How to start your own repair business

Business in the field of apartment renovation is currently very promising. The volume of construction is growing every year, as a result of which the demand for repair work is increasing. According to statistics, about 10% of the inhabitants of our country make repairs on their own, the remaining 90% turn to companies for the repair and decoration of apartments. This article suggests considering ideas for an apartment renovation and decoration business.

How to start a renovation business?

Decorating apartments as a business requires preparation and special knowledge in order to further develop your business idea and make a profit. The most common types of repair work can be identified:

  • installation of ceilings;
  • installation of floors;
  • replacement of doors;
  • redevelopment of apartments;
  • wallpapering;
  • insulation of balconies;
  • replacement of wiring;
  • plumbing work.

In order to organize a profitable business, take one type of renovation work as a basis. In the future, when the demand for services increases, expand the list of services.

For the implementation of any business ideas, it is recommended to draw up a business plan. Pay attention to such moments as: registering a company, choosing the type of services provided, finding a room for storing equipment and building materials, purchasing equipment, personnel, advertising.

Construction business requires special documents:

  • building permit (issued by local government);
  • license permitting redevelopment (issued by BTI);
  • license to conduct engineering works (provided by Rostekhnadzor).

After completing all the documents, we begin to implement the following points of the idea of ​​renovation in apartments.

Choice of specialization, equipment and building materials

You will need tools: drills, punchers, hammers, brushes, levels, screwdrivers, jigsaws, knives and others. Choose equipment from specialized stores. The costs will be from 250,000 rubles.

A car is required to deliver tools and building materials to the site. Buying a minibus is a good choice. This type of transport is convenient for transporting your employees and building materials, and is also economical to operate.

In this article, we will tell you how to open a business for the repair and decoration of premises. We will figure out how to look for workers and promote your business, as well as how much money you need to invest in starting a company.

Business Registration

A starting office should register an individual entrepreneur and select as many OKVED codes as possible. Almost every type of work has its own code.

Therefore, choose almost all subsections from the following groups: 43. - "Production of electrical, sanitary and other construction and installation works", 43. - "Construction finishing works", 43. - "Specialized construction works others. "

It will be possible to do without a special license to carry out repairs and finishing of premises.

List of services

The most profitable types of repairs are cosmetic and economy class, this segment has the most customers. Common and demanded types of services:

  • Repair and finishing (laying tiles, tiles, wallpapering, plastering and painting, etc.);
  • Redevelopment;
  • Electrical installation;
  • Plumbing;
  • Installation of windows and doors.

It is beneficial to provide the client with a full range of services and offer repairs and turnkey finishing. Pay special attention to deadlines: delay can lead to fines.

Therefore, when drawing up a contract with the owner of real estate, leave "in stock" at least a couple of days above the norm.

What kind of office is needed

A small office of 20 sq. m is sufficient for meetings with customers. m in one of the central areas of the city. A separate warehouse for a small company is not required; the office can be equipped with racks for storing tools. Renting a room will require an investment of $ 200 per month.

Search for workers

The best and cheapest option is to hire expat workers. The work of Tajiks and Uzbeks is receiving good reviews. An important condition is that the repairmen have a work permit.

First you need to prepare:

  • Good understanding of the topic. Get acquainted with the latest achievements in the field of repair.
  • Perform market analysis. Find out the average prices for the city or region for repair work and draw up your own price list with prices more attractive to the customer.
  • Recruit specialists for the future construction and installation organization.

Call employees who want to work and draw up a cooperation agreement. In this case, you can offer piece-rate payment terms. If the employee has his own tool, 20-30% of the income is yours, if you provide the tool, divide the income equally. To acquire your high-end tool, you need a certain startup.

We inform the specialists that there is work on certain conditions. Next, you need to make a list of agreed professionals in the profession. Repairs are done all year round, so there will be a lot of orders.

Officially, a business should be registered after you decide to open a business seriously and for a long time.

Where to start?

Advertising services

The main clients of your company will be people who have recently bought housing in new buildings. To advertise your activities, you can post advertisements on buildings in these quarters. A startup should include funds for advertising: for ordering brochures, printing ads, paying for ad posting, etc.

It's worth updating your ads once a week. With the development of the business, you can start a turnkey apartment renovation.

To estimate the scope of repair work, you have to come to the object yourself. In the telephone mode, you can only provide prices, but you can tell the final estimate of the cost of labor only by looking at the object.

Having measured the quadrature, you can prepare an estimate and call back to tell the client the cost of the planned work. Only this approach will make it possible to properly organize the business. Of course, it is difficult to foresee all the nuances, but the estimate will allow the client to see the real scale of the work. Sometimes the customer asks to make an additional volume of cases that were not initially provided for and were not included in the estimate, in which case the order price will be higher. The purchase of materials is carried out together with the customer and a specialist in this field of work.

The success of the business will depend on the recruited staff, you should start only when you are confident in the competence of your employees. It is better not to invite unscrupulous employees to work anymore, they can spoil the image of your company. As a regular customer, you can get a discount in hardware stores, as well as in firms engaged in the manufacture of doors and windows.

Organization of work of specialists

Verizhnikova Marina Gennadievna

Opening a company specializing in the implementation of minor repairs is considered a rather attractive business idea. All actions can be performed by a direct entrepreneur who has the necessary skills and tools.

If you carry out high-quality repairs and attract customers in different ways, then you can count on constant employment and high income. In another way, such an activity is called “husband for an hour,” and the services of such entrepreneurs are in demand not only among women, but even among busy men who cannot cope with repairs themselves.

What tools are required

For a business to generate good income, it is important to determine what skills and abilities an entrepreneur has. Depending on this, areas of work are selected, and the necessary tools are purchased.

It is necessary to carry out only those repairs in which the specialist is well versed. Before starting activities, you must register officially as an individual entrepreneur. It is optimal for this line of work to acquire a patent or choose the taxation system of the STS.

After that, the tools necessary for the implementation of the work are purchased.

The repairman must have the following equipment:

  • hammer ;
  • various screwdrivers;
  • drill;
  • hammer drill;
  • grinder;
  • glass cutter.

How can I make money offering services for minor repairs? Watch the video:

A tool case should include all the necessary items that can be used to repair water taps, plumbing fixtures or various equipment. The choice of these or those tools depends on which direction the specialist prefers to work in.

How much can you earn on the services of an intermediary? Find out by the link.

If you need to use any specialized and expensive equipment, you can rent it, which will significantly reduce the costs of the entrepreneur.

Everything here is a little different than in the work of a foreman at a construction site, although the essence of the work does not change: the organization of finishing work, the calculation and purchase of materials, the search for workers, maneuvering between the wishes of the customer and their capabilities. The main difference between repair and construction is work for yourself, at your own peril and risk under a work contract. You must have your own individual entrepreneur, LLC, or at least have sources of orders and a certain reputation in order to start working - even if for a start on the word of honor.

Your own finishing team - where to start building a business

Some new buildings are rented out with finishing, but the municipal finishing, like the improvement of the territory, is done by the same builders on a salary, there is no way to earn much. It's quite another matter when your team is hired by a private trader with the aim of finishing in a newly built empty concrete cube or renovating your apartment.

Where can the finisher get the first order?

No one starts working for themselves right away for two simple reasons:

  • you have no experience - you cannot do anything efficiently and on time;
  • you have no experience - just no one will give you an order for finishing.

All work goes through two channels: advertising and recommendations.

And you can invest in advertising, constantly answer calls and not get customers - after all, they have a choice when they search for advertising. Or you can make someone a good apartment once and get a constant stream of people who will turn to you and listen to you with an open mouth as a specialist. A person who has a recommendation from a friend always gets more trust than a foreman from the outside - pure professionalism can be the same or even lower. The client does not understand the construction specifics, he only focuses on the sources of information available to him.

How to get the first experience?

All practicing foremen have a different answer to this question, one thing in common - the experience should be practical. Private customers do not believe in education without experience, moreover, many foremen have no specialized education! Someone got the first experience, experimenting with repairs in their own apartment, then helped a neighbor, and then received the first word of mouth orders, and there are many such foremen. Someone started at a construction site as a laborer, grew up to become a foreman and got tired of plowing for a penny “for an uncle”. Someone received a specialized education and worked as a construction superintendent, studied at the municipal finishing.

To take on your first independent project, you, as a finishing superintendent, must have experience “inside and out” on all fronts of both rough and final finishing.

If you think that you can just hire qualified workers, advertise, make an estimate for the customer, and they will figure out how and what to do - you are deeply mistaken. A worker who knows what to do in a turnkey apartment inside and out is a foreman who will assemble his team and will not work for you, it is not profitable for him.

Workers know their front of work: one - paint brushes, plaster, primer, another - an electrician, the third - plumbing, and so on. / n>

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