Mini-bakery as a profitable business from personal experience: features, tips, recommendations

What it takes to open a bakery

Opening a bakery is not so difficult, because an entrepreneur does not need any special license for this, only permission from the SES service, the fire authority, the environmental supervision service. In addition, he will have to obtain certificates for all products that he plans to use in the production of bakery products. In practice, it is not difficult to overcome the above barriers, as long as the entrepreneur has a desire.


Mini-bakeries operate purely on the basis of an individual approach to the needs of their consumers, which is their main advantage over large bakeries, bakeries and so on. A small bakery is not able to organize the production of tens of tons of products per day, like the same bakery, but this is not a problem for it. A mini-bakery produces only what and in the amount that will be sold within a few hours, that is, almost immediately. It is according to this system that the assortment of products is formed, the production volumes of various products. At any time, a mini-bakery can rebuild to a new type of product that is of interest to the buyer, that is, in this sense, such small enterprises are more flexible than their larger-scale competitors in terms of production.

Opening a personal bakery requires a lot of initial investment that is unlikely to pay off in a short time, yet this business is considered promising and profitable with a reasonable approach to business.

Advantage of doing your own business

Small baking has a number of obvious advantages. People love fresh, high-quality bread, which is produced near them using individual technology. The buyer appreciates an individual flexible approach to his needs, a range of products, and its compliance with his tastes and desires. In principle, a mini-bakery can always increase its production if it is commercially viable, but this is usually unnecessary for small flexible production. The company must maintain its "mobility" in terms of adjusting the assortment and so on, because this is the main trump card of the owner of such a business.

As already mentioned, the demand for the products of mini-bakeries in the domestic market is stable, that is, an entrepreneur only needs to find money to start this business, develop a business plan for the aforementioned enterprise. It is also worth considering the need for production area, the size of which depends on the scale of production, SES standards for such premises. The main requirement is to separate "dirty" and "clean" production streams. A bakery with a capacity of one ton of bread per day can be placed on an area of ​​160-210 square meters. An entrepreneur can build a room for a production workshop on his own, buy a room or rent it with the subsequent right of purchase. Renting such a room will cost $ 700-1900 per month. The rental price is influenced by the location of the real estate, the surrounding social, transport infrastructure, the availability of communications necessary for this production and other nuances.


Now you can calculate the costs that an entrepreneur should incur in the process of organizing his bakery business. Registration of a full package of permits will cost him 2-3 thousand dollars, a premise for a bakery, or rather its rent another 1000-2021 thousand dollars. At least 3-4 thousand dollars can be spent on the repair of the production workshop and other premises. An entrepreneur will have to spend 5-10 thousand dollars to buy all the equipment, and another 1000-1500 dollars for furniture. He will have to spend the same amount on training and education of his bakery personnel. Utilities are another $ 1000-1200 per month. The remuneration of the personnel hired by him is minus 5-7 thousand dollars from his income every month. On the purchase of raw materials for production, he will have to spend 6-8 thousand dollars a month.

It should be added that the main raw material for bakery production is flour, that is, at least 700 kg of flour is needed to bake a ton of bakery products. This is an approximate rate for one working day. In general, an entrepreneur who decides to master this bakery business will need at least 20-30 thousand dollars at first. With a normal organization of production, sales, his monthly income will be in the range of 3-5 thousand dollars. Taking into account all the monthly expenses, the project will fully pay off somewhere after 2-3 years, that is, quite quickly. Good luck!

Business plan mini bakery example

Useful articles

The organization of a mini-bakery is suitable both for start-up entrepreneurs, since it does not require a lot of start-up capital, and for those who would like to expand their business and try doing business in a new direction.


Opening a mini-bakery is a profitable line of business, as baked goods are a product of everyday demand. That is why you will always have clients who are ready to buy your products, and you will receive a stable income. This business can be opened in cities with any population size, however, in order to obtain higher profits, it is not recommended to organize a bakery in cities with a population of less than 100 thousand people.

What is a mini-bakery

A mini-bakery differs from a regular bakery in a small assortment of baked products, a small area of ​​production facilities, the absence of a full production cycle and, accordingly, lower costs for the purchase of equipment, as well as a smaller number of personnel compared to a conventional bakery.

How to start a business

Start a business with the registration of an LLC or individual entrepreneur. Next, you need to obtain permission from Rospotrebnadzor to conduct baking activities.

For a mini-bakery to bring you profit, you need to choose the right production facility. In this article, we will consider the option of renting a production area in a chain grocery store (supermarket). This will save you money on advertising for your products, as your customers will be online store buyers. The flow of customers has already been provided.

An important requirement here is that the supermarket does not have its own bakery, so as not to increase competition for your products. The supermarket should be located in a place with high traffic, for example, near a metro station or public transport stop.

The production area will be no more than 15 square meters. In addition to the place where the production process will be directly organized, it is necessary to rent a small area in the store to install a display cabinet with baked goods. Since your products will be sold through a store, you need to conclude a contract with him.

The range of products includes 7-10 positions (puff pastry and yeast dough pies with various fillings, croissants). It is also possible to bake traditional bread, the names of which are not sold in the supermarket.

Raw materials for the mini-bakery will be purchased from suppliers. This will save money on the purchase of a mixer and baking time.

Business plan mini bakery example Own mini-bakery is a rather interesting idea for a business, however, an entrepreneur must initially have certain skills in this


Today the bakery is a business idea worthy of special attention, as it occupies one of the most leading positions in the food industry.

Before going directly to the bakery business idea, let's look at its advantages and disadvantages.

The benefits of a bakery:

The main advantages of a small bakery include:

Disadvantages of a small bakery:

The main disadvantages of the bakery include:

  • the need for initial start-up capital, which is mainly spent on the purchase of equipment for the bakery;
  • large areas to accommodate the bakery;
  • maintenance constant control over the quality of products;
  • increased requirements of the relevant regulatory authorities directly to the quality of the premises, as well as equipment for baking.

Room selection

In order to choose a suitable space for a bakery, you should adhere to the following very important criteria:

  • the premises must have an area of ​​the required dimensions, and must also have a convenient location;
  • there must be a convenient entrance to the premises;
  • the premises should not be located near residential buildings, since very high noise is emitted during the production process;
  • the room should have a stable air conditioning and ventilation system.

When choosing an idea for their own business, it is best for aspiring entrepreneurs to rely on the fact that, on a small scale, some activities can be quite profitable and promising. A mini bakery as a business from personal experience is one of the best options worthy of your attention.

Why your own mini-bakery is good

To be successful in business, creating a mini-bakery, you need to follow some advice and recommendations from true professionals in this business.

At the first stage, every businessman who wants to open his own mini-bakery should take into account the following nuances:

  • The competition in this area is very high - therefore, from the very beginning it is necessary to determine your strengths, and in the future to constantly develop them.
  • To start a small bakery, you need to have a significant start-up capital.
  • To be successful in business, it is necessary to competently establish sales channels as early as possible, which are characterized by ideal stability and durability.
  • When conducting such activities, it is necessary to comply with all requirements for food manufacturers. This will avoid any claims from state regulatory authorities.
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Business plan

Also remember that a well-written business plan is the key to your success as an entrepreneur. This important document, which is designed to become your reliable assistant, should contain at least eight points that reflect the most important stages of your activity.

So what should be considered in detail in a business plan?

  • Questions of a legal and organizational nature.
  • Room selection, its type, area and other nuances.
  • Purchase or rent of the necessary equipment.
  • Principles of search and selection of personnel.
  • Registration of a set of permits.
  • Purchase of the necessary raw materials.
  • Cost of marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Careful calculation of all financial components.

For many aspiring entrepreneurs, this process can be quite difficult - therefore, to simplify it, it is recommended to use a ready-made mini-bakery business plan prepared by experienced entrepreneurs as a basis.

Resolution of legal and organizational issues

If you are attracted to the business idea of ​​a mini-bakery at home, registration as an individual entrepreneur is most suitable.

  • 1 Opening a bakery: where to start?
  • 2 What documents are needed to open a bakery
  • 3 How to choose the right premises for the organization production
  • 4 Sanitary requirements for opening a bakery
  • 5 Equipment for starting a bakery
  • 6 Recruiting staff for a bakery
  • 7 Advantages and disadvantages of business
    • 7. Pros
    • 7. Cons
  • 8 Assortment & Suppliers
  • 9 Sales of Bakery Products

The bakery market in Russia is large. Bread and flour products are considered popular food products. The assortment of bakery products is diverse, this is due to the fact that bread production is not very expensive. Mini-bakeries are a salvation for lovers of delicious bread and pies.

Having your own bakery can be a profitable business. Bread is an everyday product in most families. The advantage of the bakery is that it always has fresh baked goods, since baking takes place in small batches. The payback time for the bakery will be approximately six months to a year. The reason for the low payback period is in small investments and high sales rates. It is important to choose a passable place for the location of the outlet. The priority is pavilions at stops, near large shopping centers, large enterprises, educational institutions, and office premises.

Opening a bakery: where to start?

First of all, you should draw up a business plan, which will list all cost items with an indication of the cost. To prepare a plan, you need to decide on what volumes of baking you are counting on. The average volume of a small bakery is equivalent to applied to 300 kg of baked goods per shift. If you count on such a volume, then you will need approximately 100-500 thousand rubles. If you expect the volumes to be larger, accordingly, the amount will be higher, since the equipment will have to be purchased more powerful, which has high performance.

But that's not all: the project also requires a lot of funds to start. This includes the premises (purchase or rent), and the execution of related documentation, and, of course, the wages of employees.

What documents are needed to open a bakery

If you decide to open a bakery, you will have to register an individual entrepreneur. For registration, the following list of documents is required.

  • Application for Р21001.
  • Personal TIN.
  • Form confirming payment (receipt) of the state fee in the amount of 800 rubles.
  • Passport.
  • Employment contract of the company.
  • Certificate from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station.
  • Documents from the fire department.
  • Certificate from environmental impact assessment.

How to choose the right room for organizing production

The bakery must be insulated, clean and closed. It is imperative to observe conditions such as pressure, humidity, room temperature. A premise built from scratch will be quite expensive. An easier option would be to rent space in shopping centers or catering places. To open a small bakery, an area of ​​about 90 square meters will be enough. It is important that the premises are convenient in terms of logistics. It is necessary to provide that during the delivery of products and dispatch, vehicles have an accessible entrance.

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