Launching a production facility with minimal investment

Everyone can open their own production with minimal investment: a young mother on maternity leave, a student, and a pensioner. Neither the crisis in the country, nor the lack of initial capital can prevent a start-up entrepreneur eager to have his own business.

What is Manufacturing

Production is an activity aimed at creating a product, and this product can be very different:

  • Household-created goods and services.
  • Paid services for hired personnel.
  • Delivery of services and goods between different institutions.
  • Buildings constructed.
  • Any kind of repair.
  • Market service.
  • Rent of buildings.

Selecting a production idea with minimal investment

Starting a business is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. You just need to have economic literacy and have a clear idea of ​​what kind of production to open with minimal investment.

All doubts will go away when you have faith in your own success. To do this, you need to choose from the many ideas that are spinning in your head that will meet the following criteria:

  • Efficiency.
  • Fairly fast payback.
  • Market demand.

But, perhaps, the main condition for success is the interest of the future entrepreneur in his business and the confidence that his production is really needed not only by consumers, but also by himself, he must "burn" with his business.

Internet Business Ideas

Opening a production facility with minimal investment on the Web is just as common today as a business in any service or trade. The number of Internet users is growing daily, which means that the opportunities for earning money on the Internet are growing in parallel.

  • YouTube channel. Videos on how to cook delicious meals, make a craft from scrap materials, make a beautiful hairstyle or makeup, etc. can bring not only popularity among Internet users, but also a very good income. Moreover, these things are interrelated - the more views a video gets, the more income it will bring (if users click on advertising links).
  • Maintain your blog. If you know how to write a lot and is interesting, blogging will only be a pleasure for you. Many people enjoy reading compelling stories, and if you find your audience, your hobby will start making money through advertising.
  • Copywriting agency. Many webmasters, online stores and portals need competent specialists who can write, edit or translate an informational or advertising article with high quality.
  • Provision of any services via the Internet. A person of any profession can become a freelancer. There are special exchanges and portals where anyone can find a remote job.

Online Sales

Every day more and more people think about the fact that it is not at all necessary to work all your life at someone else's enterprise, but you can organize your own production. Most of the population has some kind of talents or skills that can not only come in handy in life, but also bring considerable profit to their owner. In the modern world, production with minimal investment has become a reality, and the number of business ideas is growing every year.

It's not a secret for anyone that in any undertakings in the production business one can face a number of different problems, both small and large-scale. The main disadvantages of this lesson are:

  • strong competition in many areas of production;
  • investing money in various necessary equipment;
  • marketing of finished products is a difficult undertaking; <
  • often for medium-scale production, special premises are needed, which can either be bought out or rented;
  • if necessary, hire qualified employees who will be simply needed when expanding the business (as a result, the payment of wages to employees );
  • difficulties from a legal point of view, in the preparation and maintenance of documents for individual entrepreneurship;
  • payment of taxes;
  • compliance with various standards (fire, sanitary and so on );
  • the initial stages of setting up production will take a lot of time and effort;
  • financial difficulties in case of production instability;
  • the need to always be aware of the latest innovations in the field of the selected production ;
  • irregular working hours, frequent overtime, for which no one will pay;
  • increased responsibility;
  • complete lack of guarantees for the success of the business.

If you look at the situation from the other side, you can find a huge number of positive aspects that will serve as a powerful impetus for an entrepreneur to start his own production. The main advantages are:

  • complete freedom of action;
  • control of the production process;
  • positive business prospects depend only on the entrepreneur;
  • management in activities;
  • drawing up your own work schedule;
  • the ability to attract additional personnel to solve various problems associated with the entrepreneur's activities;
  • lack of fixed wages, the amount of income depends only from the success of the production and sale of goods;
  • having your own business is prestigious among the environment of most people;
  • the ability to set your own prices for the goods produced;
  • tracking the quality of the produced products;
  • a stable position in the market of the economy. Small entrepreneurs are more likely to withstand various crises;
  • with well-established production, it becomes possible to manage a business from a distance;
  • independent regulation of the flow of goods to the supply and demand market.
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Business Documentation

In addition to setting up production, you need to take care of the documentation of the business:

  • large-scale production is registered as an LLC (limited liability company) and includes several founders. This type of paperwork is less often used for small enterprises associated with any production, as it is subject to higher taxes and has a high cost of registration with accounting organizations;
  • for medium production volumes, registration of an enterprise will be required, often entrepreneurs choose individual entrepreneurs (individual entrepreneurship), in this case, the documents are drawn up for one person. This option is considered the most acceptable for our own production.

In order to register individual entrepreneurship, a small package of documents must be submitted to the tax service:

  • a statement on the approved form R21001 for state registration of an individual entrepreneur. The signature on this document must be certified by a notary;
  • a copy of an identity document (passport of a citizen);
  • for registration, it is necessary to pay a state fee at the nearest bank branch and attach a receipt to the package of documents ;
  • certificate of TIN assignment (copy);
  • contact details (home address and phone number).

Often, for the correct operation of an individual entrepreneur, a company seal should be made. back to contents ↑

Business ideas for production with minimal investment

The needs of the population are growing every day, according to this, the market for providing proposals is increasing significantly. On the Internet and in newspaper ads, you can find various goods from private manufacturers. The range of manufactured products is large enough and covers many areas.

The most popular and profitable business ideas for production with minimal investment are: back to contents ↑

The crisis situation in the country, the imposition of sanctions and the fall of the ruble against the dollar are turning into new rules of the game: tougher competition, shrinking demand, decreasing income. To stay "afloat", small businesses must quickly adapt to the modern market.

Some are trying to make real money on the Internet, for example, they create their own stores for clothes, shoes and other goods, "promote" sites or blogs in order to further receive income from advertising, or write articles to fill these very sites ... Profitable vacant niches with weak competition can be found among “home” production.

Paving slabs

Making paving slabs is a small home business. The cost side of the issue of this idea directly depends on the following factors: the type of tile, how it is processed and the equipment used in the work.

To start a production, you need to make a small investment, namely, to purchase the following equipment and tools:

  • Mixer operating in forced mode. A new device costs about 100 thousand rubles, and a used one can be taken for 50 thousand rubles.
  • Vibrating table, which greatly facilitates work due to the automation of some processes - 35 thousand rubles.
  • Bath required for washing forms - 10 thousand rubles.
  • Plastic molds capable of giving the solution the intended shape - 8-10 thousand rubles.

Total: 100-150 thousand rubles. The costs can be safely called minimal, because very expensive devices are usually involved in production.

Home-made paving slabs require sand-cement concrete, consisting of water, cement, sand and plasticizer. Cooking 1 cubic meter m of material requires an investment of 3000 rubles. The output is 16 sq. m of finished goods. The cost also depends on the cost of electricity, wages and rent. The exact size of these indicators depends on many factors (location, area, average income in the city, etc.).

When choosing a room, you need to start from the seasonality of production: for the warm season, any warehouse is suitable, and for a year-round work process, an insulated or well-heated room is required, since room temperature is required for drying paving slabs. The optimal place for opening a production that requires minimal investment is an industrial zone.


Production of wood concrete - a building block consisting of wood chips and cement, is an attractive and highly profitable type of production, content with minimal investment.

Arbolit has won its small niche in the market, as it is not only a strong and durable material, but also meets the requirements of environmental safety and energy efficiency.

For a start, you can organize a small home production. The largest part of the investment is the purchase, delivery, debugging and installation of the working line - 350-370 thousand rubles. The cost of raw materials and materials required for a month's work is approximately 500 thousand rubles. In addition, you need to rent a room and hire at least 4 workers - another 100-150 thousand rubles. In general, about 1 million rubles are needed to implement a business idea.

Everyone is looking for ways to realize themselves in life. Trying to start their own business, people go through a lot of ideas for home production. A good option is a business idea from scratch, home production.

Opening your own business in the field of production is quite profitable and promising. At the initial stage, you will have to invest, but the profit in case of successful development will be decent and will completely pay off all the costs.

Business ideas with minimal investment production

What business ideas of profitable production with minimal investment, open in our time? Clearly answer the question: is it profitable or not profitable, no one can. It all depends on many factors, such as the profitability of the idea itself, your physical contribution to the development of the business in the form of dedicated time, effort and work. The location of the project will also be an important factor. For example, some types of earnings are suitable for a megalopolis, while in a small city completely different ways of earning income will be relevant.

For the sake of example, I want to give you some ideas with a small financial investment. What can be produced?

Food production

This species is characterized by strict standards set by the state. The quality of the products you manufacture must comply with norms and standards. This type of earnings is quite profitable and does not require significant investments. For beginners, in my opinion, you need to try something simpler and more accessible. If you are an experienced entrepreneur, then business ideas with small production investments should interest you.

Production of semi-finished products

The production of semi-finished products is a profitable business that is suitable even for beginners. This type of earnings does not require large financial investments. All you need is to choose a direction, purchase the necessary equipment, rent a room and hire workers.

Production of goods

It is best to start making goods with no expiration date. The advantages are that you will not need to instantly sell the entire batch of goods, so that it does not deteriorate. As an example: the production of cellophane bags, plastic bottles, toys, nails, etc.

Where can I get the necessary start-up capital?

Any project needs funds necessary for its implementation. If your own start-up capital is not enough, attracting investors is a good option. You can also organize a family business or find companions among friends. The option with a loan is also quite good, although a little risky.

Manufacturing with minimal investment is one of the few paths to financial independence for any confident person.

Achieving success in this business requires creative thinking, creative ingenuity, and, most importantly, the knowledge that people are ready to buy and you are ready to do.

Contents of this article:

One of the most difficult options for self-realization in the field of small business is production with minimal investment.

But at the same time, this type of entrepreneurial activity is considered quite promising.

Before determining a specific type of production, it is necessary to assess the demand of consumers for different types of goods in the region, and then draw up a detailed business plan.

It is also worth remembering that you can open a business to create something only if there is a room where the equipment will be located.

Renting an area with minimal investment can absorb all the start-up capital, so mini-production at home, cottage or in a garage is becoming more and more popular.

Minimal investment and creativity

Since antiquity, handicraft has been the most popular type of mini-home production. Craftsmen of all trades should pay attention to the following ideas that do not require a lot of work space, financial costs for the purchase of equipment:

  • Creation of designer board games. For example, chess with original figures can cost $ 80-160, and ideas for their design can be found on the Internet on foreign resources, or, if you have enough imagination, come up with a design of elements yourself, and the use of various materials will further expand the range of your small business in the garage.
  • Making casts of lovers' hands, hands and feet of children. The creation of one piece takes 20-30 minutes, and it brings net profit from 500 rubles. Such ideas are relatively new for Russia, which leads to a low level of competition, especially for small cities.
  • Production of magnets, foam logos. It only requires manual work, workshop space such as a garage and creativity, and the profit is traditionally good.
  • Souvenir production. The realization of this idea requires the purchase of a pottery apparatus, and the skills of working with the equipment are acquired quickly.

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