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If you are a representative of a small or medium-sized business in the Moscow region, then in our group you will find a lot of useful information about state support for entrepreneurs.

Hotline for entrepreneurs of the Moscow region: 0150

May 2021 bring you and your loved ones a lot of joyful moments, good news, positive emotions, pleasant meetings, prosperity and success in all matters. May there be strength in the new year to realize the most daring ideas and conquer the highest peaks! May the coming year be filled with new discoveries, achievements, as well as simple human happiness, warmth, love and kindness. ⠀

Are you dreaming of starting or developing your own business, but don't know where to start?

The Government of the Moscow Region helps start-up and existing entrepreneurs of the Moscow Region in doing business!

All services for entrepreneurs are provided in the centers "My Business" on the principle of one window.

The Mentoring Program has already helped many entrepreneurs find their own path and bring promising business ideas to life.

35 coworking centers have been opened in the Moscow Region with the support of the Ministry of Investment, Industry and Science of the Moscow Region! The coworking centers will be equipped with workplaces, as well as there will be provided various services to support entrepreneurship: - training events; - consulting, informational and technical support; - the work of business communities and much more.

Entrepreneurs from Odintsov, Reutov, Dolgoprudny, Krasnogorsk, Korolev, Mytishchi, Khimki, Sergiev Posad, Dmitrov, Klin, Voskresensk, Lyuberets, Kolomna, Stupin, Noginsk, Balashikha, Shchelkov, Pushkin, Serpukhov, Solnechnogorsk, Fryazin, Elektrostal, Roshal, Vidny, Orekhov-Zuev, Zaraysk.

“Due to the spread of coronavirus infection, many enterprises had to suspend their work. The main support measures are aimed at reducing business expenses in the current period and retaining the staff as much as possible, ”Egorova noted.

In the Moscow region, a list of industries most affected by the pandemic has been identified. Most small and medium-sized businesses operate in the areas of non-food trade and transportation. The complete list looks like this.

Helping small and medium-sized businesses from affected industries

Subsidy for wages and other needs

Entrepreneurs who own small or medium-sized businesses, and their activities are included in the list of affected industries, can count on a salary subsidy. It is one minimum wage, that is, 12 130 rubles. It can be issued for each employee.

Subsidy is available in April and May and will be paid from May 18th. There are two conditions for its registration. The first is the preservation of 90% of the number of employees compared to April 1. Second, the arrears on taxes and insurance premiums should be less than three thousand rubles.

The subsidy can be spent on salaries, utility bills and rent. An application is submitted through the FTS website or the taxpayer's personal account.

Loan restructuring

To restructure a loan, you need to contact the bank before September 30. Small and medium-sized businesses from affected industries can get a grace period of no more than six months. During this time, the prohibition of penalties and early repayment will be in effect.

For individual entrepreneurs, there is an additional condition that the loan amount should not exceed three million rubles.

In case the bank refuses to postpone, the ministry proposes to send an appeal to them or call 0150.

The development of small and medium-sized businesses is an important factor in the socio-economic development of regions: the sector contributes to the growth of gross regional product (GRP) and gross domestic product (GDP), increases tax revenues, creates new jobs and diversifies the structure of the economy , and also contributes to the formation of the middle class and allows you to successfully solve social problems. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) provide about 60% of employment in OECD countries and account for 50-60% of value added in the region. Today, according to Rosstat, the contribution of SMEs to Russia's GDP is about 21.9% (data for 2021, first published this year).

The level of development of small business depends, among other things, on the development of infrastructure, effective demand, the availability of borrowed funds, tariffs for energy resources, the specifics of legal regulation in the region in the field of business and even natural and climatic conditions, analysts from RIA Rating ".

According to the rating of this agency “Population Engagement in Small Business - 2021”, the share of employed in small and micro-enterprises in 2021 amounted to 15.5% of the total workforce in Russia. In the Moscow Region, the level of employed in small and medium-sized businesses (14.8%) is close to the national average and continues to grow: over the past year it increased by 4.2%. At the same time, the region is one of the leaders in the growth of turnover of small companies: according to RIA “Rating”, this indicator increased by 36.5% over the year and amounted to 4.5 million rubles. per employee.

Last year alone, according to Vadim Khromov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Moscow Region (MO), 19 thousand new SMEs were registered in the region. The sector's contribution to the economy of the Moscow Region reaches almost 30%, while on average in Russia its share in GDP does not exceed 20%. “This is a serious indicator, because SMEs not only actively replenish the budgets of our cities with tax payments, but also create jobs,” says Vadim Khromov. In 2021, small and medium-sized enterprises created more than 70 thousand new jobs. "

The regional authorities note that the growth of SMEs is facilitated by a number of objective factors - the geographical location of the region and its proximity to the country's largest market, as well as active transport and housing development. However, federal and regional support measures are of great importance, according to Vadim Khromov.

According to the rating agency "Expert RA", the Moscow region is among the ten most economically healthy regions with an index of 58% (for comparison: Moscow - 82%, St. Petersburg - 70%, Tatarstan - 63% ); in terms of the dynamics of the economic health of regional business, the indicator of the Moscow region is 52% in 2021. The positive dynamics of indicators of the economic health of regional business is observed only in 61 out of 85 regions, the authors of the study note.

Moscow region also ranks seventh in the National rating of the investment climate in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in 2021 (compiled by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives). The rating takes into account indicators such as the regulatory environment, business institutions, infrastructure and resources, and support for small businesses.

Influence measures

Today, the state is building support for SMEs on the principles of project management, the government of the Moscow region notes: the executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation form regional projects for the development of SMEs, which are synchronized with the indicators of the national project “Small and Medium Enterprises and Support for Individual Entrepreneurial Initiatives ".

Let us remind you that since 2021 Russia has been pursuing a unified systemic policy aimed at developing the small and medium-sized business sector. In particular, the national project adopted last year provides for an increase in the number of people employed in the sector to 25 million people by 2025, and the contribution of SMEs to GDP - up to 32.5%.

“We compensate part of the costs of setting up and modernizing enterprises, helping to pay off leases, finding premises for expansion and creating a new business, and helping social entrepreneurs. These and many other types of state support are in demand and are actively used by business, ”says the deputy chairman of the Moscow Region government.

The national project and regional program are structured in such a way as to offer the necessary measures to support the entrepreneur at every stage of the business development life cycle: from the idea of ​​starting a business, its registration and to obtaining affordable financing, property support, and the implementation of projects in certain industries , as well as expanding the business to export.

In the Moscow region, for example, they organize trips to exhibitions for small entrepreneurs. So, in November, Elena Dmitrieva, Director General of Kolomenskaya Pastila LLC, a Moscow Region company, attended an exhibition in Seoul with the participation of the Moscow Region Foreign Economic Activity Support Fund: “We are studying the global market in order to export a product.” In January, she said, she will travel to Germany. The regional fund helps business both with the study and analysis of niches and foreign markets, as well as with the translation of presentation materials and the organization of participation in exhibitions.

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