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Large market players are not engaged in private transportation, which provides an opportunity for novice businessmen to earn money.

Where to start

Getting started in a freight business is purchasing a truck. With the most budgetary option, a Gazelle car or its domestic counterparts can be considered as a vehicle, but with this approach it is necessary to bear in mind that the reliability of such equipment is much lower than that of imported cars.


A novice businessman who works independently and performs all types of work using a car with a carrying capacity of 1.5 tons can count on earning about 30 thousand rubles. per month. The owner of the truck can earn more than 100 thousand rubles.

We'll have to start with the service of transportation for short and medium distances. The main employer is the construction business. To optimize workload, you can get contacts with dispatchers who will provide orders for a percentage of the cost of the work. Competition in the sector is high, so it is advisable to have some level of free investment and not decide what kind of business can be opened in Voronezh from scratch. The availability of cash or valuable tangible assets will allow you to more successfully resist competitors. For example, the owner of a manipulator machine or a concrete mixer has a significant competitive advantage.

The next stage of business development can be planned:

  • Expansion of the staff:
  • Opening an office;
  • Expansion of the vehicle fleet by vehicles of various classes

Consideration of the option with cargo transportation helps to understand what kind of business to open in Voronezh. To reach an income of about 0.5 million rubles. per month, it is necessary to expand the activity, which includes about 10 units of freight vehicles. It is possible to reduce the level of initial investment by using various leasing schemes.

Small business development is one of the main challenges facing both local and federal governments.

Kazan is a large city in Russia. As elsewhere, there is a tendency for the constant growth of the number a

Chelyabinsk is usually associated with heavy industry, but thinking about which business is profitable to open in Ch.

The Small and Medium Business Support Center "My Business" has launched a new section on its website, where you can read about the success stories of Voronezh entrepreneurs. The goal of the Stories of Entrepreneurs project is to develop and maintain communication within the business community. Let us tell you some of the success stories of Voronezh businessmen who turned to My Business for support.

"We are looking for partners at exhibitions"

Alexey Shkarin's Bakler company is engaged in advertising promotion, including applying logos on dishes, glasses and mugs, sewing thermal bags and forms with logos. His other company, Tucker, produces snacks with different flavors under the Drova brand. According to Alexey Shkarin, he has been interacting with the My Business center for about three years and this cooperation is very useful.

"We want to fill the market with quality products"

Companies not only from Voronezh, but also from districts of the region use information support. For example, the VAVILOVA House of Taste, the first gastronomic salon of Novovoronezh, has been operating since November 1, 2021.

“In 2021, I registered as an entrepreneur and began to actively attend the events of the“ My Business ”center, where business coaches and business experts spoke. The training seminars are useful for both beginners and existing entrepreneurs. We received a lot of advice on how to work with finances, how to start a business. I believe that the association of entrepreneurs that My Business has created helps young businessmen a lot, ”Natalya Kokina said.

“We wanted to fill the market with high-quality food products. Now, in addition to sales, we produce several types of semi-finished products, and soon we plan to launch an eco-sausage shop, ”the entrepreneur shared her plans.

The “Stories of Entrepreneurs” section will be updated with another success story every week on Mondays. Follow the updates on the official website of the My Business Center, as well as on the social networks Instagram, vk, facebook, Telegram.

Top Reading

Entrepreneurial activity under a franchise agreement is one of the most demanded areas for successful, experienced and young entrepreneurs who are in the stage of formation and development. A franchise business in Voronezh is no exception.

Voronezh businessmen are given the opportunity to realize their ideas based on the use of reliable and effective business technologies offered by various franchises. The Voronezh segment of the franchise market in the Russian Federation is an up-to-date offer related to activities in a wide variety of industries, primarily popular ones. Projects with different investment thresholds have been developed and presented. Below we will consider several examples of a franchised business in Voronezh.

We bring to your attention a list of franchises for Voronezh. These franchise offerings are well suited to the region. These franchises will help you start your own business in Voronezh.

List of franchises for Voronezh


The franchise is represented by a store of bright and educational toys known in different regions of the Russian Federation. The franchise branch, opened in Voronezh, is one of the favorite outlets for children and parents. The number of the company's stores operating in the Russian Federation is over 900. The characteristic features of this franchise business in Voronezh: profitability and social importance. Each franchisee is provided with a personal manager and the stability of supplies is guaranteed.

To participate in the project, an entrepreneur must provide investments in the amount of 1 million rubles or more. The amount of 117 thousand rubles represents the size of a one-time entrance fee. The franchise agreement does not provide for the payment of royalties and advertising fees. The minimum size of the area of ​​the premises required for opening an enterprise: 50 square meters. The payback period of the investments made is starting from six months.

Wetzel`s Pretzels Franchise

The franchise is represented on the Voronezh franchise market by a chain of cafes specializing in the sale of pretzels of the same name. The chain is one of the most sought after fast food companies in the United States. The initial payment is 20 thousand dollars. The minimum investment level is 65 thousand dollars. The royalty percentage is 7%. The period required for the return on investment made: one year.

HELIX Franchise

Developed by a laboratory services company and ranked among the Forbes Franchise Leaders. The organization has an extensive network of franchise-based enterprises, including in Voronezh. The franchisee gets the opportunity to study free of charge. The amount of investments required to open the center starts from 700 thousand rubles. The period for the enterprise to reach self-sufficiency is from three months.

Where to invest in Voronezh What business to open in Voronezh

Voronezh is a city with a population of one million, the largest cultural, educational, sports and economic center. It is on the honorary list of historical cities of Russia, and also bears the title of "City of Military Glory".

The city has a well-developed production of building materials, food industry, machine-building and metal-working enterprises. Local government bodies are working to attract large investors to the city, as well as create favorable conditions for start-up businessmen who want to start their own business.


The Voronezh region has the most fertile soils - more than 80% of the territory is covered with black soil, which creates ideal conditions for farming. The direction can be almost any, since bushes and trees, berries and vegetables grow equally well on black soil.

Livestock farming will also be profitable, so there is no shortage of pastures. For example, not so long ago in the Gribanovsky district they began to breed sheep of the Edilbaev breed. The business has shown itself to be highly productive and profitable.

There is a state program in the region aimed at supporting small businesses, and entrepreneurs also receive a one-time assistance for household arrangements.

Sportswear sewing

Voronezh has every right to be a sports city. There are large sports complexes, an ice rink, an Olympic reserve school, a yacht club, etc. Every year the city hosts many sports competitions of the all-Russian and international level. Therefore, a sportswear sewing and marketing company will definitely find its consumer audience.

High-quality clothing for sports involves the use of natural "breathable" materials, it must also meet world standards, be stylish and beautiful, and be sewn on high-tech equipment. The business is profitable with a high return on investment and has practically no risks.

Out of work. How small business survives in Voronezh

The self-isolation regime due to the coronavirus hit small businesses hard. The disease has practically paralyzed the entertainment industry, catering, and the beauty industry. The authorities promise to provide support to companies, but they are skeptical about this: most of the small businesses worked "in the gray." RIA Voronezh journalists have found out how Voronezh entrepreneurs survive and feel in a pandemic.

What are entrepreneurs saying?

"You can't live without money"

The work of the beauty industry today is almost a spy game. Serve only "friends" and only by appointment. The door is opened upon the bell, looking around nervously. To the naive question, why be encrypted, because they were allowed to work, the RIA Voronezh correspondent was answered:

- To open, you need to fulfill a bunch of conditions: serve one client at a time (in our hall, where it is 20 meters). After each - ventilation and disinfection are required. Almost the tool should be disposable.

In addition, the workers are afraid of getting infected and hope that there will be no trouble from “their own”: they admit if they went to Moscow and “will not come in snot or with a fever”.

In the salon where the RIA Voronezh journalist came, all the employees - coincidentally - are divorced, they can only rely on themselves in material terms. Everything is in credits. The mother of a hairdresser underwent a major operation in February and now needs rehabilitation. Another's daughter died, leaving a minor son. The third child is three years old.

- When all the salons were closed, we, of course, also did not go out for a while. But we sat at home for a bit and realized: you can't live without money. And they began to work from under the floor, - the master Lyudmila did not hide. - But there were several days of complete silence. This is scary. For example, I have no "airbag". And 10 thousand rubles a month to pay off the loan - take it out and put it down! The rent, food - nobody canceled that. On TV, all these screen stars are calling: “Stay home, maintain social distance, take care of yourself. “We have a choice of two evils. At the same time, “stay at home” is the largest of them.

The girls said that they wanted to get a credit vacation for six months on personal loans. One took it for repairs, the other for the operation of the mother, the third bought a car.

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