Merchandise resale business

It is not the first year that you have most likely seen advertisements, heard everywhere about business with China and already think that you did not catch this train, but no, and now I will tell you why

Now only the lazy does not make money on such a simple matter as buying in China (aliexpress, jum and others), do you know what the secret is? The product has bypassed Russia for 20 years ahead, there is now something that will be popular with us in future years, the range is so high that anyone can occupy this niche and sell anything, headphones, massagers, phones, drones.

For example: Remember the constant advertising on VKontakte and other sites about the sale of luminous headphones, they cost 700-1000 rubles, although in China they are 30 rubles, or even earlier a credit card knife, I personally bought it back in 2021 , and only after 3 years a wild discussion arose over this product, and even a cross copy of Dominic Toreto (from the afterburner) which cost 100r was sold for 3000-5000r.

You can work in the area that is closer to you, clothes, appliances, cosmetics, by the way, in the distant 2021, I ordered a teeth whitener, it seems like we still don't sell it, or people didn't like it or didn't try nobody to resell cosmetics.

How do you like this breakfast?

Do you know what problem awaits you when dealing with the resale of goods from China? You may run out of patience, well, that is, the spark will die out to work, the reason for this is a long delivery, about 2 months, so the first time we order free shipping, and after reselling the goods, we choose a paid one and wait a week for delivery.

I would like to talk separately about technology, contrary to the popular opinion that China is breaking down and so on, I will tell my 2 stories, although there are many more.

I bought a drone, a drone is such a flying thing with a very powerful camera (yes, yes, the Russian mail drone of Russia thought it was powerful like our Russia and wanted to demolish the house, even if it didn't work out), I played with it and he told me tired, I bought it for 3000r, there was a remote control with a screen, a full hd camera, charging was long, in general, a powerful device for a penny, I decided to sell it and put up an ad on Avito, but knowing the prices, I put it up for 8000r, an hour later the buyer was with me and with a smile from ear to ear already bought it.

Or one more story, in 2021 I ordered a phone, I don't remember the name, but at that time it was somehow supernatural, that is, 2 SIM cards, a super camera, a long charge, I gave it a big screen to a relative who had an old phone, 8 years have passed, he still uses it, maybe because he uses it carefully, but there are no scratches on it, it looks like new, nothing stupid, but he will even give odds to many phones right now, I bought it for 6000r ...

The process is simple, we go to trading platforms, if you have acquaintances in the markets, this is generally cool, it looks what is popular now, we go to a Chinese online store and spend 5000r - 10000rn for the purchase of various little things in 5 copies, take not ordinary ones things, people like it, remember only luminous pointers, lasers that set matches on fire at a distance, they stand there for $ 100, do not disdain clothes, they are cheap there, but they are of high quality, in a couple of months they will bring you a parcel, ohhh this is a pleasant feeling when you open package after package and you get all sorts of new things. For example, you bought 5 registrars for cars, the price is 300r, with us with such characteristics they cost from 4000r, go to Avito, to the sites of announcements of your city and put up an advertisement for the sale, for example, we put for 3000r, if you bought on the first day the price can be increased, if not then to lower it, everything is simple, on average, the markup for Chinese goods in Russia is 10 times the size. Do not set high prices, do not be greedy, even by selling the product at a price 3-4 times of its real price, you are already in a big plus, the main thing for you is to sell it as soon as possible and order a new one. Keep a journal of how many things you bought for a lope, sold for a lope, how long it took to sell.

Remember that the resale of Chinese goods will never fade away because China is now ahead of us and what now they will soon have with us, but the question is who will supply and make money on this

High profit everyone, thanks for reading, like and subscribe, I will be pleased!

In the "nineties" the word "flea market" appeared in mass use: a place where people resell things in order to earn money.

In 2021, reselling more often looks like an online business. You can do this from home with minimal investment.

Let's consider how to organize a business of reselling things.

Where can I find things to resell?

2. Thrift stores and real flea markets.

3. Online flea markets: sites, publics in VKontakte, on Facebook.

4. Notice boards: Yula, Avito. IRR.

If there are investments (100-200 thousand rubles and more) - offer to buy unnecessary things.

List of items for resale

To build a resale business - choose the "right" product.

1. Clothes and footwear: men and women, children and adults. For resale, choose: high-quality branded jeans and trousers, jackets, T-shirts, accessories (hats, caps, gloves). Look for clothes at second-hand shops, sales in foreign online stores.

2. Household appliances - from electric kettles to refrigerators. Search for equipment by ads. It is important to know the prices of equipment, and to be able to determine the condition - so as not to buy a thing that has failed. The option requires investments: for buying equipment, transporting and renting a warehouse (there is enough space in the apartment for a small number of devices. To increase income, buy problem equipment, repair and sell as new. Or disassemble and sell for parts. / P>

3. Antiques, art objects. You need to understand the product and be able to distinguish a cheap fake from the original.

Resale of various goods is one of the most profitable areas of business activity. Such a business can be started without large start-up capital. Moreover, it does not require any special skills or special knowledge. Resale of goods as a business, with the right approach, can make you a wealthy person. How to achieve success in this matter, we will try to figure it out in this publication.

Ways to make money

According to experts, a profitable business can be built on the resale of goods in 2021.

To organize such a case, you can use one of two ways:

  • Sale of a re-purchased product, in other words, speculation;
  • Purchase of a product, its improvement for the purpose of resale at higher prices.

The product can be sold in small lots or in large wholesale. Newbies often ask the question, can reselling goods be considered entrepreneurship? Since such activities are aimed at making a profit, the answer is yes. This way of earning money appeared many centuries ago, immediately after the natural exchange ended and people began to engage in the production of various goods for sale. Anyone with a commercial streak can make a profitable resale business.

Where to start?

In order to do this you need:

The most important thing is to decide in advance what is better to buy and resell. If you think and act like a seasoned businessman, such a business will generate a decent income.

Goods from China

Many go to prestigious or not so prestigious universities in order to get a profession that in the long term will probably bring a decent income. Someone opens a business, someone also masters unusual professions. In fact, there are so many ways to earn money as there are people. The only difference is the complexity of the case itself and the desire to invest. When today's guest of Reconomica magazine, Svetlana, first faced the question of earnings, she could not offer society either a quality education, or a huge experience, or a unique profession. Svetlana had nothing but free time and a firm intention to start making money. But! She had an idea. An idea that is usually viewed with skepticism or not at all. Svetlana decided to try her hand at reselling goods.

How my business started

Hello, my name is Svetlana. I am the average resident of a sparsely populated city in which finding a good job is more difficult than learning to fly without assistive devices. It is the same with education. Therefore, when I was solemnly presented with a high school diploma, and my parents gave me a little money "for the first time," I found myself in a stalemate.

Attempts to get a job at least somewhere were unsuccessful, it was not possible to leave for a diploma due to financial insolvency. So, in fact, I was sucked into a huge hole, from which I could not see the exit.

It was worth just looking around

If it were not for one interesting case, then, most likely, I would not only not have written my "success story", I would have buried myself in myself and would never have been able to look at life in a positive way.

Here's what happened. One friend of mine bought himself "fancy" headphones for, at that time, a lump sum, but considering that with this purchase he simply paid tribute to the fashion for expensive devices, the headphones were not found worthy of use. Therefore, my friend decided to sell them to someone, but in order not to lose money, he threw a small amount on top. He was lucky that a whole box remained with the headphones, the untouched appearance of which did not raise the question "why is it so expensive." The buyer was found quickly, because in our small town it is unrealistic to buy a newfangled pribluda without the Internet.

Selling, and at the same time earning money, an acquaintance happily talked about it at every step, and it dawned on me. The scheme he worked out was simpler than a child's rhyme: buy something that was difficult to access and potentially needed by someone, raise the price a little, sell it. Throughout our life, we do this constantly, if we just pay attention to things around. This is how shops work. Whole corporations work this way. Why not try it alone?

First Steps

To begin with, I wanted to go through a similar scheme, only in a conscious form. I borrowed money to buy several fairly expensive gaming mice, and the stake was on the following: children play computer games, these children can have wealthy parents, children definitely want to hold something interesting in their hands, and not a standard office mouse. But buying the first piece you come across in an online store and then selling it at a 50% mark-up is not the best tactic. I did the following:

  • I found a VKontakte group where gamers of our town sat. I looked through records, discussions, comments. I came to the conclusion that there are certain manufacturers of gaming equipment that are in good demand and have a good reputation.
  • I have been looking for a seller of the right model for a long time so that the purchase would be beneficial, first of all, to me. I took into account delivery, price from competitors, inaccessibility and potential demand.
  • I chose the same VK as a sales market. Right in this group, she posted a wall ad and also unsubscribed in local discussions about price and offer.

Believe it or not, the next day I received as many as three messages from potential buyers - all three, as I calculated, turned out to be children whose pages were littered with gaming news and reposts about equipment raffles. It was real bingo. Everyone was ready to pick up the mouse soon. Without going into details, the market value of the mouse was around 4'500. I bought it at a reduced cost of 4'200. Selling, respectively, for 4'700. That is, having sold two mice, I, roughly speaking, earned 1,000,000 literally out of thin air. And then it became clear that the game was worth the candle.

First resale - gaming mouse.

Resale of goods as a business accompanies every industry. The basis is the chain of resale from the manufacturer to the buyer. At each stage, the product moves from one intermediary to another, increasing the cost. In the most simplified case, products follow the following path: manufacturer - wholesale supplier - retail supplier - end consumer.

Development of Internet technologies has reduced the chain of goods movement, bringing market participants closer together and removing dozens of intermediary stages. At the same time, international platforms made it possible to increase the turnover of world trade and, accordingly, increase the total number of intermediaries. How to create your own business for the resale of goods and what difficulties may arise in this case, we will consider in this article.

Product reselling idea

The idea of ​​a merchandise resale business is simple: buy at a lower price, sell at a higher price. In the course of trade, the product most often does not undergo qualitative changes, therefore, transportation, storage and, less often, packaging are the only services that can increase the cost of goods.

First, you need to select a product and become an element of the chain of commodity circulation. The success of an enterprise depends on the chosen niche and market segment.

After analyzing all stages of the resale, you can find intermediaries who receive super-profits and have the maximum added value. Such fluctuations occur due to market imperfections and low competition in the segment. In such circumstances, the resale business idea will bring profit from the very first transaction.

Resale Business Plan

Large start-up capital is required to work directly with a manufacturer or wholesaler.

This business involves the purchase of impressive volumes of products, international transportation, insurance and customs clearance of cargo.

In addition, you need to take care of the storage and turnover of goods. Working with a retail or small wholesale supplier does not require any upfront investment at all.

Having decided on the size of the future enterprise, it is worth going to the search for suppliers. It is better to contact the maximum number of contractors and find out detailed information about the products.

What to consider in the plan

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