Machine knitting business plan

Often mothers are on maternity leave, and just housewives strive to become independent and find something to do that will generate income. Many of us are excellent needlewomen, we like doing what we love, so let's turn our skill into additional good income. We will describe some types of handicrafts on which you can make good money. Any handicraft is easy to master if there is a desire and desire to master the necessary skills.


Knitting is a great craft for earning money, because knitted things never go out of fashion. Only the styles and preferences of people change. If you have knitting skills, you like your creativity, then you can safely start your home business. Surely every knitter has her own social circle, which will become the first clientele. Then you can post your products on social networks, attracting more customers.

Starting with one knitted item, over time you can expand your scope of work, offer customers additional types of knitted items:

In order for a product to be in demand, you need to do the job responsibly, using quality material.

This type of income requires some investment. For example, one knitted sweater will require 500 grams of wool blend yarn. The cost of 100 grams is about 200 rubles. From the calculations it follows that one sweater will require 1000 rubles, plus the cost of accessories.

Taking into account the money and time spent (on average, a sweater is knitted for 3-4 days), the manufacturer independently sets the price for the product. On average, a sweater will cost 3000 rubles. The revenue will be approximately 1,500 rubles. Agree, this handicraft for making money at home is quite profitable.

Furniture and accessories for pets

For their beloved pets, the owners try to purchase special furniture and toys. Clothes for walking are additionally purchased for dogs. This is handicraft for earning money with minimal investment. To sew clothes, you will need a sewing machine (as a rule, many needlewomen already have it in stock), threads, fabric, and other accessories. But after the sale of the manufactured item, your costs will pay off twice.

For example, the minimum cost of a warm overalls for dogs is 1500 rubles, and the cost of fabric and accessories varies from 400 rubles.

If you start making furniture for animals, you need a jigsaw, foam rubber, fabric, plywood, boards, a construction stapler, ropes, sticks, and more. It will also take a certain amount of money.

Ideas for creativity can be obtained from the Internet. Many customers choose their own clothing or furniture model. High-quality performance of work guarantees a stable good income.


Each of us sooner or later has a question: "Where can I get the money?" Most people prefer traditional ways of earning money - an ordinary boring job, no imagination and no desire to give your whole soul to work. In view of such sad statistics, it turns out that almost every adult is a burden to his lifestyle. But you don't have to live like that. You can turn your hobby into your source of income. To do this, we offer five of the best needlework ideas for business.

The great Henry Ford, founder of the largest automotive concern of our time, said: "The best job is a highly paid hobby." The genius physicist of the 20th century, one of the most famous people on the planet, Albert Einstein, once uttered a wonderful phrase, similar in meaning to Ford's opinion: "Find something to do for yourself, and you will not work a single day in your life." Let's trust the opinions of these great people and try to figure it out, but how to make money on a hobby?

The sale of handcrafted goods can be done via the Internet or by friends. Such distribution does not require large expenditures, in addition, free advertising can be produced on social networks, which will serve well for the distribution of products. The most popular at the moment are the following hand-made business ideas:

  • knitting ;
  • toys and puzzles made of wood;
  • beading;
  • embroidery of pictures;
  • creation of original decorations.

Important! Before choosing something, you should listen to yourself and think carefully about what your heart is in? After all, the presented methods are far from the only ones. Someone may be a talented musician. In someone the brilliant poet sleeps and waits in the wings. And in someone's mind, a childish craving for a miracle and an amazing ability for tricks and illusionism were preserved.

The main thing is not to be afraid of handicraft as a business idea is not new for a long time, therefore there are many proven ways to make money on this. And, when the choice is made, we will consider in more detail each of the proposed ideas.


Probably many people associate the word "knitting" with grandmother, thick woolen socks or a prickly warm sweater. And it becomes unclear how to make money on such unfashionable thing? We hasten to dissuade you - now knitting is very fashionable. A lot of cool designer pieces were created with crochet or knitting needles. And not only socks or sweaters - it turns out that you can knit virtually anything: from skirts, dresses, T-shirts, tunics to swimsuits and underwear.

This business idea does not require large investments - creativity, attentiveness, perseverance and sleight of hand are more appreciated here. You can find many different knitting patterns on the Internet - you can strictly follow them, or you can try to combine them, creating something new and unique. Training is also not too much - a little free time and some textbook are enough to master the knitting technique. Then you just need to practice knitting. You don't need to have a special talent to become a master in this business - only perseverance, patience and attention.

Bottom line: knitting as a business idea does not require large investments and a lot of special knowledge. Suitable for both workers with fragmented employment (watchmen, security guards) and non-working citizens. Not hazardous to health.

Wooden toys and puzzles

Handicrafts are positioned on the market as higher quality and unique in comparison with the factory ones. This perception among the consumer primarily has traditional types of handicrafts and especially knitted items. Therefore, many women have a question whether it is possible to earn money from knitting and whether such work is justified. As in any activity, the key to success in this type of business is the correct assessment of market demand, quality of work and successful marketing.

Selection of equipment and product range

For your business to be profitable, you must understand who will be your buyer. The category of the target audience directly depends on the methodology and product range you choose. You can make custom knits with the following techniques:

  • Knitting needles are a traditional type of knitting, suitable for making clothes and home textiles.
  • Crochet hook - suitable for crocheting lace, clothing, toys and accessories.
  • Fork - used for making lace and lace products.
  • Knitting machine - with its help you can make a wide range of products. Knitting on a machine allows you to automate and speed up the knitting process.

The main buyers of knitted items are women, but men's products are also in demand. The age group of the target audience will depend on the type of product. Today, the following types of knitted products are in wide demand:

  • Hats - hats, berets, caps, bonnets, headbands and stripes;
  • Classic clothes - sweaters, jumpers, vests, skirts, dresses;
  • Scarves and snoods;
  • Gloves, mittens, mitts, leggings, socks;
  • Bags and backpacks;
  • Toys - for children, Christmas trees, souvenirs and key rings;
  • Blankets and cushion covers;
  • Shawls, lace collars, cuffs, shoulder pads;
  • Boleros and ponchos;
  • Swimwear;
  • Cases for phones and various electronics;
  • Washcloths;
  • Napkins and tablecloths;
  • Icons, pictures; <
  • Rugs;
  • Jewelry (beads, earrings, bracelets);
  • Clothes for pets (dogs, cats);
  • Home slippers, baby booties.

If you are planning to knit classic clothes that require taking measurements from the client, you better focus your activities on a narrow circle of buyers with whom you can meet in person (in other words, those living in your city or nearby area). In the manufacture of more versatile products, you can work via the Internet with any client who can be sent by postal services.

A very important point when considering how to make money with needlework is an adequate assessment of the market value of your products. Find someone willing to give you objective criticism before putting anything up for sale. If you doubt the honesty of your loved ones, ask strangers on social networks to assess the appearance and name the approximate price for which they would agree to buy your product.

In addition to the products themselves, if you develop your own product models, you can additionally sell master classes and knitting patterns, earning them from 5 to 10 dollars from each customer (student).

How much do craftsmen with or without experience earn from knitting

Products knitted to order are always unique and inimitable - you will not find 2 identical things that are made with your own hands. Such products most fully meet the needs of each client, since knitted items are created taking into account all individual wishes. That is why, even nowadays, when we observe a high level of supply of knitwear on store shelves, people increasingly opt for hand-made. If knitting is an exciting hobby for you, and you are so interested in this creativity that you are ready to devote most of your time to this occupation, then it makes sense to do such a thing as a knitting business to order. So can you make money from knitting? For business to be successful, it is necessary to assess the level of demand for certain products, analyze the pricing policy of competitors, ensure the proper quality of work and correctly conduct an advertising campaign. Knitting gives a lot of room for creativity - this type of needlework is applicable both in interior decor elements and in garments for both children and adults. Therefore, when planning a business, it is worth choosing your niche (what kind of products you will be engaged in) and target audience - perhaps you will give preference only to children's things or stop at decorative products. Among the most popular categories are:

  • Clothes for children and knitted toys
  • Clothes for adults (coats, cardigans, sweaters, dresses, etc.)
  • Household clothes
  • Scarves, hats, snoods, stoles
  • Mittens, socks, leggings
  • Home decor - interior dolls, napkins, curtains, tablecloths, covers, blankets, pots
  • Knitted accessories - covers for laptops, phones, glasses, bookmarks, sleep bands and so on
  • Clothes for pets.

So how do you choose the main direction? If you focus on what is in high demand, you will face high competition. As for the unique offer, it is important to assess whether it will be in demand. Therefore, the most optimal option is to choose a direction in which both products that are in high demand and those things that will be unique and specific will be presented. For example, you can create décor for your home and produce interesting things like teapot covers and dream catchers.


The main drawbacks associated with the custom knitting business is the limited number of items that can be created by hand knitting. In addition, if there are not enough orders, you may have extra material costs. There are times when customers refuse to pay or do not buy back a completed order. To avoid such cases, it is recommended to take an advance payment.


Even if you have well-developed knitting or crocheting skills, you still need to learn new knitting techniques that appear periodically, and you may want to learn knitting machines. The cost of the course (full-time or in the form of video lessons) can cost around 3,000-6,000 rubles. And training in machine knitting costs 15,000-20,000 rubles.

Equipment and consumables

The required material includes:

  • Professional set of hooks - 6,000-8,000 rubles
  • Yarn and accessories (beads, sequins, lace, buttons, appliques) - 4,000 rubles
  • Sets of needles - 400 rubles
  • Sender - 3,000 rubles

In general, all materials and tools can cost 14,000-15,000 rubles.

As a rule, consumables and knitting tools are sold in specialized offline stores or online stores, where the goods are 10-15% cheaper. It is most profitable to purchase yarn from the manufacturer, but in this case it will be necessary to buy in large volumes and with the presentation of the organization's documents to conclude a contract. But at the same time, transport costs may arise, which are more significant for large volumes.

Knitted clothes have been a fashion trend and practical clothing for many people for decades. Units knit themselves, the rest are looking for stylish novelties in stores and on Internet sites, or order unique things in the atelier. One of the popular knitting business options is machine knitting. How profitable and promising this activity is, will tell you a business plan for knitting on a machine, an example of which is presented in this article.

Project Summary

Most often women on maternity leave think about the knitting business. If you have an understanding of the process, the ability to knit, creative thinking and a desire to create your own business, knitting by a machine is an excellent option for earning money.

In this business plan, we consider the creation of our own production of knitted products on a special machine. Our knitting shop will be located in a city with a population of over 1 million inhabitants. Our workshop will specialize in the production of original knitted and crocheted products. The workshop will produce clothes for both women and men and children.

  • Women from 30 to 45 (35%).
  • Women with children (25%).
  • Women from 45 to 65 years old (25%).
  • Men from 35 to 45 years old (15%).

Competitors of this business are similar workshops, manufacturing workshops, wholesalers and knitwear shops. Considering the fact that not every knitting woman can offer quick production of an order for several clients at the same time, the knitting workshop on a machine has special prospects.

There is no point in fighting with clothing stores, because. there are offered factory items in several copies, and our workshop offers unique items to order and for a specific person. It is the individual approach to each client and the uniqueness of the product that will be the main competitive advantage.

Main project risks

To minimize risks, we draw up a business plan for knitting on a machine with calculations, where we take into account financial risks, start-up and monthly costs.

Registration and registration

To start the production of knitted products, you must register with the tax office. To do this, you must submit an application with the chosen form of entrepreneurial activity and the corresponding OKVED code. For a knitting shop, it will be enough to register as an individual entrepreneur with a simplified taxation system of 15%. We indicate the OKVED code 14 "Clothing production". In addition, we need to obtain a permit to operate the rented premises.

The total expenses for registration, processing and permission will not exceed 5 thousand rubles.

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