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A business school for young people "From Idea to Business", organized by the Coca-Cola Beverages Belorussia Unitary Enterprise, the Youth Business Incubator and the Center for Entrepreneurship Support ODO "Business Development", continues to operate in Minsk.

The school's lecturer - financial literacy trainer Natalya Dolbik - tells in detail how to make your first million in business. At least rubles.

Natalia Dolbik teaches at the Republican Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining of Employees of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. She was trained in the framework of the international technical assistance project "Improving access to financial resources of the rural population of the Republic of Belarus" (Republican Microfinance Center (Belarus) with the support of USAID).

At the business school "From Idea to Business" Natalia Dolbik aims to tell young people about finances and sources of funding. The teacher helps to answer the main questions that interest young entrepreneurs: where to get money to start a business, is it worth going to a bank for a loan, how to calculate the return on business, which tax system to choose.

Where to get money for starting a business?

- I would advise you to contact the employment service first. The unemployed can receive a non-refundable subsidy.

There are only a few conditions: this amount must be spent exclusively on the development of the business, which must work for at least a year. At the same time, the person himself cannot apply to the labor exchange earlier than this period. Equipment, tools and services necessary for starting a business should be purchased for a subsidy only on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. But the manufacturer is not important - you can take products from both domestic and foreign companies.

The amount is measured in the budgets of the subsistence minimum, which is now 199.32 rubles. Novice artisans, businessmen in the field of agroecotourism, individual entrepreneurs, as well as those who want to open a private unitary enterprise, can receive more than 2,000 rubles - 11 living wages.

If you plan to work in rural areas, the amount will increase to 15 units. If you want to launch an innovative project and are ready to confirm this - for example, to provide a patent for an invention - you will already have about 4000 rubles (20 times the subsistence minimum) starting capital.

But this option is only suitable for the unemployed. For others, there are also options: for example, special programs. One of the most famous now is “100 Ideas for Belarus”, which is being carried out by the State Committee on Science and Technology. In addition, business angel and venture capital communities are becoming more widespread. With your idea, you can contact, for example, the Community of Business Angels and Venture Investors "BAVIN".

There are grants that can be obtained through non-profit organizations, including those from other countries. But most often international programs affect social entrepreneurship.

Material on the topic: "Business ideas for small businesses in Belarus" with full explanation and justification.

Business ideas from scratch in Belarus

Many entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting a business in Belarus are wondering what are the advantages of doing business here compared to neighbors in the European Union and Russia. Belarus is a relatively small country located practically in the center of Europe. The market capacity in Belarus is not as large as, for example, in Russia, but the country's location in the Customs Union allows using the advantages of this association to promote goods and services to the markets of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. At the same time, the availability of colossal raw material opportunities for the CU partners, as well as the relative cheapness of labor, makes it possible to produce high-quality and inexpensive goods for the EU countries.

Business ideas for small businesses in Belarus, as well as for any other post-Soviet country, are in the field of trade, services and production. Let's try, taking into account the peculiarities of the country, to answer the question of which business is the most profitable in Belarus.

Trade can hardly be regarded as an idea for a small business in Belarus with minimal investment. This is primarily due to the need to have significant working capital for the purchase of goods. But the start-up costs of $ 5,000– $ 10,000 cannot be considered excessive.

Despite the constant development and expansion of the supermarket chain, there remains a fairly wide niche in Belarus for small stores inside residential areas and in rural areas.

Of course, the problem of renting premises for opening a store is quite acute in big cities. If the location of the “retail outlet” is not chosen correctly, the lease can eat up all the potential profit. However, there is still a shortage of specialized outlets for the sale of exclusive goods in the country. The proximity of the EU, in the presence of established relations with suppliers of goods from Europe, allows quite successfully to trade in very expensive products "for an amateur".

Gourmet cheeses, elite varieties of tea and coffee, as well as some meat products and fish will always be in demand among wealthy residents of Belarus. Online shopping and dropshipping remain promising areas of commerce, despite rather fierce competition.

How to start your business in Belarus from scratch. Let's make a reservation "from scratch" does not mean that there are no costs for registering a business. You will not be able to work for a long time "on black" in Belarus. Paying taxes is an unpleasant but necessary obligation. The fiscal authorities are working properly.

Providing services is the most effective answer to the question of how to open your business from scratch in Belarus. But to provide services, you need to have certain knowledge and skills. Here are just a few ideas for a business from scratch in Belarus:

  • tutoring and teaching a foreign language;
  • consulting and accounting services for small businesses;
  • maintenance, repair of computers and mobile phones;
  • courier services (in this case, at least a moped is required);
  • sewing curtains from the customer's material remains a highly demanded service, especially when equipping country cottages;
  • production of confectionery products to order for special occasions.

If you have the opportunity to invest a little money in organizing your own business, then your choice of which business is profitable to do in Belarus is significantly expanding. First of all, this concerns the opening of roadside catering outlets. Their saturation of the road network of Belarus is still insufficient, and the peculiarities of the transit country make such a business very promising.

The opening of hotels for pets on the outskirts of large cities allows you to have a stable income throughout the year. The same applies to veterinary pharmacies. The complex registration system for such pharmacies pays off very quickly.

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For the development of entrepreneurship in our country, it is very important that as many truly new, creative and useful business ideas emerge and be implemented. And, undoubtedly, there are people in Belarus who are ready to challenge various difficulties, the result of which will be the successful implementation of everything that was conceived.

A business idea is that little spark from which a successful business can grow, generating many benefits, both for you and for other people. After all, all great things once started small.

There are a lot of such ideas. Some of them have already been faked, and some are yet to be born. But let's talk about those promising opportunities that are advisable to apply in our country. And I would like to touch upon exactly those business ideas that will be truly useful both for the entrepreneur himself and for his end consumer.

Inbound tourism in Belarus

In most cases, when you ask Western youth what “Belarus” is and where it is, you get a vague answer. Few of them have a clear idea of ​​our country and there are reasons for this. But, in order to change this situation, active changes for the better have been taking place in Belarus recently. One of them is visa-free entry to our country through the “Minsk National Airport” for a period of 5 days for citizens of 80 countries. This visa exemption has been in effect since 12.2.017.

We actually have a lot of places that will be of great interest to a foreign tourist at any time of the year. In our opinion, three Belarusian sights are ideal for a minimum acquaintance with Belarus during a two-day stay:

  • Minsk is the capital of Belarus, which presents various epochs (pre-revolutionary, Soviet, modern), its cultural features and amazing cleanliness of city streets;
  • Museum complex "Dudtki" is a place where the culture of the Belarusian people is presented, as well as where there is an opportunity to get acquainted with Belarusian cuisine;
  • Nesvizh Castle is an amazing museum-reserve, allowing you to plunge into the era of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and admire how you lived the oldest family of the Radziwills.

Perhaps, these three objects can be made a brand called "The National Ring of Belarus".

And for the rest of the guests of our country there are many other wonderful places that will be remembered for a long time with pleasant memories. It is worth noting that in neighboring Russia the flow of tourists from different countries of the world increases annually, most of which would be interested in getting to know Belarus. Moreover, the flight to Minsk from Moscow or St. Petersburg costs very little.

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We invite you to discuss your opinions on what area is profitable to open a business in Belarus today.

Reply from ura -:

Julia, hello. What is your opinion as a specialist, will it be profitable to sell wedding accessories, but without the sale of wedding dresses? Maybe you will advise. Thanks in advance!

Answer from Andrey Bushmakin -:

Julia, hello. What is your opinion as a specialist, will it be profitable to sell wedding accessories, but without the sale of wedding dresses? Maybe you will advise. Thanks in advance!

Wedding accessories are, in fact, a related product. It goes well with the main activity of car rental, wedding dresses, etc.

For a business of related products to have a sufficient percentage of profitability, there must be a very wide range + normal advertising + a promoted website of the company / individual entrepreneur.

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Reply from PIT -:

If the previous Belarusian crises were associated with the problem of the consumption of goods and services, then the current one seriously affected the production and sales spheres. Now small and medium-sized businesses in Belarus are going through difficult trials and need proposals for development more than ever.

In this article, the TAM. Y will tell you what media tools are effective today to support business in the second half of 2021.

What is the position of Belarusian business today

Over the past few months, the National Bank's business climate index has decreased to minus 12.9%. This happened due to the unfavorable epidemiological and general financial situation in the country: enterprises feel a lack of funding, insolvency of consumers, a lack of working capital and low demand for products.

In May-July, there was a partial recovery of general indicators: almost half of the surveyed heads of enterprises (50.8%) assessed the economic situation negatively, while the remaining 47.6% felt an improvement. Compared to the first quarter of 2021, the demand for services and goods increased by 1.7%.

How has demand changed in large sectors of the Belarusian economy?

Trade - minus,% (it was minus,%)

Since the beginning of the year, trade and services have suffered serious losses, involving direct contacts or large gatherings of people. However, closer to autumn, a “consumer thaw” became noticeable: Belarusians again became interested in outbound and domestic tourism, and began to visit catering establishments and shopping centers more actively.

Industry - minus,% (it was minus,%)

The area of ​​production of household appliances, namely electronics and optics, suffered the most. The reason was the drop in demand from the population, who had to temporarily abandon large purchases in favor of food. The financial situation was recognized as favorable by 47.5% of respondents, which is 2.2% more than in winter and spring.

Transport - minus,% (it was minus,%)

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