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Sooner or later, almost everyone begins to feel the need for changes in their lives. Dissatisfaction with one's position sets in, and an idea is born. A person begins to feel at the physical level an urgent need to try himself in something new, and to become the master of his life himself. This is how Facebook, VKontakte and new young Steve Jobs appear in our world. And it all starts with an idea - with your own or your favorite idea for a small business, which grows into a successful enterprise.

Don't sit at the old trough

  • Our resource was created specifically for such people who are ready to turn their ideas into successful business projects from a practical perspective.

If you are reading our article now, then you are already ready to embark on a thorny, but very attractive business path to make entrepreneurship a part of your life.

In order to open your own business and become a successful person, first of all, you can take practical steps, starting with collecting and analyzing information from a variety of sources, including those published on our website.

The importance of information support

In order to have an idea, a person needs information. If you have an analytical mind and are ready for action, you will be able to use the information received correctly and transform it into knowledge that will allow you to start and successfully implement your own business.

On our website, in the section "Tips for starting a business", there is a large number of successful and implemented ideas for organizing a particular business.

We have collected in one library and prepared for you a "Franchise Catalog", using which you can more quickly bring your small business to recognition and high levels of profit. They are systematized by area and can be very helpful in finding new ideas for starting your own business.

From words to deeds

Your first practical action, which will show the seriousness of your intentions after you have familiarized yourself with the sections of our Internet project, will be to save the information received. You can just bookmark the site in your browser, but it will be much more practical and more effective, in addition to adding to the bookmarks “for later,” take a regular ballpoint pen and school notebook and write out the ideas you like. This will allow you to analyze our proposals more thoroughly and, quite possibly, generate your own ideas for small businesses based on them.

The next important step will be the development of your own project, or revision to fit your goals and capabilities, taking into account local conditions, a ready-made business plan, the options for which you can find in the "Business plans" section.

Learning Business Planning

The Business Portal allows you to generate all the necessary documents for registration of an individual entrepreneur in a short time. The services also provide services for opening a current account, maintaining accounting issues and preparing reports.

Also on the site, future entrepreneurs will get acquainted with the classifier of codes of economic activity and check its compliance.

List of services

Opening a business online is offered by such portals.

Small business. ru. The company provides the following services:

  • registration of individual entrepreneurs;
  • opening a current account;
  • calculation of insurance premiums;
  • calculation of tax simplified tax system; <
  • personal income tax calculation;
  • reporting (preparation of declarations).

Otkritie Bank provides IP services:

  • opening an account;
  • acquiring;
  • Internet banking;
  • Evotor online cash register;
  • business financing.

Bank Tochka - individual entrepreneurs within forty minutes can open an account, get advice from an accountant

In addition to sites offering services for conducting registration actions, business support, the following Internet portals are worthy of attention:

  • Openbusiness. u. It offers options for finding a franchise, examples of developed business plans. In addition, citizens can receive expert advice. If a person is already carrying out economic activities, the site calculates the payback period and the cost of the business.
  • Investfunds. u. The portal offers to trace the investment information of the world, the stock market.
  • Www. ashafirma. u. Developers offer to buy a business or sell ready-made ideas. The site also carries out legal control of the transaction and advises.

Business portals are useful for aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced businessmen.

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