apply to all market niches. If chain liquor stores are open at every corner of the city, competing with them and buying a license to sell alcohol in order to open a wine and vodka department is hardly the right decision. However, look around you carefully and compare your city to others. You will probably notice that in some market niches the competition is low, and some niches are not occupied at all, and you will get an advantage by being the first in the city!
  • Local government support. Since entrepreneurs are a source of tax revenue for the city budget, and the development of business in the city may be low, it may turn out that local authorities support start-up entrepreneurs. Explore what programs exist in your area. Perhaps the city hosts business ideas contests, the winners of which receive a gratuitous subsidy to start their own business, etc. Of course, you have to try hard to write a convincing business plan and submit it to commissions, but it's worth it!

Having told about the three main advantages of starting a business in a small city, let's look at the three main disadvantages:

  • Limited income. Yes, in a small town you can pay staff small salaries. But only because in the city, in principle, the incomes of the majority are modest. People get small salaries, spend most of them on necessities, and you shouldn't expect a brilliant business idea to persuade customers to keep large sums of money with you.
  • Limited growth potential. It is clear that in a small city, even with successful business development, you will quickly run into a certain ceiling. While it is possible to develop for a long time in a city with a million, in a small town there will be nowhere to develop. Options are to open branches in neighboring towns or think about another line of business.
  • Market narrowness. An original idea in a small town may not be in demand. And another coffee shop, despite the fact that there are three or four similar ones in the city, is of no use to anyone.

The most profitable business in Russia for a year

If we talk about the ten most profitable types of small business in Russia in 2021-2021, experts say about this list:

  • Retail stores.
  • Online stores.
  • Renovation of apartments and offices.
  • Catering: cafes, bars, pizzerias, canteens.
  • Wholesale.
  • Passenger and freight transportation, taxis.
  • Design, web design and site related work.
  • Beauty salons, spas, saunas, fitness.
  • Legal services.
  • Organization of entertainment events.

It is clear that if you are looking for a business idea with a small investment, a retail store is hardly for you. To do this, you need to rent a room, invest in goods, etc. But you can make your own online store for a thousand rubles, especially if you know how to make sites yourself. Of course, we are not talking about the resemblance of such monsters of Internet commerce as Ozone. But making a one-page page and selling one type of product or service with it is not so difficult!

New ideas for small businesses have about a hundred different options, suitable for both a provincial town and a large metropolis. Most of these ideas have been popular abroad for a long time. But what of the new products to open in the Russian open spaces in order to make good profits, we will consider in the article below.

Waste recycling - as a kind of promising direction

Garbage is one of the few resources that can be used in the public domain today. This category includes: plastic bottles, metal cans, any paper products, and other human waste. Well, what if you collect it all in one place and turn it into money? How exactly, read on.

In order to concentrate all garbage in one place, you need to have a lot of funds and connections, since such places (dumps) are a serious problem for the environment. But having a fairly modest budget, you can try to lure the mentioned resource to yourself by installing special containers on public streets, which will not be so expensive financially.

From the point of view of legislation, it is possible to install waste containers of a special type (for plastic, glass containers, paper, etc.) with the permission of the local head. Therefore, you will not have any special problems in the matter of legalizing your business. Moreover, city governments often allocate funds from the budget to help develop such industries.

Raw material handling and finished material marketing

If you plan to handle a small amount of garbage per day, then you can do it at home (in the garage, or shed). To do this, you need:

A vessel in which plastic and other combustible waste can be melted;

Dry alcohol as fuel;

Forms into which finished products will be bottled.

On average, you can melt plastic ingots for 1000-1500 rubles per day (at home). Well, as for the harder material (glass, metal, etc.), they should be taken to special collection points in large cities. Since it is not very profitable to re-melt such raw materials on your own.

We open our own business: from simple and original to proven ideas More and more often we are visited by the idea of ​​our own business. Making money for yourself is much more profitable than sitting from call to call at work. Knowledgeable men can easily set up a business even in the garage. But women are often at a loss as to what to do in a way that suits their souls and money. Here are some of the successful and proven ideas for you.

Small Business Ideas for Beginners

You don't have to start a global business to start providing your services. You can try a small income, the so-called microbusiness. The essence of which is simple and does not require a lot of bookkeeping.

Shopping business

This is about joint procurement. The meaning of making money is to organize the process of delivering goods at a reduced price. Therefore, it is important to find good deals on the Internet and those willing to buy.

This is a real women's business, which is based on communication with friends and other girls. To make money, you can create a website, forum or VKontakte group. It is advisable to organize the first two sites when the process is getting better.

The next step is to order the required quantity of goods and receive it by mail. The profit from joint purchases is based on the amounts that the organizer winds up for himself in excess of the minimum price from each order. This line of business provides for low costs, mainly for advertising and promotion.

To be a winner, the amount that the organizer collects must include shipping costs and a pocket surcharge.

To raise funds, you can open an account or ask people to transfer money to the card. This is a great way to make money at home on maternity leave.

Helping Internet Entrepreneurs For Money

Many have now gone into the info business and are trying to promote their startups. This requires a huge amount of money, time and certain knowledge.

In particular, on creating landing pages, writing selling texts, promoting pages on the network, organizing advertising campaigns, mailings, etc. In most cases, you have to hire freelancers and keep track of the work progress. One person cannot cope with all this, he additionally needs to think over the image, as well as communicate with clients.

If you have certain knowledge and ingenuity, you can make good money as an assistant to the info business. For an entrepreneur, this is not an employee, but a real friend who solves his problems and saves time. Even if you live in a village and have Internet access, it is never too late to study and strive to earn money. After all, working in this way literally does not need to leave the house.

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