Mini production ideas for small businesses

Posted: 29 Sep. 2021

Greetings to the viewers of our channel, we continue to review ideas for small businesses, namely which business machines are in demand among entrepreneurs.

In this video, we tried to tell: - about business ideas for beginners from scratch; - what machines for small businesses are suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Even if you are not going to create your own business overnight, then you, as a budding entrepreneur, should arm yourself with the knowledge of business ideas from scratch. So let's go!

2. Noodle Machine Business Features: 1. The principle of the mini-plant: 2. The line completeness includes the following units: 3. Productivity - about 8-10 thousand packs per day; 4. Unit cost - from 20 thousand dollars; 5. Name: Lyhia H114; 6. To start production, a staff of 4 to 6 people will be required; 7. Profit - 1.5-2 million rubles per month; 8. The full payback period is 2-3 months.

3. Brewery Features: Mini brewery has the following features: • Designed for 4-5 types of beer; • Production capacity - about 300 liters per day (more powerful machines can produce up to 150 liters per hour, and their cost will be equal to $ 20 thousand); The option is perfect for selling products to specialized beer shops, restaurants and cafes; • The price of the production line - from 5 thousand dollars; • The cost of the line varies depending on the completeness offered by the manufacturer; • Actual offers - russian. libaba. om; • The most demanded line is the device from Geonetconsult Ltd. ... Machines for the manufacture of semi-finished meat products The most popular, inexpensive and quickly payback device can be called the following mini factory for the production of dumplings: • Name - Hualian JGL 120-5B dumpling machine; • Country of manufacture - China; • Min / max productivity - from 7200 to 13500 pcs / hour; • Power consumption - 380 kW; • Weight - 160 kg (excluding packaging);

And others ... ————————— We have considered just some ideas for small businesses from scratch .——————————— Leave your questions on the topic, as well as your comments and wishes in the comments under this video.

In a crisis, many potential entrepreneurs do not want to take risks and start their own business. Production organized at home or in the garage will help to avoid unnecessary risks: this will save you from rent and allow you to independently manage your business. Production ideas for a small business in a space accessible to everyone will allow you to organize your business without additional investments. Potentially, such a business can become a successful and large enterprise.

How to Become an Entrepreneur

There is an opinion that it is not necessary to obtain the status of an individual entrepreneur or create a legal entity to work at home. But in order for the handicraft industry to have a chance to develop and turn into a serious legal organization, a novice businessman will need to obtain an IP certificate.

The registration process takes 5 days from the date of submission of documents to the tax authority at the place of registration. The package of documents includes:

  • passport with permanent residence;
  • application 21001;
  • a receipt for payment of the state duty form PD-4sb (800 rubles).

Having the official status of an individual entrepreneur allows you to conclude supply agreements with wholesalers, lease agreements and other important contracts.

Manufacturing: Home Business Ideas

An ordinary apartment or private house can become a platform for organizing production. For business, it is recommended to allocate a separate room or part of the room where you can store tools and work materials. Avoid choosing a completely unfamiliar area as an idea; suggest what you do best.

Handmade soap

Soap is not always an essential product. Handmade soap is rather a work of art, it is fundamentally different from the factory one in color, shape and aroma. A variety of materials are used as ingredients for soap making - herbal decoctions, essential oils, aromatic additives.

To organize production you need a stove, vat or large saucepan, soap base, molds and various additives that will make your soap unique. You will also need to think about the packaging and find stores that can market your products. You can organize your own online store by creating a group in one of the social networks or ordering a website in the studio.

In our difficult economic time, it has become very popular to open a mini-production for small businesses at home. Of course, at first such entrepreneurial activity a priori cannot bring substantial income, however, in the future there is an excellent opportunity to enter not only the domestic market, but even the foreign one. In this article, we will present you with some ideas for mini-production for small businesses, so that you understand how diverse and interesting this area is. Each person can open a profitable business in order to have a stable income without leaving home. We hope that our article will help you make sure of this.

Homemade sausage production

Probably, every family often has a sausage in the refrigerator so that in the morning, leaving for work, you can whip up a sandwich and have breakfast. Why don't housewives or people with a culinary education take advantage of this. You can produce excellent, delicious sausage at home and sell it to consumers at a lower cost than in stores.

To start producing sausage at home, you first need to register your business so that it is official and not closed:

  • Register a private enterprise and LLC with the State Tax Inspectorate;
  • Receive all the necessary certificates for the products you want to sell.

To do this, submit to Rostest:

To organize this mini-production for small business with your own hands, you need to pay special attention to the room in which the work shop will be located. It cannot be located in a residential building or near economic establishments. We recommend using the services of an experienced specialist when choosing a room, who will provide you with competent assistance.

There are a lot of sausage cooking technologies. There are many videos of mini-production for small businesses related to the production of sausages posted on the Internet. But we will present the most optimal version of the recipe for the manufacture of this product below:

Of the equipment you need this equipment:

For all of the above, you will need a minimum start-up capital of 1 million rubles.

Home production of paving slabs

Purchase the necessary equipment for work, which, by the way, has a quite reasonable price by today's standards, so if you are thinking about which mini-production is profitable to open during a crisis, use this option.

What you need for work:

In a small town, you can also successfully run your business and flourish. But you can also burn out or just earn nothing. Moreover, everything depends not only on the will of chance, but also on yourself. How you run your business, what direction you choose, how you organize your business - all this is of great importance.

Let's take a closer look at what the pitfalls of our business are, what benefits can be found and how to organize everything.

Pros and cons of small business in a small town

Before starting your own business, you need to really assess the situation and think it over well. The pros of running your own business in a small town are as follows:

  • Absence of competitors (or a small number of them). If you have carefully selected the field of activity for yourself, then you may face the fact that no one else is doing this in your city.
  • Ensuring no future competitors. This option is possible if you decide to start selling the products of a well-known company, which does not yet have a representative office in your city. You should sign an exclusive supply agreement, and then you will be protected from the appearance of competitors.
  • Rental prices. Whatever you decide to do, in any case in a small town it will cost you much cheaper than in a metropolis. This includes the price of renting premises, salaries of employees and even advertising your business. It will be enough for you to fulfill one or two orders with high quality, and people will know about you. If you are engaged in trade, then you should trade in high-quality and not very expensive goods - then customers will advise their friends and acquaintances to visit your store.

Disadvantages of starting a similar business:

  • Fewer clients. Since the population of your town is small, there will be fewer people who need your services.
  • Small income level of the population. In smaller cities, salaries are much lower, which means that people are ready to spend less money.
  • Lack of qualified personnel. A situation may arise that there are no specialists in the city who are guided by your chosen niche. Or else your competitors have already got them.
  • Word of mouth can work not only in your favor, but also against you. If you are punctured once (you sold a poor-quality product, did not complete the order well or did not meet its deadlines), word of this can quickly spread throughout the city. Then you will get a bad reputation, which you absolutely don't need.

Other nuances of starting a business

Before starting your own business, you need to think carefully about its details and take into account the following nuances:

  • your business should not require recruiting first-class specialists, as this may cause problems;
  • make sure that your business will be in some demand in your area. Otherwise, there is no point in opening it;
  • creating your own business, you must be 100% confident in your abilities. If later you can change your mind and close the business because of the difficulties that have arisen, then in a small town it will become public. And then it will be much more difficult for you to open another business - people will not be able to trust you.

What to start from when choosing a field of activity

When choosing what you will do, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Your experience in this area. It doesn't matter if you work yourself or hire staff - in any case, you should be well versed in your chosen business and be able to train employees.
  • You have an interest in the business. If there is no such interest, then there is no point in doing this.
  • Demand for your services in the selected area. Even if you organize everything at the highest level, buy a high-quality product, order a chic signboard and perfectly educate your staff, the local population will not feel the need for your goods - you should not expect much profit.
  • Your willingness to devote most of your time to business. By opening a store and hiring a salesperson, you still have to pay attention to the case.

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