List of equipment for small businesses at home and its cost

Machine tools for the production of mesh netting

Many private houses, stadiums, gardens and other objects are fenced with netting. It is a popular and easy-to-manufacture material. The machine for its production does not take up much space, and the price for an automatic model starts at 250 thousand rubles. There are also semi-automatic or manual machines. Their cost will be less, but the performance is much lower.

Such a grid has a low price, easy to use, therefore it is in demand. With low costs for machines, you can quickly recoup investments and come out with a good profit.

The netting netting can also be decorated with artificial needles and other elements. This will help expand your target audience and increase sales.


This equipment is used to obtain a special paste-like mass. It is a thermoplastic composite. The composite is obtained by mixing several components:

  • Sand
  • Polymer
  • Dye

This ready-made mass is used to form polymer-sand tiles, paving slabs, as well as facing tiles. Such products are in demand both in big cities and in regions. The price of the equipment is 500 thousand rubles.

CNC Machines

Such machines have different applications, so using such equipment to make money is a profitable idea. The cost of machine tools with numerical control starts at 200 thousand rubles.

This rig makes production using a template. It is created in special computer programs. There are several types of such machines. They differ in application and technical features. The most common ones for:

It is not easy to choose inexpensive and high-quality equipment for small businesses at home: the price of good, proven equipment is high, and the cheap one is not reliable.

In this article, we have collected information about the optimal in terms of price, performance and quality units for various activities.

Building materials

Vibrating machine "Mars"

Cost $ 250, productivity - up to 60 building blocks per hour. Can produce:

  • Cinder blocks ;
  • Kermzit blocks.

Manual machine M-310

This unit is also used to produce building blocks. Its productivity is up to 25 blocks per hour, and the price is from $ 150, depending on the modification. The main feature is low power consumption (170 W). Manufacturer: Russia.

Semiautomatic machine for weaving chain-link "Mesh in business"

The installation supports a wire with a thickness of 1.4-2.5 mm and allows you to produce up to 150 meters of a standard mesh (cells 5.5x5.5 cm, height - 1.5 m) per shift. Cost - from $ 560, country: Russia.

Vibropressing machine RPB-1500

Vibro-pressing machine for the production of paving slabs will cost 600-650 dollars. Its productivity is up to 30 sq. meters of tiles per shift (about 170 units per hour). Molds are purchased separately ($ 150-250). Manufacturer: Russia.

Line for the production of polyurethane foam FET-TP3011

A set of equipment for the production of polyurethane foam (five machines), cost - from 4.3 thousand euros, production - up to 30 cylinders per hour. Manufacturer: China.

Investing in hardware is a critical step for most entrepreneurs looking to increase productivity and expand their business.

However, many business owners are reluctant to spend money on buying equipment, even if it is badly needed.

“Businesses are not investing enough to upgrade their equipment, which makes them uncompetitive,” says Louise Grenier, Senior Account Manager at BDC in Montreal. "Equipment not purchased on time slows down not only business development, but also punishes you as an entrepreneur."

This article has collected the most effective tips that will help you plan your budget correctly and acquire everything you need for the continuous development of your small business.

Small Business Equipment Buying Tips

Rate your needs

Don't make rash purchases. First, review the entire production process, set goals for yourself, and soberly analyze your ability to achieve them. Ask yourself a number of questions, such as: How do you factor in future production growth when planning to buy equipment for your business? What equipment for small businesses will make you competitive in the service market?

Hiring a consultant to help you at this stage can be a worthwhile investment.

Determine seed funding

Many small business owners are embarrassed to modernize production due to funding problems. There are many financing options. You just need to find the one that suits your needs.

Availability of the required amount will not only allow you to purchase the necessary equipment, but also give you the opportunity to negotiate with suppliers from the position of a regular customer. Financing production equipment frees up cash flow that previously covered only expenses, you can pay off debts when your business begins to save on buying raw materials.

Compare funding offers from various public and private institutions, but don't just focus on interest rates. You can take into account the costs of production, repayment of a loan or credit when drawing up a price for your product or service.

One of the most important factors that you need to pay attention to when drawing up a business plan and analysis is the price of equipment for small businesses. This is usually a lot of money, so it should be taken into account in advance. But this is not a waste, but just an investment, because you can always make a reverse transaction and sell everything.

Return on investment for business equipment

Equipment for small and medium-sized businesses may vary, and prices also vary. Someone needs a relatively inexpensive popcorn machine, while someone has to take out a loan for an expensive branded metal cutting machine. And here it is important to look at the payback. It is optimal that all purchased equipment for production work out its cost in 6-8 months. If more time is planned for this, then the business will be unprofitable.

Where can I get the equipment?

To buy equipment for small businesses, you have to go to the Internet. Although, in large cities there are specialized retail outlets where you can come and visually examine and touch the goods. We tried to consider a variety of stores (real and virtual) so that every future entrepreneur could solve the problem of choosing and buying equipment for his business.

Small business Do you need equipment?

Small home business equipment also comes at a price and is considered intangible.

  • sewing machine or overlocker;
  • oven;
  • knitting machine;
  • printer or plotter; <
  • manicure lamp, pedicure chair, etc.

Yes, these are not just devices or units, but real equipment for small businesses at home. In this section, you will find recommendations for the selection of such installations and find out which manufacturers guarantee the best quality and which should not be contacted.

Furniture is a very diverse product segment. The list of equipment with which all this variety is manufactured is also very extensive. But the whole wide list.

Immersion or aqua printing technology first appeared in Japan decades ago. Now this technology has been mastered all over the world. It allows you to apply different patterns to any.

The principle of vacuum forming plastic products is to shape a sheet of plastic into a matrix. A rarefied medium is created between the heated sheet and the matrix, which.

Canvas printing business has become popular lately. This is due to the fact that more and more such material is used both to complement the home interior of an apartment and as a quality.

Those who wish to earn money without leaving their home should carefully consider the tempting idea - home business machines. For this business, you do not need to have special skills, which means that anyone can feel like a master. You just need to buy machines for business at home. Let's consider the main aspects of home production.

Home Business Machine Tools: Benefits

According to their principle of operation, small devices are absolutely not inferior to a huge unit. In addition, mini machines for business at home have significant advantages:

  • Small start-up capital. Having decided to do a serious business, you do not need to spend a lot of money. For example, the purchase and installation of industrial devices requires millions of investments, and in this case we are talking about costs in the amount of several thousand. Home business machines can easily cost up to 15 thousand rubles. You can always get a loan for business development.
  • Small dimensions. No need to rack your brains about renting a special room. Mini machines for business at home can be perfectly accommodated in a garage, summer cottage and even an ordinary apartment.
  • Low power. The purpose of the equipment is to produce small batches of goods, so you should not worry about the huge consumption of electricity.
  • Saving energy. Large businesses have to pay heavy electricity bills. This will not happen in this situation. Small business machines at home can operate from 220 V.
  • Easy to operate. Home business equipment was created with the expectation that people without professional education will work on it.

Each entrepreneur decides for himself how much to produce, and most importantly what. A wide range of equipment selection allows you to develop your own scheme for selling goods. If the production is mass, then you cannot work without registering an individual entrepreneur.

Accommodation options

Today, mini machines for business at home were able to gain particular popularity due to the ability to work on their own territory. No need to spend money on additional rental of premises. The device is so small that it can easily fit even in a small area. The idea is especially suitable for those who live in a private house. After all, they will definitely have a free place to organize a real workshop.

Small business machines at home will be a real salvation for those who want to start a business from scratch, but do not have great financial resources. Everything is easy, accessible, without unnecessary difficulties. Of course, there are also disadvantages here. The main one is the presence of noise and smell. This should be taken into account especially for those who decided to arrange a workshop in the apartment. Perhaps the neighbors will not react in the most positive way.

In all other respects, complete freedom, the main thing is to purchase high-quality equipment, which must be accompanied by instructions for use. Of course, it's easier to start breeding worms or organizing a greenhouse economy.

Types of equipment for small business

Before purchasing equipment, you should definitely think carefully, decide what will be the most profitable to do. To ease your thoughts, a list of the 10 most profitable ones will be offered:

Each of the proposed options will be able to bring a decent profit to its owner. The main thing is to establish production and find a sales market. If you do not want to organize your own business, then you should buy a franchise of a store or another company.

Equipment cost

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