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Nowadays it is easy to lose your job and be out of work. As practice shows, just when there are no funds, you need to open your own business in order to stay afloat. What to do, what ideas are in demand, what are not. Questions arise - how to advertise, where, how to place your ads about services?

You should not despair, you need to persistently master new opportunities for promotion. Fortunately, nowadays there are many business ideas from scratch. Many have already traveled this path, achieved success, and today they have something to share.


For example, you have a car with rear seats, you can safely open a trucking service, even if you live somewhere in a small town, and the townspeople are not yet familiar with this type of business. The most difficult thing is to get certain rights, for this you need to contact the State Traffic Inspectorate. After that, you can create a simple business card site, where you indicate the phone number by which you can find you. The phone is the main thing in such a business, it can serve as an organizer, then make business cards or flyers - distribute them in the most visited places. The first clients will appear soon, because you are definitely needed - for summer residents, new settlers, and those who are faced with a move.

Phone operator

For example, you can speak beautifully, persuade people at a distance, and you have already been told about this. A mesmerizing voice, ability to weave a conversation, erudition - great for a start! Get yourself a cool phone number, memorable, easy, evocative. For example, 37 - 77-77. Register in the payment system, you will be able to receive money when paying by credit cards. What can you do over the phone? Pretty much everything, even having sex. But that's not what we're talking about. You can comment on the weather, read news, recipes, take sports bets. The most amazing thing is that all this is in demand! Many people need communication - retirees, single women, disabled people, the telephone connects them with life. So you can act as a conductor! And get paid for it!

Copywriter, author

Of course, this idea can be organized with a computer. But what opportunities!

You can start with blogging - you should be recognized. Applications for Android have been developed, you can write texts, create posts on large platforms such as WordPress, there are platforms that have built-in modules for working through mobile phones. You don't have to glorify yourself through blogging. You can write for copywriting exchanges, specific customers, you can post work on the site. Yes, competition, it's not easy to find your niche. But what a field for activity. For example, become a columnist for restaurants in a large city, cover cultural life. Did you know that in Japan, 5 out of 10 best-selling novels turned out to be mobile novels written using phones? It's hard to imagine such a thing, but you can try! And don't stop there!

Tour Guide

If you love your own city, walk around it as much as possible, but for money! How? Become a tour guide. At first, for little money, for friends and acquaintances, laying their own routes. Do you love the city center? Know all the famous places, why not show them to tourists. Ask - what places would they visit next time and why? What attracts them? Maybe they want to visit a famous cafe? For example, many tourists in Lviv tend to visit the Kryivka cafe because of the unusual concept of the restaurant, where at the entrance you are met by ... UPA soldiers, armed to the teeth. Make a website, compose yourself a biography - how you became a tour guide, why, post reviews. On excursions, you can show photographs of the old city, and at the same time sell them. Books on the history of the city will also be in demand. City maps with Google Maps are installed on the Android phone, then you can create a guidebook, sell by order in the format of an e-book, you can make an application on your smartphone.


Online mentoring is also in demand. You may not have specials. education, not having a license, but at the same time telling how to build life so that it is enjoyable. This is such a nice topic. You communicate with ease, ask questions to the client, and thereby help him find his place. A nicely designed website where you share your experience as a coach, post reviews, post articles, and if available, a book or brochure. Let your clients see how smart and discerning you are. As soon as you receive calls from clients, you can make appointments and meet with them in different pleasant places. You can also chat on Skype if the client is in another city. Determine the prices for services, build a convenient schedule for yourself. You can negotiate the maximum possible and convenient schedule.

What difficulties are typical for any kind of activity in a small settlement:

  • Limited number of consumers.
  • Competition.
  • Low profitability.

Limited number of consumers

The name itself speaks for itself: a small town has a small population. In addition, it should be taken into account that most people of working age can be absorbed through labor migration by larger neighboring cities. Especially if production is not developed in your city, there are no large enterprises and organizations.

Then, when choosing a type of business, you need to focus on:

For this, it is important to approach the choice of activity very seriously so that it is suitable specifically for these categories of the population.


If you choose the type of business associated with the provision of in-demand goods or services, then you can surely face quite serious competition. Grocery stores, convenience stores, clothing, footwear, hairdressing salons are already operating in every city. Therefore, it will not be possible to break into such a market without original new ideas.

Low profitability

It is hardly possible to prove yourself at the expense of expensive elite goods and services in a small town. The population here does not earn enough to afford to buy branded jewelry or spend a night in a casino. The absence of such offers on the market is due not to the fact that no one except you thought of this before, but to the fact that there is simply no demand for such activities here. The limited solvency of the population is fraught with a low level of profitability for any type of business.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs often have problems choosing a sought-after and profitable niche in the market. As a rule, newcomers do not have large start-up capital, so they try to open their own business with minimal investment. In this article, we have collected several new business ideas for small businesses from scratch in 2021, the implementation of which does not require large financial costs.

Mobile dentistry

Anyone can visit the dental office on wheels. This is a specially equipped vehicle that has everything you need to diagnose and treat patients. A mobile team serves about 30 people per day. Mobile dentistry can work autonomously for more than 5 days.

This new business idea for small businesses is especially relevant for small towns and rural areas. Urban residents who do not have enough free time to visit an inpatient clinic often use the services of mobile dentistry. A dental office on wheels is a great option. At first, in order to save money at the start, a specialized car can be rented.

Main costs:

If you have not yet decided on a direction of activity, be sure to pay attention to this profitable one.

Wooden business cards

Looking for new small business ideas in manufacturing? Take a closer look at such an innovative area of ​​activity as making business cards from wood. Such products are made to order from wood veneer.

First, the designer develops a layout for the appearance of the business card and coordinates it with the customer. After that, the technologist starts working. A special laser machine with software is used to apply the image to wooden business cards. Such equipment costs about 120 thousand rubles. One veneer sheet costs 300 rubles. It makes 250 products. The maximum cost of one business card is 10-15 rubles. To increase the profitability of your business, you can offer clients the production of promotional items or wedding invitations. This is a promising small business idea that makes a good profit. If there are orders, the initial investment pays off in 6-8 months.

Growing medicinal plants

Some people believe that good money cannot be made in the countryside. In fact, there are many new business ideas for small businesses from scratch that can be implemented in the village at minimal cost. The most affordable option is to grow medicinal plants on your own personal plot. Such products are purchased in bulk by enterprises that manufacture medicinal and cosmetic products.

Are you ready to live your dream, work for yourself and rely only on yourself? Are you waiting for the right moment to start your own business? Not sure about the material side of the question? Introducing 32 business ideas with minimal investment. You can start any of the listed areas today. For implementation, you will need perseverance, a desire to learn and no more than 10,000 rubles in your pocket.

A word for small businesses

Small business owners deserve respect. They are independent, dreamlike and set realistic goals. We are talking about a caste of self-employed professionals, merchants and service providers. People who are collected, confident in their abilities. Those who know that no one will help them on the path of entrepreneurship. They are used to solving all questions on their own.

Nobody deserves as much respect as these self-sufficient and courageous people. The service industry is supportive of aspiring entrepreneurs. Providing a service, along with trading, requires less investment. Allows you to turn an action into a kind of product. Uses the time, knowledge and experience of a specialist as resources.

An entrepreneur delivers his services independently or involves hired workers for help. Creates jobs. According to the US Department of Commerce, from 2021 to 2021, more than 73% of the working-age population is employed in small and medium-sized businesses. Russia can boast about the same indicator.

Business on services with minimal investment

The issue of business financing is the main stumbling block on the path to becoming an entrepreneur. The rest of the obstacles are less material. This is a lack of motivation, energy, time and the like. The service sector involves lower costs of starting your own business. You will hardly need to rent premises, purchase display cases and goods, refrigeration units and other things.

Some services cannot be provided without special equipment and tools. The costs of purchasing the latter are incommensurable with what an entrepreneur needs to start a successful trade. In the examples discussed below, providing your own business with everything you need will take less than 10,000 rubles from you.

Business on services does not exclude the possibility of taking out a loan or taking advantage of a leasing offer. In this article, we will focus on ideas with minimal investment. Time will be another strong argument in favor of the services considered. Most of the ideas can be implemented by you today.

As you plunge into the list, try to maintain objectivity. Assess your knowledge and capabilities. Don't let the thought of an opportunity to learn new things pass by. It would be a mistake to brush aside promising business ideas due to lack of preparation on your part.

Any aspiring entrepreneur dreams of starting a highly profitable business. But in order to achieve success and gain financial independence, you need to choose the right direction of activity. We will consider the most promising ideas on how to organize your business from scratch in this article.

Where to start?

Many people dream of starting their own business, but only a few succeed in implementing their plans, since any entrepreneurial activity requires not only investment of money, but also time and effort. In addition, the implementation of serious business ideas will require large investments. Many aspiring entrepreneurs have to save up the necessary amount for years in order to invest it in starting their own business.

A person who is interested in how to organize their business from scratch should know that this will require, first of all, registering a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, rent or buy an office, hire staff, etc.

The process of starting your own business should be approached seriously and responsibly. In addition to the main goal - making a profit, you should take care of minimizing costs and optimizing all cash flows.

You don't have to have millions to get started. While you are saving up the required amount, carefully research the market and analyze the information received. In addition, you need to choose not only a brilliant, but also a demanded business idea. Only in this case will you be able to promote your business and achieve success. Of course, there are cases when some innovation brings huge profits, but this will require huge investments and special knowledge.

Where can I get the money?

The question of how to start a business without start-up capital is asked by many aspiring entrepreneurs. Earning start-up capital is not so easy, but taking out a loan is quite risky. Therefore, some abandon the idea of ​​starting a small business from scratch and continue to work for the owner. In fact, there are many other options for how to get the required amount to start:

  • Selling personal property;
  • Attracting investors;
  • Own savings;
  • Help from the state.

If you are thinking about what kind of business to start from scratch, the best option is a low-cost venture. Experts recommend finding an idea that does not require large financial investments. It can be intellectual development, services of a business coach, notary, auditor, and so on.

Most Popular Ideas

Now let's figure out which business is better to start from scratch? There are many interesting and quite profitable options for a highly profitable business. Let's take a look at some of them:

Collection Agency

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