Open your business in a small town ideas

A person can have many incentives to open their own business.

This is a desire to become financially independent and self-sufficient, to reveal your professional and creative potential, etc. With such a high level of competition as in Moscow, to succeed in business and develop your company to the level of a solid company under strength is far from every beginning entrepreneur. Anyone who wants to open his own small business first needs to decide on the choice of the direction of activity. To do this, you can make a list of two points. In the first one, write what I would like and it would be interesting to do. In the second, what you do well. Then you should cross out all the less promising options. In this case, you also need to take into account your financial capabilities.

After there is only one item in the list after weeding out weak options, you will need to write your advantages in this area over competitors. You need something special that others, if they can do it, will not be massive. The main competitive advantages include a low price, an interesting image, or, for example, the novelty of an idea, etc. If you manage to find at least a couple of options, then the chosen idea may turn out to be quite successful and begin to bring good income with proper business organization.

Let's say an entrepreneur has always been interested in different countries, is fluent in foreign languages ​​and can easily find a common language with absolutely any interlocutor. He decided to start his own business in the field of providing travel services. Opening a travel company is not difficult. Plus, this type of activity does not require the cost of purchasing goods, for example, as when opening a store.

Let's consider in stages how to bring this idea to life and draw up a general business plan

  • If an entrepreneur has no experience in the tourism sector, it will be useful to complete courses for tourism managers before opening a travel agency. They last from two weeks to a month and cost a little. General understanding of tourism, how and what works in this field of activity, the subtleties and features of the tourism market in the courses will tell.
  • To open any activity, you first need to register. Registration of a travel agency is most often carried out as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or an Individual Entrepreneur (IE). Registration is made at the Tax Authority.
  • Find a place suitable for a travel company and rent it. The agency does not need too large premises. For two managers to work, 15-20 sq. m. The location of the office is already half the success. It should be located in a walk-through area, near a metro station. The ideal option is to rent a room in a shopping center.
  • The next steps will be the purchase of everything you need to open an office and its arrangement. When buying everything you need, you need to proceed from how many people will work in the office. It is important not to miss anything here. It is imperative to remember about purchasing a sign, otherwise potential clients may simply not find an office, and clients from the street will never come in, because they will not know about the existence of a travel agency.
  • After equipping the office, you need to take care of connecting the telephone line and the Internet, since they are one of the main tools in the work of a travel company.
  • Purchase and registration with the tax authority of a cash register.
  • Consider advertising. Advertising is very important for a successful start of a travel agency. This can be the distribution of leaflets with information about the agency near the metro station, advertising in the media or joint advertising with travel operators, etc. There are a lot of advertising options.
  • This travel agency may have its own characteristics. You can open the sale of wedding tours or start organizing some non-standard travel, etc.

The costs of starting a company can be divided into one-time and monthly

One-time expenses

  • state duty for registration of individual entrepreneurs - 800 rubles;
  • opening a personal bank account - 2200 rubles (the exact amount depends on the tariff of the selected bank);
  • equipment of the manager's workplace (table, rack, 3 chairs, computer, MFP) - 44 thousand rubles;
  • telephone line connection - 500 rubles;
  • cash register - 23 thousand rubles;
  • sign - 7 thousand rubles.

Monthly expenses

Minor expenses of the travel agency

Secondary costs are optional. Without them, you can open an office and start working. Most often, already proven travel agencies spend money on these items of expenses.

What are the differences between small businesses in big and small cities

In a small city compared to a large metropolis, the following features for doing business:

  • Limited sales market or the need to spend money on logistics and deliver products to the end consumer in other settlements;
  • Absence of any barriers to starting a business and a minimum of competitors, but underdeveloped market demand and low purchasing power of the population;
  • Cheap labor, but at the same time difficulties in finding highly qualified specialists without flaws;
  • Low costs of organizing production - lower rental rates , more free commercial space, more affordable repairs, less pathos and the need for extra costs;
  • Cheap local raw materials, but expensive imported resources due to transportation costs;
  • Availability of development incentives business and support from all kinds of official authorities;
  • High value of reputation - mistakes are not forgotten here and it is difficult to find new clients.

If in a large district or regional center, in order to create your own business, significant start-up costs are required (after all, space, advertising, and personnel are expensive), then in a city with a small population this contribution can be minimized required to start a business.

Yes, in a small town there are fewer opportunities and not every idea is suitable for implementation in such a limited space, but the owner of the company will be able to easily manage all the processes and not lose control over his enterprise. Here and the scale is not the same. You can handle all the responsibilities of a family contract and not hire outsiders.

What kind of business you can open in a small town

Of course, you can open another store, as others do, but it is better to pick up the idea that no one else has used in your city before you. What is suitable for implementation within a small town:

Many options can be selected and determined which business can be opened in your small town, looking at the experience of neighboring regions, for example, on the Avito website.

As an example, we can cite an entrepreneur from a small seaside town, who at the beginning of his activity acquired an inflatable slide and now - after 4 beach seasons - there are more than two dozen children's sea attractions on the coast throughout the region and even a water slide. slide for adults. All of them are in demand and there is no end of vacationers in the summer months. The business is seasonal but profitable. It is fortunate that not only residents of a small town choose this vacation spot, but everyone comes here from large centers.

There is another example of success. A small private bakery started in a home kitchen with delivery to a nearby stall, three years have passed and now it provides not only all retail outlets in the city with fresh baked goods, but also supplies bakery products outside the district.

Dreams of free floating and their own business hover in the minds of many enterprising people withering away in their hated jobs. Not everyone can muster the courage to start their own business: some do not have sufficient resources to implement an existing idea, while others simply resign themselves to their “fate” and continue to live their usual life.

There are many reasons that prevent people from realizing.

Indeed, in our time there are many options for creating your own business that allows you to make money without even leaving your home. Home-based business has long been established among entrepreneurs as a profitable, low-cost employment option and is increasingly being adopted by them.

How to choose a project?

Along with convenience and comfort, living in a private house is accompanied by some inconveniences.

Take, for example, the time and money spent on operation: owning a farm requires much more investment. In the house, you need to constantly monitor the order of the internal premises and the personal plot.

On the other hand, having a home gives you a lot of room for creativity. Most of the owners of personal real estate successfully create their own business and profit from their creativity and empty rooms.

Any type of business created in a private home has a number of advantages:

  • Buying or renting premises is one of the largest cost items for start-up entrepreneurs. If you have your own private house, then you will save a lot of money already at the stage of creating your project.
  • Operating costs are minimized, which positively affects the development of the project. This is especially important at the stage of formation.
  • Reduces travel costs and time spent visiting the office. It is easier for an entrepreneur to keep everything under control, because all managed processes are at hand.
  • No dependence on landlord and bosses.

Setting up and registering a home business in Russia is a bit difficult compared to developed countries. However, this is quite possible.

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