Ideas for small business development

Tips on how to find business ideas and achieve success not only in small business, get rich, or at least make good money. School of thinking, development, ingenuity.

Plagiarism in Small Business

History shows that the most lucrative ideas turned out to be those that were borrowed. This is how many innovations saw the light of day. As a result, an idea is almost one hundred percent experience and only a particle of something new in it. Often the difference between plagiarism and your own creation is small percentages.

Ideas and inventions? - easy!

Invent as much as possible, with or without reason. If you train a lot, good results are guaranteed - you will be damn inventive. You should be creative not only in business. How about surprises for your loved ones? Fantasize as often as possible.

- Good ideas are systemic

Include in your morning training the phrase: "What can you do to be creative today?" It could be a recording that wakes up in the morning.

Find the unusual. Strive for simple and unconventional solutions. It is the unusual solutions that bring the greatest profit.

- Business ideas underfoot

Observing global trends in the development of small and medium-sized businesses has a number of advantages, such as:

To see a market where small and medium-sized businesses are developing more actively and at the same time to search for niches to create their own business in our country.

At the same time, several interesting patterns can be identified, if we consider the general tendencies of Western countries, then we assess the prospects of this or that direction for business. But the assessment of American business ideas (we are talking exclusively about the know-how from the USA) makes it possible to find just fresh business ideas that are really a new trend.

But let's move on to considering the general trends characterizing the development of small and medium-sized businesses

Now we can distinguish four main directions describing the development of small and medium-sized businesses, which are very actively developing on a global scale:

The first trend, perhaps the most successful in terms of the ratio of financial results and the level of capital investment

An increase in the volume of the services market due to the provision of both new services and an increase in demand for existing ones. These popular services include:

  • - services of legal consultants. We are not talking only about the services of lawyers, we are talking about a complex of legal services related to consultations, the maintenance of contracts, transactions, the relationship between a citizen and other entities (from the state to a store, an insurance company). Actually, this segment has existed in the EU and the USA for a long time, and shows decent growth rates. In the post-Soviet space, legal services are in their infancy, citizens are not accustomed to engage in "proceedings" in the legal field, very much in vain. After all, de facto, in addition to protecting your own interests in this field, you can earn decent money, but we will talk about this in more detail separately.
  • - services for working with credit resources. The wording is a bit confusing, but we are talking primarily about credit brokers, and not only by the principle of work as a credit agent of a number of banking institutions. Namely, a full-fledged credit broker who works with the client and for the client, ensuring the receipt of the cheapest loans, plus reduces the cost of servicing such resources for a person. In fact, at the moment there are no credit brokers in the country and this segment has great prospects for the development of small business, we will talk about this in more detail here.
  • - psychological relief training services. There are many forms of activities in this segment, in Russia so far most trainings and other services of this kind are reduced exclusively to one topic - how to become successful and earn a million. Moreover, most of them are held under the auspices of MLM structures or generally from pure financial pyramids. At the same time, the experience of small business development in the EU and the USA shows that in this market there are much more forms of small business creation (niches for the development of small and medium-sized businesses), taking into account the growth of stress loads, labor intensity, huge problems of workers' burnout, nervous breakdowns and other things, the demand will only grow. Conducting trainings acts as a kind of alternative to working with a psychologist, as in terms of cost, the services of a psychologist are much more expensive, so in fact, psychologists are involved in the stages of exacerbation. More details about this direction of development of small and medium-sized businesses are here.
  • - financial consulting services. In Russia, this segment is generally absent, this is due to many factors, ranging from the level of development of the financial market (people are not used to investing money, keeping it “under the mattress” or in the bank), to the banal lack of specialists. Let's talk about this option for the development of small and medium-sized businesses here.
  • - real estate services. In this segment, there are no global lags behind world trends in Russia, although the presence of competition does not mean that this direction is not promising.
  • - healthy food and lifestyle services. We are talking about nutritionists, fitness consultants (fitness trainer, dancing, rocking chairs, etc.). If everything is clear enough with the latter, the market is successfully developing and filling (although there are enough opportunities for starting a new business and developing small and medium-sized businesses). That nutritionists are not yet very popular, at least outside of megacities, although the niche has great prospects in all regions of the country.
  • - cosmetic services of all stripes and spills. Over the past ten years, there has been a real "explosion" of the market, a lot of new players have appeared within Russia, but new technologies in the industry appear with enviable regularity, which makes it possible to talk about inexhaustible opportunities in the field of cosmetic services, such as fish for feet (pedicure) , you can think of other new directions here.

The second trend in the development of small business

How to start a social small business in Russia - ideas and development

A new type of small business, not aimed only at making a profit, is social business. However, this type of business also makes a profit, no matter how paradoxical it sounds. And this profit is not traditional, but is created by solving social problems by helping society in matters of more efficient functioning.

Social Business Responsibility

Today, interest in social business in the circles of small entrepreneurs has increased significantly. But most businessmen still believe that this activity is aimed only at those citizens who are forced to use social benefits and cannot afford to purchase high-quality goods and services.

Social business is a niche between philanthropy and entrepreneurship, the goal of which is to maximize profit.

The protracted crisis has made adjustments to the understanding of the principles of building a business. Now there are quite a few of those who only yesterday took out a loan and were confident in their abilities, today they began in every possible way to avoid repaying debts to banks.

Credit means trust. In this case, it is a relationship of trust between the bank and the borrower. But the relationship of trust and preliminary agreements on the terms of the debt repayment suddenly turned out to be impracticable. Thus, the entire banking business was under threat.

In such a situation, the interest of banks begins to shift towards those clients for whom, first of all, the ethical principle of doing business is important. It is these clients that become the target audience for lending.

The current situation forces us to develop business projects that set as their goal not instant financial profit, but responsibility in addressing social issues.

Agricultural Social Business Project

Hello everyone! Today we'll talk about how to start your business from scratch and even without money. Many will say that this is unrealistic, but I can tell you more than. In this article I will tell you how to do this, I will give examples of 28 business ideas without investments that came to mind and we will talk about this topic in the comments.

What is important to know before starting a business from scratch

This is the most important point in this article. If you do not read it, there is no point in reading further. So, I will say briefly what is important to know, and below in the text I will try to dwell in more detail.

  • In business, as in sports! Here, too, your internal attitude to this is important! Your mental attitude. If you are mentally prepared for the upcoming difficulties, ups and downs, then your business will last a long time. If you do not have money, but you decide to start your own business, then be prepared for a long journey. With money, everything is easier, but without it ... You understand.
  • What is your business goal? You must clearly understand why you want to do business. “Because a friend is engaged, and the worse I am,” or do you really see a promising and unique business model, ways to implement it, usefulness for others, the reality of making a profit.
  • We calculate the risks. - Never start a business with borrowed money if you are not sure that everything will work out for you and you will pay off your debts. - Designate for yourself that point, beyond which you will never, under any circumstances, go.
  • Start small. No businessman started out right away with building a corporation globally. Everyone started with something small, many even without money. I think you all know these success stories. There are a lot of such people in the business environment. Never get caught up in large-scale business ideas that require a lot of investment from the outset. Assess your capabilities adequately. It's easy to screw up at the start. And there are also a large number of such people, just few people know them. Personally, I know a lot of similar failures.
  • Choose the niche you are good at! Don't start your first business from scratch in an area where you don't know anything. Not everyone can be restaurateurs or fashion designers. But you may be looking to start a business with a partner who understands what you are not good at. Then you can take a chance. But again, agree on everything "on the shore".
  • Confidently go to the goal! If you are in doubt or afraid of something, then it is better not to start your own business at all. You must be confident in your abilities and that you will succeed, and also be prepared for the fact that the idea burns out. It is very important to enjoy what you are doing, and then the petty troubles in the business will be easier to bear.
  • Quality is important in business! It doesn't matter in goods or services! Never start a business if your offer is inferior in quality than existing ones on the market. Of course, by great chance you can get the first customers, but by doing so you ruin your reputation in the bud and quickly close.
  • Not everyone is destined to be a businessman! In Russia, only 5-10% of entrepreneurs, and the rest are employees and unemployed. Such is life, not everyone is given to be an entrepreneur, astronaut, athlete, scientist, etc. You must understand this. I don't remember from whom I heard these statistics, it seems from Oleg Tinkov (if I was mistaken in the numbers, correct me).

Re-read these paragraphs one more time, or maybe several times, because without it there is nothing at all. Any businessman or entrepreneur will agree with me on this. Maybe with adjustments based on practice, but generally agree!

Diagrams of how to start your business from scratch

If you want to start your small business from scratch without money, then only these 4 schemes can do it.

Start a business with services

In 90% of cases, a business without money can be started only with services! This is logical. You earn on your own. It rarely works out with goods, because in most cases goods need to be purchased, and this is an investment.

Start a merchandise business from scratch as an intermediary

With goods without investment, you can start only as a middleman and only if you know how to sell. Because without sales skills, you will not be able to find a client. Rarely does it turn out to find a hot product much cheaper than that of competitors and so that no one except you knows about it. Therefore, always prepare for competition. Next, I will tell you in more detail how to open a business without investing in the resale of goods.

Ideas for small businesses with minimal investment - 15 ideas for beginners + 10 helpful tips for starting a business.

When choosing ideas for small businesses with minimal investment, you should focus on what you enjoy doing the most.

You can make money by making bouquets, soft and plastic toys, growing houseplants, sewing clothes and much more, without investing a lot of money in starting a business.

Doing business with China as an idea for a small business with minimal investment

Few people know that it won't take a lot of money to open your own online store to sell things from China if you use the dropshipping method.

This approach to trade and business should proceed as follows:

  • Create a website for an online store.
  • Find clothing suppliers from China - Aliexpress. om, Taobao. om, Alibaba. om.
  • Agree with suppliers to work together using the method: the intermediary does not receive the goods, he only transfers the buyer's data to send the ordered item directly from the warehouse, but at the same time receives a markup for the goods.
  • You can find buyers by distributing ads on social networks: VKontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Twitter.

Goods in China are very cheap, so the markup on them can be about 30 - 70% of the cost.

In this case, the intermediary wins - he does not pay for storage of things and their shipment, but only receives a percentage for finding buyers.

However, you should pay attention to the fact that in the case of a low-quality product, all the "bumps" will fall on the head of the intermediary.

To prevent this from happening, you should conclude an agreement with the manufacturer, check the certificates, and also ask to provide several options for things to assess their quality and compliance with the photos posted on the network.

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