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Hello, dear readers of the “site”! In this article, we will look at business ideas with minimal investment, which ideas for small businesses are relevant in 2021, and which business in a small town can be opened from scratch.

Many people who want to start their own business are held back by the lack of start-up capital. But in fact, there are business ideas with small investments, just not everyone knows about them. We wrote this article for those who are thinking about starting their own business, but are looking for an idea for their small business or money. We hope this article will help many aspiring entrepreneurs get closer to their goal.

The article discusses promising business ideas with minimal investment, what ideas for business in a small town exist and what kind of home business can be started from scratch for a novice entrepreneur

Your idea doesn't have to be so brilliant that it can change the world, although it is possible. No, first of all, the idea should be relevant and profitable. But it is equally important that you like it yourself.

Even now, when many firms go bankrupt or are liquidated, there are lucrative niches in the market. And you may well take one of them.

A collection of similar ideas, in fact, is this article. Here you will find small business ideas with minimal investment, suitable for men and women, retirees and students, residents of small towns and large cities.

We will also consider projects that you can start at home without having any start-up capital, production, or a car. Anything is possible if you set your goal correctly at the very beginning!

What kind of business can be opened with minimal investment per year - current niches for business

There are areas of business where you can start your own business and earn income even in our time of crisis.

Profitable business niches can be called:

  • Service industry;
  • Infobusiness;
  • Resale of goods;
  • Hand-made;
  • Business on the Internet.

Where do you think an aspiring entrepreneur has more opportunities to bring his plans to life? In a metropolis or in a province? It would seem that the answer is obvious, but ... In the "outback" it is easier to assess the state of the market, study competitors, find your buyer, and modest overhead costs lead to the fact that in a small city business ideas with minimal investment in 2021 turn out to be quite viable.

The world has changed a little lately, and with organized delivery channels it doesn't matter where your enterprise is located, the Internet expands your capabilities to the redistribution of not only the country, but the whole world. Therefore, newcomers who have implemented business ideas in 2021 in rural areas with minimal investment may well find a buyer in the same megalopolises.

However, a successful business does not at all imply large scale, huge factories and national networks - at least in the beginning. Choosing which business is now profitable to open in a small city, you may well start a small effective enterprise, and then expand the scope of its activities to those boundaries that you deem acceptable.

Two-wheeled vehicle rental

Which mode of transport is as convenient and economical as a bicycle? Modern models are a full-fledged product of high technologies - fast and light, they allow you to move around the city and recreation areas without problems, where vehicles are prohibited from entering. On the other hand, not every apartment has a place for an "iron horse" and not every city dweller can afford to buy two or three types of bicycles for all occasions. Therefore, bicycle rental as a business has every chance of success.

The cycling season starts around April and ends in October. In winter, the bike should be stored in a garage - keep this in mind when implementing such a business idea in 2021 with minimal investment in a small town. In summer, bicycles are transported to a rental point - a pavilion or a trailer located near a park, camp site or other recreation area. Here you need to organize areas for storing and repairing equipment: if you are unfamiliar with the intricacies of bicycle maintenance, it is better to invite a master to work.

There are only two major investments in this business idea with minimal investments in 2021: the purchase of 12-15 bicycles of various types (mountain, road, stunt - from $ 2,500) and advertising. In addition, you need to purchase a stock of spare parts and a set of tools.

Monthly expenses include:

The profit of the rental point is highly dependent on the weather. If at least ten to fifteen people use your bicycles on a good sunny day (more on weekends), then at a rate of $ 1.5–2 per hour, this profitable business with minimal investment in 2021 will pay for itself in the very first season. Add rollers, skateboards and scooters to the rental list - and you can increase your profit by one and a half to two times.


Many people who decide to start their own business cannot immediately count on a large amount to create an investment. Do not despair - a business will come to the rescue with minimal costs. Using inexpensive but profitable business ideas at minimal cost, you can build a truly profitable business of your own.

Profitable business ideas at the lowest cost - up to p

Open a tea business

Tea products are in great demand and guaranteed sales. The profitability will be up to 600% (due to the lack of competition for real tea). It will require opening an individual entrepreneur, renting premises in a well-known supermarket and purchasing popular varieties of Chinese tea at cost.

Let's calculate the expected profit:

  • 20 pu-erh tablets at the cost of 1 tablet - 40 rubles. = 4200 per day.
  • Tea te guan yin at a cost price of 200 rubles. for 100 gr. - approximately 3150 per day.
  • Da hun pao at a cost price of 300 rubles. for 100 gr. When selling 700 grams per day at a price of 550 rubles. = 1750.
  • Oolong and others can bring about 1500 per day.

Thus, the total daily income will be 7600 rubles, and the monthly income - 228,000 (excluding taxes and rent - about 200,000 rubles).

Daily sublease of apartments

Choose a 1-room apartment with a convenient location for short-term rentals (business travelers, tourists), i.e. near the railway station, exhibition center or airport. Next, resolve the issue with its owner and separately - with each of the potential tenants by drawing up an appropriate contract.

Even in the worst case, the profit will be 10,000 (i.e. 100% yield per month). 10% will be spent on advertising (posting ads, printing in popular publications).

Analyzing what kind of business you can open with minimal investment, you should not be limited to specific areas and spheres. A successful idea can be simple and accessible, the main thing is to calculate everything correctly, take into account the nuances, get maximum knowledge and professionally implement a profitable business idea.

Any business with a small start-up capital should assume the minimum number of stages of implementation, a sufficiently high speed of the implementation of the idea, and give the maximum possible income.

It is desirable that at the first stages there is no need to involve a large number of people. It is better to choose areas where there is a growth perspective - so that you can gradually expand, develop your business, increase volumes, etc.

Specifics of choosing a field and project

The idea of ​​opening your own business with minimal investment in 2021-2021 attracts many. A huge number of successful examples of small home industries and small service businesses that started with insignificant investments and developed into millions of projects with successfully selling franchises around the world is a vivid proof that today the idea and the ability to implement it are valued, and not at all huge start-up capital.

There are several aspects to consider when choosing a specific idea and project:

1) Thorough analysis of services and goods in the region (or niche, if we are talking about Internet projects), where you plan to open a business. This will make it possible to understand where there are too many competitors, what the market lacks, which project can “shoot” and attract attention, and which one is obviously a failure due to irrelevance and inadequacy to the needs of the consumer.

2) Study the target audience - the segment you intend to target in order to understand exactly what needs to be done, how to implement it, what to focus on, what prices to set, etc.

3) Finding what you really like and is interested in - it is quite natural that it will be easier for a woman to open an online clothing store or cafe, and a man - a car wash or service station. Although, in this case, we are not talking about gender division - not about which business to open with minimal investment for a girl, but which one - to a guy, but about working in a field where there is knowledge, experience, and abilities.

4) Think about how you can make a profit from the business, whether it will be a promising business - some services or products are popular, but they do not have the potential to bring a lot of income.

5) Assess your financial capabilities in order to understand the acceptable scale of the future project and calculate everything in the business plan.

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