New Small Business Ideas 2021

Recently, serious changes have been taking place in our country, which open up broad prospects for aspiring entrepreneurs. Thanks to this, any beginner can choose the direction of activity that will lead him to success. New business ideas in 2021 in Russia, presented in this publication, allow you to start a promising profitable business and quickly return your investment.

SMS informing parents

Many parents try to control how regularly their children attend school. In this case, SMS informing helps them. Such a service has recently become in great demand, so many entrepreneurs who want to start a new business choose this particular direction of activity. If you are looking for profitable business ideas 2021 with minimal investment in a small city, do not miss the opportunity to make money on the implementation of innovative technologies.

In order to implement such a new business idea in Russia in 2021, it is necessary to conclude agreements with schools for the installation of “checkpoints”. After the child passes through this point, the notification system, through paid SMS, will inform the parents that the child has entered school or left this institution. To do this, you can use the standard equipment, only you need to slightly modify the software so that the system can send SMS. It is rented out to the school absolutely free of charge for 3 years. The purchase of a smart card reader, contactless cards themselves, a GSM modem and a controller will require 30–35 thousand rubles. If at least 100 people connect to the system, this new business will pay off with minimal investment in 3 months. You can set the cost of paid SMS yourself. The more subscribers, the cheaper the mailing cost.

Four-wheeled velomobile rental

With the right approach, a new business idea of ​​2021 for renting four-wheeled bicycles can bring a normal income. To keep your start-up costs low, purchase bicycles for rent from Chinese suppliers. This area of ​​activity has not yet become widespread in our country, so you can easily take your place in this market segment.

Bicycles should be offered for rent in crowded places. For example, in a park where you can ride and enjoy a walk.

Trade in expired products

Thinking about how to start your business from scratch with no money? Pay attention to the idea of ​​selling expired food products.

All products have a specific expiration date. Expired goods that are not sold on time are removed from store shelves and sent to the trash heap. But many products, despite the fact that they have expired, are still quite suitable for consumption. This applies to canned food, cereals, sunflower oil, etc. In our time, due to the crisis, many citizens of our country have to count every penny, so they will gladly buy such products at low prices.

Expired product trading is one of the newest business ideas in Europe. In Western countries, there are entire chains of stores selling such products. Such outlets are very popular, so for some of them a special card system had to be introduced so that people who really needed it could buy cheap products. By the way, such stores also work in an offline format. There are discounted prices next to retail prices, which allows shoppers to immediately calculate how much they can save if they buy a particular product. As a rule, the discount is at least 50%.

The hardest year for business - 2021? Presidential elections in the United States, Belarus, changes to the constitution of the Russian Federation, local elections in Ukraine, the closure of large and small enterprises and the COVID-19 pandemic. And, unfortunately, the year is not over yet. We are experiencing not the best time for the introduction of new business "chips", but there are things that will help keep the business in this difficult time

In just a few months, completely new problems have emerged that the business has never encountered before. What hasn't changed in business is competition! Increased demand for limited goods, price competition in services and shopping, online and internet marketing. This is why companies still need to pay attention to the latest business trends, especially in 2021. This is all true for small businesses, which have been hit so hard by the coronavirus this year that many have not survived the blow. Small businesses need to keep an eye on everything from small business lending opportunities to competitor activity and market trends. This article will help you understand what's trending now and in the coming months.

Here and further there will be many links to last year's review of business trends in 2021, many of them have not changed. We can say that most of the popular movements in 2021 in business remained not low in 2021.

Which business trends will remain unchanged from year to year

Admittedly, what lies ahead has some unpredictability. For example, we simply do not know the dollar rate after the November US elections or when the pandemic will subside. Many countries continue to introduce or return restrictions related to free access to visit public places. All this is still disastrous for restaurants, cafes (in general, food business). However, there are some trends that small businesses can look forward to in 2021.

Customer and User Reviews

User feedback will be even more important. We wrote earlier that reviews will be the main driving force in any online store. Users are even more scrupulous about their online purchases. If you don't pay attention to user reviews on social media, your business is already lagging behind in many ways.

Did you know that 85% of consumers shop online? One of the most powerful tools that you can use to influence their decision making are online customer reviews.

According to statistics, 92% of people are afraid to make a purchase when there are no reviews.

There is data that shows that 92% of potential customers will not buy your products if there are no online reviews. Just imagine what this number looks like if your reviews are negative! Having a starred online rating with customer comments is critical to any business.

This is especially important for small businesses where customer surveys need to be particularly attractive as a marketing tool. Publish your article on third-party sites once a month, thereby motivating people to leave reviews or buy your product. The articles do not have to contain a link to your site, the client will sooner or later find you and so.

You can publish information about your company on vc. u, spark. u, Zen and other similar sites. See if your company is on Yandex. arts, Google Maps, 2GIS in Directories and other sites. This will strengthen the name of your business in the face of search engines and users.

These sites have a lot of traffic and do a lot to build your trust and your reputation without spending money on paid ads. For all these reasons, this trend will not disappear anytime soon.

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